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Erotic one shots (18+)

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Mature Content x Regular Content Have you ever had a scene, a POV, or a fantasy you envisioned? A man whisking you away or finding out about a betrayal, well this is the book for you. This book will have short stories on instances of all kinds and many are picked by you. So add and read and maybe the fantasy you dream about will be here.

Erotica / Romance
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1. Falling For Ms.CEO

***Mature Content Ahead

"I ask you to do one simple thing and you can't even get that correct," Christina Sahia mused as she placed the book filled with new designs on her desk.

The assistant, Penelope, trembled sitting across from her desk awaiting the punishment that would come with disappointing Ms. Sahia. Christina Sahia is the sole owner and designer of Sahia and Co. She was one of the most influential, powerful, and successful women in the fashion industry.

Her designs were always groundbreaking, new, and something always fresh. Many who want to get in the industry look for employment at her headquarters and that's just what Penelope did.

Penelope loved her job but when she made a minor mistake it was major in Christina's eyes. Her motto was 'If it isn't right the first time then it won't be the second time'. Although Christina doesn't raise her voice, it was the lightness of her tone that would always scare and worry her workers. They never knew what would come next.

"I've fixed your mistake," She rose from her seat, heels clicking along the floor as she circled the desk, "But if this happens again-."

"I promise it won't Christina!" Penelope blurted out.

Raising a brow at her interruption, Christina was about to speak when the phone began ringing at the desk. As she stood there she glanced at Penelope before looking towards the phone.

"Oh right! Sorry," Penelope rushes out before running out the door to pick up the phone in her office.

Walking back around her desk, she turns her computer on and waits for a page from Penelope to announce that the Lincoln Cruz is here. Lincoln Cruz is an upcoming model that's taking the industry by storm. His unique poses, his character, his driven spirit, and of course his looks had everyone wanting him.

Penelope was able to get a hold of his agent to schedule a meeting with Christina. Christina was always looking for upcoming, undiscovered, and diverse models to model her clothing lines. Lincoln was one of the many she was hoping to work with.

"Ms. Sahia," Penelope whispered into the phone.

Clicking the button Christina responded, "Yes Penelope."

"Mr. Cruz is here, May I-"

"Lincoln is fine," His deep raspy voice sounded into the phone sending a chill down Christina's spine.

Now that was new, Christina thought.

"Lincoln is here, May I send him in?"

"You may, Penelope. Also, go to lunch."

"Thank you."

A knock on the door sounded loudly alerting Christina of his presence. Standing from the desk, Christina smoothed down her dress and walk towards the door her heels clicking against the floor. Opening the door with a smile on her lips and she looks up towards him. It was as if her heart stilled, the world becomes silent.

Being in the fashion industry Christina has seen many beautiful people of all shapes, sizes, and gender but never has she seen anyone as beautiful as this man in front of her. Anyone who has made her body feel the way it does.

He was tall, with broad shoulders and beautiful brown skin covered in freckles. His long hair in locs and his piercing hazel eyes seemed to stare into her soul. She had seen pictures of him in all kinds of campaigns but in person it was different.

"It is a pleasure, Mr. Cruz," Christina stretched her hand to him ignoring the tingles in her body.

He smiles seizing her hand kissing it lightly, "The pleasure is all mine Ms. Sahia."

Her body heated at the feel of his lips on her hand. She never felt the pull to any man as she did with him. But she knows she can't act upon it, she is Christina Sahia of course. The CEO, the boss of this company and she needs a clear head to run it.

Pulling her hand away, she motions for him to take a seat and goes to sit at her desk.

"So, you're probably wondering why my team asked you to meet with me. Well, we have a campaign coming soon and would love if you would model for it and maybe some more collections in the future."

He looked deep in thought before standing and reaching his hand out towards her. Arching an eyebrow upwards she gives him her hand rising from her seat circling the table.

"I would love that opportunity immensely, but you know what else I would love."

His hands slid to her waist pulling her swiftly towards him. Dropping his head to the crook of her neck, he whispered into my ear, "I would love to fuck you."

Lincoln had secretly a small crush on the young CEO. He had seen her on billboards, red carpets, and premieres but had never been able to meet her. When his agent alerted him of the opportunity to meet her, he all but jumped for it. It was something about this woman that called out to him, that made him feel things he hasn't felt in so long. Although you only get a glimpse of who she truly is in the media, Lincoln couldn't help but fall for it and want to get to know her some more.

And in this moment, get to know every bit of her.

"Mr. Cruz, this is not appropriate-."

"I seen the look you gave me when I came in Christina and let me tell you that was in no way appropriate or professional."

The blush burned her cheeks realizing he caught her staring at his figure. His fingers caressed her lower back as he inched her body closer to his own. She was trapped in a spell of him before shaking her head backing away from his figure. His arms dropped to the sides before he crossed them with a smirk on his face.

Lincoln knew she had felt something for him the minute he walked in, the way her eyes trailed along his body and blushed heated on her cheeks. He had gotten this attention his whole life but from her it felt different. He knew she wouldn't act upon these feelings, being that she is the boss, so maybe he would initiate it.

"I admit that was not appropriate and I apologize for that but this, whatever you were just doing, is not appropriate," She let out.

Christina should've controlled her emotions better, or at least had someone else in the room that way this never would have happened. But then again, she is a grown woman, she can handle the model all on her own. She just needs to get her head on straight.

"You know what I think is not appropriate, the way you treat Penelope. But we aren't discussing that."

Her jaw ticked as she raised an eyebrow keeping her voice cool, "The way I treat her is none of your business. Who do you think you are?"

His body moved to her with speed as he bound on arm around her waist, his other hand slid to her neck squeezing slightly causing her to melt in his arms. It's like he knew she would enjoy that feeling. Oh shit, she's in trouble.

"The man you kept giving those fuck me eyes, that's who."

"You-You're my client Lincoln, "She stuttered out as his lips caressed the side of her neck lightly.

He whispered in her ear, "I'm not your client, yet, so tell me, will you let me fuck you..."

Christina looked at him through hooded eyes as her breath shortened.

"Will you give in to me..."

Both his palms slide to the back of her thighs leaving Christina panting in need before placing her on top of her office desk. His eyes fastened with hers before leaving open mouth kisses on her neck, her fingers tighten on his shirt shaking slightly at desire building up in her body.

Technically he hasn't signed anything... so it isn't wrong, her subconscious reminds her.

Fuck it.

"I... I will."

"Will you let me now?"

RIGHT NOW! We were supposed to be having a meeting about him signing and he wants to fuck now.


His body was unbearably close to her own, his lips dancing along her neck. Christina couldn't think straight, her mind only had one thing on it, and it was him. So, she was willing to fuck him, she needed to fuck him.

Jumping down from the desk she strides to the door, her body vibrating with a lust for him. She locks it with a click before turning around kicking off my heels.

His hands move to his shirt unbuttoning down the middle while his gaze excites her body. Turning her eyes from him she looks to the wall; her cheeks are red as she stripes down. She was not insecure of her body but the look he was giving her was enough to make her red all over.

"We only have about 40 minutes before she comes back-"

He stands in front of my body naked as the day he was born. His fingers threaded to the back of her head fisting the ponytail before tilting her head to his mashing his lips against her own. It was a fight of dominance and Christina hated losing.

Releasing her ponytail, she jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his torso never releasing her lips from him. Christina couldn't believe she was really doing this in her office, but she couldn't stop. She was addicted to his lips, addicted to him.

Never in her entire career has she ever been this loose, carefree, and careless but in this moment, Lincoln invaded her every sense.

His lips moved against hers in haste, as he gripped under her thighs holding her steady in his arms. Her nipples hardened against his chest as she pulled his body impossibly closer to her own. His tongue forced between her lips brushed against her own as she lost that fight of dominance.

Dropping her back down, he grasped her arm roughly bending her over her desk spreading her legs out. She bit her lip as excitement circled in her stomach for what he had in store.

Falling to his knees, his tongue darted out against her folds. He slowly stuck his tongue out and inside of her, shattering whatever control she had left. Sucking her folds, he lapped against her sensitive folds and his fingers circled against her heat causing her to groan out.

"Lincoln..." She mumbled out unable to stand.

She couldn't believe the way he made her body feel, the way he made her feel.

Rising from the floor, he thrusted from behind her into my tight heat cause her to yelp in surprise. Groaning from the sudden impact, he picked up speed lifting one leg as she groaned out arching her back to him.

She found herself becoming wetter and stomach tighter as he drilled into her from behind going deeper than she though he could. Her body rubbed against the desk as he pulled her ponytail back with his fist, the sound of the slapping of his balls against her sounded in the room.

She couldn't make any coherent word as her eyes rolled back in pleasure at him.

"You like that huh Christina, you like being handled by me."

She couldn't answer, only moan out to him. She loved it, she craved being handled by him. The way he made her feel, so desired and sexy, she loved it. She clenched around him as her body began building up with the need to come. She was a moaning mess against him.

Pulling out of her she whimpered slightly before he picked her up carrying her to the nearest wall.

Pushing her back against the wall, Lincoln aligned at her entrance his dick stroking against her leaving her panting with need. His eyes solely connected with her own as he guided himself inside of her thrusting slowly.

She bit her lip at the sensual strokes of him, it felt so good, too good but she needed more. Clinging to him tighter she moaned into his ear as he thrusted in relentlessly. His groans were low in her ear as he whispered all the things he wanted to do to her body.

"Faster Lincoln, please."

His thrusts became faster and rougher causing her to groan against his shoulder. She craved his roughness and his speed, her nails dug into his back as he penetrated her. Her toes curled at the pleasure of him, as he pounded into her with his large girthy member.

If the office heard Christina, she would have died of embarrassment and would just have to quit on the spot.

Writhing against him, she slammed her lips back to his parting them to welcome his tongue. Her stomach grew tight as she clutched herself harder around his dick. He let out a groan in her mouth before reaching one palm down and circling her pussy with his thumb.

Fuck the pressure, she was going to cum.

Lowering his head, he drew one nipple into his mouth causing her to moan out.

"Lincoln," She breathed out her fingers tightening against him.

Switching to the other, he flicked his tongue against it before fondling the other one with his finger. He squeezed, he pinched, and bitten them and all her body could do was shake from the pleasure.

"Fuck... I'm coming, "She wails out tossing her head back.

He released himself inside of her as she rode out her own climax. His lips left her nipples returning to her own lips as she moved against him. Each thrust slowed and deepened as she let out a moan in ecstasy.

"Don't stop," she whispered out against his lips as he picked up his speed once again thrusting into her.



"According to sources close to the family, Lincoln Cruz and Christina Sahia-Cruz are expecting their first child together! The couple is excited and can't wait for the new edition to their family. What do you guys think it'll be, a girl or a boy?" the hosts shouts out eagerly as Christina clicks the remote shutting the television off.

For the past week, the entertainment channels have all spewed the same news of Lincoln and Christina. In the beginning of their relationship, however, it was worse. There was the accusation of him using her to get ahead in his career, the accusation of her using him, and many more which annoyed the couple to no end.

In the end, they pulled through. After dating for 3 years, minus the month-long break, Lincoln had proposed to her and they've been together since. Ever since that day in her office, the two had been inseparable. The connection between the both of them couldn't have been avoided, they were drawn to each other like a moth to a flame and couldn't be apart.

During the time he worked at her company they always held a level of professionalism and many were not aware they were dating except, her now best friend, Penelope. Penelope had caught them in a rather not so professional situation which caused the both of them to spill what had happened. Penelope understood and promised not to say a word.

Christina watched from the corner of her eye as her husband walked into the living room releasing a yawn from his mouth. Groaning out, he flopped beside her body on the couch laying his head in her lap.

"Tired baby?" Christina asked already knowing his answer.

"Always," he sighed out before releasing a smile, "but I wouldn't trade it for the world."

See while the tabloids thought Christina was pregnant with their first child, she had already given birth to their daughter two months ago.

Christina had wanted a private pregnancy, only her closest friends and family had known. She was under no stress and was able to get anything she needed done without the world on her back.

Lincoln supported her throughout it all and she couldn't be more thankful for a husband and best friend like him. Lincoln had taught her many things over the years they have been together and had always been there for her when she needed him.

It was because of him that Christina became a better CEO, a better friend, and an amazing mom.

Lavender Cruz. She is the light of their life. Born 7 pounds 5 ounces, she came into the world beautiful and crying. Lavender cried a lot during the first couple weeks which caused the two of them to be exhausted but she had calmed down. Lincoln loved rocking her back to sleep when she gets fussy and Christina loved watching it. She looked a lot like Lincoln, but Christina didn't mind, she was just glad that she was gifted with their little girl.

"I wouldn't trade any of this for the world either, "Christina replied pecking his lips.

And who knew that Christina saying yes in my office would lead to her world being complete.


What do we thing about this short?

How perfect are these two together??

What would you like to read next, Let me know!
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