Never Have I Ever

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Chapter 16

I woke up with a start. James had me wrapped up in his arms, his leg draped over my hip.

Oh God, last night actually happened. It had been so perfect I'd almost thought I'd dreamt it.

We'd ended up in my bedroom, and he'd kept good on his promise to make me come all night. We'd screwed in all kinds of positions, both of us insatiable and obsessed with each other.

I rolled over to face him. He was sleeping, his face relaxed. The black eye was still prominent, although it did nothing to take away from his good looks. I smirked when I noticed how much his hair was sticking up. I'd played my part in that, pulling and tugging on it whilst he coaxed orgasm after orgasm from me.

I couldn't help myself, I stretched my hand forward to stroke his face. My fingers trailed over his stubble, enjoying its roughness against my fingers. He looked so peaceful; I squealed in shock when he grabbed my hand.

"It's too early. Go back to sleep." He murmured, pulling me in closer.

I laughed and looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

"Too early? It's 10.00am. Normally I would have been in work for a couple of hours by now."

He groaned and wrapped his arms around me, cocooning me with his body.

"You need a new job."

"Don't you have an office you work in?"

I was curious about his everyday life, in fact I wanted to know everything about him.

"Mmm, in London. When you're in charge you can start when you want though..."

He still had his eyes closed as he spoke. I was going to ask another question, but he pushed my face into his neck, trying to silence me.

He was holding me so tightly that I couldn't move away. There was only one thing for it. I nipped his neck, tugging his skin between by teeth.

He opened his eyes and my heart skipped a beat.

"Ok, you've won. I'm awake."

His eyes searched my face as he linked his fingers with mine.

"How are you feeling this morning?"

I nodded, feeling embarrassed about breaking down in tears.

"I'm good, thanks. Listen, I'm sorry about being so upset. It's just… I…"

I trailed off, I didn't have a clue what to say. I couldn't bring myself to lie, but I wasn't willing to confide in him about Tommy

He pressed his fingers to my lips to silence me

"It's fine, just know I'm here if you want to talk."

My chest filled with warmth. He was so patient and understanding. It was a shock after years of abuse from Tommy.

He pulled my face to his and kissed me, our tongues rolling together at a steady and slow pace. I wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to him.

His cock was rock hard and pressing into my stomach. Bloody hell, he was like a machine. Reading my mind, I heard him let out a low laugh.

"That's your fault..." he whispered, kissing up my neck to my ear. "You want to take care of it?"

Heat rushed between my thighs as he tugged on my ear lobe, rolling it gently between his teeth.

I gasped in pleasure, arching my back and pressing into the firm muscle of his stomach and chest. He was on top of me before I knew it, gazing down at me.

He was about to speak when a loud knock on the door interrupted us.


Shit, it was Georgia.

"Tell me you locked the door?" He pleaded, stroking my nipples.

I shook my head, and he swore under his breath. I'd been a little distracted when we went to my room last night, which was completely his fault.

"Well, she needed to find out somehow." He whispered, rolling off me and pulling me to his side. He arranged the sheets to cover our bodies.

"Not like this!" I hissed.

He shrugged his shoulders, totally unbothered.

"Give me a few minutes, I'll meet you by the pool." I shouted, trying to sit up.

"This can't wait! I have the best news ever! Is the door unlocked? I'll come in."

Oh God, I just had time to hide my face in James's chest as she flung the door open and walked in.

"What the hell is this?" She exclaimed.

I couldn't speak, my throat was so tight I could hardly breathe. This had to be the most embarrassing moment in my life.

"Good morning, Georgia." James drawled.

I couldn't believe he wasn't even a little embarrassed.

"What is going on? I go away for two nights…"

I peeked out at her. She looked so shocked it was almost comical.

"Actually, Georgia, this has been going on since we first met. There's something about your friend I can't resist."

I felt a grin spread across my face as James kissed my forehead.

Georgia had lost her tongue. I finally found my voice, although it was croaky.

"Give me a few minutes and I'll get dressed. We can go for breakfast. Can you wait outside?"

She nodded and left without argument, closing the door behind her. Shit, I'd never seen her at a loss for words before.

James burst out laughing and I pushed him.

"Don't! I feel bad. She invited me here, and I return the favour by getting with her boyfriend's brother."

James rolled his eyes with annoyance.

"It's nothing to do with her or my brother. It's about you and me. So, no, I don't give a fuck what anyone else thinks. We're both adults and can make our own decisions."

I knew he was right, but I couldn't help but feel guilty. I left him in the bed whilst I had a quick shower and pulled on some underwear and a floral dress.

I could feel James's eyes on me as I dressed, the intensity making me self-conscious. When I finally met his gaze, he sighed, holding out his arms for me to come over.

I hurried over and climbed onto his lap. He stroked the side of my face, tracing the edge of my jaw.

"I didn't mean to snap at you."

"You didn't. I don't want to upset Georgia, she's the only person I have."

He kissed me on the mouth.

"You haven't upset her. Anyway, I walked in on her and Richard having sex in the kitchen when we were in Greece. On the scale of things, this is nothing."

I laughed and shook my head. Georgia had kept that quiet.

"She was pretty shocked, wasn't she?" He said, grinning at me.

I nodded.

"Imagine if she had seen us in the pool."

I snorted with laughter. It was surprising how quickly he'd made me feel better about everything.

"Are you going to talk to Richard?" I said, as he pulled me closer to his chest.

He ignored my question, instead sliding his hand up my leg and underneath my dress. I pushed him away, and he groaned.

"I can't believe I'm missing out on morning sex because of Georgia."

Like we hadn't had enough sex last night. I couldn't help but laugh. He had me on my back before I realised what was happening, his body pinning me to the bed.

"You think it's funny, do you? Maybe I'll keep you in this bed till I'm done with you." he said, circling his hips so his erection pressed against my underwear.

The thought of that sent a thrill through my body. I rocked up against him and he exhaled slowly.

"Although that might take a long time." He said, a dangerous tone to his voice.

Oh God, I had never felt so turned on.


My best friend was outside waiting for me, I couldn't do this right now.

"James, I have to go. Georgia's waiting and you should speak to Richard."

He let out a frustrated sigh and rolled off me. I leapt up before either of us changed our minds, smoothing down my dress.

"Promise you'll talk to your brother? I don't want him to be angry." I said, grabbing my bag.

He laid back in the bed again, an amused smile on his face.

"Yes, I promise. Now stop stressing and go for breakfast with Georgia."

I could tell he thought I was overreacting, God I was always acting like such a loser in front of him.

He passed me my sunglasses from the bedside table. As I took them, he pulled me back down onto his lap, kissing me slowly and softly.

"Relax. Everything will be fine, I promise."

I wasn't sure that it was the case. In fact, my head was spinning from a rather large realisation. I could easily fall in love with him, it wouldn't be difficult at all.

Georgia was sat on a sun lounger, her arms folded over her chest. I took a deep breath and walked towards her, fixing a smile on my face.

"Wow, it's so hot! They've forecast a big storm for later on in the week."

As if the weather would be enough to distract her. She gave me a long, hard stare, and I cleared my throat.

"Oh God, I'm sorry. What's your news? You sounded so excited."

I sat down next to her. Talking about herself would be much more appealing than the weather.

She laughed and shook her head.

"Oh no, I don't think so. Are we not going to talk about what I have just seen?"


My cheeks burnt as I reached for her arm.

"Yes, of course. I wanted to hear your news first."

She shook her head.

"You can explain first, then I will tell you."

I rolled my eyes and stood up.

"Ok, fine. But let's get something to eat. I need a coffee as well, I've hardly slept"

She raised her eyebrows, and I gave her a sheepish smile. We stood up, and I linked my arm through hers. As we walked, the sun caught her left hand, and I saw a sparkle.

I let out a loud scream.

"Oh my God! That massive rock on your hand just blinded me. Are you engaged?"

I grabbed her hand to examine it closer. The diamond was huge. It was a pear cut and completely clear and flawless.

I looked at her with my mouth wide open.

"Fucking hell. That must have cost a fortune!" I said in awe.

Georgia smiled.

"I don't know about that Sophie....It is Cartier though."

Wow. A Cartier diamond ring! My head felt like it was going to explode.

"Now your left hand is worth more than everything I own!" I teased.

We both burst out laughing. I still had hold of her hand. It was impossible to not stare at the ring. I didn't know much about jewellery, but it was clearly very expensive and beautiful.

"Wow, engaged." I muttered, trying to keep the shock hidden from my voice.

It was so quick, but I had to admit that they seemed like a perfect match.

"I'm so happy." She sang, flinging her arms around me.

"How did he propose? Have you told your parents yet?" I asked, questions whirling around my mind.

"He proposed on the yacht, just the two of us. The sun was setting, and he got down on one knee. I couldn't have asked for anything more romantic!" Georgia sighed, a dreamy look in her eyes.

I wouldn't have expected anything less from Richard. He loved Georgia, and he knew what she liked. It just seemed quick. As if reading my mind, Georgia laughed.

"Relax, I'm not pregnant! God, you should see your face."

I sighed in relief. I could just about handle her engagement, anything else and I would struggle.

"So, have you told your parents?" I asked.

Georgia's parents were lovely, but they were very traditional. She was still their little princess at twenty-six years old, and they wanted the best for her. Getting engaged to a man after two months, one they hadn't even met yet, wouldn't go down well.

"I haven't told them yet, you know what they get like. Oh God, they are going to have to meet Richard! My dad will do his whole Georgia's my little girl, don't you ever hurt her talk, and my mom will interrogate him!"

I smiled at her panic.

"It'll be fine. Richard will charm them. He's a great guy, and they'll be able to see how great you are together."

Georgia nodded in agreement.

"I know it's quick, but you know when you love someone, don't you? I mean, I can't imagine not being with Richard. He's the one. Why should we wait?"

I couldn't help it, I started crying. My experience of marriage had been a disaster, but hearing her talk with such love made me emotional.

She pulled me into a hug.

"What's wrong?"

I shook my head and wiped my eyes

"Nothing is wrong. I'm just happy for both of you. This is brilliant, you deserve love like that.'

Her own eyes filled with tears and we hugged. Georgia let go first and removed her sunglasses to wipe her eyes.

"No more tears! We are going to get something to eat, and you are going to tell me everything about you and James. I still can't believe it."

I groaned, and she grabbed my arm, marching me to the restaurant.

"Why didn't you tell me straight away?" Georgia demanded.

"I was trying to get my head around it. I wasn't expecting to feel like this about anyone." I admitted, rubbing the back of my neck.

I had finally told her everything. She'd let me speak uninterrupted, but I could tell she was bursting with questions.

"I can't believe Richard didn't tell me!" Georgia complained, taking a huge bite of her toast.

I sighed,

"I begged him not to tell you, don't get mad at him."

She shook her head.

"I told you to stay away from James. He goes from one woman to the next. Are you sure you're ok with that?

No, I wasn't ok with that, but I didn't want to let on how much I liked him. I couldn't admit it to myself, let alone someone else.

"Well, if he meets someone else, that's fine. We both agreed it's a holiday fling. You were the one who told me I needed that."

Georgia stared at me. She knew me so well, I was sure she could spot that I was in denial.

"Ok, as long as he doesn't screw you over. I just hope you are both on the same page."

I finished my coffee, staring down at the table.

"No chance of anything more then?"

God, she wouldn't drop it. I put down my cup and frowned.

"There can't be, you know that. I'm just living for the moment."

"So, is it like crazy hot sex?" She asked, leaning forward.

I blushed, and she laughed.

"Come on, Sophie! I need all the dirty details. I'm practically a boring married woman!"

I laughed,

"Not that boring from the sounds of it."

She eyed me suspiciously,

"What do you mean by that?"

I raised my eyebrows and smirked at her.

"Nothing. I mean, getting caught in the act by your boyfriend's brother, that's pretty boring. Right?"

Georgia slammed her palm on the table.

"I cannot believe James! He promised not to speak about it again."

I burst out laughing. It made a change for Georgia to be squirming with embarrassment.

"I need a drink! Let's order some mimosas."

She caught the eye of a passing waiter. He returned quickly with two drinks.

"Ok, get talking." She said, looking at me eagerly.

"I don't know what to tell you." I said, blushing.

"Has he made you orgasm?" She asked, straight to the point.

I took a huge mouthful of my drink, her eyes watching and waiting for me to answer.

"Yes! Of course he has. James knows what he is doing."

"Well, I suppose he's had a lot of practice." She snorted, sipping her drink.

I guess she had a point.

"What does he fuck like?"

I spat my drink everywhere.

Georgia passed me a napkin to mop myself up with, patiently waiting for an answer.

I sighed. It was impossible to think about sex with James and not smile.

"He's amazing. Each time we have sex, it's so intense. As soon as we finish, I want him all over again. "

Georgia squealed and squeezed my arm.

"Much better than doing it yourself then?"

I knew that would come back and bite me on the ass. I stuck my tongue out at her, knowing she was taking great pleasure in being right.

"Sophie, it's-"

I interrupted her before she could finish her sentence.

"Oh my God, Georgia! To answer all your other questions. He has a massive cock, I've never had sex this good before, and he is the most attractive man I've ever been with."

Her nose wrinkled as she made a face.

"I was going to say James and Richard are coming over. Hey guys."

Oh God.

I turned around and saw Richard, who was busy trying not to laugh, and of course James, who had a smug look on his face.

I turned back and closed my eyes. If I thought it was embarrassing having Georgia find me in bed with James, this was on a whole other level.

"Hi ladies, I hope you don't mind us interrupting." Richard said, sitting down next to Georgia and giving her a kiss.

I heard the chair beside me move, and then James was sat down. I couldn't look at him, he was arrogant enough without hearing me say that.

His arm slipped around my waist, and then he was leaning in and whispering into my ear.

"I wish you could feel how hard it made me hearing you say that."

I felt my cheeks get warmer, his hot and minty breath tickling my ear.

"Ok, James. Leave her alone." Georgia sighed, rolling her eyes.

I took a sip of my drink, I still couldn't look at him.

"Why are you guys crashing our breakfast?" Georgia said.

Richard put his arm around her.

"James was saying we should celebrate our engagement. I wondered what you would think about making an announcement at my birthday party?"

Georgia squealed, clapping her hands in excitement.

"Yes! That would be amazing. We need to make sure our outfits match though, and maybe we could get a flower wall for photos?"

Richard's birthday party was turning into an engagement party. There was no going back now.

He took hold of her hand.

"Why don't we speak to Kate, see what we can put together? We should be able to make some changes."

Kate was Richard and James's senior PA. She was still in London. I already felt bad for her. Organising a party abroad couldn't be easy, especially with Georgia's extra demands.

"Do you mind, Soph? I'm sure James will keep you company."

My eyes narrowed as she burst out laughing. I finally felt like I could look at him. He had a cocky smile on his face, I knew it, he was going to be impossible.

He stretched, lifting his arms above his head. I caught a glimpse of his stomach as his t-shirt rode up, and heat rushed through my body. I couldn't help but stare. What the hell was wrong with me?

Georgia coughed, and when I looked at her, I could see amusement on her face. She had clocked me eyeing him up, and I could tell she found it hilarious.

"Yeah, you guys start planning! Oh God, I haven't even said congratulations to you yet, Richard."

I jumped up and walked to the other side of the table to hug him.

"No worries. From what I heard, it sounded like you've had a lot on your mind."

He gave me a knowing look and my face felt like it was on fire.

"Alright, Richard, don't go on. There's nothing wrong with what Sophie said. She's entitled to express her opinion. Just because I don't hear Georgia expressing hers." James smirked.

Uggh, I knew it. Impossible.

"Will both of you shut up?" Georgia said, glaring at them.

I had to fight the urge to laugh. They looked like two naughty kids.

"Right, we'll see you both later on." Georgia smiled, taking Richard's hand.

I sighed as I watched them walk away. They looked like the perfect couple, I had no doubt that they belonged together.

"Right, come on." James said, grabbing my arm.

"Wow, hang on a moment. Where are we going?" I demanded, as he dragged me out of the restaurant.

He stopped and dipped me back, kissing me with a passion that caught me off guard. I held onto him, caught up in the attention his mouth lavished on mine.

When he straightened me again, I felt dizzy and my heart was racing. I could see people whispering and watching us.

"What was that for?" I asked, my lips still tingling.

"Do I need a reason?" He whispered.

I shook my head, and he kissed me lightly.

"Now to answer your question, we're going back to bed. I think you deserve more of the best sex of your life."

There was no way I was going to argue with that.

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