Never Have I Ever

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Chapter 3

"Georgie!" A deep male voice shouted as we walked into the bar.

I only just heard the voice over the heavy beat of the house mix playing in the background.

Georgia grabbed my hand and pulled me across the room. An attractive man wearing a blue shirt and dark green shorts stood up, a huge smile on his face. He didn't take his eyes off Georgia as we walked towards him.

So this was Richard.

I hadn't looked at James close up, but I could see the family resemblance in the face. Although Richard had darker hair and it was a little longer than his brothers. In all the photos I had seen online he had been in a suit, he looked much more relaxed now.

I stood as he grabbed Georgia and lifted her up in his arms, kissing her on the lips.

"Mmm, you look delicious." He said, stroking her hair.

I stood there watching them; they looked so in love. I felt a sharp pang in my chest. As much as I made out I was fine being alone, I missed having that intimacy with someone. It had been so long since I had felt that way. Some part of me remembered though, and it was a sobering reminder of how lonely I was.

Before I completely lost the buzz from my drinks, Richard turned to face me, a broad smile on his face.

"Sophie, it's great to meet you. Georgia has spoken about you so much. How are you liking it here?"

I could detect a slight South London accent, his voice full of warmth. I liked him straight away.

"My room is perfect and the whole resort is beautiful. Thanks for letting me come and stay." I said, feeling shy.

He nodded and pulled out chairs for me and Georgia to sit down.

"I'd like you to meet Johnny and Graham. They are staying with us in the villa. My brother is running late, but he should be here soon."

I smiled, checking out the two other men at the table.

Johnny had black floppy hair and large brown eyes. He was very cute and looked friendly enough. Graham had brown short hair and a beard. He had a twinkle in his eyes and I got the feeling he was a bit of a flirt.

Relief flooded through me that nobody seemed to know what had happened earlier.

The drinks were flowing, and I was actually having a good time. Graham and Johnny were very charming and made me feel at ease straight away.

Graham was an architect and had helped design and build many of the newer resorts and clubs. Johnny was Richard and James's lawyer. He was a bit quieter than Graham, but just as friendly. They were both 29 years old.

"So which part of the UK are you from Sophie?" Johnny asked me.

"I grew up in Cambridge but moved to New York 6 years ago." I said. My cover story came out so naturally now it scared me. It was almost like I believed it myself.

"I went to Cambridge University. I loved living there, it's such a beautiful city." Johnny said.

"Oh wow, you must be clever!" I said, directing the conversation away from talking about Cambridge.

I didn't want him to realise I was lying. I avoided any mention of something that could connect me to my real identity.

He laughed, a blush spreading across his face.

"I don't know about that."

James still hadn't turned up, and I felt conflicted. I was relieved, but other parts of me were desperate to see him again. Every time I thought about him, my whole body felt like it was alight. I kept telling myself it was because I'd been without sex for so long, but I knew it was more than that.

James was hot and I wanted him.

Feeling flustered, I made my excuses to go to the bar for a bottle of water. Johnny offered to go, but I persuaded him I didn't mind. I could see Georgia watching us, a big smile on her face. I made a mental note to remind her she had promised me she wouldn't try to set me up with anyone. Although, once Georgia got an idea in her head, it was impossible to stop her.

I wobbled across the room in my ridiculously high heels and leaned against the bar, sighing. Despite everything, it felt good to be on holiday and socializing. Maybe Georgia had been right, and this was just what I needed.

Suddenly, I felt someone stood close behind me. Hot breath tickled the side of my neck as a deep, husky voice whispered in my ear.

"You must be Sophie."

Each word sent vibrations down my spine. My body responded to him in a way I had never experienced before. I could feel my nipples harden and stomach tighten. His stubble tickled my ear lobe and the urge to turn and rub my lips against the roughness was overwhelming.

Before I did something I knew I would later regret, he pulled back. I turned, preparing myself to look into those eyes again.

He towered over me. His dirty blonde hair was less messy than earlier, but it still stuck up everywhere. His eyes were a bright blue, the intensity behind them as he looked at me felt overwhelming. Stubble covered his face, but his perfect features were easy to see.

He broke eye contact first, and I saw him admire my body. Remembering that he had already seen me naked, my cheeks flushed. I knew he was thinking the same thing, and when his eyes met mine again, I went even redder.

I could see amusement on his face.

"Sophie. I wanted to get you alone to talk about what happened earlier."

Hearing him say my name again sent tingles through my whole body. God, why did this man have this effect on me?

I managed a nod.

"I don't like gossip, so I want you to know I won't speak to anyone about it. I would appreciate the same courtesy from you."

His voice was calm and casual, as if we were discussing the weather. I noticed his accent was more pronounced than his brothers, it made him sound edgier. I could tell from the way he was that he was used to getting whatever he wanted from women.

"O-of course. Thank you." I stuttered, relief flooding through me.

He winked, and the grin that spread over his face made me feel weak at the knees.

"I'm glad we're on the same page."

With that, he turned and walked over to the table. I stood watching him, my head spinning and my body aching for some sort of release.

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