Never Have I Ever

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Chapter 4

I was officially drunk.

It wasn't a surprise considering I had eaten nothing since arriving in Ibiza. I'd been knocking back the drinks as well, trying to keep up with Georgia.

Then there was James.

I should have felt relaxed, but I was getting myself worked up by how attracted I was to him.

"I think it's time we get something to eat." said Richard, interrupting me from my drunken thoughts about his brother.

"About time, I'm starving. No thanks to someone keeping us waiting." Graham joked, rolling his eyes.

"I said sorry, something came up." James replied, winking at him.

Graham roared with laughter, and as I stood up, I could feel my cheeks going red. Georgia linked her arm through mine, too drunk to notice how flustered I was.

"Are you enjoying yourself, Soph?"

It was so typical of her to worry about me. I loved her for checking in, but I didn't want her to worry.

"Yes, I'm happy to be here. You were right, this was a good idea." I replied, smiling at her.

"Ok cool, I knew this was what you needed." She said, squeezing my arm.

As we headed up to the rooftop restaurant, I stilled, taking in the breathtaking view. Glass walls allowed an uninterrupted outlook of the sea and beach below. There were two men sat with guitars, singing on a small stage in the corner.

It was perfect.

The waiter shook hands with James and Richard, clearly keen to impress them. James replied to him in Spanish and my heart exploded. His voice sounded even sexier in a different language.

As we walked through the restaurant, I spotted Bella. She was sat with a guy, his arm wrapped around her shoulders.

James blanked her as we passed their table, and I didn't miss the dejected look in her eyes.

It had to be the alcohol, but I felt furious on her behalf. How could he be so cold towards a woman he'd been fucking a few hours ago? Although, it looked like Bella was here with a partner. Maybe that explained his behaviour, although it didn't justify it.

I found myself sat opposite him as the waiter guided us to our seats. Being attracted to him was the worse decision I could make, but I couldn't tear my eyes off him.

His tanned muscular arms, the scruffy hair that I wanted to tug on and the stubble. What I wouldn't give to feel that against my lips…

I was getting lost in my thoughts when I felt Georgia shaking my arm.

"Sophie, what are you ordering? We're waiting for you."

My cheeks felt like they were on fire and I said the first thing I saw on the menu.

"Sorry, I'll have garlic angulas."

I closed my menu and had a gulp of wine, I'd not even noticed the waiter filling my glass.

"Are you sure about that? Do you even know what it is?"


I glanced up at him, and I knew straight away he'd noticed me checking him out. He had an arrogant look on his face that was beyond irritating.

"I wouldn't order it if I didn't know what it was."

He raised his eyebrows at me, surprised by my response.

I had to look away. His eyes were far too easy to get lost in. I couldn't handle the way he was making me feel, it was like a fire had ignited inside me and he was poking at the flames.

"So, Sophie, let's get to know you. How old are you?" James asked, foiling my plan to ignore him.

"You should never ask a lady her age." Graham shouted, shaking his head.

James gave a cocky smile,

"You know I like to do all the things I shouldn't."

"I'm 26, the same as Georgia." I muttered, trying to ignore the way my heart had raced at his last statement.

"Do you have a job?" He asked, his gaze drifting over my chest.

How could nobody else be picking up on how intense he was being? Everyone seemed oblivious. I felt like he had me under a spotlight, his attention focused on me. It was unnerving. It had been a long time since a man had paid me this much attention.

"I work for a law firm, I'm a legal secretary."

I was falling to pieces.

He could have asked me the time and I would have felt like a dumb teenager. The worse thing was that I knew he could see how much he was affecting me.

Luckily, Johnny picked that moment to join in the conversation.

"I've always wanted to live in New York."

"What made you move there, Sophie?" James asked, drawing my attention back to him.

"It's been somewhere I've always dreamed of living, I love it there."

Our eyes locked, and I felt like he could see right through my answer.

"Do your family visit often?" Johnny asked.

"Oh, I don't have any family. I was an only child, and my parents are both dead."

Everyone went quiet. I could feel James watching me as I stared at the table.

"Hey, I think of you as family! My parents adore you, I swear you're their favourite." Georgia said, putting her arm around me.

"I'm sorry, Sophie. I would never have brought it up if I knew." Johnny said, looking mortified.

"It's fine, don't feel bad."

It was James that broke the awkward silence.

"How's everyone liking the music?"

I shot him a grateful look for changing the subject, and he gave me a small nod.

"I love this song." Georgia said, humming along to it.

Richard sighed,

"When are you going to listen to decent music?"

Georgia shoved his arm, and he kissed her.

"Nothing wrong with a bit of pop music! I'm a secret Bieber fan!" Graham said, making everyone at the table groan.

The waiter started bringing out our meals, and I felt my stomach turn as he put my dish in front of me.

It was full of what looked like white worms.

"Eww, what is that?" Georgia said, making a face.

"I don't know" I admitted, completely horrified.

I heard James laugh.

"Angulas is baby eels. It is a delicacy in Spain."

"I'm impressed, Sophie. Many people are too nervous to try local dishes." Johnny said, tucking into his mushroom risotto.

I could feel James watching me, clearly loving the fact he had been right.

Well, I was going to show him.

I picked up a fork, and after several attempts I picked up an eel. I put it in my mouth and chewed.

It was disgusting.

I finally swallowed it, chasing it with a gulp of wine.

"Sophie, I rather like angulas. I don't suppose you would want to split our meals?" James asked.

I looked at his plate. He'd ordered pasta in a creamy tomato sauce with roasted vegetables. It looked delicious, and I felt my stomach rumble.

"Sounds like a good offer to me, Soph." Georgia said, elbowing me.

"Yeah, ok. Thanks, James." I said, feeling shy.

He leaned forward and took my plate. When he passed it back, there was a generous amount of pasta on it. By the time we had all finished eating, everyone was pretty drunk.

"Why don't we all head back to the villa? We can have a few drinks by the firepit." Richard suggested, finishing his drink.

Georgia cheered. She was definitely the most drunk, although I didn't think I was far behind her.

"Yes! We can play a few drinking games." She suggested, winking at me.

Oh God.

The alcohol had relaxed me, but it had done nothing to put out the fire inside me.

"It will be a great way for Sophie to get to know us all." James said, staring at me.

I downed the rest of my drink in one.
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