Never Have I Ever

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Chapter 5

When we arrived back at the villa, the firepit was already lit. Georgia ran over to the outside bar right away.

I didn't know how she did it, her heels were higher than mine. She grabbed a bottle of champagne from a silver bucket and cheered.

"Everyone can have a glass of champagne and we can use the tequila for the drinking game."

I sat down on one of the couches and kicked my shoes off. Graham and Johnny were already sitting down, chatting amongst themselves.

Now it was dark, solar lights lit up the outside of the villa. It felt like paradise, I'd happily stay here for the rest of my life.

The cushions sank beside me, and I didn't have to look to know who had sat down.

"I got you a drink." James said, passing me a glass of champagne.

"Thank you." I replied, very aware of how close he was.

Even his voice was sexy. Was there anything about him that didn't turn me on?

"You liked the singers in the restaurant?" He enquired, studying my face.

"They're a nice touch. It added to the ambience of the restaurant."

James smiled and my heart raced. If I didn't learn to control myself around him, I was at serious risk of a heart attack

"That's exactly what I said when I suggested it."

"Well, great minds think alike." I replied, winking at him.


I was flirting. This wasn't a good idea, I was too drunk.

James leaned in towards me and whispered into my ear.

"Well, if that's true, then you must know exactly what I'm thinking about right now…"

I felt tingles all over me. I'd been so focused on my embarrassment, I'd not considered how erotic it felt to have a secret with him. His stubble was brushing my ear lobe, and it felt so good, I'd never wanted to kiss someone so much.

"I think I've had too much to drink." I muttered, moving back from him.

"You're not getting out of the game!" Georgia interrupted, sitting across from us.

James leaned back, and I felt his arm on the back of the seat, brushing against the nape of my neck. That small contact was too much, and a quiet moan escaped my mouth.

He froze, and I knew he had heard me.

"Let's start with Never Have I Ever! James, you can go first. Remember, you have to be completely honest." Georgia barked, glaring at everyone.

"What? Ok, right. Um, Never Have I Ever stolen." He stuttered, his neck flushed.

I couldn't help but smile, pleased to see I affected him the same way he did me.

Nobody drank apart from Georgia.

"I'm disgusted!" Richard mocked, taking his arm away from her.

She pulled his arm back around her and giggled.

"It was a MAC mascara, I was only fourteen. My parents thought it was too expensive, and I wasn't allowed to buy it. I felt so guilty afterwards, I hardly used it."

She refilled her shot glass before rolling her eyes at James.

"That was a rubbish question. I'll show you how it's done."

She leaned forward and thought for a moment.

"Never Have I Ever had sex with someone who I thought was ugly."

Me and Graham both drank, and I could feel James's eyes studying me.

"What? Why would you do that?" Richard asked, shaking his head.

Graham laughed, and I blushed.

"I was drunk and horny. Can't say I regret it, she gave an awesome blow job."

Richard laughed as Georgia sighed, shaking her head.

Graham was about to ask his question when James interrupted him.

"Wait, Sophie drank as well. What's your story?"

Everyone turned to look at me. Oh, why did I drink? Being drunk and distracted had made me drop my guard.

"You don't have to say why." Georgia said, glaring at him. "That's not a rule."

"I'm curious. You're a beautiful woman Sophie, why sleep with someone you aren't attracted to?"

After I got over the initial pleasure at him calling me beautiful, I panicked. Everyone was waiting for me to speak, so I just said the truth.

"It isn't always a physical thing, I meant ugly on the inside."

James brow furrowed, and I could tell he wanted to know more. Thankfully, Richard spoke before he had chance to interrogate me further.

"I think it's time for the next question. Go on, Graham."

I drained my drink and stood up.

"I'm going to go to bed. It's been a long day, I'm exhausted."

"Of course, you must feel jet-lagged." Richard said, smiling at me.

"Yeah, and if I don't get some sleep, I'll be a zombie tomorrow. I've had a great evening though, thanks for making me feel so welcome."

Georgia stood up and gave me a hug.

"I'm fine, don't worry." I whispered.

She squeezed my arm, and I hastily waved goodbye to everyone else, desperate to escape to the safety of my room.
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