A wild ride

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A story of how a trip turned the regular life of a guy into what he dreamed it to be. He threw all caution to the wind as his wildest fantasies came true. Unfortunately, the deeper he indulged himself, the harder it was for him to realize the ramifications of giving in to his lust. In the illusion he slowly loses himself and is finally forced to grow up at the cost of beautiful yet painful memories.

Erotica / Romance
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The 'Hunt' Begins

An average teenage life to an ordinary adult one that is how my life has been.The monotonous nature of every passing day has made me realize that one must seize every moment of excitement they can get their hands on. You can consider it as getting my wish fulfilled by the hands of fate or maybe enough time had gone by and something was bound to go my way out of sheer coincidence, I got a call from my best friend to head out during the pandemic. Surprisingly, despite my health-conscious lifestyle, I did not hesitate even for a second and agreed as if the opportunity would be taken away from me. I wanted to get out of the humdrum routine I had been in and head out into the world to experience life, which had started to lose its meaning for me recently. Maybe it was just me refusing to accept that the way I lived was how it was supposed to be, but the voice in my head kept telling me that there was more to life and I was willing to listen to it.

It might seem like a narrow perspective but I know the thing missing from my life was some companionship. Do not be mistaken though, I am not talking about your typical eyes-meet and love blossomed scenarios since there was no time for these clichéd things to happen. It was like a wave which just originated so close to the coast that I had no time so save myself from it, nor did I wish to. You gushed into my life with an intensity which was thrilling but at the same time made me fail to question the consequences of going head-to-head with you. Unfortunately, by the time I saw you for the tsunami you were instead of the gentle wave I saw at the first glance, I was already in the face of the devastation you were about to cause, and I stood there welcoming the unknown rather than running away from it. I mentioned before that I was willing to jump into any depth in search of excitement on my own accord and you further pulled me into the deep ‘valley’ to fall in within you. My inexperience in life failed to give me the warning signs as I was too blind looking for what any man would crave at this stage of life, the pursuit for lust disguised in the form of love. While at first I thought I could differentiate between the two but I forgot my place, who was I to separate them when better men than me had fallen into despair due to this emotion. But these things would be known to me a little farther down the lane, for now the only thing in my head was the trip.

I travelled with my friend to meet the group we would be tagging along on the trip. As we arrived at the rendezvous point and the instant my eyes fell on you, inside my head there was only one question ‘would I ever consider something so beautiful again?’. I would have chosen to be lost in this ecstatic moment a bit longer if it wasn’t for everyone’s head turning towards me, forcing me to wake up from my stupor and introduce myself. I had never expected to ever stutter pronouncing my own name, albeit an inconspicuous hiccup it was enough to make me feel embarrassed for failing to make a finer first impression which was only exacerbated by the subtle grin on your face, acknowledging the awareness of my piercing stare. People being aware of their qualities make them dangerous as they can skilfully use them for getting whatever they fancied and I should have known you could have me wrapped around your fingers with that one intoxicating smile. My naive self was oblivious to whether it was a blessing or a curse when you decided what you wanted was ‘me’.

While my head was spinning with wild ideas, what I really hoped for was to hide my unconcealed desire at the moment, but as soon as we climbed onto the bus and I saw the seat beside you was empty, I knew my objective was going to fail spectacularly as I ditched my buddy to occupy the vacant seat, feigning my actions as innocent. I was too busy pretending to converse as to avoid my questionable choice of seat, but contrary to my assumption the act wasn’t objectionable to you. The battle between my hesitation and eagerness to finally turn my head and converse with you lingered for sometime but before I could conjure an idea to break the ice, you initiated the conversation with idle chit-chat. While I was thankful for you taking the initiative, I wasn’t really interested in the small talk and was just anticipating for a chance to slip in the personal question I actually wanted to ask “Are you single?”. Of course, I knew jumping the gun would only scare away the ‘prey’, so as a patient hunter who has been waiting for 24 years, I knew very well to take even the smallest step with utmost precaution. This wasn’t a hunt I was willing to mess up. Although it was short-sighted of me to never even consider that trying to chase something so out of my league might ultimately result in tripping my own self.

While we talked I didn’t hesitate to look directly into your eyes hoping it would make me look confident, but my frantic heartbeat kept gaining tempo as excitement restrained the voice of caution within me. What I wanted was to be reckless and fulfil my wish to suddenly grab you by the neck to pull you closer and bite your lips, ignoring your reluctant struggle. I finally understood how an instant might seem longer than what it was supposed to be as I got lost in the ravishing scenario in my head, but that beautiful picture was replaced by a real one as you held my hand and asked “are you okay?”. I cherished our first touch as I squeezed my hand faintly, hinting a request to allow me to keep holding on to the softest feeling I ever experienced. As I assured you of my condition, I made the mental note to keep a check on myself from spacing out again. The silver lining was instead of taking that hand away, I slowly felt our fingers interlocking. I overlooked how I was the one eating the ‘bait’ and you saw me as the prey.

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