Sinful Desires

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Single, successful, and sexually free, Simone Mitchell does not care what others have to say about her Sinful Desires. She lives her life on her terms. For Simone, her sexual desires are her adult playground, taking her wherever, however, and with whomever she desires.

Erotica / Romance
Saylah Raye
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Birthday Sex

I pull up to the beautiful two-story brick home with its manicured lawn. I park my black on black Honda Accord next to the red mailbox with “Evans” spelled out in black vinyl letters. Today is my co-worker Kevin’s 40th birthday, and his wife Alexys is throwing him a pool party.

The weather is perfect for an afternoon in Texas, with its bi-polar ass. One day you rocking tank tops, shorts and, cute sandals and, the next day - fuck you, put some clothes on bitch! I chuckle at the thought.

I check out my gloss and hair in the mirror, before grabbing my bag to open my door. I step out, freshly pedicured toes, with white polish in a pair of Gucci sandals leading the way, followed by my long legs and thick thighs. As I turn to close the door, I check myself out in the tinted window. The new lime green one-shoulder bikini is showing off my perfect breast under a cross wrap cover-up.

Beep, Beep. My car locks as I stroll to the side of the house toward the backyard. Upon entering the gate, I can tell the party is in full swing. Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It” is blaring from the speakers.

I met Kevin Evans at work. We work in the same building downtown; he is in marketing, and I’m in accounting. I would see him now and again on the elevator ride in the mornings. Kevin is about six foot two, with a smooth black coffee complexion. His dreamy light brown eyes and beautiful smile would make any woman weak. I stood in the elevator’s back and fantasized about everything I would and could do for this man.

It was a Monday morning, and I was running late. I was rushing through the lobby; towards the elevators, heels click, clacking on the marble floors. I had my venti chai tea latte from Starbucks in one hand and checked emails on my iPhone with the other. I bumped into someone, my head hitting him in the chest.

“Excuse you!” I say with much attitude in my tone. As I step back; and raise my head, I stare into a cup of smooth black coffee with a pair of light brown eyes.

“Oh, oh, I am so sorry,” I stuttered. Attitude completely fades and, heat rushing through my body.

“No problem,” he states, as his lips turn up into one of those cocky yet sexy half-smiles.

At this point, my body temperature is off the charts. All I could do was look at those lips and think about where and what Kevin could do with them. I immediately looked away- flustered and embarrassed.

Ding. The elevator doors slide open. I quickly walk towards the steel motor car and step inside. My eyes widen with surprise as he steps in too. I step back, placing my back against the wall, as I have thoughts of him bending me over his desk, back arched, taking me from behind with his strong hands fisting my hair and pulling my head gently back. As I visualize him pounding inside me, in and out, in and out, and me throwing it back, my breathing starts to quicken.

“What floor?” he questioned, looking over his shoulder at me, snapping me from my lustful thoughts.

“Uh, oh, um seven,” I finally stutter, as my cheeks flush, wondering how long he had been watching.

He reaches over to the panel of buttons and, that’s when I notice the black titanium single diamond band encircling his left ring finger. “Hmph, lucky bitch”, I thought. I finished checking emails and drinking my tea as we rode the elevator in utter silence. He smelled so damn good that my pussy throbbed with every breath, making it hard to keep my mind on my tasks at hand.

After that, it seemed as though he awaited my arrival every day, as he was at the elevator. Somedays we even chatted on the elevator, you know, small talk about work or the weather. Some times our chats even teetered on the edge of flirting. Three weeks have passed, and on one chilly autumn afternoon, I was heading out to lunch. He stopped me in the lobby and asked me to lunch.

“Join me for lunch,” he states as he ran a hand over his perfectly trimmed beard.

“But what about your wife,” I asked sincerely, knowing I didn’t care. I have been thinking of all the freaky ways this man would sex me down.

He chuckled, giving me that half-smile before replying, “Does it matter?”

“Let’s go.”

He held the glass door open for me as I stepped out into the cold afternoon air. We walked down the street to a little diner, found a corner booth in the back. We took our jackets off and slid into the booth, as the waiter came over and took our drink orders. The waiter turned on his heels and went to retrieve our drinks. He returned shortly after, placing our sweet tea and two straws on the table before asking, “Are you ready to order.” We ordered and sat in the booth, talking about personal things. He told me that he and Alexys met their freshman year of college and have been together since. They have two children; a little boy and a little girl. He talked about his wife and family in such a loving way. Little did I know that it was just a front. We started eating lunch together daily. After a couple of weeks, he introduced me to Alexys and his children as co-workers/friends. She seemed sweet, and we became fast friends.

It was a Friday afternoon, and I had a lot of work that I needed to finish before the weekend. My office phone rang, and it was Kevin. He asked if we could do lunch today, and I told him that I needed to get this work finished up.

He said, “OK, but what about tomorrow.”

I replied, “You do know that tomorrow is Saturday, right?” I could hear him inhale deeply before responding with a simple, “Yes.” I told him that I had a few errands to run that morning, but we could have a late lunch around 3 p.m. He sounded relieved when he told me to meet him at the restaurant in the hotel downtown about 3:15. “OK, see you then,” I answered excitedly before disconnecting the call. As I placed the phone on the hook, my mind began going wild, hoping it was what I thought it was. I could hardly get any work done after that, but I managed to finish it.

I arrive at the hotel and walk through the lobby over to the restaurant. I see Kevin sitting at the bar, sipping on a drink in deep thought. I wonder, “what could be so heavy on his mind,” as I make my way over to him. I slide onto the barstool next to him, “Is this seat taken?” He looks up at me with those gorgeous brown eyes and half-smiles, he lets me know that he finds me very attractive and wants to have sex with me. Wow, we haven’t even been seated or had lunch. My body temperature rises, and my sex throbs in anticipation of what’s to come.

“Mr. Evans,” the waiter states quizzically, as he touches Kevin on the shoulder.

“Yes,” Kevin turns to look at the waiter as I stand there a pure horny mess.

“Your table is ready.” the waiter answers back.

Kevin turns back to me and takes my hand. Just the mere touch of his hand to mine sent jolts of sexual energy to my wanting pussy wetting my panties. “Come,” he commands, walking behind the waiter. Can you say, “soaked?” as I came literally and walk by his side. We were seated in the back corner. Kevin pulled my chair out, and I sat as he walked over to sit in the chair across from me. As the waiter placed our menus on the table, he asked, “Can I get you something to drink?” Looking at Kevin then at me.

“I’ll have a sauvignon blanc, please.” I request looking over to Kevin. He stared at me with hooded eyes as he answered, “whiskey neat.” I had to look away as his stare was sending sexual volts to my wanting womanhood. I squeezed my thighs, trying to calm the pulse between my legs.

“Yes, sir,” the waiter responded and nodded as he turned to retrieve our drinks.

We sit in awkward silence as we scan the menu. I raise my eyes slightly to look over the menu before asking, “what do you recommend?” as I have never been here before. Kevin looks up from his menu, light brown eyes meeting mine. “I recommend we just get a room and work up an appetite,” he said, licking his full lips before giving me his cocky half-smile. Kevin stood and placed a $100 bill on the table before I came to stand beside him. He put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer, placing a sweet kiss on my temple. I looked up at him and smiled as we headed out of the restaurant and to the reception area to get a room. He keeps me close as he speaks to the gentleman behind the counter. I run my hand down from his rock hard abs down to his manhood. Kevin sucked in a breath at my touch, turning to look at me with desire in his eyes.

“Here you go, Mr. Evans,” the receptionist said as he slid the key card to Kevin.

“Thanks,” Kevin stated with irritation in his voice, giving the gentleman a tight smile. He snatched the key card off the counter, took my hand as we quickly made our way over to the elevators. He pressed the up button, and we waited for the elevator to descend and open. The doors slide open. As I stepped into the elevator, Kevin playfully smacked me on my round ass before stepping on behind me. He looks down at the key card for the room number before pressing the number for the floor. Before the doors were completely closed, he had me pinned against the wall kissing me, my body melting into his. I parted my lips to allow his tongue entry to explore and dance with mine. I could taste the whiskey he had at the bar on his breath. He slid his hand down my ass and up my thick thighs before disappearing under my dress. I moaned against his lips as his hand found my throbbing sex. He broke the kiss long enough to arch an eyebrow and devilishly smile when he realizes just how wet I was. Kevin slid my panties to the side, massaging my clit with his thumb before entering my wet sex with one finger then two. In, out, in as he works my pussy slowly, never releasing his thumb’s pressure on my clit.

“Oh, Kevin,” I say breathly, closing my eyes, his fingers slowly fuck me sending me spiraling over the edge with my first orgasm.

“Mmmm, I can’t wait to taste you he says, licking my juices from his finger.

I can taste myself on his tongue when kisses me deeply again. I smooth my skirt back down just as the doors of the elevator slide open. We step off the elevator and make our way to the room and numerous orgasms later.

A year later, I am at the home he shares with his wife and kids for his birthday. The music is blaring, kids screaming as they play in the pool. Everyone laughing, talking, and having a good time. I grab a drink from the cooler, open it, and take a sip. The cold drink cools my skin that’s on fire from thinking of what I could do to him. Alexys spots me, and being the gracious host that she is, comes over to greet me. I smile, shake her hand, and exchange pleasantries. I thought to myself, “if only she knew.” We walk over to where all the ladies are sitting and chatting. I speak to them, most of them I work with, we begin gossiping as we know-how. We are all drinking, laughing, and having a good time.

I excuse myself and start mingling with some of the other guests. I am drinking and having a good time. I see Kevin over by the BBQ pit, looking all sexy in swim trunks and wife-beater tank. The shirt shows off his six-pack abs and ripped upper body. His diamond earrings are sparkling in the sunlight. Kevin’s skin smooth as melted chocolate. His dimples show as he laughs and talks with some friends playing dominoes at a nearby table.

His eyes meet mine, giving me that sexy ass cocky half-smile. I make my way over, I hug him and whisper “Happy Birthday” in his ear as I flick his earlobe with my tongue. Kevin’s breath catches but not enough for anyone to notice. I grin as I see him adjust his stance as I know that his cock has sprung to life. I raise my eyebrow, smiling sexily, knowing my effects on him.

I walk away as I hear Family Affair by Mary J. Blige, making my way to the dance floor where everyone has started dancing. I see Alexys walk over to grab his hand. Kevin and Alexys make their way to the dance floor to dance. The music’s bass is pulsing, everyone gyrating their hips and bodies to the beat, I can feel his eyes on me. I look up and see him watching me through his dark sunglasses. I know he is looking at my ass as my cover-up rides up as I dance. I devilishly smile as I continue to dance, staring into his beautiful light brown eyes as he stares back, head slightly cocked half-smiling.

I mouth, “bathroom, now” as I gesture towards the house.

Kevin continues to dance with his wife as I leave the dance floor, making my way to the house. I wind my way through the crowd and to the door. I turn, look back at him as I open the door, and he smiles, once again making me wet. I wink, biting my bottom lip gesturing towards the house with my head. Alexys doesn’t even notice him slip away as she continues to dance. I enter the house and head to the bathroom; I know where it is as I have been here numerous times when she is out of town.

Kevin makes his way to the door, and I can hear it close as he enters. I enter the bathroom, and before I can close the door, he slides in. Kevin pulls me close and kisses me hard with passion, want, and need. I let his tongue slip in as he reaches behind his back and lock the door. We start groping each other like two sexually charged teenagers. We want each other so bad; it’s been almost three weeks since the last time we were together. As I remove my cover-up, he greedily pulls my bikini top down and takes my hardened nipple into his mouth, as his hands snake their way down to my round ass. I let out a moan as his hot, wet mouth sucks and licks my chocolate peaks. Kevin caresses my ass with one hand as the other one finds my sweet spot letting a finger slip into my honey pot. I throw my head back in pleasure as his finger enters my throbbing pussy.

I enjoy the pleasure for a minute before I tell him, “no, it’s your day” and drop to my knees, pulling his trunks down as I go down, freeing his long thick chocolate rod that has been begging to be set free. As it springs free, I kiss the head. I run my thumb over the pre-cum, look up at him lustfully and suck it off. I immediately swallow him all the way; I relax my throat to take him deeper. No teasing this time; I bob my head up and down his shaft. Taking him deep in my throat, all the while running my tongue up and down his shaft. I come up and suck hard on the head, stroking him, before taking him deeply again and again. No gagging. I look up into his eyes and see that he is enjoying this, that he begins to moan loudly. I take one hand and remove my bottoms, reach up and shove them in his mouth to quiet him. I continue up, down, lick, suck, stroke.

Finally gets to be too much for him, so he pulls away from me, yanks me up, and turns me to face the mirror. We stare at each other through the mirror as he spreads my legs and enters me from behind. I grab ahold of the counter and lightly moan as he fills me up. We fuck, not that slow sensual sex we do most times but hardcore porn fucking. My tits are bouncing as he pounds into me. I push back into him, giving him what he is giving me. He grips my hips, in, out, harder, deeper, faster, and we watch each other in the mirror as we each spiral out of control as our orgasms take over. He collapses against my back as I collapse against the sink. Our breathing ragged, we stay like this until our breathing slowly starts to normalize and we come down from our sexual high.

I turn, kiss him, and wish him a happy birthday again. We clean ourselves up, get dressed, and head back out unnoticed. I let him leave first. I fix my hair in the mirror and smile at myself. As I finally make my way back out to the party, Alexys is holding his cake, smiling as they sing “Happy Birthday.” Kevin looks my way, smiles, and I wink as we both know that he indeed had a happy birthday.

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