Crime in Lust

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As the heiress of Lancaster Co., your family's multimillion-dollar corporation, you're a confident, successful businesswoman who isn't afraid of anything or anyone. How will you handle your surging career and the smoking hot guy that can't keep his hands off of you, on top of trying to shake off being accused of murder?

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Chapter 1

Diana says with joy, ‘You are smart, gorgeous, and the world is yours for the taking’.

As a daughter of a billionaire, she was never among the lazy gilded youth. Since childhood, she studied hard to become the heiress of a large conglomerate Lancaster Co..

Diana, ‘Today is your day. You’ve got this!’.

Lately, she’s been working day and night to prove herself trustworthy enough to become the right hand of her father. She stares at her reflection in the mirror, blowing a kiss, when she hears a soft knock on her bedroom door.

Samantha says joyfully, ‘Still sending kisses to yourself, I see…’.

Samantha, Diana’s older sister, strolls in.

Diana, ‘What can I say, Sam… Self-love is the key to success! The world is full of people hating themselves. Why should I be like them?’.

Samantha says with surprise, ‘Speaking of success, how is your evil plan to take over Dad’s empire going?’.

Diana, ’It’s going great. He will be announcing the new CEO tonight! I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a kid, Sam. My time has finally arrived. I can already read tomorrow’s headlines. ‘Diana Lancaster taking the reins of Lancaster Co. as the youngest CEO ever.’

Samantha, ‘I know that’s your dream, but don’t you think it’s too much responsibility?’.

Diana, ‘What can I say? Responsibility doesn’t scare me. Nothing scares me’.

Sadness appears on Samantha’s face, ‘Working for Dad won’t be a piece of cake. I can’t remember a single day in our lives that he hasn’t worked. Even when Mom died, he never put aside time to be with us, even though we were struggling to keep our lives together’.

Diana lowers your gaze as her jaw clenches, the memory of her deceased mother still a very fresh wound in your heart.

Samantha, ‘I’m just worried about your love life. How will you find the time to settle down with a nice guy if you’ll be working 24/7?’.

Diana, ‘I don’t need to be in a committed relationship to feel complete. My job gives me all the fulfillment I need’.

Samantha is surprised. She answers, ‘You’re starting to sound like a cranky spinster’.

Diana answers angrily, ‘You’d be the same way if your ex was a cheating bastard like mine was! All guys suck. I have no interest in getting into anything more than an occasional one-night stand. What about you, though? Are you sure about your decision to stop working for the company?’.

Samantha says joyfully, ‘Honestly, since I resigned, I’ve never been happier. Plus, my dream is to be a fashion designer, not working for a boring tech company’.

Diana, ‘Well if that means sewing dresses, then I’m all for it’.

Samantha, ‘Speaking of, I made a beautiful dress for you’.

She shows Diana a bright whire and red dress with roses. It’s really extravagant.

Diana is surprised. She asks, ’You designed a dress for me? I already have a dress ordered…“.

Samantha, ‘It’s always great to have a backup plan’.

Diana smiles and says, ‘Oh, you know me so well. I take it!’.

Samantha, ‘Will you wear it for tonight’s event?’.

Diana, ‘I’d love to. You’re the best! Nothing can sunder our friendship!’.

But if only Diana knew what awaited her further… After getting ready for her big day, she climbs into her luxurious limousine and pours herself a glass of champagne - her favorite breakfast. Toby, her family’s chauffeur, assistant, and her occasional hook-up, turns the key to the car and takes a peek at her in the rearview mirror.

Toby smiles and says, ‘Looking great today, Diana’.

Diana, ‘Well, thank you. I have to look my best because today is the day! I’m finally going to be promoted to CEO!’.

Toby, ‘Wow! Congratulations! You’ve been working so hard. You deserve it. If you want to celebrate, I could take us somewhere quiet where I take off your clothes…’.

Shivers run down Diana’s spine, when he mentions that. She wasn’t having fun with him in a while. Leaning forward from the rear seat, she cups his chin, pressing a kiss on his lips. Their tongues intertwine as Toby’s fingers run through her hair. Seconds later, his hands slide from her head to her waist, then down further to squeeze her butt.

Diana, ‘Easy there, stud. I don’t have time for a quickie. But if you can get us to the office in less than 10 minutes, I’ll make it up to you’.

Toby answers joyfully, ‘Fasten your seatbelt, boss’.

As Diana gets out of the car, she rushes to the door of the company’s building, not wanting to be late for the board meeting, when one of her heels suddenly gets stuck in an outlet grate.

Diana, ‘Oh, fuck… Not today! Stupid shoes! And to think I paid 2,000 bucks for you!’.

As she tries to free her shoe, swearing like a sailor, someone taps on her shoulder.

Stranger, ‘I’m not sure what those shoes did to you, but I certainly wouldn’t want to be them right now’.

Startled by the deep, husky voice, Diana turns around. She’s surprised by the handsome man standing there. He can’t be more than 30 years old with perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect everything. His intense, dark eyes stare right into hers, sending a bolt of electricity through her entire body’.

Diana thinks, ‘Fuck! I can’t even move… I’m fully hypnotised. Who is he?’.

She can’t figure out why she’s struggling to focus on anything but this God-like figure in front of her.

Diana pronounces with sadness, ‘I-I’m stuck, and I can’t get my freaking heel out of this stupid crack’.

Stranger answers joyfully, ‘Would you like some help?’.

Diana, ‘Are you a superhero or something?’.

Stranger, ‘Yeah. Working 24\7 to save the ladies’s heels from city traps!’.

She laughs at his joke playfully. Together they get her heel out.

Diana, ‘Thank you, mister Dark Knight. I’m Diana, by the way’.

Stranger looks surprised. He says, ‘As in Diana Lancaster?’.

Diana, ‘The one and only’.

Hunter, ‘I’m Hunter, nice to meet you. I was just coming here for a meeting, actually. We can make our way up together if you’d like’.

Diana, ‘I’d love that’.

Hunter holds the door open for her, and she walks into the building with a shy smile on her face and makes her way to the elevator. Once the doors open, they both step on.

Diana, ‘So, what brings you here?’.

Hunter, ‘I have a meeting with Janet Smith’.

Hunter, ‘My company has been providing champagne and wine for Lancaster Co’s events for the past few years. I just have to make sure all the details for tonight’s gala are finalized’.

Diana asks surprisingly, ‘Wait a second, you’re Hunter Rasmussen?!’.

Hunter, ‘Yep’.

Diana, ‘Oh, my God! You make the best champagne! I’ve been drunk on your champagne more times than I can count! It’s both a curse and a blessing’.

Hunter smiles and says, ‘I’ll take that as a compliment’.

Diana, ‘So, you’ll be at Lancaster Co’s 100th anniversary gala tonight then?’.

Hunter, ‘I don’t usually go to these kinds of events, but…If that means that I get to see you again, then I wouldn’t miss it for the world’.

He flashes a smile at her and this smile makes her knees feel weak.

Diana thinks shily, ‘He’s so handsome! I can’t wait to get some alone time with him tonight’.

She finds herself lost in Hunter’s eyes when the elevator suddenly bumps and stops. Losing the balance, she finds herself in Hunter’s strong open arms as they wrap around her waist and hold her steady.

Hunter, ‘You good?’.

Diana, ‘I think I’m having a panic attack. I hate closed spaces!’.

Hunter, ‘Don’t worry. I’m with you here. Just breathe in and out slowly… I’ll keep you safe’.

Inhaling his intoxicating cologne, Diana reciprocates his affection. He cups her face with one large hand pulls her close to his face, his warm breath brushing her eager lips.

Hunter, ‘You’re driving me crazy, Diana. It’s like I’m under some spell’.

Diana, ‘Maybe I did put some charms on you, mister Knight’.

Hunter, ‘I just wish this stupid elevator would stay still a little bit longer so I could show you how much I want you’.

Diana is mesmerized by his strong presence as the need to be intimate with him grows inside of her. He gently brushes her face with his fingertips as his other hand slides down to her waist, setting her body on fire.

Diana thinks, ‘We haven’t even kissed, and I already feel so inflamed!’. She says, ‘I like the way you think’.

Hunter presses the bright red stop button, and the elevator bumps again, bringing her even closer to him. She licks her lower lip mischievously as she presses her breasts firmly into his hard-rock chest.

Hunter, ‘Fuck. You are so sexy, Diana’.

The next thing she knows, his lips are on hers. Her body presses harder into his as she opens her mouth a bit, giving him permission to explore it. Her tongues move in rapid circular motions together as Hunter’s hands grab her hips, rubbing his hard crotch against her pulsating core. His tongue explores every inch of her mouth, leaving a sweet taste behind.

Diana thinks, ‘Who is this man, and why haven’t I ever met him before? He’s making me feel all kinds of stuff without even undressing me!’.

She wraps her leg around his waist as he nibbles her lower lip, sucking it hard.

Hunter, ‘Mmm, you’re so juicy’.

Suddenly, he takes her hands and pins them above her head, pushing her against the elevator wall.

Diana, ‘What are you doing?’.

Hunter, I want to taste every inch of your body, Diana’.

Diana, ‘You like to take control, I see’.

Leaning into her neck, he begins to suck her earlobe and moves down to lick her neck. Diana grips his hair tight as she brings his head closer, his warm tongue massaging the sensitive skin in a circular motion. Her nipples harden at the anticipation of his tongue swirling around them when suddenly, she hears a loud BUZZ.

Diana, ‘Shit! Someone must have unlocked the elevator!’.

Hunter, ‘Too bad. We should do this again soon’.

Diana, ‘I’d love that’.

Hunter, ‘See you tonight, Diana’.

They both adjust their clothes and hair as the elevator finishes its climb to the 10th floor, where they step off, acting as if nothing happened. Trying to take her mind off Hunter and his sexy, charming attitude, Diana steps into the conference room, stumbling into her father.

Diana, ‘Good morning, Dad!’.

Ethan, ‘Someone’s in a good mood today. What’s on your mind?’.

Diana, ‘How could I not be? Tonight, I might be getting that promotion I’ve been working so hard for’.

Ethan, ‘You’re a hard worker indeed, Diana. I couldn’t be prouder’.

Diana, ‘So? Can you congratulate me?’.

Ethan, ‘All depends on the board. We have a few candidates’.

Soon after, the rest of the board members arrive, and the meeting begins. Unfortunately, it is decided that the name of the new CEO will be announced at the party, so it leaves Diana frustrated. Later that day, everyone at the Lancaster’s mansion is getting ready to host the gala. As Diana gives direction to the staff about a few last-minute details, Toby comes to check on her.

Toby, ‘The staff has outdone themselves for this event’.

Diana, ‘That’s because I’ve been yelling at them nonstop!’.

Toby, ‘Your fierce personality reminds me of your mother’s. She was unstoppable just like you, Diana’.

Sadness appears on Diana’s face. She says, ‘If only she could be here tonight. Achieving my biggest goal is going to be bittersweet without her here’.

Toby, ‘She might not be, but you are surrounded by a lot of other people who are so very proud of you. Do you remember the haute couture dress your Dad ordered for you from Paris last month for that birthday party next week?’.

Diana thinks about a violet pile of chiffon and glitter. The one that got lost.

Toby, ‘Well, it finally arrived, and I think it will be perfect for tonight’.

Diana thinks, ‘Oh my! How can I choose one? My sister will be happy to see me wearing her dress. It can show how I support her. On other hand, I’ve been waiting for this designer’s dress for ages… And I want to please my Dad!’.

Diana thinks for some time and then decides to choose the dress her sister made for her.

Diana, ‘This dress is incredible! Samantha will be pleased!’.

Then she goes back to the living room.

Toby, ‘You look incredible, Diana. I would gladly help you get rid of it later…’.

Diana thinks about Hunter and suddenly the idea of being with Toby doesn’t seem to her that exciting as always.

Diana, ‘Uhm… We’ll see’.

Toby, ‘The guests are starting to arrive, by the way’.

Diana, ‘Let’s get this party started then!’.

As she heads towards the main hall, she spots her sister in her dad’s office, talking to a woman she’s never seen before. Diana stops immediately, intrigued by their animated discussion, and peaks through the half-opened door.

Samantha shouts angrily, ‘We can’t! Skylar!’.

Skylar answers nervously, ‘Why don’t you trust me? I won’t let anything happen to you, ever’.

Diana is surprised, thinking, ‘Who is that? And what are they talking about?’.

Samantha, ‘I trust you, Sky. I always will’.

As Diana’s sister finishes her sentence, she takes the woman in her arms and kisses her passionately.

Diana, ‘What the actual fuck?! I had no idea Sam was into girls! I totally support it. But why would she hide that from me? I’m still far from the conservative jerk that our father is’.

They finally break their kiss, and Diana is still struggling to wrap her head around what she just witnessed. They start talking again, but at a whisper now, and it’s hard for her to hear what they’re saying, but she does hear something that leaves her dumbfounded.

Skylar, ‘After what I’m going to do tonight, Diana will hate me’.

Diana thinks, ‘Why is this woman talking about me?’.

She leans forward, cupping her hand around her ear to hear better.

Samantha, ‘True, Diana is going to be really pissed, but if we give her some time, she’ll understand’.

Skylar, ‘Everyone at the company knows how bad of a temper your sister has’.

“Who the fuck is she to talk about me like that?” - Diana thinks.

Skylar, ‘She’s going to come for my throat, that’s for sure’.

Diana, ‘One more word and I will do it right now!’.

Skylar, ‘Tonight’s announcement is going to break her into pieces’.

Diana sees how her sister looks at the girl with such love she has never seen before.

Skylar, ‘I appreciate you wanting to comfort me, but I know she’ll never forgive us’.

Diana doubts if this is about a new CEO announcement or something else, like Samantha’s coming out.

Samantha, ‘If you’re right, maybe we shouldn’t move forward with our plan’.

Skylar, ‘We’ve been hiding our relationship for too long. I want to come out, even if that means pissing off everyone’.

Samantha, ‘Alright, let’s do it’.

She takes Skylar’s hand in hers, and they head towards the door.

Diana is surprised. She thinks, ‘Shit, they’re coming out! I need to leave before they see me’.

A short while later, the main hall begins to fill with people. Diana stands in a corner, puzzled by the conversation she just overheard.

Charles, ‘The gala seems to be a success so far. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves’.

Diana, ‘Hey, Uncle Charles! I didn’t know you were coming’.

Her uncle, besides her sister, is the only member of her family, who doesn’t piss her off. He is the former leader of the company, but his words still matter.

Charles, ‘I would’ve never missed the opportunity to watch my favorite niece take over my brother’s empire’.

Diana, ‘My uncle will always be on my side. I’m sure he dropped a word for me before my father!’.

Glancing over her uncle’s shoulder, Diana spots her father walking hand-in-hand with a woman that looked closer to her age than his.

Diana, ‘Speak of the devil…’.

The girl looks at her appraisingly and smirks superior. She can immediately feel the negative spark run between both of them.

Bella looks angry.

Diana, ‘Who is this? Don’t tell me this chic is his new spouse... Or a long lost daughter! And what’s this outfit? It barely covers her fake tits!’.

Diana approaches her dad and asks, ‘Dad…Is this my lost sister?’.

Ethan answers with anger, ‘Be nice, Diana. This is my girlfriend, Bella. I’ve been meaning to introduce her to the family for a while now, and I thought the gala would be the perfect time to do so’.

Diana is surprised. She thinks, ‘Girlfriend?! How quickly has he forgotten about his dead beloved wife! Replacing her with this… bimbo!’.

Ethan, ‘Bella, this is my youngest daughter, Diana, and my brother Charles’.

Bella, ‘Hello, nice to meet you’.

Charles, ‘The pleasure is all ours, Bella’.

Diana, ‘Hi, Bella’.

Ethan, ‘You could be nicer, Diana. Bella is wonderful! You may have a lot in common! She’ll make a great step-mother for you one day!’.

Bella, ‘Ah, sweetie. We will be best friends! We have the same fashion taste, don’t we?’.

Anger appears on Diana’s face, ‘I highly doubt that. I’ve seen my fair share of bimbos with my dad to know what to expect from you’.

Bella replies, but all Diana hears is ‘blah, blah, blah,’ as her attention goes to the familiar face she’s just spotted in the crowd.She notices Hunter.

Diana, ‘Well, I could fake interest in this conversation, but I’ve decided to save my sanity instead’.

She makes her way through the throng of guests, hardly able to hide her excitement, or the building ache in her core, at seeing Hunter again.

Diana, So, you weren’t lying when you said you were Hunter Rasmussen’.

Hunter, ‘Why would I have lied?’.

Diana, ‘Lots of guys are willing to do crazy stuff to impress me. I’m beautiful and rich. I’m an easy target’.

Diana winks at him, and he laughs.

Hunter, ‘I’m sure you aren’t the kind of girl who gets played easily’.

Diana, ‘You’re damn right’.

Hunter, ‘It’s kind of crowded in here. What would you say if we hit the dancefloor?’.

Diana asks surprisingly, ‘You dance?’.

Hunter, ‘Not to brag, but I’m actually a fantastic dancer’.

Diana, ‘As much as I am… I wonder who is better. Let’s see if you can put your money where your mouth is…’.

Diana follows Hunter to the center of the dancefloor, the dim light casting hypnotizing streaks over the guests as the rhythmic music reaches her eardrums. Hunter’s body begins to sway, and Diana’s does the same. Hunter slides his hands around her waist as she wraps her hands behind his neck.

Hunter, ‘It’s nice to see you again’.

Diana, ‘I’m glad you came. You’re the only thing here right now that isn’t going to bore me to death’.

Hunter, ‘Oh? You don’t enjoy the company of rich middle-aged men and their depressed, alcoholic wives?’.

They both laugh.

Diana, ‘Not really. I’m more into sexy young men, who are full of energy and passion’.

Hunter, ‘Mm, so I’m sexy?’.

Diana, ‘Like you don’t already know that’.

Hunter, ‘I try to be modest’.

Diana, ‘Modesty is overrated. I know I’m hot, and I’m not afraid to say it out loud’.

Hunter, ‘There is no doubt about that. You’re incredibly hot, Diana’.

Their bodies get closer, moving to the tempo of the music. Diana feels a wave of hotness spread through her body as Hunter’s lust-filled eyes stay locked on hers.

Diana thinks, ‘If I could just kiss him right now…’.

She is a bit surprised when Hunter leans in and presses a sweet kiss on her lips as if he reads her mind.

Hunter, ‘I hope you don’t mind me kissing you in front of all these people’.

Diana, ‘Not at all’.

He kisses her again before spinning her around so that her back is now flat against his chest. Aroused by the proximity of their bodies, she shakes her butt against his crotch, knowing he’d love how firm and plump it is. She moves from side to side at first, and as she feels his shaft start to stiffen through the fabric of his pants, she decides to spice things up.

Hunter, ‘Fuck, you are driving me crazy, Diana…’.

Diana, ‘Good. I want you to be crazy for me’.

Hunter, ‘With the way you move your sexy body, you’ve already got me crazy about you’.

He twirls her again, her face now almost touching his. He trails kisses down her neck before whispering in her ear.

Hunter, ‘We should stop now before we go too far. We are in a room full of people you work with, after all’.

Diana nods as he takes her hand, kissing the back of it.

Hunter, ‘Thank you for the dance, Diana’.

Seconds later, Diana’s father taps the microphone in his hand as he makes his way to a podium set up on the stage nearby.

Ethan, ‘The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. It’s time to welcome the new CEO of Lancaster Co…’.

Diana starts to walk to the stage, waving her hand to the crowd.

Ethan, ‘… Skylar Garcia!’.

The crowd applauds and cheers with excitement as Diana’s mouth drops open, and she freezes mid-stride.

Anger appears on her face. Diana thinks, ‘After working day and night for him! After doing all the dirty work he asked!.. I earned this position with hard labor! Who is she? Where did she even come from? No one can just come and steal what belongs to me!’.

Diana starts to shout loudly, ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?’.

Ethan, ‘Dial it down, Diana. All of our big investors are here’.

Diana, ‘Who the fuck cares! Let them listen! They should be the first to know about you giving so much power to a girl I’ve never even heard of before. Who is she? Does she even work for the company?’.

Ethan, ‘Skylar was our public relations manager’.

Diana, ‘And how in the world did she end up being named CEO?’.

Ethan, ‘She excelled in her job, and the board considered her application to the best one’.

Diana, ‘Are you out of your damn mind? No one in this world knows this company better than me! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU CHOSE THIS SKANK OVER YOUR DAUGHTER!’.

Some shocked gasps appear in the crowd. Diana’s father, who made his way to the place she’s standing, grinds his jaw. He takes a deep breath and turns towards the crowd.

Ethan, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for this unfortunate interruption. My daughter has had one too many drinks already this evening. Please head to your tables. Dinner is about to be served’.

He grabs Diana by the arm and leads her to a corner of the room, far from curious ears as Skylar follows with an annoyed expression on her face.

Diana, ‘Who the fuck do you think you are, coming to my house and stealing my dream job?’.

Skylar, ‘Me? I know how much you wanted to be CEO, but it’s not my fault your father chose me’.

Diana, ‘That job was mine! You stole it from me!’.

Samantha, ‘Stop yelling at my girlfriend!’.

Ethan, ‘What did you just say?!’.

Samantha, ‘I’ve wanted to tell you for a long time, Dad. Sky and I are a couple’.

Their father’s face lights up with fury; his eyes look like they are about to explode out of their sockets.

Ethan, ‘You can’t be with a woman! Let alone the woman who is the new CEO of our company! Not under my roof, nor ever!’.

Diana, ‘Calm down, there are eavesdroppers around. Samantha’s your daughter! The real snake is this beggar!’.

Skylar, ‘I’m sorry I didn’t mention it during my interview, Mr. Lancaster. I was scared of your reaction’.

Charles, ‘Why don’t we all try to calm down a bit?’.

Charles wraps a hand around Ethan’s shoulder and leads him away, quickly followed by Bella and Samantha.

Skylar, probably feeling bad about the drama she just caused, hides herself away in a corner and starts pouting.

Diana looks at her and thinks, ‘She’s playing the victim card, but I don’t buy it. I’m sure Skylar used my sister as a way to get promoted. Sam is too gullible to see through people’s bullshit. Especially when she’s in love’.

As an idea sparks in Diana’s mind, she decides to join Skylar.

Diana thinks, ‘I’m going to pretend to be her friend and get her drunk until she tells me something compromising about herself’.

She takes two glasses of Rasmussen champagne off the table next to her and offers one to Skylar as she approaches her.

Diana, ‘I come in peace’.

Skylar, ‘Are you sure it’s not poisoned?’.

Diana, ‘I hate you a lot right now, but I’m not a murderer’.

Diana handles her the champagne silently.

Skylar smiles at her with the hint of distrust, but still reaches out her hand.

Diana fakes a smile as Skylar accepts her glass as a sign of peace. They both sip her champagne, the air between them feeling awkward.

Skylar, ‘Listen, I hope you’ll give me a chance to make it up to you. I love Sam, and I know you love her too. I think it’s important for us to work things out’.

Diana, ‘It’s not your fault. After all, you didn’t force the board to give you the job’.

Skylar, I… I don’t feel…’.

Before she can finish her sentence, the glass of champagne she was holding falls and shatters everywhere, and Skylar collapses onto the floor, unconscious.

Diana, ‘Oh, my God!’.

She checks her pulse. Diana’s heart pounding in her chest.

Diana, ‘She’s dead!’.

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