Make Me Yours

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You are afraid of letting anyone control your life. He is afraid to fall in love. When a spark runs between you both in a BDSM club, you step into a sexy battle with the most desired man in your life.

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Chapter 1

Ava thinks in her head, ‘Okay, Ava, you are going through with this’.

She is the very image of a modern woman - willful, successful, and attractive. At this point, nobody could possibly tell that life has been rough lately, not least her private life.

Ava, ‘Thankfully, Cathy helps to keep my mind off my latest break-up’.

A few weeks ago Cathy appointed Ava her plus-one for an upcoming private party - the kind with whips and chains. For someone cautiously interested like Ava, this is beyond exciting.

Ava, ‘This isn’t your regular Friday night out’.

Dim red light, pulsing techno music, and the crazy outfits - as people pass her by, all she sees is black leather, glistening latex and lingerie.

Ava thinks, ‘It’s amazing! I wish I wore a nice outfit too..’.

She moves through the crowd looking for her friend, but Cathy is nowhere to be found - meanwhile, Ava begins drawing stares.

It gets to the point where she could swear her ears are on fire, when suddenly…

Ava, ‘Ah!’.

Distracted, she flys full speed into someone’s side and bounces right off, but a firm hand keeps her from keeling over.

Stranger, ‘Careful’.

The tall, gorgeous stranger puts her on her feet, as effortlessly as he caught her - Ava can tell his black suit is hiding serious muscle.

Ava, ‘Nice catch!’.

Stranger, ‘Not my best - we did have a little collision. Try to slow down, the night is still young’.

His wink melts right through her defenses. As he walks past her, she can’t help but stare - his clothes compliment his figure perfectly, and the back view is even better.

Cathy, ‘Ava, you’re here!’.

Finally, Cathy comes into view, happily strutting towards Ava on obscenely high heels. AVA steals a glance over HER shoulder, but the stranger is already gone.

Cathy, ‘Good think you didn’t chicken out’.

She gives Ava an affectionate, if careful, hug, mindful of both her attires - hers considerably more risque.

Ava, ‘Yeah, you definitely left out a few details in your pitch - I feel like everybody is staring. And you know, for the wrong reasons’.

Cathy, ‘Oh, sweetie, don’t worry, you look great. If a little vanilla’.

Ava, ‘Vanilla, huh’.

Cathy, ‘It’s a term for people... out of the loop. You know, not into kink. You were asking me about it how it all works, so I thought bringing you here would be nice - a hands-on approach’.

Ava, ‘It’s already wearing off though - have you seen the guy I just ran into? Tall, handsome, jawline to cut diamonds with’.

Cathy, ‘Sounds great! Also, really nondescript. Did you catch his name?’.

Ava, ‘No… Oh well. Nevermind’.

Cathy, ‘Don’t worry, maybe you’ll find him again. If not, there’s plenty of great guys here. Tell you what - if I find someone I think you’d like, I’ll pair you up, deal?’.

Ava, ‘Sure, I trust your judgement. And I suppose these clothes make me easy to spot’.

Cathy, ‘That’s anxiety talking, you’re a doll and you know it. I’ll go talk to a few folks, and you try to enjoy yourself! See people, do things, maybe the other way around’.

She spins on her heel and struts off into the crowd. Ava moves deeper into the club, away from the busy dance floor, and comes upon a quieter area full of velvet couches and fetish furniture. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices a crowd around a scene - a Dom is in the middle of binding his sub with a dark red rope.

Ava, ‘Huh. That looks intriguing. A few people are watching them already’.

Ava storms through the crowd to take the front view. Soon, she can’t take her eyes off the action. Focused, the Dom runs the rope over and under the girl’s breasts and tightens it with a sharp yank - she cries out with her eyes closed.

Ava, ‘Damn’.

From behind he wraps his arm around her shoulders, pulls her closer and whispers something - she breathlessly responds.He smiles, loosens his hold and continues binding her.

Ava, ‘This is intense!’.

Each pull coaxes a gasp out of the sub’s lips. At the same time, there is intimacy, whether the Dom plants soft kisses on her shoulders or squeezes her ass. Ava feels the heat rising in her chest. Meanwhile, the couple keeps going - the man whips and the girl keeps moaning.

Ava, ‘Damn it, why does it look like so much fun?’.

Finally, the Dom releases his Sub from the rope trap and hugs tightly. She leans onto him, red-faced, lightheaded, and smiling. They share a loving look, then a deep, gentle kiss.

Ava walks away from the excitement and deeper into the room, where the shadows are thicker, and plop onto a velvet couch. Almost half an hour later, anybody has yet to approach her.

Ava, ‘It’s like I’m invisible. Is it all about my outfit?’.

She trains of thought is broken off by a nonchalant stranger passing by her, holding a leash. On its other end is his sub, crawling on all fours with barely a scrap of cloth on her.

Ava, ‘Ugh. Maybe I’m just not what these guys are looking for. I could never just roll over like that for someone.Not anymore, anyway. Surely at least one of these guys wants a bit of a challenge?’.

Brett. ‘Are you Ava? I’m Brett’.

Ava looks up and sees a good-looking stranger with a neat bundle of rope in his hand. He is ripped and unafraid to show it, wearing nothing but trousers.

Brett, ‘You gotta be, with those eyes’.

Ava, ‘You’ll have to be more original than that’.

Brett, ‘Oof, Cathy told me you were new to the scene, not that you bite. Well, worry no longer. I have arrived to rescue you. Prepare your sweet ass for troubles, babe’.

Ava, ‘I don’t appreciate your tone, Brett, so let’s slow down before the same applies to your presence in general’.

Brett, ‘All right, all right! So what are you into, Ava?’.

Ava, ‘Can’t tell yet, I don’t really know enough about my options’.

He leans closer. Ava can’t help but admit there is no chemistry between them.

Brett, ‘Well, I can think of a few things you might enjoy. I can try them on you here or back at my place, it’s close by’.

He wraps his arm around her shoulders, and she stiffens. His touch disgusts her.

Ava, ‘I don’t remember saying you could touch me’.

Brett, ‘You’re a feisty little thing, aren’t you? I love wrangling brats like you into submission. Wanna try it out and see how you like it?’.

He proudly holds up his bundle of tan rope. Ava cringes when she thinks about him touching her intimately.

Ava, ‘Brett, let’s keep both our feelings intact and end it here’.

Brett, ‘But see, my feelings would be hurt if we did, so none of that’.

Stranger, ‘Ahem’.

Ava and Brett look up simultaneously - the stranger from before is back, cutting a dashing silhouette against the room full of kinksters. Ava and him exchange quick glances, and then his eyes are dead set on the guy next to her.

Stranger, ’The lady said ‘no’, pal’.

Brett, ‘Pretty sure I didn’t hear it. Also, what’s it to you?’.

With a face calm and stern, the stranger leans slightly towards Brett, hanging over him. Ava feels Brett shrink and start inching away from her.

Stranger, ‘I think I’ve heard about you. I don’t know how you keep coming to these parties. Weren’t you on strike two already?’.

Brett lets out a nervous laugh, while the stranger’s face remains just as stern. The two stare at each other for an uncomfortably long time. Ava is about to break the silence herself, when Brett darts off the couch.

Brett, ‘All right! You take over from here. Wasn’t worth my time anyway, knock yourself off’.

As he leaves, a fleeting, mischievous grin passes over the stranger’s face - one he surely hopes was concealed by the club’s shadows.

Ava, ‘Oh my god, he found me. Just in time, too’.

Stranger, ‘Are you all right?’.

Ava, ‘I am, thank you. It was starting to become too much’.

Stranger, ‘Yeah, I only caught the end of it and it was bad enough. This community is built on trust, Doms like him like to abuse that. He gives us all a bad name’.

Ava, ‘Huh, so you’re a Dom too?’.

The stranger nods, and motions towards the empty spot beside Ava.

Stranger, ‘May I?’.

Ava thinks, ‘Pfft, is he joking?’

And says, ‘Yes’.

He sits down next to her, and she catches a slight, pleasant tinge of cologne. He slowly turns to look her in the eye.

Ava, ‘God, I think my ears are on fire’.

Lewis, ‘I’m Lewis. And you?’.

Ava, ‘Ava, nice to meet you’.

Lewis, ‘Pleasure is all mine. First time at a party like this?’.

Ava, ’What gave me away, the ‘lost puppy’ look?’.

Lewis, ‘This isn’t a big community - new faces are easy to spot. And you carry yourself very well, actually’.

Ava, ‘Fine, my friend brought me here. I want to figure out what I’m into - problem is, I don’t know what my choices are’.

He looks at her closely, and squints. For a few seconds she feels like she is being studied.

Lewis, ‘Tell you what - the VIP section here has a lot more going on. If you want to know your choices, that’s where you go for some serious variety’.

Ava thinks, ‘With him? That doesn’t sound half-bad’.

And tells to Lewis, ‘Does it charge an entrance fee?’.

Lewis, ‘No. But there is one thing though - the closed section does have a dress-code’.

Ava, ‘Okay. Lead me then… Master?’.

Lewis, ‘Splendid. There is one thing though - the closed section does have a dress-code. See if you can do anything about that, and I’ll go on ahead and make arrangements’.

Ava, ‘But what if I can’t find a costume on time?’.

Lewis, ‘You always have the time-honored backup of a birthday suit’.

He winks and gets up. As he walks away, Ava can’t take her eyes off him: the suit is tailor-made for his impressive figure, imposing and confident, but elegant as well.

Cathy, ‘You know, staring is rude, and you’re downright ogling’.

Ava sharply jerks around to see Cathy standing behind the couch, leaning on it. Cathy gasps at Ava.

Cathy, ‘Oh, sorry, did I spook you?’.

Ava, ‘Oh you know, serves me right, gotta keep on my toes’.

Cathy, ‘To be fair, I’d be distracted too. Anyway, that’s not the guy I sent your way - how did that go? So, did you match with that guy Brett?’.

Ava, ‘That was one of the biggest creeps I’ve ever met, Cathy. I was lucky he got the hint as quickly as he did’.

Cathy, ‘I had no idea! Sorry, sweetie’.

Cathy leans over the couch and gives Ava a hug from behind.

Cathy, ’My friend told me Brett was, you know, ‘proactive’. I didn’t realize what that meant. Sorry you had to deal with that’.

Ava, ‘The best apology right now would be if you helped me. Cathy, I need a costume’.

Cathy, ‘Huh?’.

Ava, ‘For the VIP section - I need a costume to get in, right? Can you help me put one together?’.

Cathy, ‘The VIP section! You are a go-getter, aren’t you?’.

She grins.

Cathy. ‘Good thing we’re the same size. Let’s go to the changing room and see what we can do’.

In the changing room, Cathy rents a few costumes for her friend.

Ava, ‘My way to go is…’. She chooses a gorgeous outfit.

Cathy says, ‘All set. You look wonderful! Fly now, little one!’.

Ava, ‘Oh, shush’.

Ava returns to her couch and takes a seat, and a minute later Lewis returns. He doesn’t sit down, but instead looks her over, gives her a satisfied nod and holds out his hand.

Lewis, ‘Perfect. Follow me’.

Lewis takes her past the black door into the closed area - a long hallway with doors on either side, some of them ajar. He leads her by the hand, gently holding it.

Ava takes a look inside a doorway casting red light, and sees a girl standing on a bed on all fours, her ass up in the air. She is breathing heavily - Ava can tell. Next to the girl, neatly laid out, is a massive collection of toys, all colors and shapes. A man wearing a dark suit circles around the bed like a vulture, taking in the view. Ava sees him climb onto the bed and reach out for one of the bigger toys - and then Ava has passed the room.

Ava, ‘Oh wow’.

Lewis glances at her over his shoulder.

Lewis, ‘Enjoying what you see?’.

Ava, ‘There’s definitely variety here. You weren’t kidding’.

Lewis, You will find I rarely ever do’.

He lets Ava enter first, and the two of them end up in a small red room with an odd-looking table, a saltire cross and a stand for various whips. He looks at them, then slowly shifts his eyes to Ava.

Lewis, ‘Now, I can show you a few basics. Nothing that would scare you, of course’.

Ava, ‘Scare me?’.

He smiles and steps closer, making her breath get caught in her chest.

Lewis, ‘You can walk away at any moment’.

Ava, ‘What do you mean by that?’.

Lewis smiles saying, ‘Just a small whipping session. Pain and pleasure’.

Ava, ‘God, this is nerve-wracking. But he’s so smooth about it’.

He’s even closer now, enough for Ava to feel the heat coming off him, and for him to feel hers. The dim light obscures his features - she only sees his lips move as he asks.

Lewis, ‘Would you like a taste of submission, Ava’.

Ava thinks, ‘Lewis is something else. Wonder how much he could show me if I let him?’.

And says, ‘Let’s try it’.

He smiles and takes her by the shoulder, then swiftly spins her around and pulls her closer. He brings her hands behind her back and she gasps, realizing the strength of his grip.

Lewis, ‘Everything good so far?’.

Ava, ‘Y-yes’.

She hears his shuffle with something, and then a soft, silky loop runs around her wrists, binding them together. She tugs on it a little, but it only seems to tighten the knot. She feels Lewis’s free hand shift lower, running over the skin of her thigh, electrifying her with every touch. He cups her buttock and gives it a squeeze, then nuzzles the back of her neck. Giving her goosebumps in places she wasn’t aware of.

Ava thinks in her head, ‘Ugh. He’s good’.

Before she can request it, he decides to shift gears - in one sharp motion she is put across the table, and his hand digs into her hair, keeping her in place. The room swims. Ava arches her back into him, but nothing follows - at least at first.

Lewis, ‘Now, I’ll ask you to count out loud’.

Ava, ‘Huh? Count wha…’.

Looking back, she catches a glimpse of the flogger in his hand - just before he lands a sharp, stinging strike on her ass.

Ava, ‘Aaah!’.

Lewis, ‘What was that?’.

Ava, ‘One’.

Lewis, ‘That’s what I thought’.

He strikes her again, but this one is notably milder.

Ava, ‘T-two’.

Lewis, ‘Good girl’.

He continues, and so does Ava. Every hit leaves a warm sting, but pain fades into excitement, and leaves her almost entranced. It takes all of her willpower to keep calling out the numbers. She lies on the table feeling like she is about to melt into it. When his hand touches her raw buttocks, she almost jumps from how sensitive they are.

Ava, ‘Okay, you can go harder now’.

Lewis, ‘Is that a suggestion? Because you’re supposed to be taking orders, not giving them’.

His tone is playfully angry - he does begin to put more force into each strike, leather strips slapping loudly across her buttocks. They feel raw by now, but at the same time... it must be quite a sight. But then Lewis slows down to the same singular strikes he started with - and then he stops. He puts his hand on her side and gently runs it up her body.

Lewis, ‘You can get up whenever you’re ready’.

Ava, ‘Phew. Will my ass hurt tomorrow?’.

Lewis, ‘Please. This is child’s play compared to what I usually do. And that’s definitely not for you yet’.

Ava, ‘Says who? I’m a quick learner’.

Lewis, ‘Have you ever heard about the concept of baby steps?’.

Ava, ‘I know the concept, I just reject it’.

He sighs with his eyes closed, then laughs.

Lewis, ‘You are gonna get yourself in big trouble one day’.

Ava, ‘What are you looking for, Lewis?’.

Lewis, ‘I’m looking for a slave. Total control, no off switch’.

Ava is surprised. For the first few moments, she can’t muster a single sound.

Lewis, ‘See? That’s what I was talking about. You’re cheeky. You want some light play at best, maybe a bit more than that, but only with a degree of control’.

Lewis, ‘All things a slave isn’t’.

Ava says in her head, ‘‘Total control’? Control… That’s what my ex… No. Not the right time for that’.

Before the memories come crashing back, she composes herself.

Ava thinks, ’Better this remains just a fun Friday night. ‘Total control’ is something I’m never getting myself into again.This was fun, but I suppose I’ll have to look for someone who’s not opposed to that’.

Lewis, ‘Hold up. What if… What if I guide you as you’re starting out? I know plenty of people who could be a good fit. We’ll find someone that works’.

Ava thinks, ‘Ugh, but why can’t he work? Why does he have to be so smooth, and so hot, and yet so…’.

She answers with a question, ’How would you ‘guide’ me?’.

Lewis, ‘That’s for me to know and for you to find out. And enjoy yourself along the way’.

Her cheeks heat up so much only the club’s dim light must be covering her blush, and she chides herself for it immediately.

Lewis, ‘I’ll give you my number. You decide when to call it, and whether to’.

Ava, ‘Well… no harm in having an option’.

She passes him her phone, and he deftly punches his number in.

Lewis, ‘There you go. Give me a call when you’re ready, Ava. The offer stands’.

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