One night stand?

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There is a guy at work who won’t leave you alone. You ask your best friend to pretend to be your lover for just one night. What can go wrong?

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Chapter 1

Helena thinks with joy, ‘What a great day! Nothing can spoil it!’.

Today she got a promotion at a law firm she works in and can’t wait to tell her best friend Russell about it.

Helena, ‘Can’t wait to see him after work and tell the news! After all my nervous breakdowns he had to handle… He never let me down!’.

Unfortunately, the joy she feels is terminated the moment she sees her annoying colleague coming towards her.

Anger appears on Helena’s face, ‘What the hell does Obnoxious Oliver want this time?’

Oliver smiles and says, ‘Hey, beautiful! Can’t wait for our special Thursday night date?’.

Helena, ‘We had a normal chit-chat once and now he thinks we are lovers! We were never on, Oliver. Haven’t I made that clear already?’.

Oliver, ‘What do you mean? Aren’t you coming for the Gala?’.

Helena, ‘Damn, with all the fuss I totally forgot about our company’s main event! Yes, I am. It’s a corporate event. But why do you think it has something to do with me and you?’.

Oliver, ‘Because you have to come with a partner. It’s the main idea of the event’.

Helena’s company set this rule to come in couples years ago. She always thought it was a bit stupid.

Helena, ‘And why do you think I would want to go with you?’.

Oliver, ‘We look splendid together, Helena! Just imagine - me, you, soft music… Deal?’.

Helena, ‘Ugh! Not in this world! Can’t this guy get the memo?! No, Oliver. That’s never happening. Not with you!’.

Oliver, ‘Oh. Is something wrong? Do you know anyone better than me?’.

Helena, ‘Yes, I do. I already have a date for the Gala’.

Oliver, ‘Oh, shoot. Don’t fail to call me if your other man disappoints’.

Oliver winks at her flirtatiously before walking away. Helena boils in anger.

Helena, ‘Why must it be that the only thing worthy enough to get rid of Obnoxious Oliver is the presence of another man? Now, I have to start looking for an imaginary date for the Gala all thanks to him! Luckily, the right person for this is right around the corner’.

She starts to prepare herself for a short meeting with him. Helena and Russell haven’t seen each other in a while and he promised to drop in to say hi.

Helena thinks joyfully, ‘Russell will always have my back!’.

As Russell walks into her office, her heart beats for joy. He has always been an example of an ideal man - smart, caring and impossibly beautiful.

Russell, ‘Hi, dear’.

Helena, ‘Russell! I thought you’ve abandoned me!’.

Russell approaches and gives her a short hug. Helena feels she’d love it to last a bit longer.

Russell, ‘Why would you think that? I never let you down since we were kindergartners’.

Helena, ‘I know, right? Russell, our company is going to run a big event soon’.

Russell, ‘All these corporate events are always so boring!’.

Helena, ‘I know that, but this is a special one. It’s a Gala ball. Are you available for Thursday night? It’s urgent! I need you for…’.

Before she can completely tender her request, Russell’s phone rings loudly, interrupting her. He answers.

Russell, ‘Hi! Yes, I can. Is it important? Okay, I will be there soon. Bye’.

Russell, ‘Sorry, Helena. What were you talking about?’.

Helena, ‘Thursday night. Are you free?’.

Russell, ‘Sorry, plans. I’ve got somewhere to be, somewhere scintillating. Listen, big girl, I gotta go’.

He stands up to leave and she is surprised. She rolls her eyes at Russell as her heart breaks about his unavailability.

Helena asks with sadness in her eyes, ‘Are you going on a date?’.

Russell, ‘Don’t tell me you’re jealous’.

Helena, ‘I won’t say I’m not. Nai. Just asking’.

Russell, ‘I just got news of an emergency at work. I have to leave now, see you later’.

Helena, ‘See you…’.

He leaves Helena alone. She feels angry at the way Russell quickly dismissed her request and sulks about it.

She thinks angrily, ‘I can’t just not come. My boss will be angry. I lured myself into a trap’.

Her train of thoughts gets interrupted when she looks up at the clock and finds out that it’s 5:00 PM already.

Helena, ‘Oh shit! Lana is going to kill me. I’m late for our usual run in the nearest park’.

Helena and her BFF Lana have been going on a daily stroll with Lana’s wedding date approaching. Lana is hoping to lose 15 pounds before the big day and Helena promised to support her. She quickly packs her things from the table and dashes out. Their place isn’t too far from Helena’s office and the park, so she makes a stop to change into her work out clothes.

Helena, ‘Lana is no doubt going to kill me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t look the best among runners. What do I wear?’.

She picks up nice tight shorts out of her wardrobe and thinks, ‘Damn! My body is banging!’.

She checks herself out in the mirror before storming out of her place. She gets to the park and finds Lana sitting on their usual bench spot where the two of them always wait for her fiancé David to meet them both. Lana gives her friend the death stare as she approaches.

Lana, ‘You’re late again!’.

Helena, ‘I’m sorry, girl. Something crazy came up at work. But before I get to that, it seems something is up with you’.

Helena sizes her and looks at her from head to toe.

Helena, ‘Your outfit looks so dope!’.

Lana, ‘Don’t tease me, Helena’.

Helena, ‘I’m serious. Those leggings are a guy’s killer!’.

Lana, ‘Oh, my ass does look nice and round in them. I bought those on sale yesterday’.

Helena, ‘Oh wow! I want some of that for me too’.

They share a playful laugh and pat each other on the back.

Lana, ‘You always know how to blow off my steam’.

Helena, ‘Well, being your friend is sometimes a hell of a work!’.

Lana, ‘Stop that! I am not that bad. You know I just don’t like tardiness. Ok, enough about me. You look a bit stressed. Is everything ok at work?’.

Helena, ‘Yeah… I even got promoted’.

Lana, ‘Congrats! But what’s with this sad tone?’.

Helena, ‘There is this creepy guy at work who won’t let me off the hook’.

Lana, Is it Oliver?’.

Helena, ‘Correction, it’s Obnoxious Oliver. He wants to go to Gala with me!’.

Lana, ‘Oh, damn. The most annoying type! Did you ask Russell for help?’.

Helena, ‘I was hoping Russell would be my plus one to chase Oliver off my back. Unfortunately, he can’t’.

As they discuss with Lana, a naughty idea comes into Helena’s head.

Helena, ‘Do you and David have anything planned for Thursday night?’.

Lana, ‘Not any that I know of, but why do you want to know?’.

Helena, ‘Well, I thought he could step in and be my date for the Gala that day’.

Lana, ‘You’re joking, right?’.

Helena, ‘C’mon Lana. Hear me out. I’m really desperate here’.

Lana, ‘Not going to happen’.

Helena, ‘Why don’t you just do this for me?’.

Lana, ‘I’m sure if there is anything I’m owing you it’s absolutely not one night with my fiancé!’.

Helena smiles at Lana and gives her signature puppy dog look that she knows she can’t resist. Lana shows a sign of weakness as she avoids looking at her friend in the eyes.

Helena stays quiet and looks at Lana with sadness written all over her expression.

Lana, ‘Don’t look at me like that. I know it was you, who brought us together and I’m really grateful. And I know you mean no harm by asking for David but it’s something that I just can’t do. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to find another creative way to tell Oliver off’.

Helena, ‘The thing is, Oliver is close friends with most members on the board of directors in my company. I’m afraid, soon, things might turn out bad at work’.

Lana, ‘What do you mean?’.

Helena, ‘I heard they would be choosing a new official partner soon. My new position puts me into the candidates row. If I turn Oliver down myself, he might set the bosses against me. But he will be afraid to mess up with a guy… I need to find someone to cover my back!’.

As Helena tries to plead her case with Lana, she spots Marco jogging past. He is Russell’s perverted childhood friend who has always tried to get in Helena’s pants since high school. Luckily, she has always managed to dodge his bullets.

Lana, ‘How about Marco over there?’.

Helena, ‘Hell no! Never in this life!’.

Lana, ‘C’mon. He’s not that bad. Plus, his presence would surely send a strong message if you know what I mean’.

As they are arguing, Marco spots them and jogs towards Helena’s direction.

Marco, ‘Hey ladies, it is lovely running into you both on such a beautiful afternoon’.

Helena, ‘Speak for yourself!’.

Marco, ‘You look even hotter than always, Helena!’.

She rolls her eyes in her head and gives a fake smile to Marco.

Helena, ‘I know that’.

Marco, ‘So knows my best friend in my pants’.

Lana, ‘I’m sorry guys but I have to get going now. David is around and I wouldn’t want to delay him. Bye!’.

Lana hugs Marco first before hugging Helena. As she leans on her she whispers something in her ear.

Lana, ;Just give him a chance, he will play his role well’.

Helena groans and gives her a stink eye before watching her run off to meet David who rounds the corner.

Helena thinks, ‘I can’t believe I am going to do this, but I have no choice. I am really desperate for a win here’.

Turning to Marco she says, ‘So, Marco, now that you’re here I have something to ask of you’.

Marco, ‘Anything for you, hot thing’.

She groans under her breath.

Helena, ‘I need to change clothes. Follow me, I’ll explain everything on the way home. So, Marco… There is this Gala happening at my law firm on Thursday and I was wondering if you would like to accompany me’.

Marco smiles and answers, ‘Is the almighty Helena finally asking me out on a much-deserved date?’.

Helena, ‘Ugh, he is a pest! I already start to regret asking. Don’t get the wrong idea in your head. There is someone at work who won’t get off me so I need a decoy boyfriend to get him off my back’.

Marco, ‘Interesting. I guess you would pay for my services at the end of the day in kind, right?’.

Helena speaks nervously, ‘One more word and I’m going to punch you. Or ask Russell and he will gladly do it!’.

Marco, ‘Alright, alright. Don’t be so pushy. Count me in. It is always an honor to be at your service’.

Helena stares at Marco to make sure that he is on the same page as her, and catches him licking his tongue perversely while checking her out. Suddenly, he makes a move towards her and wraps his arms around her waist.

Helena, ‘What the hell are you doing?’.

Marco, ‘Relax, girl. I’m not going to harm you. It’s just a farewell hug’.

Helena is about to push him back, but suddenly she sees Russell stepping out of the car which just arrived. He has totally seen them both.

Helena thinks angrily, ‘I hate Russell for putting me through this and making me stoop so low to even consider Marco’.

She faces Marco and tells him, ‘Well, if you insist…’.

She gives Marco a tight hug and pat him on his back. He pulls her closer and moves his hand towards her ass. She can’t resist grinding her teeth, but stands still. She gets her reward immediately - as Russell approaches, his face turns red with anger. She finally gently pushes Marco away and sends him a flirtatious smile. She knows this is not right, but she can’t help thinking of how jealous Russell looks.

Russell, ‘What a lovely scene’.

Helena, ‘Did you like it?’.

She licks her lips while looking directly into his eyes. Russell looks nervous. She wonders why.

Russell, ‘Oh, I did!’.

Helena, ‘Good’.

He is totally frustrated. Helena didn’t think it would work that well. Something is going on with him.

Marco, ‘Hi, Russell! I knew one day the walls of this fortress would fall for my charm!’.

Helena, ‘Eeh… Did they? So, I guess you know what is required of you on that day. I’ll call you on Thursday morning to give you more details’.

Marco, ‘Ok, gotta go! See you at the Gala, babe!’.

Helena, ‘See you, hot shot!’.

Marco, ‘Can’t wait to shoot that hot shot into you!’.

Marco finally leaves. Russell gives Helena an angry look.

Helena thinks with joy, ‘Jealous? Don’t ditch me next time!’.

Helena, ‘Russell… You fine there?’.

Russell, You tell me! I felt wrong I had to leave so soon today, so I decided to come to your place. And I see you hanging up my best friend. Are you having a thing with Marco now?!’.

Helena, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’.

Russell, ‘Don’t pretend. Something is sure going on behind my back!’.

Helena, ‘Yeah, I asked you for a favor and you ditched me, what do you expect! You know what… You are a douchebag!’.

Russell, ‘All of a sudden! What did I do?’.

Helena, ‘Are you asking?! You left me dry and hanging when I needed you the most. You screwed me up and now I’m in trouble!’.

Russell looks confused.

Russell, ‘So you’re telling me that I am the cause of your problems?’.

Helena, ‘Well, aren’t you?’.

Russell, ‘No, I am not! I have been wiping your running nose for weeks while you were crying over the work stress’.

Helena, ‘Yes, you did…’.

She feels like tears are about to run from her eyes. A tight lump is squeezing her throat. Her voice trembles as you speak.

Helena, ‘Sorry, Russell. I shouldn’t have been like that. But so many things happened this day and I just… I…’.

Russell interrupts her speech and pulls her close. He leans into her and his lips brush against her skin.

Russell, ‘Come here, girl. I don’t blame you’.

Helena thinks in her head, ‘Gosh, he smells so woody and masculine. I want to hug him so tight!’.

It’s different from how it was with Marco. She feels so warm and comfy in his grip. She just doesn’t want Russell to let her go.

Helena thinks, ‘I don’t need to feel like that towards my best friend. We grew together! But why does my heart beat so fast when I’m around him?’.

Then she moves closer and fully leans into Russell’s body tucking herself under his large arms.

Helena thinks, ‘Oh, this man gives me not just butterflies, but the whole zoo’.

She takes in his clean scent and wishes he was hers.She rubs her face over his chest, while he strokes her hair. Goosebumps are running down her back.

Helena thinks, ‘Damn! What’s going on with me? It feels too good!’.

Russell, ‘Shhh, calm down, girl. Never in this world I would want to hurt you. You are the most dear person to me’.

His hand slides down to her hips. A strange feeling is pulling under her stomach. Her legs start shaking and the head feels dizzy.

Helena, ‘Russell, I… Oh, gosh’.

Russell holds on to her tightly as he gently pulls her chin up to look upon his face. Their lips are so close to each other…

Helena thinks, ‘Oh no! We’re going to kiss!’.

The panic ringing in her head is unbearable. TShe parts her lips, ready for action.

Russell, ‘Now, Helena, what happened? Tell me everything’.

She quickly jolts herself back to reality and lifts her head off Russell’s chest. Her head is spinning.

Helena, ‘Yeah, sure… It’s all about the Gala!’.

Russell, ‘Which Gala?’.

Helena, ‘One that is going to happen in my office and where everyone needs to come in couples! I lied to Obnoxious Oliver that I had a date already, so I asked if you were available on Thursday’.

Russell, ‘Why did you lie to him? Was he pestering you so much?’.

Helena, ‘Because I was hoping you would go with me. At least, it is all that I ever wanted.] Yes, he was! Marco was the only one option left. I had no choice… I need someone to drive Oliver away’.

Russell, ‘Why do you think it will work?’.

Helena, ‘Because Oliver would never go into a girl’s way if he knows she is with someone!’.

Russell, ‘I… didn’t know that. You should have told right away’.

Russell smiles at her and slides his hands to her hips.

Russell, ‘I know just what to do’.

Before Helena can question him, he brings out his phone to make a call.

Russell, ‘Hey, sweetheart, I’m sorry but I’ll have to bail off our date on Thursday night. It’s a work thing. Great, you’re the best! Bye’.

He ends the call and looks her in the eye.

Russell, ‘Here you go. If you had just told how serious it is, I would have come running’.

Helena thinks, ‘I didn’t know he was going on a date! He cancelled it for me!’.

She tells Russell, ‘I did tell you it was urgent. I said I needed you!’.

Russell, ‘You sometimes call an urgent, a situation where you can’t decide - is it coffee with sugar or cream! So now that you have a better date than Marco, how do you feel?’.

Helena, ‘I just can’t wait! Thank you!’.

Russell, ‘Always my pleasure. So, my lady, what do you need me to do?’.

Helena smiles at him playfully and wraps her hand around his waist.

Helena, ‘I need you to treat me like your very own woman and pretend that you are in love with me. We only have one problem… What are we gonna do with Marco?’.

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