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Prohibited Desires

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Massage (2)

Breathe. Take it easy. What just happened?

-You are not going to believe what just happened.

-Tell me!

-Remember the client who crashed my office?

-Yep, what about it?

-It was the owner of the spa, Lemuel.


-Omg is right. Basically, he lost the card, and it’s why he hadn’t reached out to me. So now I have to answer him when I’m going to get a package in the spa.

-Can you hook a girl up? That sounds awesome.

-You know I hate ppl touching me!

-I know but how bad can it be?

-Well, there’s some tiny detail I left out.

-Spill it!

-He will be the tour guide...

-That’s not so bad...

-...and also the masseuse...

-Wait, what?!?!?!?!

-Yeah. I have to get in touch with him to plan when I will be visiting the spa... I really don’t know about this.

-Girl! I mean, I can happily pose as you if necessary. Free massage and by that hunk?!?!?!

Elora just groaned. Like one cue, Phillipe entered the office and shut the door.

“What happened? Who was he? Are you hitting that? Is he single? Spill it!”

“Ok, first of all, breathe. Second, I really don’t know him. Third, he is the owner of N&L Spa and we will be covering an exclusive in the magazine.”

“Is that all? Boring! That sex on legs comes here to the office and that’s all you say! Ugh!“, he turns and leaves.

Lemuel’s view

Get it together dude. It’s not stalking but business. You lost the card like a teen losing homework and now, hopefully, she’s at the office and you can talk to her. I felt stupid. How could I lose a card? It made me look so irresponsible. If it were me, I wouldn’t give them the time a day. Learned my lesson on this one.

I get to a building that looks about 6 stories high. I say to my driver that I’ll contact him but shouldn’t be too long. The spacious lobby was busy and full of buzzing.

“Welcome to ANX Magazine, hold please. Good afternoon sir. How may I help you?”

“I would like to see Mrs. Nierling, is she around?”

“One moment, please. Phillipe, Heidi from reception, there’s a lovely gentleman here in the lobby looking for Elora. Ok, ok, no problem, ujum, bye.”

“Go right in sir. Here’s the visitor’s card that will allow you access to the 5th floor and Phillipe will escort you to Elora’s office. Have a nice day.”

“Thank you.” I reached for the card and then walked to the elevator. Once in, you could observe the wall being decorated with collages of different articles and pictures of the history of the magazine. It was nice and tasteful. The doors open on the fifth floor and unlike the lobby it was much quieter.

“You must be...”

“I’m Lemuel Ramirez, looking for Mrs. Nierling.”

“Right! I’m Phillipe, PR of the magazine. Elora will be here shortly. She was running an errand. Let’s head to her office.”

We entered a spacious office very neat and not much decorated. There was a wall-to-wall bookshelf that looked amazing. And the view the office offered of the city was breathtaking. I probably waited like 15- 20 minutes when Elora comes in.

A 5′4, green eyes, wavy wine-colored hair, olive skin woman came in dressed in a white blouse, black blazer, heels, and leggings. Yes, leggings! Which left nothing to the imagination. Even though the blouse was a little long it didn’t cover her completely. I had to restrain myself from staring any longer.

We spoke straight to the point of why I was there. When she got up and got in front of me I couldn't help but look at her ass. I'm an ass man and those leggings were taunting me. I tried to behave as gentlemanly as possible but a man can hold himself for so long. She turned around quickly opening the door for me.

“I will get back to you Mr. Ramirez. See you soon,” Elora answered.

“Please, call me Lemuel.”

“Oh, before you leave.” She walked back to her desk and took a card from the holder, “here, hopefully, don’t lose it this time.”

"Nos vemos luego, Elora”

I walked slowly and got into the elevator, turned around, and winked at her with a slight smirk on my face. Gladly the elevator doors closed at that precise moment. I hadn't noticed I was holding my breath in. Also, I needed to adjust my pants a little. I really need to get some relief. I called the driver and then was off to my apartment.

I reach my complex and once I got in, hurriedly took off all my clothes and drew a bath. I needed it. May sound girly but don't care. I filled the tub with some warm water and poured some oils and soaps that are used in the spa. Need. To. Relax. I had already put on some music and got in. Oh yeah! That's it! It was almost 10 minutes in when I was sufficiently relaxed that my hand started to drift to my erect member. I hadn't noticed how hard I was.

Slowly, I started to tease myself, brushing my fingers on my shaft up and down. Brushing my tip and started to hold it and pressure it. My hand completely held my shaft and I started stroking my cock slowly at first. The build-up was getting to me and I needed release. My eyes were closed and the stroking got quicker. The sensation in the water felt amazing. I was feeling my balls starting to contract setting up for the much-needed release when a familiar woman struck my mind. Elora was there standing with her leggings bent on the desk. I could see the outline of her bikini underwear. She got up and when she turned around I could see she wasn't wearing a bra, her blouse almost completely unbuttoned. Her breasts were moving and her nipples were poking the fabric of the blouse. She smiled. I kept stroking myself so close to release. She opened her blouse to expose her breasts...

"Holy fuck! Agh! Shit!", I screamed as I came and my orgasm took over me.

After a few minutes of ecstasy and my mind and body coming back to me, I got up and drained the tub, and took a bath.

-Hi! Sorry to bother you at this hour. Are you available to talk?

-Sure. But first would like to know who this stranger is.

-My bad! It's Lemuel Ramirez.

-Hi! Mr. Ramiez. Yeah, no problem. How are you?

-Just call me Lemuel, please Mr. Ramirez is my father.


-I wanted to talk you to about the available dates we have for you to go to the spa.

-Oh! Nice. Ok well, how does Friday sound? Around 4:30? It would be nice to unwind after a stressful week of work.

-Perfect! Once you get there just text me and I'll be right out.

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