Dark Knights Empire

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..... Currently being edited...... Second book and continuation from Dark Knights. Melissa gives birth to her twin babies, Jack and Jay Knight find out if both of them are a father. The next generation brings more drama as new enemies appear and also a surprise for the Knight family.

Erotica / Romance
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1

Dark Knights Empire. Book 2 This is the sequel to Dark Knights so if you haven’t already read it you will need to as this continues where the other left off.


After marrying her beautiful men, Melissa woke up the next day with Jack in his usual position and Jay flat out on his back. Sunday was going to be lazy after the long day they all had yesterday.
The boys had planned the honeymoon between them and still hadn’t told Melissa where they were going so it was still a big surprise for her.
First they had the appointment on Monday to find out how much the babies had grown. With the first trimester over, the safety of the twins had passed the critical point in their lives. Her bump was ready to expand, the boys were excited to start seeing the changes. As they were going on the honeymoon straight after the appointment Melissa would change her name officially to Mrs Knight when she returned from the honeymoon.
Monday morning and the boys were taking their time.
“Come on guys we don’t want to be late.” Melissa tried to hurry them up.
They were getting ready for the twelve-week scan, and Melissa was shouting at the boys to hurry up as they had to leave. She even had all her bags packed ready for when they came back.
Jack came running through. “I’m here, where’s Jay?” He squinted his eyes as he stared into the room.
“I’m coming.” Jay came out of the bathroom.
“Yeah I bet you wish you were.” Jack joked.
“Boy’s, we have to go.” Melissa became agitated.
“Come on dear wife let’s go, Jay can catch up.” Jack tugged on Melissa’s top.
“I’m here. I was finishing my shave. I’ve got to be gorgeous for my wife and babies.” Jay came bouncing in.
“Aww baby you are gorgeous no matter what.” Melissa grabbed his cheek and pinched it.
“See Jack, our wife thinks I’m sexy.” Jay threw his arm over Jack’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry bro, you look as good as me now.” Jack chuckled.
“Husband’s, you both are the same to me. Now come on.” If they had ties, Melissa would have dragged them both out.
She understood it was all playful banter between them, and she loved their playful side. They arrived at the hospital for her check up, whilst waiting they received stares off some other mum’s and dad’s, who were waiting to have their check ups done.
Melissa was not surprised though, she had two of the most gorgeous guys rubbing her tummy and talking to the babies. Jay kissed her followed by Jack, who tried squeezing her breasts to find out how much more they had grown... well that was his excuse.
Their names were called, and they went through into a room where the ultrasound machine was. The nurse took Melissa’s blood pressure and heart rate. She laid back, so she could put the gel on her tummy and started doing the scan.
“Here we are baby one and baby two. They are both looking healthy and growth is normal. You’re going to find yourself growing quickly from now on, and your energy will return. I’ll print these pictures off for you. That’s you until about another six weeks, and we will bring you in for another scan to check how their growth is again.”
“Thank you so much. Our babies, they’re so tiny.” Melissa was holding the photos up.
“You can see their little feet.” Jay leaned in closer.
“Aww, they have cute little noses.” Jack pointed to what he thought was a nose.” Can we tell what they are yet?” He looked over at the sonographer.
“No, that won’t be possible until about the 16-20 weeks period, and that still depends on the baby’s position.”
They head off happy after seeing the little buttons growing. They head back home Jay received a call. He stuck it on the speaker phone, immediately they recognise Ivan on the other end.
“Hello Jay. Listen I’ll be quick. I heard that a certain person got married over the weekend. So congratulations on that, but what I was ringing you about, I’ve had information passed on to me to find out about Emily Lewis and that she has been missing for a few days. I wondered if you had any idea who she was?”
“Ivan I’ll tell you the truth about her, she was a regular at our clubs and a pain in the ass, she had a thing for me, anyway because I was getting married to Melissa she went off on one. I told her to piss off and leave us alone, she was barred from coming into our clubs, so she couldn’t harass me there, I haven’t seen her since.” Jay spoke calmly so not to spark any suspicions.
“Right man, just to inform you, I have been sent to investigate for David and Mary-Ann Lewis.”
“Okay, well I’ll tell you if I hear anything.”
“Thanks man, you enjoy your honeymoon then.”
“Oh I will do.” Jay ended the phone call.
“Do you think he suspected anything?” Melissa reached over and rested her hand on Jay’s shoulder, she chewed her bottom lip worried.
“Hum, I wouldn’t put it past him, he seems to have sources all over the place. But even if he does he might already realise what she was like. Don’t worry baby we will be okay, our clean up crews are extremely efficient and well-paid not to ask questions. They have done business with many of the dirty businessmen around this city and the next few over.”
“So you’re a dirty business man then?” Melissa played with Jack’s hair.
A smirk came across Jack’s lips. “Oh, I can show my beautiful wife how dirty I can be.” He licked his lips at her.
“Fuck, Jack.” A rush of heat pooled between her legs.
“Oh, I intend on doing so much more than that to your gorgeous body.” Jack ran his finger along the top of her leg.
“I think after you have had your way with our wife, I think I might do the same. I want to have my cock buried deep inside of you as well Melissa.” Jay glanced in the mirror and smiled when he saw her squeeze her legs together.
Melissa groaned. “Jesus, what are you both doing to me?” She became aroused with their dirty talk about what they wanted to do to her.
When they arrived home Jack picked her up and took her to the bedroom, kissing her neck, he put her down on the bed. Stripping her and himself at the same time, he buried his face between her legs. Jay came in, so she started to give him a blowjob whilst Jack was sending her to heaven and back with his mouth and fingers. When she couldn’t take anymore, he plunged his cock deep inside of her. With deep thrusts he brought her back up to another orgasm and unloaded himself into her.
Jay was on the peak, but Melissa wanted his fill. They enjoy the feeling as much as she did when they released inside of her. They swapped over, Jay slowed down taking his time kissing her with his soft velvet lips, not wanting to cum straight away,. Melissa was about to climax so Jay picked up the thrusting until they both came together.
“I love you, my beautiful wife.” Jay gazed into Melissa’s eyes as he held her face in his hands.
“Love you too my gorgeous husband.” Her lips collided with his in another passionate kiss.
They spent the rest of Monday packing for the honeymoon. Melissa checked on Katie, she had enjoyed the last week and assured Melissa that everything was going well and not to worry. Melissa was happy things seemed to be normal, but wondered for how long it would last, considering she was now married to the Knight Brothers.
The boys surprised her by taking her to the Virgin Islands for their honeymoon, two weeks away of relaxing and love making between her two gorgeous husband’s. On the return home, the boys headed out straight away to check on the clubs. They had been busy with no problems whilst the boys were away. With new ideas and plans to have the new club up and running over the next couple of months. Melissa enjoyed the designing and had quite an eye for details.
... 2 months later...
They had been for another scan at 20 weeks and the babies had been growing well, one was slightly smaller than the other, but they were told that was normal. Having grown quite a bit in size, Melissa’s bump was showing.
As the next few weeks passed with regular check-ups, they had another scan and still hadn’t found out the sex of the babies because they were sitting or lying funny so there was no way to tell for sure.
The boys wanted to do a pregnancy photo shoot, Melissa wasn’t sure about it, but they talked her into doing one as a reminder for when the kids had grown up. They booked one for two weeks’ time as Melissa would be 28 weeks pregnant.
The new club was almost finished, Melissa had been playing about with a name for the club and doing some finishing touches to the design inside.
... 2 weeks later...
“Come on love we’re going to be late.” It was Jay’s turn to hurry everyone up.
“I’m going as fast as I can.” Melissa snapped as she tried and failed to put her shoes on.
“Do you want any help? Sweet loving wife.” Jack was trying as Melissa had been getting grumpy with her size and finding things more difficult to do.
“Fuck Jack, I can’t put my shoes on.” Melissa threw a shoe across the room.
“Here baby let me help you.” Jack retrieved the shoe and slipped them on her feet.
“Thanks.” She ran her fingers through his hair which she found incredibly soothing.
Jay tried to hurry everyone up, as today he was in a rush. He had so much to prepare before the launch of the new club. Arriving on time at the studio for the photo shoot. They shot loads of different angles before picking their favourite pictures.
“Perfect exactly like you.” Jay kissed her.
“I’ve got to agree with Jay, you’re every bit perfect for us.” Jack rubbed her back.
“Right baby I’m going to shoot off as I have to speak with Franco. He wanted to talk, some sort of business.” Jay rubbed his chin.
“Are you sure you don’t need me there for safety and all?” Jack was concerned as the business with Emily disappearing, she still hadn’t been found, not that it was a bad thing for them.
“Only business, don’t worry he won’t try anything.” Jay stood and ran his fingers through his hair.
“I don’t like it. Maybe we should all go.” Melissa was unsure of what Franco might do after everything which had happened.
“No.” They both snapped together.
“But Jay, I don’t like you going on your own.” Melissa reached out and took his hand.
“I’ll call Erick to come with us. Are you happy now?” He leant down and took her chin in his fingers, before placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Jack take Melissa home. You need to relax and put your feet up love.”
“Okay, but be safe. I don’t like the fact that Ivan has been around here more, and I’ve even seen David Lewis with a team of police in the area.” Melissa sighed.
“Sweetheart, I don’t want you stressing at this time, You’ve done loads to the new club and our new house, you need to start relaxing more.” He nuzzled along her neck with his lips trailing across her skin.
“Don’t worry, I’ll take her home and run a bubble bath, and if you’re lucky Melissa baby, I’ll give you a massage.” Jack stood and held out his arm for Melissa to take.
“Mmm, that does sound wonderful.”
“Although if you keep making those noises, I’ll be giving my cock a massage inside of you too.” Jack grabbed her hair and tipped her head back to kiss her fiercely.
Jay headed off with Erick who came and picked him up. Jack drove home and ran a warm bubble bath for them. He stripped naked and helped Melissa undress, before stepped into the tub first. Melissa sat between his legs, leaning her back against his chest. He kissed her neck and shoulders and ran his hands all over her front, rubbing them over her swollen belly and now extremely large breasts.
“Mmm, Jack your hands are incredible.”
“I love having them over your tummy, knowing you’re carrying our two little munchkins there.” Jack nipped at her neck.
“Only a few more weeks, and we meet our little devil’s.”
“Here let me massage you a bit more.” Starting at her shoulders he massaged her all over and down her back.
“Mmmm Jack. Oh, yes, just that bit there.“Jack started to become aroused behind her, she loved teasing him, so turned around in the bath, so she was facing him and straddled over his legs. She started giggling as his cock bobbed about under the water.
“What’s so funny?”
“Sorry, there’s a monster in the bath which is trying to break free.”
“Mmm, is it a big monster?”
“Yes huge, I think the beast is trying to get me.” Melissa was giggling.
“Oh I’m sure it is just trying to find a sweet cosy home.”
“Are you sure it won’t bite?”
“Shall we find out?” Jack pulled her up and guided himself into her as she lowered herself down on to him.” Oh, fuck baby. I fucking love this, this is where I’m meant to be, you and me. Oh, God! Fuck baby what are you doing to me?” Jack gripped her hips harder as he enjoyed the sensations.
“Yes... Jack.” Melissa moaned out as she rode Jack up and down. Bouncing in the water which sloshed about as she built up the speed.
“Yes baby cum for me. I love it when you cum on my cock. I love you so fucking much baby.” Jack could hardly contain himself.
“Yes Jack I’m going to cum for you.” Her walls squeezed his cock as she came.
“Yes keep going baby. I’m coming for you, only ever you baby.” Jack screamed it out as he came, his warm liquid gushed out and filled Melissa’s pussy.
They sat there, Melissa became lost in Jack’s eyes, he stroked her face softly kissing her lips, and she couldn’t help but deepen the kiss.
“Baby, we’ve gone all wrinkly, and the bath water has gone cold.” Jack kissed the tip of her nose.
“Yeah... I suppose... I’m just...” Melissa didn’t want the moment to end.”
I know, baby. I would have my cock in you all day long if I could, you know I would, I love fucking you.”
“Don’t say those things, I might take you up on that.” She smiled against his lips. With a final kiss Jack helped Melissa out, putting some light clothes on, they sorted something to eat whilst they waited for Jay to arrive back.
“How’s the babies?” Jack cuddled in from behind.
“Moving about, here feel.” Melissa placed his hand over her stomach.
“Oh wow, they are definitely going to be little monkeys when they are born.” Jack was in awe every time he laid his hand over and felt them moving about. “I wonder who they will look like?”
“Gorgeous exactly like you two.” Melissa hoped they would be two boys in some way.
Jay walked in. “Who’s going to be gorgeous?” He caught the end of the conversation.
“Hey baby, how did it go? What did he want?” Melissa wobbled over to him.
Jay let out a long breath before they all sat down. “It could be bad. Mary-Ann, Emily’s mom, is asking Franco to search into her disappearance now. She doesn’t believe Emily would take off and disappear. Franco wants me to do some searches as he is aware of the sources I have.”
“Fuck, what do you think we should do?” Jack ran his hand through his hair.
“I said I would check into it over the next couple of weeks. He understands we have a club due to open.”
“Okay, so that should buy us some time.” Melissa sat back on the couch and rubbed her face with her hands.
“Yes, don’t worry baby, we’ll work it all out.” Jay was always good on his word. For now, they wanted to focus on making sure the new club would be ready to open in two weeks.
Melissa was preparing for having the twins. She couldn’t wait to meet her lovely, amazing sweet babies. She hoped at the next scan they would be able find out what sex they were as they had both been hiding that part of themselves.
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