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The Alphas Eden

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Eden Quinn is the 18yr old daughter of Alpha Issac of the Woodmoor pack. She's head strong, determined and tough but her strength is tested when her brother Sawyer goes half mad from losing his mate and goes rogue. The rogues attack the Woodmoor pack and like any pack they protect the alpha at all costs. But Sawyer wasn't after his father, he wanted a Luna for his rogue pack. He wanted Eden. When things didn't go as planned he left her for dead blooding out on the forest ground. Alpha Anderson of the Silverhaven pack is the best of the best, he never faced an enemy he couldn't beat. He made a blood oath to support the Woodmoor pack and fight along side them. What happens when Eden crosses paths with the new alpha and they find life takes an unexpected turn of events? How will the alpha feel about Eden's close relationship to Blake, the person that saved her? Is there far more going on in Woodmoor than the sleepy little town portrays? Eden, Jace and Blake will find their lives become intricately linked in more far bigger ways than theyโ€™d ever have imagined. Together they will have to face the uncertain, unnerving future and deal with foes they never knew existed. Lives will be torn apart. Hearts will be broken and the trio will have to hold on tight when the world that they knew is turned upside down.

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Welcome to Woodmoor


The Woodmoor pack was once a strong, formidable pack until the alphas son Sawyer Quinn was driven half-mad and his heart turned to stone by the tragic death of his mate and went rogue, eventually leading to a vicious, unprovoked attack on his father and the people he had grown up with.

The people he once saw as his family he ripped apart like they were nothing to him.

The Woodmoor pack managed to fight off the rogue attack but were left with many casualties.
Under the constant threat of his son's return alpha, Issac Quinn swallowed his pride and reached out to the fiercest alpha in the country and beyond.

Alpha Anderson of the Silver Haven pack was a man of legends. He had conquered many territories in his 5 years of reign and was feared like a god.

Issac and his father, Cassius Anderson had been best friends at alpha training camp as teenagers and he respected his father's friendship enough to move the silverhaven pack to the adjacent territory to the Woodmoor pack.

The alphas made an unbreakable blood vow that the packs would fight and protect each other as if they were one.

Little did either of them know the true problems that they would face.

There wasn't a great deal to do in Woodmoor. It's a typical small town in the middle of nowhere with just one large hangout spot where werewolves and sometimes other supernatural beings socialised.

A quiet cafe by day and a lively bar by night Woodies, owned by Iris Clements. A single, overbearing yet well-meaning mom to Harry Clements, One of the up-and-coming warriors of the Woodmoor pack.

Eden PoV


Unfortunately for my sleep until gone noon routine, my boss Iris had so kindly scheduled me to open up the cafe every day this week and I was not a happy bunny, well a happy werewolf.

I'd even tried to use the fact that her son Harry was my best friend and she'd known me my entire life to wrangle my way of it but she was not in the mood for my attempts at sweet talk and after the third time of asking for a shift change she nearly fired me and that couldn't happen.

I needed this job, even if it was just a cafe and bar. I had to do something. I had to make some kind of life for myself seeing as my original life plans had gone off the table. Oh fucking hell, tables. I hated waiting tables. I dreamt, well had nightmares about tables that jumped up and ate me.

Goddess, I needed therapy!!

My alarm had already gone off twice before my dad stuck his head around my bedroom door and threatened to drag me out of bed if I didn't get my butt in gear so I reluctantly pulled myself from the comfort and warmth of my bed and into the shower in the hope that the hot steamy water would wake me up a little more so that I could at least try to function as a normal person.

I slipped on some skinny black jeans, the black polo shirt with the cute red and white 'Woodies' cafe and bar logo on it before brushing my hair and securing it onto a top knot out of my face.

Once I'd applied a light covering of makeup in a hard arsed attempt to look somewhat decent, I trudged my way downstairs following the smell of strong coffee and bacon.

Most of the time the kitchen was the busiest place in the pack house but lucky for me today was a big day for most people as they had training to go to so they'd already have eaten and were off starting their day.

"For you madam... steaming hot and black just how you like it" my best friend Skylar said in a terrible attempt at what I think was a french accent, as she slid the coffee mug my way as I took a stool at the black marble island.

"Thanks, Sky" I smiled at her inhaling the aroma of the Italian coffee she'd made before blowing on it to cool it down.

"I can't believe you don't have to go to training again today. It's so unfair. The Silverhaven alpha is coming to assess us and kick us into shape, apparently he's terrifying!!!" Skylar frowned shaking her head so hard that her long wavy brunette hair bounced against her neck.

I couldn't help but look her over and admire how perfect she was. Her skin was a beautiful light brown shade with supermodel-like high cheekbones and rosy cheeks like she had been blushing over a cute guy that made her deep brown eyes twinkle brightly at you even when she was mad.

Her tall and lean, athletic body was model-like in tight navy shorts that hugged her butt to perfection whilst her matching sports bra barely held in her assets.

I couldn't help but wonder if she'd dressed like that in the hope that this all-mighty alpha might notice her but I knew that she had feelings for my other best friend Harry Clements, even though she wouldn't admit it or act upon it.

I just wished they were mates and could be the happy ever after love story you read about in fairytales. Even if they weren't mates they cared about each other so maybe she was hoping that looking super sexy and flirting with this alpha would force Harry's hand.

Either way, I was glad I'd be well out of the way of whatever drama occurred.

"Oh yeh it totally sucks to be you! I mean who'd wanna be like you, all perfect and all !" I scoffed rolling my eyes at her dramatic antics.

" I'm serious. I miss you making me laugh when training totally blows" Sky sighed sadly whilst filling her water bottle at the sink.

" I miss you too so come to Woodies after training and I'll treat you to a chocolate fudge cake and ruin all the hard work you put in we'll make a night of it?!" I knew there was no way even Skylar would refuse that offer. Iris's cakes were to die for.

I couldn't help but smile as I sipped my coffee and my best friend looped her arms around my shoulders from behind, hugging me tightly resting her head on mine.

"Love you, Ede"

"I love you too... now go before you're late and my dad makes you do extra laps" I warned her playfully knowing how hard my dad would work her or anyone else in the pack if they were late, especially if this new fancy alpha was going to be there.

"Oh, moon goddess I couldn't bear that again. Bye Ede" Skylar groaned at the thought of such punishment. She planted a soft kiss on the back of my head then ran out of the packhouse and off to training.

"Oh my goddess Issac quick call the doctor- it's an energency Eden is sick!! " my mom said in a mocking tone holding her hand on her heart as if she was in shock.

"Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?" My dad folded his arms across his broad chest and faked a frown as if he was trying to intimidate someone, my imposter in fact.

"Haha very funny I have the early shifts this week and I'm really not happy about it so don't make me feel worse please parents!" I scolded them to like my eyes at their dramatic behaviour. Sometimes I think I am the parent and they are the kids.

"Coffee?" Mom asked gesturing to my empty mug as she made my dad and herself some.

"No, I'm good thanks. How are you feeling about today dad?"

"Honestly? I can't say I'm thrilled about needing help from someone young enough to be my -" my dad realised what he was about to say and gazed at me awkwardly before stopping himself from saying it. He glanced over at my mom who turned away quickly to the cupboard obviously not wanting either of us to see her tears. But I knew she was crying from the soft whimpers that she couldn't hide. I hated seeing her upset and I didn't know how to help her heal.

"Mom" I croaked out

"I'm okay honey it's just allergies" my mom pottered around in the cupboards with her back to us knowing full well she could hide her pain from us for a few minutes if she looked busy. We had to let her work through it in her own way so I smiled weakly at my dad who mimicked my smile back at me.

"Dad are you sure you don't need me to stay and help in some way?" I felt so bloody useless being excluded from things and just wanted to feel needed in some way shape or form.

"Eden please... let's not go over this again. Just go to work okay?" Dad said his words gently but I could hear the annoyance lingering in his tone. I knew how he felt about me deep down. I was a huge disappointment to him. I'd let him down, I was useless so how could I help in any way? I was just a liability, just a girl who works in a cafe serving coffee by day and bar by night.

So I did just that. I slid off of the stool and put my bag over my shoulder and headed out of the door catching a glimpse of the warriors running off towards the forest as I got in my car. There was my childhood dream, becoming a fierce warrior, running away with them.
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