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Let's Play

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Having just graduated from college at the top of her class, Jessika Blake lands a position at Seattle's top modeling agency: Hart Management, and Jessika has been hired as a Personal Assistant to none other than the CEO, Damien Hart. But no one lasts in this position for long. Damien Hart is known for being ruthless. He always gets what he wants both personally and professionally. Add that in to his insanely good looks and his overall charm, he is simply hard to resist. That's why when Jessika walks in, he sees her as just another game. Little does Damien know, Jessika is ruthless too. Maybe even more so. When things start to heat up between the two, Jessika knows she can't fall for him. But maybe she can get Damien to fall for her. Damien sees her as a game? That's fine... Let's Play.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


My heels clicked on the sidewalk as I made my way through downtown Seattle. I was wearing my favorite pair: strappy beige 6 inch heels with a closed toe by Marc Jacob's. My first and only pair of designer heels that somehow made my walk feel way more powerful. Pair that with my black suit and a light blue button up top that complimented my tanned skin, there was nothing that could stop me. My wild curls had been tamed, combed to the side in a neat bun.

I looked ahead of me and saw the building a few blocks down. No, not just the building, MY building. "Hart Management" shown on the top of the sky rise in gleaming gold letters. I couldn't help but stare at the very top, likely where I'll be sitting every day as the PA to the CEO himself, Damien Hart.

When I told my family I would be working here, the top modeling agency in Seattle (and arguably the best in the nation) my family was ecstatic. I would be the first in my family to graduate from college and go on to do big things. But when I told them my position everyone looked at me like I was crazy. Especially my mom.

"Young lady you know how that man is. He is the city's top womanizer and you know it" my mom said with wide eyes.

"Mom, I am his Assistant, not his girlfriend. Him being a "womanizer" is none of my business."

"It doesnt matter if you're his Assistant honey. As soon as he sets his eyes on you he won't stop until he breaks you heart."

I laughed at the memory. My family had no idea just how tough I could be. They were convinced I would walk into his "trap" but I have lots of experience setting traps of my own. All throughout college I made sure to keep an iron heart. My career has always been my focus and to focus, you can't let things like "love" and "attachment" get in the way. All I needed was a release here and there and nothing more. Unfortunately some hearts had to be broken on the way but as long as they weren't mine, i could care less. I doubt it would come to it but Mr. Hart didn't stand a chance with my heart.

"Hello? Earth to Jess! I've been talking to you for like 10 minutes are you seriously about to tell me you haven't been listening to a single thing I've been saying? And what the hell are you laughing at? Because nothing I said was funny..." I heard from my bluetooth ear buds.

Of course this just made me laugh again. My best friend Kat was definitely the crazy to my calm. As she kept rambling about how "awful" of a friend I was being I took a sip of my raspberry white chocolate mocha. My daily treat from Starbucks. Literally I could not go a single morning without it or I might just chop someones head off (not really but you know what I mean).

"Sorry Kitty Kat. First day nerves. You know how I space out when I get nervous"

Kat sighed, "First off, don't call me Kitty Kat you know how I hate that. Secondly, yes I know how you get so I guess I'll just tell you about my date tonight after it happens instead of before like I was trying to."

"Oh who's the lucky lady for tonight" I asked with a smirk. Kat could be a bit of a player too, she'd just never admit it

"Well now you don't get to know. Like I said. And it's not just "for tonight". I have real feelings for her. But you dont know what real feelings are anyway so why do I even bother."

"Hey!" I said as I acted offended. "I have real feelings for you and only you, honey buns. But I'll talk to you later Kat I am about to enter paradise" I paused, looking at the giant glass doors ahead of me.

"Alright, kick ass babes. Muah." Said Kat as the call ended.

This is it. This was really it. My first day at THE Hart Management. For a second it felt as if my heart would beat out my chest. For the past few years I had been working as a bartender to stay afloat while I went to college. But now, I'm a business woman. I don't have time to be nervous.

I squared my shoulders and grabbed the door handle in front of me. The handles were both the letter "H" in a gold so shiny I almost worried about getting a smudge on them. As I walked through the door I was met with an all white interior. There was a desk to my front, casual seating to my left, and an elevator with a very large body guard to my right. The first floor was all I had ever seen of the building since my interview took place at a small coffee shop nearby.

I walked up to the desk and was met with a smile. "Jessika! So nice to see you again. How was your commute?" said Kim. She had blonde hair that reached just below her chin and heart shaped glasses that even I couldn't pull off. I was surprised she remembered me from my interview since I'm sure many people pass through here.

"My commute was fine, thank you for asking" I lied, after having took 3 buses and a 20 minute walk through downtown. "I'm just very eager to get started".

"Oh of course. Mr. Hart is looking forward to meeting you. He apologized again for not being able to be at the interview but just know he trusts Will with all his decision. Here's your badge". Kim said as she handed me an all black badge with my name engraved in gold lettering. "This will get you by Mr. Security over there. His real name is George but dont tell him I said that. Then once you're in the elevator hit floor number 39 and it'll take you right where you need to go. Good luck!" Kim smiled with her bright red lipstick. She then looked down at her computer with a straight face, as if nothing ever happened.

As I stepped towards the elevator I secretly hoped Will would be here. He was so kind and personable during our interview. He also wasnt bad to look at either with his blond curls and dimpled smile. If Will ever needed a personal assistant, sign me up.

I showed the security guard my badge and was let right into the elevator. As I pressed the number 39, I saw that there was also a number 40 right before the roof top. I wonder what could be on the 40th floor if Mr Hart's office was on the 39th? I cleared my head and looked forward. No time to think about that. All I need to focus on is absolutely killing my first day on the job.

Finally, the elevator stopped on the 39th floor. The doors swung open and as I was about to step through, a confident smile on my face, I froze. Because there he was. Damien Hart. Our eyes met as he leaned against what I assumed was my desk with an insanely hot smirk on his face.

"Good Morning, Jessika".
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