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Night and Day

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The Pe Cele Vechi, or old ones, foresaw a time when there would be a need to return to the Vechile Cao, or old ways. A time when there would be peace between the humans and the weres.

Erotica / Fantasy
Silver Sterling
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Chapter 1

One Blue Moon Many years ago

The Pe Cele Vechi, or old ones, foresaw a time when there would be a need to return to the Vechile Cao, or old ways. A time when there would be peace between the humans and the weres. When there would be no need to fear hunters or other packs. When all weres would be held accountable for their actions, A time when there would be no more need for a division among the packs, That time would come only when werewolf packs began to die, and the threat of extinction was so great that the need to reunite would overcome the need for power and greed. Sadly, that time was growing near....

Nikolis ran through the woods for what felt like days even though it was only hours. The woods of the Rocky Mountains called to him like they always did. It made him almost giddy to track and chase animals. The sense of freedom the hunt gave him was something he knew he would miss the most when he took the reins from his father and stepped up as pack leader. Something told him when he became Alpha he would not be afforded the same freedoms that he had now. Clearing his mind of all things except the smell of the trees and the feel of the dirt under his paws, Nikolis cherished the feeling of being a wolf. Nothing out here bothered him. Not the Alpha’s expectations or his duty to his family and pack. Here, nothing mattered but his senses and his wolf.

Nikolis thought about his father and wondered how many people in his pack believed the stories about his declining health. Granted the old man had grayed around the edges, but he was a wolf, ninety years put him in his prime not a wheel chair. So why was he leading people to believe he was sick? Nikolis didn’t know and he really didn’t want to think about it. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe his father’s health was poor. Nikolis believed that his father was making his heath condition worse than that it was and bringing him home because of his health was a last ditch attempt by Marcus to assert his power over him. It was time for him to fall in line, to abide by the Alpha’s wishes—to mate and carry on the pack’s traditions. Under the circumstances, Nikolis felt he couldn’t keep the fact of his homosexuality a secret for much longer. It was time for him to fall in line, to abide by the Alpha’s wishes—to mate and carry on the pack’s traditions.

He wasn’t even sure why he was so scared to tell him. As far as Nikolis knew, his father didn’t care about what the sexual preferences of his children were. His reluctance to tell his father was compounded by the fact; the time never seemed to be right to have ‘the talk’. Nikolis feared he had put it off for too long. Time had run out for him to find his own path when he was suddenly called home. Nikolis’s father was strong in his belief about upholding tradition. And as First Born Nikolis’s duty was to return home and prepare to take over the pack at the time of his father stepped down or at his father’s death as Nikolis had hoped would be the case.

When Nikolis he found his true mate, he wouldn’t be able to carry a litter or be able to help the pack grow. No, providing the next generation would be a privilege for his littermates. They would be the ones to breed the next Alpha. He wondered how well his father would accept that news.

Nikolis lifted his nose to the wind catching the crisp scent of a nearby stream and headed in that direction. He slowed his gate as he reached the tree line; past a pile of stones the creek cut a path through the shallow valley. The scents of the forest slid down his throat with every swallow of water. He tasted fresh earth, new life, game waiting to be taken down and eaten, but under it all there was a strange new smell.

Nikolis picked up his head, he sniffed, it wasn’t another predator—four or two legged—this scent didn’t make his hackles stand up or his lips roll. He turned, tipping his nose in the direction of the wind hoping to get a better taste, but whatever it was gone. Nikolis ambled over to dip in the ground, where the roots of a large oak created a natural den and bedded down. Head on his paws, Nikolis fell into a restless sleep.

In the cool damp evening, a lone wolf wandered sadly past a clearing in the trees. Laying his head on his paws, he observed the wolves below wrestling playfully, working out the unspoken hierarchy of the pack. Dmitri was missing that feeling of family and belonging. Well before his they and his father found out it was a “filthy fag” as his father put it. Dmitri inhaled deeply; his heart beat loudly in his ears as he contemplated the unfortunate state of his love life. No man in all the years he had been searching lived up to his mental image of his Mate. A few had some close but none were what he dreamt his mate would be.

Dmitri stood up suddenly, scenting the air. There was something about that scent….

It couldn’t be. Could it?

After all this time could it be?

His pack had chased him from his home. They thought him weak because he liked men, not women. That might have been forgivable; however Dmitri had always been an odd one. When he shifted, he was pure white and his eyes a midnight black. Not being able to hide made him a threat. The others thought he couldn’t be a good hunter because of his coloring.

Things weren’t easy as a human either. His startling white hair and midnight black eyes carried over to that form and made him a pretty boy. He had striking features that made him the envy of men and woman alike. His body was not muscular, but long and wiry. He could hold his own in a fight and had, many times, in his long life.

Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Dmitri ran back to the small cabin he had called home for the last few months. The sparsely furnished cabin was his haven; here he allowed himself to think about the handsome black wolf, to wonder what he would look like in human form. Would he be as easily recognizable as his mate?

In the clearing, Nikolis slept restlessly. His thoughts spun wildly as his body gave way to the dream state that overtook his consciousness.

Digging his fingers deeper into the most startling blond/white hair, he’d ever seen, he tugged, pulling his attention to him, losing himself in the blackest eyes he’d ever seen. It was like staring into midnight. The amazing creature’s lips wrapped around Nikolis’s hard cock, almost causing his undoing, One of the most beautiful sights in the world to Nikolis was always the sight of a handsome man working him like a pro. Growling, he pulled his mate off his cock before losing himself deep down his throat. That’s not where he wanted to be. He intended to claim this man. Without words, he mounted this god, entering him hard, with no warning or preparation.

With the most beautiful whimper, the stranger let Nikolis claim him, body and soul. He felt Nikolis’s canines extend; he bowed his head in submission.

Nikolis prepared to bite his mate, to claim him for eternity—

Nikolis woke, startled from his dream thinking “Damn, I haven’t had a wet dream since I was a teenager.”

Still shaken he waded into the stream and cleaned the effects of last night’s dream off his chest. Shifting quickly, Nikolis made good time back to his family’s home. Entering through the French doors, Shifting back quickly and heedless of his own nudity, Nikolis smiled as he smelled his father’s colon as he reentered his bedroom.

“Hello father.”

“What are you doing here?”

His father smiled. “Now, is that anyway to speak to your father?”

He was right. No matter how sorry Nikolis was feeling for himself at the moment it didn’t give him the right to take it out on the man. “I’m sorry.”

“You are forgiven.”

Nikolis headed across the room and picked up the robe thrown over the back of the chair. He put it on, tied the belt.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I’m here?”

“Do I need too?”

“Not really. You should know why I’ve called you home.”

He did know. No matter how much Nikolis didn’t, it was knowledge that made his heart weighted with lead. The old man wanted him to take his place in the pack. To become Alpha, to accept his responsibility as leader to the Vârcolac clan, Which as far as Nikolas was concerned might as well be a collar around his neck with a chain. He said,

“I’m not ready.”

His father laughed. “Not ready? You’ve been groomed for this position since you were a pup.”

Nikolas’s curled his hands into fists. He swallowed around the tightness in his throat.


He didn’t turn around. If he did, his father would see the weakness in his eyes. There was no doubt he already smelled it. “I’m not ready. The pack deserves someone who can take care of them and in order to do that I need more time.”

“You are ready.”

Nikolis growled. “Do you want me to fail?”

“You won’t.”

“How do you know?”

“Because you’re strong than you give yourself credit for.” The bed squeaked and soft steps approached. A hand touched Nikolas’s shoulder. “You’ll make a wonderful Alpha. And when it’s time for you officially step up, you will make me proud carrying on in my place.”

Some of the tightness eased out of Nikolis’s shoulders. When it was time, which meant it wasn’t today. He looked at his father, seeing an older, wiser version of himself. His black hair had gone silver, but the eyes were still the same, silver. “Is that all?”

“Is what all?”

“The prep talk.” Going by the look on the man’s face. There was a lot more. A smile tugged at the corner of Nikolis’s mouth, it felt painful.

His father thumped him on the back before walking over to the narrow table near the wall and picking up the brandy sifter. He held it up, Nikolis started to shake his head. Then he wondered if the impending conversation would be bad and decided a drink would provide a welcome cushion. “Make mine a double.”

His father raised an eyebrow but he poured the drink. He walked back and handed Nikolis a tumbler containing a generous amount of dark colored brandy. He drank, putting away half with a couple of swallows. The liquor made his throat burn and his eyes water.

“You should drink that slower and it won’t hurt so much.” His father tipped his glass in a mock toast before taking a sip.

“Are you ever going to tell me the real reason why you’re here?”

“The real reason? I thought we already discussed that.” His father’s mouth quirked.

“We discussed part of it. There’s something you’re not telling me and I want to know what it is.”

“Ah, you mean you’re interested in pack business. Alpha business. I thought you weren’t ready to lead.”

Nikolis growled and his father walked over to the high backed chair near the fireplace and sat down. His presence somehow made the chair look all the more like a throne than it already did. He drank his Brandy, and he stared at Nikolis who did his best not to squirm under the man’s gaze.

Right when Nikolis thought he would explode from the suspense, his father said, “There is a wolf petitioning entry into the pack.”

Nikolis raised his glass to take a sip, but it was empty. He frowned and walked over to the sifter. “So?”

“I want you to be there when I interview him.” He looked at his father suspiciously. “You want me to find out when and why he left his birth pack?”

“I need you to do a little deeper looking than that Son. I already have all the information I need to may my decision Son, but this involves you in more ways than just as the next Alpha. My Intel tells me that this man’s wolf is Pure White and his eyes are an unnatural black.”

The sudden feeling of being nervousness sets in as Nikolis feels as if his father was setting him up and that this was more than a simple new member initiation and meet and greet. Looking reluctantly at his father.

“You think this is my Mate? The Other Half of the Prophecy you have so lovingly drilled into my head?”

“The very one son… My scouts have told me he is pure White with Black eyes to your Pure Black and Azure Blue eyes. From what they have told me he is stronger than he realizes. He doesn’t seem to know what he is capable of or that he is someone destined to do great things. My Question to You son is what are you going to do about it And how long did you think you could get away without telling me what I have known for a good many years?”

“If you thought for one moment that you being gay my son was ever a problem I am telling you right now before this young man joins us that there is No need to fear anything from me or anyone one else in this pack. You are beloved by so many here that when you take my place as is your birth right very few with find fault.”

“Son and if this wolf is your Mate he will be accepted as so and take his place beside you with no resistance from your pack”

Nikolis wiped a few stray tears from his eyes as he embraced his father.

“Thank you… You have lifted a weight I didn’t realized was weighing so heavily on me for so long. I should have known you wouldn’t care and would love me no matter what. We can talk more about this later we have a wolf to me now don’t we?”

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