Night and Day

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Chapter 10

Dmitri watched as his mate vanished with his mother. He drew strength in the fact that she was able to find Nikolis and was able to sneak him in to see him like she promised. He knew that Nikolis was correct. He had given up hope and lost faith in everything that he had learned from his uncles and Nikolis.

Seeing his true love this gave him the strength and courage to endure whatever his demented father had planned. He knew that his father wanted him to lose control and shift into his third form. The reason was unclear but he knew enough to know that losing control and letting this bastard win wasn’t not an option.

When he first realized that his mother was still alive hurt him almost as much as the thought of losing his mate. It did nothing to help him with his abandonment issues. She explained that she had come very close to dying at Hein’s hands.

She went on to tell him that she wasn’t the same person she once was. She tried to look in on him time to time but she was bound by the confines of her new life. She left one life of solitude for another. But at least her new life taught her how she could put a stop to Hein’s reign of terror once and for all.

Meanwhile his mother for whatever reason over the months that he was being kept taught him tricks and meditations to keep his third shape at bay. Lily promised him when she was finally able to sneak away that she would bring his missing heart to him. Now it was just a matter of time before he would be rescued and reunited with his only reason for living.

He wondered how Darius and Philip were going to take his mother being alive. When she died they took it harder than even he did. There was something strange about the three of them that he could never truly put his finger on.

The more he thought about it the more he wondered if it was the key to why his father hated him so much. Footsteps and sinister laughing pulled his back to the present and the matters at hand.

Nikolis fell to his knees as soon as they rematerialized at the creek. Looking up at Lily as his raises and gains his footing. You need to come with me and tell everyone what in the hell is going on and what you are now. I promise to protect you from Hein and anyone else that might come along however I cannot and will not protect you from Darius and Philip. I can’t owe too much to them.

Looking into Nikolis’s deep blue eyes Lily smiles softly “you leave my brothers to me. I have a lot of explaining to do and little time do it in.” each lost in their own thoughts as they walked back to the house. As they arrived to say that it didn’t set all the hairs on all the wolves’ necks on end would be an understatement.

Several times as they walked towards the house and his father’s office he found himself growling a warning at any wolf that dared come close to Lily as they marched into the house. Knowing his father as he did he was holed up there with Philip and Darius. All heads turned as they walked into the room.

Nikolis wasn’t sure who was more stunned Darius and Philip at seeing Lily or Lily seeing her brother and his mate after all these years. “Lily? My Lily flower is that you? How? Why?” Lily flew into their arms tears and murmured words of love and promises of explanations once Dmitri was brought home.

“ Brother I am not the same sister you remember there are things about me and what happened I will need to explain but for now I beg you to trust me that I love my son more than Hein and that I will die again to put these things right”.

Within seconds of Nikolis and Lily vanishing from site, a dark and sinister shadow can into the dank dark dungeon. “Now let’s see if you can make you give me what I want today Son. Slowly killing your Spirit is turning out to be more fun than I thought it would be. Watching you slowly go mad wondering if your precious Nikolis is coming to save your worthless ass or if He has moved on to a finer piece of ass like that of his old lover.

You were so easily baited. It seems that old insecurities die-hard don’t they? You’re worthless Dmitri... Your mother thought so that’s why she faked her death and left you. She couldn’t stand you anymore. I hated you from the moments I laid eyes on you as small weak freak of a pup. Suddenly a new voice joined in on his torment. Now Mon amour did you really think that Nikolis would choose you over me?

What we had together over the years was magical and lifelong. Once you are gone he will come crawling back to me like he always has in the past. If it wasn’t for Nikolis’s calming voice in his head constantly reminding him of his love and devotion he would have given in and gave them what they wanted. But No matter how his father and Damian beat and tortured him that day he never flinched, cried out or whimpered once, causing them to grow even more frustrated and angry.

They gave up after when seemed life hours thinking that at the very least they had rendered him unconscious. Thinking he couldn’t hear him he finally for the first time since his capture found out why he was being kept. “Look you Faggot piece of shit you told me you could piss him off enough to shift”!

Absently Damian touched the scars that now marred his once handsome face “the bastard attacked me for less the last time we met how is supposed to know that he wouldn’t try to do the same this time”? He’s your fucking son why can’t you piss him off enough to cause him to shift? Why in the hell are we doing this in the first place?

Why not just kill him instead of risking being found and having our Asses handed to us? Firstly No one will ever find this place unless I allow it or want them too or if someone from this Castle brings them here.

As for the why I am doing this to my son let me take you back about 25 or so years ago.

I was my father’s second born my brother Decker was first born and the apple of my father Hein’s eyes. He could do no wrong his being a fruity fag didn’t even seem to bother him. It never sat well with me about my brother. He might have been smarter than I was but I was sure that I was physically stronger than he was.

So being the cocky 18yr I was I challenged him for his place at my father’s side. Cock sure I could take him I mean how strong could a fag be. That was my first mistake. Decker got the best of me that first time. It wasn’t so much that he was stronger than I was but my father taught him well on how to use his opponent’s strength against him.

But for the first time I saw pride in my father’s eyes. He saw that I was a force to be reckoned with and took me under his wing. He started sharing and teaching me thinking the entire time he was preparing me to be my brothers beta his second in command.

I allowed my father to believe that. He didn’t need to know that I would take all this information and use it against them in the end. For years I had been hearing about something called the Mond Magie or Moon Magick prophecy. This became my obsession in life I needed to know everything about it. On my 21st birthday was told that I would be introduced to my mate and that she was from a neighboring pack Heinz was hoping he and Decker would be able to convince to join with us.

My father has sense enough to realize that the carrying on of the pack would have to fall on to me. So he arranged a meeting with The Stowe pack leader Kekoa a very large Hawaiian looking man who looked very intimidating and brooding. His oldest daughter Lily was the one promised to me.

Beautiful girl like her name but very stubborn and strong willed. Breaking her spirit was one of the many things that kept me with her for so long. She wasn’t into rough sex her fruity brother and partner filled her head with nonsense about true love and passion.

Personally it was always only rutting with her I never loved her. I only agreed to marry her because of something that I overheard her brother telling Kekoa, Heinz and Philip that he was 110% sure that Lily was the one destined to bare the pup to ring in the Mond Magie prophecy.

I vowed then and there that if I couldn’t lead the pack I would make sure I would have complete and total control of the one destined to rule all the packs. So that following spring I married her against her brothers and his partner’s better judgment.

However because of the mating went against Darius’s better judgment and Kekoa trusted him beyond all things the packs would never unite this hurt my father and he again turned on me. However by than I had worked out a plan to take over the pack and make it my own.

My father decided that instead of waiting for his death he would turn over the pack and retire. So when it came time for the ceremony I had put my plan into motion. I systematically turned a lot of the older pack members against my brother and arranged to challenge him on my terms and my terms were not going to be a fair fight. It was nearly perfect and I didn’t even need to cheat.

My father was so hell bent on my brother taking over that he interfered in the fight thus making it easy for me to overtake my brother and win. I banished both of them from the pack and made them outcasts with any packs we associated with. Last I knew they were living deep in the woods somewhere. For the first year of our marriage I was able to keep my deviant needs in check. But the bitch just wouldn’t submit or surrender so I had to beat her into her place.

She lost a couple of litters along the way and I think that help cement her position and realize I controlled all things. When she finally was able to carry a litter to term she snuck away from me and hid with her brother Darius and Philip. I wasn’t able to get my hands on her until after he bore the litter.

Sadly it was then I also learned that Darius’s prediction would come true. She did bare a pure white wolf with the blackest eyes. He was so small and weak that I didn’t nor could I believe that this pathetic weakling could survive into childhood let alone grow to be the great leader that was prophesized about.

So I set out to try and end the pup’s life. First Darius tried to stop me when I tried to drown him in the river not far from his cottage than that bitch of a wife of mine did everything in her power to make sure he was fed and taken care. I slowly began poisoning her with wolf’s bane thinking it would kill the pup.

She didn’t know that I knew she was nursing him behind my back. The only good that came out of that litter was my second born. Right away I knew that Jacob would be most suited to take my place when I croak. So I took him under my wing at a very young age and began training him.

This is how it went on for 16yrs and finally the bitch died but not before making me promise I wouldn’t harm him. By then there was no question he was who his uncle prophesized him to be. So I changed my game plan. I not only spent all this time turning his own pack and littermates against him I did everything I could think of to make the little freak of nature well feel like a freak in hopes he would come to me and ask me to take his curse away.

That didn’t happen. His brother got cocky and challenged him to the position that was rightfully his and got his ass kicked. That led into him leaving the pack and my loosing track of him for almost a year. Thankfully few members of his mates pack didn’t like him and let me know he was petitioning to join.

I didn’t know that Nikolis was the other half of this stupid prophecy but it will bring me great pleasure to end it and get the power and position this weakling. I never cared for Lily or this creature I had to call a son for all these years.

So here we are in a well hidden in a glamoured Vampires Castle of all places. Why you may ask? Well that would be because that bitch failed to tell me was a blood sucking vampire told her what was going on and turned her before I could really kill her. Then took her under his wings and kept her hidden from me for all these past years.

She is only helping me because I hold her new lover hostage and she fears me and knows I can and will kill the fucking bloodsucker otherwise. Sadly what she doesn’t know is I killed him months ago.

Dmitri couldn’t believe what he heard his father saying. It was a little freeing knowing that his father never really cared about any of them anyways and it will making killing the son of a bitch a whole hell of a lot easier in the end.

Nikolis should have been happy now that his and Dmitri’s connection was back but it wasn’t the same as having him there with him. Many mornings he woke in tears screaming for his lover. The torture was getting worse. Between the lies Damian was telling him and his father’s endless beatings he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out and not give up.

No matter how much hope he tries to give his lover they were both beginning to feel the strain. This particular morning was the hardest for Nikolis as he came awake with a sudden jerk. Today is 6months to the day of Dmitri’s abduction and he was no closer to finding him and bringing him home as he promised.

Lily has spent the last 2months explaining to Philip and Darius what has been going on the last 6yrs of her life. The biggest problem that Philip and Darius had accepting was how they couldn’t have known she was still alive. She wasn’t as gifted as they were at shielding and as a new vampire she shouldn’t have been able to hide from them.

She simply explained that William was close by and was shielding her from them. There has been a lot of tears shed and begging forgiveness but in the end brother and sister were reunited and now standing together to get back what they cherish most.

With all of the love, forgiveness and sure unadulterated happiness going on Nikolis allowed him self to sink into a deeper depression. How could he allow himself to enjoy anyone else’s happiness when the one that he loved more then his own life was barely surviving his own living hell? The longer he was apart from his mate the deeper he seemed to fall.

He promised himself that after Dmitri came home he would never allow them to be apart again. They both are going to need each other to chase away the bad dreams and memories.

Their room was the exactly as he left it the morning of the ceremony. Nikolis didn’t have the heart to move anything he laid out for them when they were finally allowed alone together.

The site alone was enough to bring tears to his eyes. This was not how he had planned how they would spend their 6month anniversary. Lost in his own dark thoughts he made his way to his father’s office hoping that maybe there would have been so news on the location of the castle Lily has been telling them about.

He understood that she wasn’t trying to be difficult but she honestly wasn’t110% sure where it was. She had always puffed from place to place and the Glamour was one made by an ancient. She was still a newbie and coming into her own. On top of still being a werewolf and being able to shift.

This was one of the main issues that caused her to stay away for so long. On top of hers and Williams mating had been forbidden for that reason. No one from either side could be sure what would happen after the transformation.

Lily was full of secrets and they knew that until she felt she was 100% safe from the menace that was Hein those secrets would stay hidden deep within. She was willing to do what she must to save her son but sadly not at the risk of exposing of her secrets. As he stood outside his father’s door he heard loud voices arguing over what was the best way to go about getting Dmitri.

He heard his father passionately saying that he would not allow me to be transported to this unknown castle with so few people to ensure his and everyone else’s safety. Storming into the room Nikolis screams,

“How dare you speak for me father? I would give my own life to get Dmitri back safe and sound. You cannot understand what he is going through or what he is feeling. Day after day I feel what they are going to him as if it’s happening to me personally. If we don’t do something anything soon there won’t be a Dmitri to bring home”. Marcus looks forlorn at his son knowing that he spoke the truth. You need to remember that the fate of all the packs lays at yours and Dmitri’s feet. If you fail to get him back or die trying everything everyone has been working towards since your births will be lost…

If I lose either of you it very well may kill me. Placing a hand to his sons face and looking deeply into his azure blue eyes as he spoke “He is like a son to me don’t think for one moment that I do not feel his loss like you do.

I know you can feel his pain and sadness on a level I never will but his loss hurts me as deep as it does you and I want him home as much as you do. Son since his abduction you have lost the fire and spark. I know truly as do many of the packs that follow us know that you’re both truly meant to be together and you will do great things. We will bring him home no matter to cost.

Turning to Philip, Darius and Lily “Make the preparations we will go as soon as everyone is able”.

Dmitri knew he was being watched but at this point in time he just didn’t care. He let his over whelming sense of loss and pain takes over. Sobs wracked his body. He didn’t care if they saw it as a weakness or more ammunition to use against him during the sessions he had with his father and his cronies.

He had been trying to keep Nikolis out of his head but it’s becoming more and more draining on his powers so he had to choose let them win or let his lover into the pain and suffering. He knew that it was as taxing to Nikolis as it was to him but this was beyond his power to stop. He sobbed even harder at the thought of all the pain and suffering he was causing his mate. Right now he would give anything to take it away.

He knew had some serious choices to make. He feared he didn’t have the power to choose wisely anymore. The more he’s beaten and tortured the more he just wants to turn over all his power to his father but he knows as long as he is drawing a breath he can’t do that. No matter the threats, dreams, drugs and the abuse giving his powers to his father was not a choice.

Falling into an exhausted sleep he allowed himself to drift around the castle searching for something. He wasn’t sure what it was he was looking for but he knew he would know it when he found it. He drifted for what seemed like hours along hallways and closed doors. Just as he was about to give up someone or something started calling to him.

Floating farther than he had ever been he came upon a large heavy black door. The calling seemed to be coming from the other side. Taking a deep breath he passes through the door and what he sees on the other side about knocks him back into his own body. There in the corner of the dim room was a coffin.

That in its self should have freaked the hell out of Dmitri but it was the man in the coffin looking like he was on deaths door with machines, tubes and various other medical equipment shorn about that was beginning to alarm. The startling man didn’t look like he could have been more than 21or 22years old. What was he doing here?

What sick twisted experiments was his father up too. As he starting backing away wanting to run a voice called to him. Drifting closer to the coffin as if being pulled he begins to question his own sanity. This man is half dead and he was sure that his lips never moved.

Again he hears his name “Dmitri you’re not crazy I am calling to you. I have been waiting a long time to meet you and I had hoped it would be under better circumstances please I need your help and then I can help you. My name is William and I am your mother’s mate”. This information put Dmitri at ease.

He knew that William was no threat to him and he was the one person to love and protect his mother when he himself couldn’t. Your father thinks he is keeping me alive by these machines it may not be much longer before he figures it out that I was never near death and if he does I very well may end up dead.

I need you to try and reach your mother’s mind and tell her that as soon as she tells you that everything is ready I will drop the glamour that is hiding this place. No one will be able to find this place unless I allow or want anyone too to know of or feel its presence. You also need to know that we are not as far from your home as you might think. Tell them to go North of Marcus’s villa 3days by foot. You will come to a misty cliff side that looks like nothing but forests and rocks. It’s all an illusion meant to keep trackers and vampires away.

Once it drops they will have to act fast because Hein will be alerted and all hell will break loose. I can only promise a little time. I would do more if I could but I am protecting something for your mother and I can only spare so much energy away from it. Promise me one thing Dmitri? You will tell your mother that I am still alive and I love her. I don’t want her to believe Hein’s lies.

Also tell her that our secret is safe and I will die defending it. She will have to tell you herself I am bound by blood not to tell”. As Dmitri was pushed back into his body he could have sworn he heard another voice calling out to William.

A sharp shooting pain awaked Dmitri suddenly in his chest. Opening his eyes he sees some strange man leaning over his with 2weird looking paddles in his hands screaming “clear” just as he lowered the paddles to his chest again Dmitri let out a deep Growl startling the poor man. His father’s voice came from somewhere above him leading him to believe he was being monitored on a TV screen somewhere.

The Twinkie looking man packed up his things and scrambled from the room as fast as he his legs could carry him. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes he wondered what had happened that his father would risk sending some human into the room. Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs away Dmitri slowly begins to realize some things.

He wasn’t a sleep just for a night it from the condition of his room and the level of decay on the meager scraping of food on the plates pushed under his door it looked like he was out closer to a week or more. Slowly he starts piecing things together. He must have stopped breathing at some point and Hein decided that he wasn’t allowed to die until he got what he wanted from him.

Quickly searching his mind for Nikolis’s presence he shocked when it wasn’t there like it normally was. What in the hell had happened while he was spirit walking. Granted he never meant to go as far as he did and he thought maybe he would have just exerted too much power trying to hide his movements. Then he suddenly remembers his conversation with William.

There was so much lying on his shoulders Dmitri was beginning to wonder if he was cracking under all the pressure. Curling back up under his flimsy blanket he drifts back to sleep hoping he will find his mate somewhere in his dreams.

It had been almost a month since he stormed into his father’s office and demanded they let him help get Dmitri back. It still felt like it was just yesterday that he was stolen from them but in reality it was close to a year since it happened.

Even though they still saw each other almost every night in their dreams it wasn’t the same. Falling asleep dreaming of his touches and taste and waking up empty handed was wearing out his already aching heart. The distance was wearing them both thin and the lack of action from his father and the rest was really leaving him with no choice but to ponder if going out to find and bring his mate home.

Nikolis wandered aimlessly around the bedroom again tiding up and dusting things so they would be just as they should be if his beloved returned. Catching his slip he tells himself “when my beloved returns. He will return no matter what”. Feeling depressed Nikolis turns on the radio for background noise and heads to their bathroom for a shower.

After a short shower Nikolis wandered back into their bedroom lost in thought as he walked out the bathroom toweling him self off. He had the radio playing hoping to drown out the emptiness that he was feeling. But again the haunting words from 3Doors Down Here Without You blared from the radio again.

The song haunted him. No matter where he went or was the song played over and over in his mind and on the Radio. He was here without his mate forced to go on and act as if things were fine. He thought about and dreamed about Dmitri all the time.

Giving into the pure solace he seemed to find in the song Nikolis curls in bed with his mate’s pillow. The faded scent of his lover lingered in the fabric warming his aching heart. Closing his eyes he sings along with the song. Nikolis found himself wondering if Brad Arnold ever lost his mate.

His bands song seemed to say everything he felt about his missing lover. He couldn’t help all the miles that separated them and sadly he was here without him. Dmitri had been absent from his dreams the past few nights. The last time they spoke was after an incident when everyone thought his heart stopped.

That had been the most excruciating night of their lives. Second only to the day they realized Hein took Dmitri captive. Feeling drained and weary Nikolis crawls into bed curling himself around his lover’s pillow closing his eyes and allowing himself to drift into a restless sleep.

As his mind fades to black he hears “But you’re still with me in my dreams and tonight it’s only you and me” thinking how fitting those words were to him and his dreams.

Days had nights have been running together for a while now. Sadly Dmitri didn’t even know how long he had been gone. He had caught glimpse of himself in mirrors coming and going to the dungeon. His already slight frame had become thinner, paler and weaker as the time past. He was only fed enough to keep him alive.

The thinking was the weaker he was kept the more susceptible he would be to their torture. Till recently that theory was shot to hell. However the longer he was kept the more hope he lost. He would never admit to Nikolis but he had given up hope that he or his mother would ever keep their promises to get him out alive.

He would never doubt their love for him but right now he doubted that there would ever find a way or get the chance to get him out of this god-forsaken hellhole.

Recently the rats have taken to trying to nibble and scratch at the open and weeping sores making the infection worse. No matter how bad he felt or what was being done to him he was able to keep his mate from seeing how bad things were really getting. It no longer mattered what happened to him as long as he could keep the worst of it from Nikolis.

He never needed to know the degrading things he was made to do or the abuse he had to endure. He knew his mate was strong but no one should ever have to suffer his fate. This would be a burden he would carry alone no matter what happens. Making himself as comfortable as he could on his flea infested pallet he let sleep take him and hope that this time they would take him home and to the arms of the man he loved. As his mind slowly wound down and started to drift into nothingness Dmitri allows himself to weep at the emptiness and pain his life has become.

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