Night and Day

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Chapter 11

2yrs to the day today, this was supposed to be their 2nd anniversary. They should traveled have the world together. They should have shared birthdays, holidays, and time growing together. But that’s not what happened. That is now how they spent their first 2yrs together. Nikolis moved out of their room a year after Dmitri was taken. He could no longer bear daily reminders of how short their time together was. He moved into a guest room on the other side of the house. Well away from the looks of pity and lust. The longer they were parted the more and more wolves tried to offer him comfort but they weren’t his mate and he would never dishonor him by bedding another.

Marcus called on Dmitri’s brother Devon and his pack to help them. Nikolis wasn’t so it was a good idea from what little Dmitri had told him his brother wasn’t much better than his father. Despite his entire father’s reassuring that Devon and his beta Jacob wanted to help and that they were not like their old leader he still had reservations. Right now all He knew for sure was that had Lily not come to her son’s defense and explained that he didn’t hate his brother and litter-mate he wouldn’t have finally relented and agreed to the Packs joining forces. He didn’t care how badly they needed number he would not do anything that might bring more pain to his already nearly broken mate.

Devon’s beta Jacob gazed at his alpha like he gazed at his own mate. When Dmitri was finally home and safe they were going to have to do something about those star-crossed lovers. Until then there was nothing Nikolis could do to ease the ache in Jacob’s heart because his own heart was aching.

Dmitri’s return was going to ease so much pain and suffering in the packs that it scared Nikolis to realize how his mate’s quiet strength and kind heart were missed in so many lives. He wasn’t sure if he could take his place as pack Alpha if this plan goes south. So much time has passed. Even though little had changed other than more and more packs joining the cause he feared that he and Dmitri had been apart too long. What if he no longer loved him the same way? What if after seeing Dmitri after all this time his feelings had changed?

It’s hard to know how things could have changed. Will Dmitri hate him because he couldn’t find him sooner? Will he be the same man he fell in love with? There were so many unanswered questions running around in his head. He had thought these concerns and troubling thoughts were locked safely away from his mate’s already troubled mind. He found himself drifting off to sleep only to suddenly wake in a place that was very familiar but not immediately recognizable. A warm welcoming voice came from behind him “my beloved how could you think that I would blame anyone other than my father and his rat pack for his? I know you have moved heaven and earth to find me. I love you more now than the first time I saw you at this place”. Suddenly Nikolis realized he was standing in the exact place he laid the first time he sensed his mate.

Warm hands wrapped around his waist as 3Doors Down suddenly started playing again. This song had come to mean a lot to Nikolis over the time that they have been apart. Their separation suited this song so well and he often felt himself singing along with the music. Turning into his mate’s arms he softly starts to sing to his mate. This song sudden reminded them that things may be hard but they will come out on top. They will be together again and stronger than before. They were meant to be together. They were stuff of legends. He had to believe that this was going to work and that their love is as strong now as it was when they were together. As the song ended Nikolis has more questions than answers. Least now he knew where to start.

Taking no chances Nikolis goes off to find Darius and Philip for some reason he knew that they held most of the answers needed and with that to put his mind at ease. Why did it suddenly seem that there is more to the story than anyone cared to tell him?

Picking his way carefully through the woods to a little hidden guesthouse that had become Darius’s, Philip’s, and Lily’s safe haven since her arrival 6months ago. When the three of them are together in one room the power and love is incredibly over whelming beautiful that it often tore at his heart. Lately Nikolis has been avoiding them as if they themselves had the plague. This last Spirit walk to Dmitri left him with more questions than answers and he knew who held the answers that he desperately needed to give him the power to bring his mate home to him. He wasn’t all that surprised that Lily was at the door waiting for him. She seemed to always know what to say to him and to give him the strength to function. Sometimes it was as if she knew what it was like to be parted from her mate for a long length of time. Nikolis wasn’t surprised to find Lily at the door as if waiting for him. What did worry him was the look in her eyes. She was afraid… The question Nikolis wants to know is who or what is she afraid of? Was she afraid too much time had passed? Was she afraid of him? The Question was answered as he entered the cabin and met with not one pair of frightened eyes but 2 more pairs. Something told him now was the time all the chips were going to be laid out on the table and he wasn’t going to like what he was going to hear or see.

Dmitri shivered as he stretched out in the dark dank dungeon he was not living in. He screwed up and he knew it. There was nothing he could do about it now and they have been so careful to not give anything away for so long. He should have realized that his insane father was becoming suspicious of the why he was so unbreakable after all the time that had passed. There were few things that Hein didn’t know… For some reason at that moment Seether’s Song Broken with Amy Lee Came to mind and for some odd reason “’Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away You’ve gone away You don’t feel me here anymore” seemed to fit his mood. He was broken but not in a way that would give Hein any pleasure.

Sighing as he stood to stretch his legs for the day. Since cutting Nikolis from his dreams had been the best and the worst thing he did. He missed his mate horribly but he couldn’t let him know what Hein was stooping too. It was bad enough he would have to live with the hurt and guilt of the acts that he was forced to perform. In his heart he knew that he has and had no control over his father but be damned if it didn’t feel like his father raped every part of his body and mind.

No matter the tricks his father tried to pull he knew that it was never Nikolis there. He was sure that he would know his mate even though it had been years since they held each other physically. He was beginning to doubt himself and his mate. The last 6months or so in this hellhole was doing more to break him that the last 2yrs of being beaten and tortured by his father. Making his way back to his rat and tick infested pallet he allows his mind to wander to somewhere warm and safe. At least for a few more hours he would be safe, warm and loved…Even if it was just in his own mind.

All eyes were on him and it made him feel like he was a naughty boy sitting in the principal’s office with his parents… He was tired of waiting for everyone to get everything together! He had been without his mate for far too long. 2yrs was long enough… They had an approximate location and that was good enough for him. He knew that once he was close Dmitri would lead him where he needed to be... He could stealthily get in and out with his love before anyone even knew he was there. Nikolis opened his mouth to assure them that he fully understood what it was that he was taking on. To plead with them that the time had come but before he could utter one word Lily help up one hand effectively shutting him up before he got a word out of his mouth.

“You’re right Nikolis we all have suffered long enough... It’s time for this to end and for you both to start the life you should have two years ago”. Lily always spoke softly but her tone bore that of wisdom, love and understanding as he noticed her taking Darius’s and Philips hands. “The time has come to act and act we shall”. All the dirty secrets have been laid out on the table and there is nothing Hein has now that can hurt any of us. I will no longer stand back and allow his cruel, wicked, power hungry obsession rule no longer. I have already had him removed from power. Jacob, His Beta and their new mate are now in power, they are yours to command as needed in this mission.

Lily’s voice dropped and an added tenderness was found in her eyes and as she took moved closer to him and placed her hand lovingly on Nikolis’s cheek. “Son you will get Dmitri out of there and bring him home safely. For that I am as sure as I draw my breath… But the happily ever after you’re looking for isn’t destined to be… Your best chance is a happily ever for now. Neither of you have done anything wrong but each of you carries your own guilt and your own sense of blame. Dmitri is going to shut down and shut you out. He is his mother’s son. Be patient with him please and never ever give up or forget how deeply he loves you… Because he will push you away and you both will question your love for each other… “I would never leave my mate once I get him back” Nikolis admonished... “Darling it’s not your leaving that I am worried about” came her soft reply. With that the talk of the future came to a halt and they moved on to more important matters. Now was the time to talk course of action.

Dmitri woke to the sound of his own voice screaming “NOOOOO” echoing down the corridors. This wasn’t the first time he dreamt of his mate’s death but this was the first time it was at his own hand that he died… His father had been tripling the doses of whatever it was that he was forcing into his system… He had given up trying to figure things out lately… His fight finally had gone out of him… He had locked Nikolis out of his head for so long trying to protect him that he could no longer feel him... Not even in the darkest deepest recesses… Recently he had been trying to reach out to his lover but it had been useless… The connection was gone He was no longer sure if it was him or the drugs blocking him from his mind… All he knew was whatever is going on was pleasing Hein way too much and that smug look he had been wearing the last few days was begging to be beaten off… Whatever his father was doing not only was the connection severed but also he could no longer feel his wolf… The only thing his father couldn’t take from him was his ability to heal… He still healed faster than most wolves but he couldn’t even call forth his hybrid that was beginning to scare him… Staring a hole in the wall was getting him no were. Crawling back on to his flea infested pallet he did the only thing he knew to do… closing his eyes he took a deep cleansing breath thinking “out with the bad in with the good.” Slowly he felt his body relaxed. His breathing slowed to almost nothing as he felt himself start to float to the only place that was truly safe for him…

Dmitri felt his wearily and bone chilled bones start to warm in the sun. It has been months since he felt he could come to this meadow… It held so many warm happy memories for him and for the first time in a very long time he just allowed himself the joy and the privilege of those feelings… This was the one place over the long painful separation that he and Nikolis could be close. He had closed off this room for a long time because he knew here he couldn’t hide anything from the person he loved more than his own life. He couldn’t allow himself to let his mate know what his father was going to him or how close he was to losing his mind at times. Clearing his mind of all the bad things he calls forth the image of Nikolis. Using their connection he calls out softly not sure where what it is that his mate is doing. It seems there are secret’s his mate doesn’t wish to share with him as well. He is startled when it is his mother who appears in their sacred place instead of his lover.

“Mother what brings you here? Where is Nikolis? What has happened to my mate?” An overwhelming fear starts to emanate from Dmitri’s soul pulling his wolf out of where he has been hiding... For the first time in a long time He found his will to fight. A small mischievous smile crossed Lily’s face as a Dmitri noticed a flicker to the left of his mother there appeared a forlorn Nikolis. Dmitri didn’t know what was going on as his eyes flickered from one to the other before just giving up and running to his love needing to feel for himself that he was ok.

Nikolis caught and held his confused mate tightly placing small kisses to his head and cheeks before turning to Lily and saying “ that was a mean thing you did to your son no matter the reason for doing it” “Nikolis, Dmitri I know it was not nice but it needed to be done without his wolf we will never be able to carry out what is needed, I will leave you to explain it all to my son but remember time is on our side but not for long please don’t dwell here long our window is short and right now time is of the essence” and with that Lily disappeared.

Nikolis stared deeply into Dmitri’s eyes trying to show him how deeply he was loved and missed. “As much as it pains me my love your mother is right there is a lot I need to tell you and little time. I need you to show me through your eyes were you are in the castle. Lily was able to pinpoint the exact location but neither of us has been able to locate you in the place. You’ve effectively shut us all out… Please darling I am begging you to let us back in so we can bring you home.

Dmitri looked around his dark dreary cell that he had been calling home for a while now. He had given up any hope of ever seeing his home or his loved ones in person ever again... Now here is Nikolis offering his hope of returning and picking up the pieces of their tattered life together... Dmitri knew deep in his heart that he didn’t deserve the chance to return home… Too many things said and done… He knew his soul was tainted beyond repair. However He knew neither his mother nor his mate would ever lead wrong and if they were offering him hope and a chance to escape he owed them that much…

Dmitri has always been the type of wolf to keep things to him-self. He never allowed anyone to know how badly he suffered even when his father ordered the things to be done to him as a young pup the fewer the people who knew and looked on him with pity the better. He did what he did what he thought was best and shut them out… He couldn’t stand the thought of his loves ones being able to sense and feel what he was enduring. He barely could endure what he was forced to endure. He couldn’t make the people who mattered most in his life in on those dark, evil and depraved things. However from the look of things he hadn’t kept everything he wanted to from Nikolis or his mother and this thought scared Dmitri more than any other. How would they look at him the same ever again? Worse could Nikolis ever love him the same? ... Could he allow himself to hope? The deep look he had seen in Nikolis’s eyes showed love, hope and sheer determination that told him that even if he turned away now his mate would come after him anyways and drag his ass home where he belonged…

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