Night and Day

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Chapter 12

Dmitri looked around his dark dreary cell that he had been calling home for a while now. He had given up any hope of ever seeing his home or his loved ones in person ever again... He worked hard at trying to keep them out of his mind and from seeing the horrors that were being inflicted upon him. He thought he had truly done a good job keeping Nikolis from his mind but now here is he offering him hope of returning and picking up the pieces of their tattered life together... but to be honest Dmitri was scared... Could he allow himself to hope? Dmitri knew deep in his heart that he didn’t deserve the chance to return home… To many things said and done… He knew his soul was tainted beyond repair. However, he knew his mother and his mate would never lead him wrong if they were offering him hope at the chance for escape. He owed them that much, to have enough faith in them to believe and to wait. The deep look of love, hope, and sheer determination he’d seen in Nikolis’ eyes told him that even if he turned away now, his mate would still com after him, and drag his ass back home where he belonged. Nikolis would do it, and succeed, just to spite everyone.

Dmitri paced his cell with a nervous energy that wasn’t all because at dawn he knew his mate was coming to his rescue he have too challenged his father in front of his pack. Knowing his father as he did it’s a challenge he wouldn’t take lightly... It won’t be the fight to the death his father deserves but he was now finally in a place that he damn sure will put a hurting on him... He finally regained control over his third form and he planned on using to his full advantage. Closing his eyes he tried to feel his mate touch through the miles. The warm loving sense of loyalty and devotion wrapped around him Giving Hume the strength and courage to do what he needed to do. He knew many lives hung in the balance. He needed to distract his father from whatever his plan was... He needed to get him out of that fucking torture chamber he calls a lab. He needed to get Hein to drop his shields surrounding the area just long enough to get his rescuers in.

The energy surrounding the wooded field before them was almost visible. If Nikolis wasn’t mistaken, from the look in Jacob’s eyes when he thought no one was looking, it was apparent that Dmitri’s once-homophobic brother now played for the same team.

With an evil smirk, Nikolis wondered if Hein knew his other son played for what he thought was the wrong side. Even better what is Hein going to think when He finds out the pack that he turned over to Devon is now not only Lead by flaming queen of an Alpha and his fag mate but they were all assembled to save the son he cast out of the pack as a last ditch effort to assert his power.

Nikolis had faith that Dmitri would get the shields dropped. The only problem was No one not even he would physically know when that moment would come. Hundreds of shifting wolves whined mournfully at the blue moon as they waited on their alpha’s order to attack. The masses that weren’t shifted yet all fidgeted nervously... The area that were surrounding was filled with an eerie thick almost visible ancient evil Magick.

The hair on the backs of the necks of even their most seasoned warriors stood on end. Not one Wolf, Hybrid, or Vampire felt at ease. Between the uneasy feeling which engulfed them from the surrounding area, along with their need to reunite their Alpha with his mate, as well as the itch to just get into a good old fight, not a single one could stand still. All present could barely contain themselves and refrain from making much noise, enough to arouse the others that they were there.

Nikolis watches Lily’s curiously through the corner of his left eye... Outwardly she looks cool, calm and collected. However her eyes if you know her well enough show how deeply unnerving it is for her to be back here.... As quick as the disquiet set in her eyes it disappeared when Darius and Philip flocked to her side as if sense her discord. The love that shined from the three of them was enough to make him blush and wish for that with Dmitri. Seeing Lily wedged between her mates safe and sound he turned back to the matter at hand… Getting past the glamour and into the castle where his mate lay in wait.

Suddenly the normal nature sounds stopped… It was as if they were all in a sound proof room… Not a woodland creature or insect stirred for what seemed like forever… Than in the distance a fog started to roll in and a dark, dank castle appeared. Breaking the silence was a loud growl followed by Nikolis screaming

“Shift and Attack”.

The remaining pack shifted and headed full speed their Alpha leading the way. From the sounds of things they made it past Hein’s outer defenses easily, almost too easily. They had the element of surprise but it was almost like Hein had gotten too cocky that no one could find him or that he knew that they were coming and called the troops inward to ambush them inside the castle walls. Nikolis had no choice he had to know which it was so he opened his mind up to his mate... He did the unthinkable he showed him where he was and everyone that was with him and softly compelled his love to do the same. What he suddenly saw about brought him to his knees with pain. Hein had been able to somehow piece together that they were on their way and was systematically filleting parts of Dmitri’s body and whispering in the most sadistic voice he had ever heard…

“Now now my pretty little faggot of a son you took everything away from me. You tainted my only good son, my pack say a few no longer follow me, the power that was rightfully mine and my place on the council all gone because of you and your queer of a mate. So if I can’t have what’s mine I will hand back a scared, useless piece of shit back to him…? By the time they get in here you will be of no use to anyone for anything. You won’t give me what’s mine that I will leave you with Permanent reminders of everything I taken from you”.

Nikolis was frozen in place by what he saw in his mind’s eye. His beautiful shining light was pale, lifeless and defeated. He lost all his hope…what had happened in the short time they told them they were coming and them getting there… He was startled from his dream when Lily leaned in and whispered…

“All is not as it seems he is well but not for much longer we must get in there and now... Hein doesn’t know we are here yet but he will soon we must make hast my son there is more at stack here than just Dmitri”.

Nikolis looked deeply into Lily’s eyes as she tried to reassure him. However he couldn’t shake what was being projected into his mind. He knew that Lily spoke the truth the images weren’t real. However it wasn’t very comforting to know that Hein could now project images into his mind. Until Nikolis also realized that what Hein was planting into Dmitri’s mind would be ten times worse right now and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do to stop Him.

Hein was trying to break what little spirit he had left. By tricking his mind into believing he no longer held an angelic beauty to him. That he succeeded in destroying him from the inside out. By projecting these things into his mind he was tainting him and his spirit making him feel he would be unfit to rule if he ever got out the hellhole he was in. The knowledge of this only pushed Nikolis into pressing on faster.

Nikolis could feel the pain and death of those who chose to stand with their Packs new Alpha. The time to mourn the losses would come later when the mission was finished. Now was the time to take back what was rightfully his and begin the life that was stolen from them 2yrs ago. He held onto just one thought as he fought his way through wolves, humans and half-breeds alike. Free Dmitri…. He held on to that thought as he was tackled to the ground and the wind knocked out of him.

The sadistic looking wolf that tackled him to the group seemed familiar somehow. He had seen him somewhere before but he couldn’t place it right away. Than light the proverbial light bulb going off he realized who the man now standing in front of him looking like a biker gone bad was. How in the hell this man got the name? There was nothing about him that was Twiggy. He was built like a Brick house and then some. He did know that this Ugly Mean SOB packed and handled some of the nastiest ass whips with razors coated in Wolves Bane to make sure he left a lasting impression you can say. If he wasn’t extremely careful he would be on the receiving end of those toys.

Nikolis and Twiggy circled each other, scoping out the other for weakness, neither was giving an inch, Despite their preconceived notions of each other weakness didn’t seem to be in either of theirs vocabulary. Just as Nikolis thought he should pounce a very thin figured flickered behind Twiggy. There was something vaguely familiar about that emaciated looking figure… He was distracted just enough that he didn’t notice the raging bull of a man charging at him till it was almost too late. Turning quickly he just barely missed getting plowed down by the massive shoulders. The figure flickered than was gone again.


Nikolis though as he studied Twiggy as he circled trying to find an advantage he could use against him.

He knew this was a stall tactic. Nikolis knew that in a fair fight he might have the advantage but he knew that this sadistic bastard wasn’t going to keep fighting fair. For the first time in 2yrs Nikolis felt truly lost. Dmitri was more than just his Mate he was also his beta and right hand man in a fight. He had an uncanny ability to sense what a person was going to do and project it to him so he had the advantage. Now in a fight that very well could mean his life he wasn’t sure if he could win. Out of the corner of his eye he cause a glimmer and instinctively moved just as Twiggy charged at him like a bull on crack.

This has to be the stupidest man in the world. All brawn and no brains it seemed. If he could just out smart him he knew that he could win and that he would be able to get into the castle and find Dmitri. After what seemed like an endless barrage of needless brute attacks Nikolis saw his chance to gain the upper hand. Just as Twiggy was making another go around of his charging bull routine Nikolis simply waited to the very moment that Twiggy couldn’t see him stick his foot out and tripped him. The momentum that he had built up in the charge sent him flying into a large wall of rocks and laid the son of a bitch out while only taking out half the rock wall in the process. Nikolis knew it was now or never to get the information he would need to get into the Castle and he knew this sick bastard knew exactly were his mate was and Nikolis knew right or wrong he would get a little sick pleasure out of getting this information from him.

Nikolis pounced on the unconscious man’s body. His Fingers transformed into sharp claws and in a fashion that would have done The Marvel Character Wolverine proud; he slowly started making small deep gashes into Twiggy’s chest. Enough to bleed, hurt and drive the point home, but not enough to kill the SOB, just enough to make the pain linger, and not allow him to heal.

Nikolis Straddles Twiggy’s chest and starts slapping his face forcing him back into consciousness. His bright blue eyes meeting the most evil eyes he has ever seen before. Knowing what he needed to do He allowed his wolf to come forward as he says.

“Now you evil little prick your going to answer some questions for me and you are going to answer honestly or Luna Help you I will slowly do to you things you could only dream of doing to your victims”.

To emphasize his point Nikolis drove his claws clear through Twiggy’s shoulder into the ground below him.

“Now that your awake you can tell me where in the hell is my mate? Don’t bother lying about it you putrid sack of shit. Every time you lie to me I will mark up your pretty little face so that everyone will know that a dirty rotten fag kicked your ass”.

Using his other hand he slashed into Twiggy’s stomach deep enough to cause some of his intestines to seep through the gash.

“Don’t make me ask you again jack ass. Where in the hell is Dmitri being held in the castle?

For only the second time in Twiggy’s life he was afraid. He knew that demented look. He often worn it himself when he was torturing wolves for his sadistic amusement. The only difference his he knew that this could very well kill him. If this faggot bastard didn’t kill him Hein certainly will. The only question remaining in his mind is which bastard would kill him faster.

“Do your worst you fucking fruit I ain’t going to tell you a god damn thing. You ain’t got the fucking balls to kill me”.

The sound of fighting was lesser inside the castle. Nikolis sensed his mate was in great pain and he was trying to do everything in his power to get to him. The long dank hallways were an almost total blur to Nikolis he had one thought on his mind nothing and no one were going to stand in his way! Somehow he managed to find his way into the deepest darkest dredges of what Nikolis could only assume was the dungeon. He knew Dmitri was there somewhere in all of it. The one thing that he wouldn’t and couldn’t do was let go. Dmitri was all he had. Nothing in all the years of his life has mattered to him as much as this one person. He finally understood how hurt his father was at his mother’s death. She might not have been his fated mate but he loved her with a furiousness he himself loves his mate with. 2yrs was a long time to be separated. Dream walking was a wonderful gift they shared but he knew they were hiding things from the other.

“Dmitri… Come one love I need you to reach out to me I am here to get you but I don’t know where you are you have to call out make a noise something love…”

Nikolis was met with an eerie silence that echoed through the long hallway. Closing his eyes he did the only thing he could do he closed his eyes and prayed that Luna would show him the way to Dmitri if he couldn’t how him himself. That’s when he heard it. A faint “scratching”. Following it lead him deeper and deeper into a more depressing looking part of the castles dungeon. Rounding a sharp corner brought Nikolis face to face with a sight that took his breath away. There laid out on a cold metal table as if in offering was Dmitri.

The sight through the endless window before him was causing his wolf to claw just beneath his skin. It was taking every ounce of energy to keep him down. The sight and smell of his beloved wounded and bleeding just out of reach was almost too much for either of them to bear. So wrapped up in his thoughts he almost didn’t notice the sadistic bastard that was trying to sneak up behind him. Just as Hein lunged at Nikolis armed with a long silver hunting knife a flash from the left tackled the deranged man to the ground and effortlessly pinning him there.

A stunned Nikolis didn’t know what to say or do…

“Go free my brother I don’t know how badly he is hurt please save him. I know who you are and what you mean to my brother and trust me he is well worth the trouble he is going to put you through. Please be patient with him and love him as deeply as you seem to. Your bond and love for him is the only thing that is going to keep him from giving into the blackness our father implanted there… Tell him…. Tell him not to worry about me I will find him again when the time is right”.

Brushing Dmitri’s blood and sweat matted hair from his loves eyes, Nikolis couldn’t help but notice just how much his mate had changed over their time apart. He looked so much smaller then he use too. He could almost feel how beaten his lover’s spirit was. He knew deep down Dmitri wouldn’t have been able to survive much longer. He couldn’t believe how different Dmitri looked. If it wasn’t for there bond Nikolis wasn’t sure if he would have recognized him. This wasn’t the man from his dreams. He was honestly so much more now that they were together again. A faint and familiar smile crossed Dmitri’s lips even unconscious his wolf recognized his presence. As quickly as the smile was there it was gone again followed by a sudden “gasping” and pleadingly heart breaking moan of


With strength that was more than human or werewolf Dmitri began fight against the restraints and Nikolis’s presence… His heart and body knew that his mate was present in the room and in a small space in his twisted mind he knew that it was his mate that was stroking his hair trying to coax him slowly back to consciousness. As he struggled harder against his restraints a soft voice was trying to break through all his internal chatter. It was a voice that he had never heard before but one that brought him great peace… It was a voice he knew one that spoke to every part of him.

“Child please cease your struggling, your mate can’t help you if you keep fighting against him. He loves you so deeply that it pains me that the struggles you’re going to have face ever after all of this. I have so much faith in both of you that you will bring my beloved wolves back together. My only fear that the cost of this may be higher than any of us ever dreamed of. Wake up now and know that you are looking into the face of pure undying love and start healing. Let go of the past and move forward to your future”. My child please remember, that it’s only when you share the bad as well as the good with your mate that you will find the healing you will need”.

A blinding warm loving white light surrounded Dmitri and he stopped struggling as he opened his eye’s only to see the most beautiful blue eyes staring back at him. Find his voice Dmitri says,

“Nikolis you found me! You’re here? Please tell me that this isn’t a dream that Luna was right you have found me and your taking me home”?

Caressing Dmitri’s tear stained cheek Nikolis was finally able to get out the breath that he didn’t realize he was holding. Tears of relief blurring his vision,

“Of course I came to take you home. Was there any doubt I would keep my promise”? Dmitri I need you to take a deep breath because this is going to hurt and there is nothing I can do about it. Your struggling has dug the restraints into your flesh deeply and it seems that you have started to heal over them. I need to rip them away darling…

Taking a deep breath each braced themselves as best they could as Nikolis ripped the straps away taking pieces of flesh as he did. The gaping wounds started to heal almost immediately thankfully but Nikolis couldn’t help but worry about the lasting effects this all was going to have on his mate. Slipping carefully from the table to the floor for the first time in what felt like days Dmitri was slightly unsteady and offered a small tight smile as Nikolis reached out and helped to steady him.

“Let’s get the hell out of here please. I want to go home Nikolis and wash away this madness.”

They walked hand and hand out of the dungeon leaving the ash and rubble behind them. Lily met them at the clearing were everything began. Dmitri hadn’t realized how much he missed her until that moment. Dropping his mate’s hand he ran to her and allowed her to fold him into her arms as he let out a gut-wrenching sob. Finally it was over and the overwhelming sense of peace encompassed him, which scared him as much as it gave him hope. Dmitri was terrified he was going to wake up at any moment and find that this was all a dream. That this woman holding him and trying to bring him peace and the man behind him who loved him more than he loved himself would all be some sick twisted dream his father infected him with.

Dmitri knew that his and Nikolis’s future was at stake and he had a long hard road to tread. He just hopes that Nikolis will be able to stand by him once the truth comes out. The horrors he experienced are not those easily shared and leave deep festering wounds that will be hard to close. He allowed him-self to feel safe, secure and loved deep in his lovers arms. For now Dmitri’s biggest prayer to their Goddess Luna was that Nikolis’s arms would always be his safe secure haven for his troubles.

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