Night and Day

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Chapter 2

Dmitri paced back and forth in his tiny cabin. He couldn’t help being nervous. He had been thrown out of his own pack for being a freak of nature. Not that he missed them much. Too many years of being mistreated because of his coloring and his odd quirks had left him jaded. He wasn’t surprised that when his father Hein, got wind of his son’s sexual predilections, he ended up being tossed out like last week’s trash.

Shaking his head, he tried to clear those thoughts. He struggled to focus on what to wear to meet the Alpha of the new pack he was trying to get into. He’d heard that the Vârcolac pack valued all its members and he had been promised that his self-proclaimed handicap wouldn’t matter, nor his sexual preference. Those were considered forms of weakness and weakness was not something that his own pack nurtured.

With a sigh Dmitri gave up, walking out to his jeep. He glanced down at the clothes he’d chosen, now unsure of its advisability. He continued on, realizing that it was too late now to change. He wore a pair of low-rise black jeans that did wonderful things for his bubble butt and a black silk top, which made his white blond hair glow. As he got into his jeep, he sighed, satisfied that he would make a good impression. He couldn’t, however, shake the feeling he was in store for more than he was counting on.

Dmitri followed the directions to the meetinghouse. He had not expected the sprawling house that almost looked as if it was a part of the surrounding woods. Swallowing his fear Dmitri exited his Jeep and walked towards the huge doors.

As Dmitri lifted his hand to knock, it flew open as if on cue.

“Welcome Dmitri, my name is Marcus, welcome to my home.”

“Thank you, sir, for allowing me to speak to you about joining your pack,” Dmitri replied, dropping his eyes and demeanor in respect to the pack leader.

Following Marcus to what looked like a sitting room; Dmitri tried to swallow his dread. It was hard for him to take the seat offered to him. His already tight jeans were getting tighter and slightly uncomfortable.

Adding to his discomfort, Dmitri caught the same scent he had noticed in the woods, the one he knew belonged to his mate, that magnificent black creature he’d seen sleeping in the clearing. That fact made his stomach ache with both excitement and overwhelming fear. Dmitri tried to discreetly scent the air and see where his mate’s scent was coming from; it seemed to surround him. He was so distracted by the scent he didn’t hear what Marcus was saying or notice that another person had entered the room.

Marcus placed a hand on Dmitri’s arm. ”Are you okay?”

Dmitri jerked his head up and smiled meekly.

“Yes, sir.”

Marcus patted his arm and turned to someone behind him. “Nikolis come meet Dmitri.”

Dmitri felt his heart race as the tall dark stranger walked towards him. He almost forgot to breathe as he held out his hand.

“Hello Dmitri, my name is Nikolis.”

The man was at least four inches taller than Dmitri and had waist length jet-black hair with an almost blue hue to it, unlike his own hair. Nikolis’ bright blue eyes were polar opposites of Dmitri’s black orbs; they were as dark and endless as the night. Dmitri became lost in the depths of the man’s gaze.

The electricity that passed between them was almost palpable. It surprised Dmitri that they hadn’t set the room on fire. The nervous sick feeling eased and for the first time in Dmitri’s life he felt like he was home. Removing his hand from Nikolis’s he turned towards Marcus, forcing himself to pay attention to what the Alpha asked him. It was the question he’d been dreading, but somehow it didn’t fill him with dread as it had in the past.

With a small smile, Dmitri started at the beginning.

“Sir, it’s not a happy story. My pack doesn’t like weakness and to them I am weak. When I shift I am pure white. I stand out when hunting and to my birth pack I pose a risk. Because of this, I was not allowed to hunt nor was I allowed to mate with a female. They didn’t want me to ‘defile the bloodline’. This was both good and bad for me since I’m gay. “Dmitri swallowed hard, realizing that that revelation could well be the final nail in his coffin.

“I’ve never had any interest in any of the female wolves. This sadly was the biggest weakness to my pack leader so he drove me out. I could have fought and might have won but I didn’t want to be in a pack where I was not wanted.”

Breathing for the first time since he started his story, he waited to see what Marcus has to say. Dmitri dared a look at Nikolis and the sight nearly took his breath away. The man’s hands were clenched into fists and it looked like he was grinding his teeth. He looked pissed and ready to fight. An instant wave of fear overtook him. Was Nikolis a gay-hating bigot? Or was he really—his mate? Was he protecting him? The possibilities made his head swim.

The pack leader, Marcus, finally addressed him. “Dmitri, you’re more than welcome to stay here and join this pack. Your so-called handicap is an asset here. The fact that you’re gay doesn’t matter to me nor will it to most here. I can’t promise you everyone will welcome you but most will and any who give you problems will have to answer to me. From the looks of my son, they will have to answer to him as well. Nikolis please show Dmitri to the room closest to yours and help make him feel welcome. When you’re done, come see me in my office. I have something we need to talk about. “With that Marcus stood and walked into his office.

Nikolis looked at Dmitri for a moment then shrugged, “Follow me and I will show you to your room.” Without so much as another word. Nikolis walked out fully expecting to be followed.

Dmitri sat stunned after Marcus’s statement of welcome and the suddenness of having a new pack and home. He stared as Marcus walked out of the room. Not knowing what to say or do. He barely heard Nikolis speaking to him. The words didn’t reach his ears until after the man had walked out the door.

Standing quickly, he followed Nikolis out the door, across the lush entryway, towards the sprawling staircase. Not knowing what to say to this god before him, Dmitri kept his mouth shut and thought about what he had in his cabin that he would want to move here other than his clothing. Lost in his, he didn’t know they’d arrived at his room until he collided into Nikolis’s strong back.

Had it not been for Nikolis’s quick reflexes, Dmitri would have made a bigger fool of himself by falling on his ass. He mumbled a quick thank you and blushed.

Dmitri walked into the room that he would be living in from now on. It was unbelievable how beautiful and lush the room was. Dmitri wandered around, looking things over. He didn’t realize Nikolis was talking to him until he placed a hand on his shoulder. ”You okay?”

Blushing again, all Dmitri could do was nod at his handsome god. Dmitri didn’t know what he was going to do. He had been reduced to monosyllabic nonsense and head nodding. Would he ever be able to talk in complete sentences without blushing, or even stand in Nikolis’s presence without feeling awkward? His inner wolf was screaming to be freed and he could barely keep his canines in check. Dmitri’s wolf wanted to howl at the moon and dance because he knew his mate was there.

Physically he wasn’t doing any better. His jeans, which were tight in the first place, were almost unbearably uncomfortable. There wasn’t one part of him that wasn’t screaming to get naked and mate. Lowering his head, Dmitri knew he would never be able to make the first move. He was shy and he was not alpha material like Nikolis. Part of his fantasy was also that he wanted a mate that would take him. One that would claim him; one whom he would serve willingly, and fervently, For him, any wolf that had to ask him to mate would never be man enough for him.

There was nothing other than the mate scent that oozed off this god and the unmistakable bulge in his pants to indicate that Nikolis might be gay. Dmitri couldn’t afford to be wrong about Nikolis. He liked this new pack and wanted to make a home here, and throwing himself at the pack leader’s son would not be the best way to stay in everyone’s good graces. He walked to the door he assumed was the bathroom to put space between him and Nikolis before he did something he knew he would regret.

Dmitri turned towards the object of his desire and simply said in a hushed tone, “I have had a very long day, if you don’t mind I want to take a shower and rest awhile.” With that Dmitri closed the bathroom door between himself and temptation. Dmitri scented the air before he got undressed for his shower; the scent was still there but not as strong. It had dissipated enough that Dmitri knew Nikolis had left the room. Not that Dmitri would be able to find peace.

Being this close to his mate and not being able to touch him was more torture then he cared for. There was nothing like the bite of pain with your sex, but this was bordering on sadomasochism. Cutting his shower short, he knew the only thing that would help was to shift and run, to take the edge off. Dmitri noticed the French doors, which overlooked the woods.

Maybe I can sneak out and take a run.

Opening the doors before his shift, Dmitri took a flying leap, not really caring how far the leap was. As soon as his paws hit dirt, Dmitri broke into a run, not caring were he stopped. He wasn’t surprised that he ended up at the creek bed where he first saw Nikolis. He’d been drawn back there for many nights since he first saw the haunting black wolf. Thoughts and feelings were warring in his mind and he didn’t notice that he was no longer alone.

A low primal growl snapped him from his thoughts as he became all too aware of the fact that his mate stood no more than a few feet in front of him. His first instinct was to run and hide. He still wasn’t all that sure that this man-wolf even wanted him. Nikolis was everything he had ever looked for in a man He still carried those nightmares with him. He wasn’t sure he would be able to survive here if Nikolis didn’t want him like he wanted him…. The arousal was there for them both but he didn’t want to just be just another notch in this man’s headboard….

A soft calming voice from nowhere stilled his sudden overriding need to run. Instinctively he dropped to the ground, offering his belly and neck in submission to Nikolis. Which got him an even deeper growl that caused him to grow harder and in the position he was in he was unable to hide the effect the bigger wolf had on hi He watched Nikolis quickly close the distance between them, fearing the worst. He closed his eyes so he couldn’t see the hate and loathing he was sure were in his mate’s eyes. When nothing bad happened Dmitri opened his eyes and found himself lost in the blue eyes from his dreams. Except better and shining with something that shocked him to his core. Instead of hate and loathing he saw love and acceptance. For the very first time in a great many years Dmitri knew he was safe, accepted and deeply loved.

Nikolis huffed impatiently again, as if to get his attention, and slowly backed away from him as if willing him to make the first move. Dmitri’s wolf whined as the scent faded away as Nikolis ran off, making him chase after him. It seemed the games had started, and hide and seek it was. They chased each other for what seemed like hours, both enjoying the feeling of being free and childish. Finally, Dmitri’s weariness caused him to crouch low and inch slowly towards his tired mate. Leaning in, nuzzling his muzzle against Nikolis’s as he whimpered and made small moaning noises. Playtime was now over and neither wolf wanted to play.

Both shifted at the same time, Dmitri taking the lead. Something he rarely did, but he needed to taste this man more than he needed to draw his next breath. The taste was overwhelming and welcoming at the same time. Dmitri was lost; there was no turning back from this.

Nikolis stared at the closed bathroom door. Did Dmitri just dismiss him? Didn’t he realize that they were mates? Why was he acting as if he was afraid of him? Too many questions and he wouldn’t be getting the answers from a closed door, With a frustrated sigh, Nikolis strode to his room for some one on one time with his hand and a cold shower. Both would take the edge off for only so long.

Flopping down wet and naked on his bed he thought about things that had happened in the past few days. His father called him home for a fake illness. Now his mate showing up suddenly, if he didn’t know any better, he’d think this was all a setup. His father knew things that he didn’t want to share with him right now.

He would have to wait it out and play his father’s game to the end. Knowing the only way to clear his head was to run; he quickly shifted and took a running leap from the balcony. Without any thought, he ran to the riverbed he was at the night before. He needed to figure things out and he couldn’t do that with his mate in the next room.

Breathing in the fresh evening air, Nikolis shifted again, walking deep into the creek’s cold black water. The chill felt wonderful on his hot skin but did nothing to help his hard cock. Climbing out of the water, Nikolis found a lush bed of clover and laid his weary body there.

Closing his eyes he just listened to the evening sounds that surrounded him. As if an unseen force guided his hands. Nikolis started stroking himself slowly as pictures of Dmitri filled his head, making him harder and causing him to writhe in the now heavily scented clover.

Lost in his own head he didn’t sense Dmitri’s presence until he heard a low moan from his mate. The night air was filling fast with their scent. Looking into Dmitri’s eyes, he saw for the first time how much he wanted him and how scared he was to make the first move. Little things now made sense. It wasn’t that Dmitri didn’t want him, he was afraid to make the first move. He was worried that he would do something to cause him to be thrown out of his new home. And because he knew instinctively that Nikolis was the next pack leader.

His new loves own natural submissive nature prevented it. Reaching down, Nikolis stroked the beautiful white fur, urging him to continue to lick the seed from his belly. The night sounds were now filled with moans and growls and little else. Nikolis couldn’t believe that by giving this angel a simple touch he would incite such a passion within them both that now threatened to consume them in the most intense and exquisite fire.

Nikolis barely realized that Dmitri shifted until full warm lips wrapped around his revitalized cock. Looking into those startling black eyes he knew he needed to taste this man. With a low growl, Nikolis pulled Dmitri up and around so he was on his back.

In a husky low voice Nikolis said; “You’re mine, now there is no going back, this is it.”

The answer was a simple long moan as Nikolis made a meal out of his new lover and soon-to-be bonded mate.

Dmitri couldn’t help himself; there was no going back after a taste of Nikolis’s cream. A pack of wild dogs wouldn’t be able to keep him from this man or the taste of him. He shifted without realizing it and slipped between Nikolis’s legs. He needed to taste the cream from the source. Practically howling, he swallowed it down. Turning his eyes from the long hard cock he feasted on, Dmitri turned his eyes towards the man providing the feast. The look of love and worship in those startling blue eyes touched and moved him deeply. Nikolis took control and whispered that he was about to come.

Dmitri didn’t know which end was up. He writhed and moaned as Nikolis made a meal of him, licking, sucking and biting him into a sexual frenzy. Everywhere Nikolis touched was on fire, every cell screamed in need. When Nikolis wrapped his lips around Dmitri’s cock that was the end of any and all control Dmitri had. He shot so hard that all he could see were stars and it felt like he had forgotten to breathe.

Gentle words and soft touches coaxed him back to earth. When Dmitri was final able to open his eyes he looked into the eyes of his newfound love. It stole what little breath he managed to find.

Nikolis knew without a doubt that this is what he wanted and needed. This wolf-man beneath him was what he was waiting for and what he needed to complete him as a man, wolf and pack leader when it was time.

Damn his father and his plans. This was his future. Spreading Dmitri’s legs wider, Nikolis licked and sucked at the tight rosette. The beautiful tangy flavor rolled over his tongue. He loved how Dmitri’s body responded to the simple touches. Just tasting him wasn’t enough. Nikolis’s instincts told him to devour his mate so that he would not doubt his place in life again.

Nikolis nibbled his way back up his lover’s body. As he devoured his mate’s lips, Nikolis whispered against Dmitri’s swollen lips, “Are you ready? Slow and easy isn’t possible right now, our need is too great.”

All Dmitri did was whimper and thrust up against him. Nikolis took that as a yes. With a long swipe of his tongue, Nikolis eased the head of his cock into the tight hot channel. The sound of their passion mingled together. As Nikolis thrust down, Dmitri thrust up taking his pounding harder and deeper each time.

Their primal dance seemed to go on for ages, both men felt their canines start to extend. With a howl, Nikolis bit into Dmitri’s neck, the sharp tang of blood making this mating hotter than it was. At the very same moment he felt the sharp sting and pull of Dmitri’s teeth.

With a blinding white light overtaking both of them, they came together with a passion neither had ever felt before. Completely spent, Nikolis fell to the left side of Dmitri, pulling him close and snuggling into the heavily scented clover, neither saying anything to the other. Neither needing words, lost in their thoughts, they drifted to sleep.

The smell of clover, sunshine and mating were the scents that woke Nikolis from his erotic sleep. The first thing that penetrated his foggy mind was the feel of his mate curled against him. His morning wood sprang to attention even harder than normal; a soft groan left his lips as Dmitri instinctively curled even closer into the curve of his love’s body.

Wrapping his arms around his blond god tightly, he stroked his belly lightly, noticing in the daylight just how light his hair truly was and how little he had leading to the treasure trove of delights. Carefully the dark lover cupped and rolled his angel’s precious jewels in his hand, eliciting a primal moan.

Leaning in, Nikolis suckled Dmitri’s earlobe into his mouth, biting hard enough to make it sting in a good way. Stroking his hard prize to an even harder state, the Dark God whispered, “This cock is mine now. Mm mm… see how it dances for me when I stroke it? It knows who owns it,” he purred. “I don’t know if I want to taste your juice straight from the source or lick it from your belly.

The only speech the white god was capable of was, “Please, more, and suck me love.” With an evil smirk Nikolis dove straight into breakfast. Taking the cock hard and deep, causing Dmitri to lose control hard and fast. “Oh gonna” was the last thing the wolf could say before his body shot off the clover and deep into his lover’s throat.

Nikolis eagerly swallowed every last drop, making sure not to waste a drop of his breakfast before he fell back beside his lover. When both their heart rates returned to normal and they were capable of speech, both turned their heads to see a lone possum sitting no more than four feet away, looking very bored at what she saw.

The pesky little possum tossed her nose into the air and scurried into the woods to find food. On that note, Nikolis leant in and placed a light kiss to his new mates’ lips and whispered, “It’s time to return home and speak to my father. No matter what, we’re in this together now. If my Father can’t accept us, then we’ll go and find a place where we can be together. Now that I’ve found you, I will not let you go for anything”.

Pulling Dmitri to his feet, he smiled lovingly into those black eyes. They ran back to face an uncertain future.

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