Night and Day

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Chapter 3

The over whelming smell of clovers filled Dmitri’s nostrils as his body started to come awake. He didn’t want to wake up, he knew who was holding him and if he opened his eyes it would be another dream and this was too beautiful of a dream to wake from.

Dmitri thrusts his hips up against the light strokes on his belly trying to push the hands touching him closer to his very hard and very awake cock, Soon enough a warm smooth hand wrapped around his balls playing with them as if they were the most precious of gems.

When Nikolis took the lobe of his ear and whispered that he now belonged to him and all the dirty things he nearly creamed all over his dark lover’s hand. Dmitri couldn’t help but feel how different everything he was and had experienced in the last 24hrs felt. Being bonded to a mate makes everything more intense and powerful. Our hot little wolf was reduced to simple words as a hot mouth took him, which caused his balls to draw up, and his orgasm to start from the base of his spine.

The only warning our eager wolf was able to give was two words oh gonna as he came down his dark wolf’s throat. Heart racing as the snuggled closely in the clover path both realized at the same time that they were being watched. A Lone possum sat not more than 4ft away looking really bored. Stifling a laugh as the girl possum walked away in what seemed to be a snit.

Daring a look at Nikolis a sense of calm and ok embraced him as Nikolis pulled him up from the ground and told him that no matter what happens when they got back home they would be together. Feeling truly loved and cherished for the first time in many years he shifted and followed his wolf home and to their future.

Downwind of them a large menacing looking wolf snorted disgustedly at the site he be held. Taking off into the opposite direction and staying downwind of our newly mated wolves Devon wasn’t not thrilled knowing that not only was his perverted freak of a brother was still alive. But he that found his mate and a new pack to protect him from the order their father had given to have that little mutant killed.

How little did they Nikolis and Dmitri know that the possum wasn’t the only one watching them and that their peace and happiness wouldn’t be lasting very much longer?

Like the old saying goes all good things must come to an end. Marcus was sitting and at the end of Nikolis’s bed when they returned from the clover field. A look of pure joy and happiness on his face for his son for the first time since the mate search started.

Nikolis, son I am glad that you have finally found your mate. But do you really think I didn’t know that you were gay? How could you even think that this would be something that the pack or I would shame you for? I know it’s not a choice! It is who you are and doesn’t keep me from loving you.

Not sure how to take his father’s words at first Nikolis just mumbled a thank you. Holding Dmitri’s hand tighter as he felt his mate shiver slightly worried about what Marcus had to say to him.

Dmitri, son I knew the first time I laid eyes on you that you were special and you are, Not only are you bringing my son joy but there is something deep within you that is special and will compliment my own son’s gift. You are now and always will be a welcomed part of this pack and even though you don’t think you have anything to offer you will be finding soon enough that you have more to offer then even you know.

With that life moved on for the next few months. Dmitri grew and thrived under the love and care of the pack. He found that his being a pure white wolf wasn’t the curse that he was raised to believe. However he sensed that there was more to his mating to his tall dark and wolf Nikolis.

There were little things that were beginning to worry him. More and more Nikolis was with his father behind closed doors. It hurt his feelings know whatever the problem was revolved around him in some way.

It bothered Dmitri knowing he did something to upset his home. It was worse not knowing what it was he did wrong or to upset them. Wandering around the spacious grounds pondering things that he had and hadn’t done over the last few months since being loving embraced by Marcus and Nikolis’s pack. There were no objections to their mating and everyone accepted them warmly and openly.

Since finding his home he didn’t rely on his senses as much as he use to. He was safe within the walls of the garden. He knew no one would hurt him so he didn’t feel the over whelming need to be on guard. That seemed to be the first mistake of the day. One moment he was lost in his thoughts the next he was flat on his back pinned by a huge wolf whose smell was slightly familiar.

Shifting without much thought Dmitri savagely defended himself against his attacker. When 2 more wolves joined the fight he knew that he didn’t stand a chance. These wolves were out for His blood and be damned that they invaded another packs lands to shed it.

Injured and outnumbered Dmitri turned and ran as fast as his paws would let him. All the while screaming in his head for Nikolis to come help! Just as he reached the back patio A Huge Solid black wolf followed and an even more impressive brown wolf with flecks of gray fly over his head and run after the other wolves. Creeping through the French doors Dmitri gives into the pain and blackness.

Dmitri could tell without opening his eyes that he was safe and in bed. Scenting the air he could tell that Nikolis was recently there and wasn’t far off. Dmitri Slowly opened his eyes stretching popping bones and feeling out any injuries as Dmitri made his way across the room to the bathroom to take care of business. Turning the hot water on in the shower as he made his way to the toilet to empty his bladder he noticed for the very first time that his swimmers body was starting to fill out more.

Muscles that he had been trying to achieve for years to define were starting to define themselves. Smiling to him-self as he stepped into the hot shower knowing that one was of many questions he had for his mate if he ever shows his face. The thought of his dark mate had the same effect it always had. Dmitri went from limp to rock hard and throbbing in 3 seconds flat. Soaping himself carefully avoiding his hard on for the time being Dmitri managed to wash away a lot of his worry and foolishness.

Vowing from now on he would be diligent about his senses. He will never leave himself open to attack again. Again lost in his own mind as he berated himself for not paying attention to his surroundings he failed to notice that he wasn’t alone anymore. When large familiar arms wrap around him causing him to jump slightly and force his mind back to the very present he was in. Moaning softly as his lover professed his love and took the blame for what had happened.

Shaking his head speaking softly as he answered his lover’s questions,

“Nikolis, my family has always thought that my coloring made me a burden and a mutant of sorts. I was told for many years that because of how I am that I was worthless and will never amount to anything. When I told them I was gay I wasn’t just a mutant I was an abomination to them and they ordered me gone. They hate all gays but I can’t think that they would want me dead for it. They don’t want me to have power I am to them unworthy to be anyone’s mate”.

Turning to face Nikolis tears streamed down his face.

Until I found you and this pack I believed them.”

Dmitri knew he was finally loved and he could finally let go of all the bitterness and sorrow. Feeling cherished as his wolf’s arms tightened around him encompassing him in love and support.

Nikolis leaned against the doorframe watching his lover in the shower. The Natural scent of his was enough to make him hard as a rock but right now he had other things on his mind. For months now they knew that Dmitri’s old pack was in the area fishing around for information about the pack and -his role in it.

They had been told that it was not sitting well with the old pack that he was mated to a male let along mated to the next pack leader. They had stepped up security without alerting Dmitri but yesterday’s attack proved that maybe Marcus was wrong and they needed to tell His love everything.

Stripping silently as he watched his man’s face. He was blaming himself for what happened. No no no this will not do, slipping into the shower and wrapping his arms around his dishearten lover whispering softly

“I love you, what happened was not your fault and you are not now nor ever to blame! The blame lies with father and me. We should have told you that we knew that they were here and that there might be a threat against you. I do have a question for you though. Do you know why they want you dead and why they are so pissed that you are mated not only to a male but also to the next pack leader? Why does your family hate you so much that they ordered hit on you”?

Heedless of the fact the hot water was long gone and they were both as wrinkled as prunes Nikolis held Dmitri in his arms and let him talk and cry. Listening to this beautiful man tell him how from his very start he had to fight to stay alive.

His littermates often as young cubs crowed him out and didn’t allow him to nurse from their mother. His mother seemed to be the only person who loved him and cherished him. She always made sure that she expressed milk to feed him while the others slept. She nurtured him and made sure that he was well fed and taken care of. Many times it leads to her taking my beating for me.

His father has beaten her for allowing a weak and damaged pup to survive. His small stature and color were signs his father saw as weakness. But because his father loved his mother above all else he humored her. Shortly after his 16th birthday and coming out to his mother, she took ill and died. Before she died, she made his father swear that he wouldn’t harm Dmitri and because he loved her he promised he wouldn’t harm him.

However he knew that his father hated him for being different and weak. Dmitri sobs into his lovers shoulder

“No matter what I did it was never good enough for my father. The accidents became more often and I knew they weren’t accidents. My own father had my littermates try to hurt and maim me. The final attempt was just after my 18th year. My father found out that I was gay and that was the nail in the coffin for me I might have been the first born of the litter but as far as he felt I was not worthy of him or his pack so he had my brother challenge me. If I lost I had to leave.

Lifting Dmitri’s chin so his dark eyes met his own, Nikolis asks

“You lost didn’t you?”

With a sad kind of laugh Dmitri answered

“Sadly no I won. I beat my own brother to the very inch of his life. I don’t know who was more stunned my father or me. I mean a fag pure white mutant weakling of a son just beat the hell out of the wolf next in line for leader. No my father was having none of that fair or not shit. He would never have turned his pack over to me so I did the next best thing I denounced my place and left the pack with the knowledge that a fag bested their so called best. I never looked back on them or my father.

Knowing that his lover was drained from their little talk he takes his lover’s hand pulls him from the shower. Slowly drying every inch of his broken mate’s body getting to know every nook, curve, and cranny as well as he knows his own.

Taking the same towel Nikolis quickly swipes it over his own body before dropping it into the hamper. Leaning in and kissing his lover’s lips passionately before he tugs him from the bathroom towards their bed. Laying his blond god down in the middle of the bed Nikolis took the time to adore his pale god before him.

It warmed his heart that his love’s whole body blushed under his gaze. There wasn’t any part of him that wasn’t just beautiful. Dropping to his knees Nikolis runs his tongue along the instep of his blond god’s foot around his ankle and working his way up the body slowly. Drawing out the passion and love he felt for his mate. Nikolis was going to make sure that Dmitri knew how deeply he was loved and needed. From this moment on he would know nothing but love and devotion.

Dmitri was emotionally and physically drained from his little confession in the shower and was more than pleased to allow Nikolis take over for him. The feel of his new mates’ hands never failed to arouse his sense of love and help calm his nerves. He felt better telling him about his past and it helped to know that nothing he had done or who he was had anything to do with why his love has been so scarce the last 48hrs.

Lying back in the center of their huge bed thinking that Nikolis would join him and they would fuck away the bad memories. His whole body blushed as he realized that his love was at the end of the bed eating him alive with his eyes. The love and devotion that he saw in those startling Azure blue eyes was amazing and it warmed him like nothing else could. Those eyes told him so much and he knew he found love acceptance and a family. Something he didn’t know he wanted or even needed till right then.

Closing his eyes as Nikolis kneeled down and slowly began to lick his way up starting at the arch of his ticklish foot. The on slot of emotions and feelings was overwhelming. Moaning and writhing against the sheets as his dark knight pay homage to his body.

Dmitri felt like he was slowly dying the most beautiful death as Nikolis worshiped ever-square inch of his body with only his mouth and tongue. No matter how hard he tried he couldn’t hold still. The only sounds he was capable of making were whimpering and mewling noises. The need to partially shift was overwhelming. He felt his claws and fangs growing. The need to mate was over powering his rational part of his mind.

The more heated things become the more their animal takes over. Looking down at his dark knight as he nipped and sucked one ball at a time into his hot wet mouth and whimpering. Nikolis’s eyes had shifted to their feral state. His bright Blues eyes took on a more startling blue hue as his animal took over. The room was becoming warmer and the over powering smell of arousal and mating scents filled the room.

What was meant to be a slow sensual loving making was quickly turning into animalistic mating. Gentle was no longer an option as Nikolis growled deeply “open for me now”. Without hesitation Dmitri spread his legs wide welcoming his dark lover home. When Nikolis finally thrusted hard and deep into his angel’s ass they both let out a long deep howl, There wasn’t anyone within miles who wouldn’t know what they were doing, nor was there any doubt that they were truly mated now.

Dmitri met each thrust of Nikolis’s hit with a counter of his own. Taking the hard cock harder and deeper into his body making sure he would still feel it in the morning. Wrapping his own hand around his weeping cock, his strokes matched those of his lover’s thrusts. Just before Dmitri came, Nikolis took possession of the crook of his neck and bite hard drawing his mate’s blood into his mouth. The taste was pure heaven and would leave a deep mark telling all that he belonged to him now and forever.

Drawing away slowly he lapped the wound till the bleeding stopped then offered his own neck. Dmitri bit hard into his lover’s neck. Expecting the coppery taste of blood but pleasantly surprised by something more potent and soothing as he drew it in deep, The bit of pain and pure passion pushing both of them over the edge Dmitri painting their chests as Nikolis filled his ass.

Wrapping themselves around each other both wolf and man sated for now they fall into fitful sleep. Neither knowing that miles away their passionate howls were heard by those seeking to destroy what is being built.

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