Night and Day

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Chapter 4

Devon paced the small cabin space growling at those around him and at himself. Suddenly his ears picked up passionate howling. “Fuck”! He screamed as he realized that what he was hearing was his sick perverted defect of a brother finish the mating ceremony. Throwing the nearest thing he could find against the wall.

He turned to his beta and snapped, “It seems that we now have two to kill instead of one and failure is not a choice. If my father finds out that is perverted defect of a son is still alive and mated to the son of one of the most power Alpha’s it won’t just be my ass on the line I will take you down with me Jacob. My father doesn’t like loose ends and as long at this sick pervert lives His and my place as Alpha is at risk. That Bastard bested me somehow and he can claim his rightful place as Alpha or give it to his mate. I am sure none of us want to be lead by some fruity fag.”

Rubbing his still healing scars he received from that fag. Who knew that these perverts got to be as big and strong as this one was? Picking up his pacing again he had to think of a way to get his brother away from Nikolis. He was sure that he and the others could easily kill him if they could get him alone. They would be long gone before Nikolis or his father Marcus would be the wiser to who killed Dmitri.

Devon was sure that his brother would never tell another living soul about what was done to him growing up. They made sure that he knew it was his entire fault that they hated him. He didn’t know the truth about how or why their mother died. Nor about why he was truly allowed to live. For now time was on their side.

They are safely hidden away on unmarked territory where they hunt stay down wind of the other pack. It had been this way for weeks as they tried to figure out the best way to get to his idiot brother.

The house he was currently living in was guarded 24/7 now. Dmitri was never alone anymore when he left the house even to walk in the garden. Seems old habits die hard no matter what. Devon thought back to when they were growing up.

No matter how badly he was treated or beaten by their father and other pack members his brother could find the good in things and was often found wandering in the meadows healed and pleasant to everyone around him. It’s not abnormal for their kind to heal quickly but Dmitri he healed even quicker than most.

Thinking back to the times where their father would order different pack members to beat and mutilate Dmitri. The last time just after their 16th birthday was partially brutal. Devon remembered that this time he was ordered to help. Hein was a sadistic man and took pleasure in the pain of others. How he could have ordered that his own flesh and blood to be tethered down to a table in silver chains was beyond Devon but he did.

This was when he also realized it was best for his own health to do as he was told to do without question. For what seemed like days Dmitri was denied food and water. The pack doctors bled, poked and prodded him without mercy. It was beyond Devon how his brother could just lay there not moving or making any noise, if it was he he would have fought for his life. All his brother did was nothing.

Finally when the doctors told Hein that the testing was done did the pain really start and the first of many times he saw the true depth of their father’s evil sadistic nature. A very large man wielding a bull whip laced with razors and wolfs bane came out of nowhere and started whipping Dmitri. To this day the sound of the Whip whistling, the smell of his brother’s blood and the god awful moaning noises he made haunted his dreams.

The beating when on and on till suddenly and had he not seem it with his own eyes he never would have believed his weakling of a brother was capable of such rage. Dmitri shifted despite the silver tethering him down. With super natural speed he was on top of the man that was whipping him.

The fact that he was able to get free was astounding but the fact that the little whiff of a wolf had a man three times his size and at least 4 times his weight on the ground and bleeding scared their father. The beatings stopped shortly after that and Dmitri acted as if it never happened. Hein had enough sense to steer clear of his strange son and to tell the other pack members to do the same.

The older Dmitri got the more worried Hein seemed to get. Despite his best efforts to dehumanize his freak of a son to the pack, his easy going naturally caring nature won over many. He knew he was losing control fast and he knew that he was in no shape to take on a direct challenge from Dmitri if he figured out his true calling and nature. His overtly submissive and quiet son was destined for great things and those very things meant the end of his control of his pack and he would not allow that to happen.

Dmitri’s birth was foretold many years ago. Legend says that a pure white would with coal black eyes would be born and He would mate to a pure Black wolf with sky blue eyes and they together would unite all the packs as one and bring peace and harmony to all the tribes. Over the years Hein had tested the prophecy. If Dmitri was the Chosen one then he needed to be destroyed.

He should have done it at birth but his bitch of a mother begged and pleaded promising that this couldn’t be the foretold wolf; he was small weak and needed constant care from the others in the litter. He loved that bitch almost as much as he loved his power. There were few she-wolves that could take a pounding like she could and replacing her would be hard. So he gave in and let her keep him.

Over the years little things began to happen. Things that no one could explain like how when Dmitri “accidentally” fell from a 4th floor window his injuries were minor and healed within hours. Were a normal wolf would have needed days to deal completely. Shortly after Dmitri’s 16th birthday his bitch finally succumbed to wolf bane poisoning and left her beloved son alone and unprotected.

He had his son tethered to a table with pure silver chains. That alone should have brought him unimaginable agony and suffering. He barely made any sounds as he was cut and bleed for testing. When the doctors told him what he had already feared He called in an old friend and had Dmitri beaten with a special whip laced with razors and pure wolfs bane.

To this day Hein cannot figure out how his son broke free of the silver tethers or bested Twiggy a 6ft 10in muscle bound bouncer from the wrong side of the tracks.

Hein struggled for years to find a solution to his problem of a son. Despite what the doctors have told him he so wasn’t sure that Dmitri was the wolf from the legend. So Hein did the only thing he could think of at the time. He made sure that Dmitri was made to feel unloved and unwanted. He made it clear to all the pack that no one was to befriend him and made sure all the bitches knew that to Dmitri’s defects were genetic and would and could be passed down to litters.

Hein used fear, lying, and intimidation to make sure that Dmitri understood that he would never find a mate nor would he ever be truly accepted anywhere by anyone. This worked for years but Hein knew the older Dmitri got the more danger he posed to him for those very reasons he was talking about. For one according to legend his mate would be from another but stronger pack. So he kept tabs on who Dmitri’s friends were and were he went when he wasn’t with the pack.

However the more he heard about his son the more he doubted that he could be this legendary wolf. It seems that warning the bitches of the pack to stay away from his son was the wrong thing to do. If the rumors Hein was hearing were true then there way despite what the doctors told him in the past his son could be the Wolf in the Legend. Just after Dmitri’s 18th birthday the straw that broke the camel’s back was brought to his attention. It seems that his son was a fucking pervert as well if it was any other wolf he would have had him killed for being a homosexual but his son posed a bigger problem.

He couldn’t just kill him but he could have him banished from the pack and make him a lone wolf. Hein felt sure that because his son was a perverted homosexual that it negated the legend and gave him nothing to fear in the future. He knew that his son would never survive banishment and would die cold and alone somewhere far away and his blood wouldn’t be on his hands.

But before he could banish him he had to have his younger brother challenge him for position. It’s still burns his britches that such a weak and useless wolf was his first-born. So setting things into motion he would humiliate and banish this thorn in his side once and for all.

The smell of death and blood surrounded Dmitri, Why his father ordered him to appear here was beyond him. He did as his father bid him. He stayed away for all the bitches of the pack. He kept to himself; he never talked to or hung around with anyone other than his other littermates and even then only when it was necessary.

He was happy alone. It was easier to deal with the “episodes” as his mother use to call them. He felt less of a freak then. He never understood what was wrong with him. When his mother was alive she would sooth his hurt heart by telling him that he was special and that sacred people and wolves alike.

He never understood what his mother meant and it would be years later when those words would come back to haunt him. Standing before Hein should have been intimidating the alpha used violence, pain and fear to gain respect. However one of the things Dmitri learned over the years that’s not the best way to lead a pack and there was always a little voice in his mind that told him that he had nothing to truly fear from this Hein.

No matter how bad his beatings where he was never afraid of his father or anyone for that matter it was one of the things that made him stand out. Dmitri always had a sense he was in danger before he was and was always on his guard. Right now nothing was screaming trouble. When he entered to clearing and saw the whole pack there he wandered if his instincts had left him.

He could sense that whatever was about to happen his life was going to change. The whispering around the pack had been that because he was the first-born he was by law the next pack leader.

Dmitri knew he wasn’t a leader and his father made it clear that he would rather break pack law then allow him to ever allow him to lead his pack. Did he find a way around the law? Bowing his head in respect he knew the only way to know what was going to happen was to let it play out.

Hein watched his son bow his head “the little fucker doesn’t respect me. He is barely afraid of me”. Fear was something Hein was good at something he used without mercy. Fear was what kept his pack together. He was well aware that the Die Dunklen pack feared him more than they respected him and that how he kept the pack together.

Now he was finally going to get rid of his number one problem. Hein knew that the pack doctors had to be wrong there is no way in hell that this scrawny weak fag of a werewolf could be the savior to unite all wolves. Hein was going to prove once and for all that this is not the wolf of legend.

Smirking at his first born in disgust he says. “You sadly are my first born I cannot dispute that fact. However in light of the fact that you’re a freak of nature as a wolf you’re a fucking failure as a man being that you’re a dirty perverted fag. As long as I am drawing a breath I will not allow you to lead this pack. In light of the current news I have decided that you will fight your brother Devon who is a true leader. The rules are simple winner will lead my pack when I step down or die, the Looser is banished in shame tail between their legs.”

With those last words ringing in Dmitri’s ears a large multi toned wolf lunges at him. Barely shifting before his brother landed on him our timid wolf was torn, he didn’t want to harm his brother because he was family. However like the rest of the pack Devon treated him like he wasn’t family.

Thinking that this was his last chance to prove to his father and the pack that he wasn’t some freak of nature he shifted and fought as if his very life depended on it. For a while it looked as if they were evenly matched. Then Dmitri noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

His father was feeding something to Devon to help him recover faster. Outraged that his father and brother would stoop to something so low he snapped. Letting go of his humanity and compassion Dmitri lunged at his brother knocking Hein and the brother over in the process.

Grabbing and biting into the other wolf’s neck with a threatening growl as his father screamed more obscenities at him. He suddenly scented the air and his senses came back to him. Devon didn’t want this fight any more than he did. Again it was their father pitting him against someone else to show what a freak of a son he had.

Shifting back Dmitri faced his ashen father for the last time and says “I wouldn’t lead this pack if I was the last wolf on earth! What you have done to my brother is unforgivable. Your freak of a son just bested one of your best wolves. The only pleasure I get out of this is the knowledge that for the rest of your lives you and your true son will have to live with the knowledge that a dirty fag of a freak won fair and square.”

That was the last time He spoke with anyone from his former pack. He took with him only what he held of value and his clothing and never ever looked back.

Dmitri woke in a cold sweat trying to shake the remnants of his dream from his mind it had been a long time since he thought back to when he was forced to face his brother Devon for leadership. A evil smirk crossed his face as he remembered to shear look of horror not only on his brothers face but the look on his father’s face is what haunts him the most. Fear, loathing and sear hate when his perverted fag of a son won the challenge.

How faith Dmitri walked away without ever looking back, however with the sudden attempt on his life and the sudden reappearance of his brother and his lackeys could only mean that his father wasn’t through with him after all. The million-dollar question is why after all this time? Lying back down against the pillows he couldn’t help but stare at the dark haired man lying next to him.

After everything he had been told growing up about being alone he suddenly finds his mate. The very person he was told wasn’t supposed to exist. Running his fingers through the blue black hair that had fallen over Nikolis’s face during sleep Dmitri heard his love sigh and curl closer to him pulling him close as if his shear presence would keep the demons away. Drifting back to sleep safe, happy and truly loved for the first time he could remember in many years. The room was filled with the scent of the crisp fall air and the earthy scent of his mate as Nikolis opened his weary eyes. Drained emotionally from hearing the dark secrets of his lovers past still hurt his heart but knowing how far from done they truly were. There were things Dmitri had yet to find out and it scared Nikolis deeply how his young mate will take the news of who he really is and what he has yet to fulfill. Unlike his mate he had a pack that loved him and embraced the past as well as the future.

They rejoiced at Nikolis’s birth knowing that he was half of the Mond Magie prophecy. His father kept nothing from him nor unlike Hein who he suspected kept everything from his son. Nikolis knew that there were some that didn’t understand why uniting all the werewolves under a governing body would be better then how they have been governing themselves as they have been.

He himself in his younger years asked his father the same question. Marcus told him simply “There are more werewolves that don’t honor the Vechile Cai the old ways that have been set down by the Pe Cele Vechi or the old ones. Each pack lived by their own rules some honored the old ways, others didn’t and that is where the problems lie. There needs to be a more universal order a way to hold all packs or lone wolves accountable for their actions”.

Looking down at the precious gift lying next to him brushing a stray strand of hair from his face as he places a soft kiss to his brow as he slept peacefully thinking about how much he had come to love this man and how much each stood to lose without each other. Nikolis wasn’t sure what gift he would bring to this match but he knew that in time he would find out.

It was obvious that Dmitri’s capacity for love and compassion in situations was his gift. Nikolis leans in and kisses his sleeping lover’s warm soft lips gentle at first, just enjoying the taste of his lover at first, However a small taste soon wasn’t enough. Drawing Dmitri’s lower lip into his mouth sucking and nibbling on it just hard enough to be rewarded with a husky moan and the glow of love shining at him from the blackest eyes he had ever seen.

The love and trust that he saw in those eyes took his breath away causing his heart to ache with sorrow knowing that things from this day on will never be the same for either of them and the need for the truth and clearing the air was long past due. Right now what matters most was the man he was in bed kissing. Closing off the bad thoughts he poured his love and devotion into his kisses trying to tell Dmitri without words what he meant to him.

Pushing all his bad thoughts to the back of his mind as he put himself into showing his mate how loved and cherished he was now. Allowing the taste of his love to pull him from his dreamless sleep relishing the weight and attention that he was being paid. Dmitri mentally patted his own back at how easily and readily he allowed himself to come to love and trust everyone in his new pack. These were things that he didn’t easily give.

Growing up as he did he knew the only person he could count on was himself and as hard at it should have been to trust Nikolis and Marcus it wasn’t. He knew on a level that scared him that no matter what his future brought him that he would be loved honored and cherished always. Fluttering his eyes open he stared lovingly into the deepest azure blue eyes.

They sparkled with love and devotion but he could also see that they hide something deep and meaningful. As he cleared his mind he noticed that he could hear what Nikolis was thinking. Just random thoughts nothing that made much sense but it was enough to know how deeply he really was loved and that they needed to talk and soon.

As his desperate lover took the kisses deeper the closer to the edge of insanity they both became. Soon need was overwhelming their senses. Their wolves cried to be freed to dance and mate. Their connection was growing stronger than either of them realized. Not only could they sense each other when one was close, they both seem to be able to read what the other is thinking, feeling or as the attack proved they could sense when the other was in danger.

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