Night and Day

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Chapter 5

As the sun was setting on another day full of love and hope in one home in another town in another city things weren’t going so well for Devon. Forced to abandon the small shack in the woods to return home with his tail between his legs to his Pack, and to the pack leader who doesn’t except failure as an option at anytime and will use fear, pain and intimidation to achieve what it is he wants.

Devon Looked over at his best friend and sighed thinking “it’s going to be a very long night.” He didn’t know how he was going to tell Hein that he failed. That his idiot of a brother was still alive and was accepted not only into a new pack as is but also into the one pack his father truly feared.

The one that held the key to this whole legend/prophecy nonsense, he knew what his fathers and some of the other elders believed but he felt that it was just hocus pocus tales you tell the young to put them to sleep at night a simple fairy-tale no more no less. Devon did the only thing he could do before he faced his father pray and hope.

As he walked into his father’s house he tried to plan his words perfectly. He knew that excuses wouldn’t cut it with Hein he however would understand getting their Asses handed to them by more organized wolves. Dropping his eyes as he approached he figured showing a little more respect than normal might buy him a few brownie points.

Hein looked down at his “other” son in disgust. How hard could it be to find and kill his weak fag of a son? As long as he was alive he was a threat to his plan and Devon’s leadership. Didn’t the fool realize that at anytime Dmitri could come back and take what should have been rightfully his?

Growling Hein speaks “Devon you’re becoming as big of a useless fuck up as that fag of a brother of yours. How fucking hard is it to find and kill a lone wolf? He is still alone right?? Is there something you’re not telling me”?

Turning his attention to Jacob cowering off to the left of Devon, Hein was beginning to strongly suspect that they’re something more between his son and his lackey but now wasn’t the time to dwell on that.

“Jacob Why was it that you and my son couldn’t do as I ordered”? “Nnno I mean yyyes Sir. When we first found were Dmitri was alone and had been for a while it seemed. However before we could close in and do anything he hooked up with another pack. No one told us he was even looking to find a new home we thought he would have heeded your years of warnings and stayed alone wolf.

Dropping his eyes to the floor, Sir it gets worse, not only has he found a new home with the Vârcolac pack and was just recently mated to the Alpha’s son. Feeling it would be in everyone’s best interest he left off the bit about how Dmitri’s new mate looks a lot like the wolf the prophecy describes.

Before anyone realizes anything Jacob is pinned to the wall getting the living shit beaten out of him and Hein was looking down at his son. Growling menacingly “want something done right looks like I am going to have to do it my god damn self” with that Hein turned and left.

The beating wasn’t as bad as it could have been Devon knew that he had gotten off easy he just hoped that Jacob had gotten off just as easily. Looking out the cloudy windows of the coffee shop he couldn’t help but think about what his father had said. Something told him that this wouldn’t end well and may were going to lay dead by the time his father finished with this little plot of revenge.

What truly made Devon stop and think as he sipped his Jamaican Me Crazy coffee was why? If his father hated Dmitri so much why let him go all those years ago. Why all of a sudden does it matter if he lived or not. True he won the fight fair and square but he denounced everything.

Devon felt certain that his brother wasn’t a threat to anyone other than their father. Throwing back the rest of his coffee he trudged out of The Coffee Mill and towards Jacob’s he had to know if his best friend was ok. His feet were like lead the closer he got to the house his friends house.

As he got closer to the deserted road that lead to Jacobs house the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. “Something isn’t right” exited the car quickly Devon barely had his clothing off before he shifted and started to sniff the Air. Cocking his head to one side and whined “blood” he smelled a lot of blood and it smelled like…. Without another thought Devon took off full force towards the cabin.

Stopping only when he saw his friend battered bruised and bloodied sitting on his front porch. Dropping to a low crouch he inched is way towards the injured man stopping when he can his friends feet whining softly alerting Jacob that he was there and that he was safe now. A shaky bloodied hand reached out and stroked his fur.

Shifting back Devon sat down next to Jacob and without looking at him said, “what the hell happen to you”?

Devon looked at his best friend and secret lover through swollen eyes and thought “How in the do you tell your best friend that his father and his flunkies tried to beat the crap out of him.” Devon had told him many times that his father was an asshole and he had seen some pretty sick things personally.

When his friend wasn’t around that his father did. He had been telling him for years to stand up to his father and stop letting him push him around. But he wouldn’t. His father was pack leader and he respected the position not necessarily the person in it.

Sighing deeply as he tried to muster the courage to speak. With a sigh he decided on part of the truth “It was your father and his cronies. They thought that I was in need of a lesson. I gave as good as I got in the fight Devon.

Please just let it go we have a bigger problem then what they did to me anyways. I overheard your father and the others when while they thought I was unconscious. They plan on amassing some friends from other packs and attacking the Vârcolac. I know you for some reason hate your brother but he is happy and you yourself have said he is not threat to your position.

One, which you knew all along, he never wanted. Stop thinking and acting like your father for one minute and do the right fucking thing. You know damn well if your brother and his mate are who everyone thinks they are then we will eventually have to pick a side anyways. You said you wanted better things for us” realizing his slip up Jacob back peddled a little and with a light blush stammers “us as the pack Devon” you are going to be forced to make a choice.

I hope you make the right one. Getting up Jacob looks down at Devon and says as he walks into his house “your father hates me and warned me to stay away from you. I don’t want to do that but I can’t keep pretending I am something I am not. I won’t.

When you made some choices for your-self come find me and we will see. You are now and always will be my best friend but that is not enough anymore. Face all your demons then come find me.

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