Night and Day

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Chapter 6

Marcus was wearing a hole in the floor of his office pacing. The call he just got was disheartening but not very surprising. He also knew that he had to tell his son and his mate about it but right now he just didn’t want to do anything to offset their happiness.

Growling at himself as he closed his eyes composed himself and set-off to go and find Nikolis and Dmitri. From experience, he knew that his son was most likely running around in the woods close to the house with his new mate.

So with lead feet he walked to their room to wait for their return. Thinking back to the phone call, what would his new son-in-law think about the fact that his brother called to warn them that their father has managed to gather some old friends and plans on attacking his new pack and killing him. It was beyond Marcus’s understanding how a father could hate his child so much that they would wish or even want them dead.

He knew that it was more than just the fact that his son was gay. But Damn it he personally would rather have his son in his life gay then not in his life at all. Marcus loved Nikolis and was growing to love Dmitri more than his own life. He knew that his son being gay wasn’t without problems.

Taking a deep cleansing breath and thinking only positive things as he entered their room he made himself comfortable as he waited for them to return from their daily run.

The sun was setting with a beautiful pink hue as Nikolis and Dmitri walked through the French doors. Neither was surprised to find their pack leader dozing on their bed. As they were out frolicking in the woods both were overcome with a sense of dread something big was getting ready to go down so they came home to ask about it.

Suddenly Dmitri turns to Nikolis with a look of pure horror on his face. “Why”? He whispers. “Because sadly your father see’s you as a threat to his pack and to his way of life. Dmitri I know you think that your father hates you because you’re gay but that is not the only reason.

Many years ago back before people feared us humans and werewolves were able to live together. The old ones were respected and revered. There was peace and harmony among all packs and human people. Justice was swift and true.

Then the missionaries from the new world started coming and talking about their god and how we and other non-human’s were the devils and evil. Fears breed the Demon hunters. We were hunted to near extinction so the old ones met one last time. They told us that the only way to save ourselves was to separate.

We no longer had the number to fight. So it was decided that instead of one large pack we would break into smaller ones until 2 wolves were born. One pure white with eyes as black as night and the other Pure black with eyes as blue as the azure skies, they would bring peace to the packs and unite them again to finally put an end all the dangers that threaten to wipe us from the earth.

Humans, and ourselves sadly we are still-hunted. Only these 2 wolves will have the strength and the gifts to do this. Over the years there have been many that were thought to be these wolves are they. The prophecy clearly stated the 2 destined to unite us all will be from 2 warring packs and will be opposite in all things but love. Each carried a gift like none other has had past or present. One will be peace one will be war but together they complete.

It wasn’t until you told Nikolis about when you were bound by the silver that the pieces fit. I always knew that Nikolis was one half. When I met you I prayed you were his mate and the other half. I couldn’t be more proud that you are both the other half of this prophecy and the love that I know my son has been seeking for a very long time.

As I am guessing you know your brother called and warned me that your father has gathered some old friends and wants you dead. The reason is simple if you and my son manage to do what you are destined to do then you are a threat to his position. You and my son would either would join the packs or turn your fathers over to someone less prone to leading by fear.

Like your brother and his friend Jacob, I know what you’re thinking and your father and his cronies pose little threat to us. It seems that while your brother and his friend didn’t tell your father everything. I don’t think Devon hates you as much as you think. Personally I think he is more afraid of your father and is just use to doing what he tells him. I don’t think that your brother is now nor ever will be a problem again.

However there are bigger things we now need to worry about and plan for. We need to prepare for your mating ceremony. It’s a custom that needs to be followed and I think it’s just the thing to bring your father to us on our terms instead of his. This is will not only bind you to each other but it will show all werewolves that the Mond Magie has come true and that its time to call the Pe Cele Vechi the old ones to oversee the whole thing.

I know neither of you want a big fuss made out of any of this and I will do everything in my power to make it as stress free as possible however this Mating will bring in packs that haven’t been seen or heard from in many years. The Pe Cele Vechi hasn’t gathered in the same place for any reason for over 100yrs. This will be a spectacle like none have seen in centuries.

Looking from one son to the other Marcus sadly could understand the looks of horror and anguish that each was feeling. But he knew they understood the need to follow the old customs and ceremonies. They didn’t like the idea but they were content in the fact that they had little choice in the matter. If they were who everyone thought they to be then this sadly was a necessary evil to overcome for the greater good of all Were’s.

The weeks that followed were long, lonely and would have broken most people. It seemed like within hours of Marcus’s announcement of a Mating ceremony and that the prophecy was going to be fulfilled. Every werewolf in the world was converging on the house. Everyone was busy trying to make accommodations for so many hunting in such a small area and other lodgings for those who didn’t wish to stay at the manor house.

The peace and quiet home that Dmitri had coveted for so long was no longer his refuge. The other packs made him uncomfortable some looked at him with awe while others looked at him with disgust while whispering how someone so small and weak could be the other half of the Mon Magie. Of course there were the ugly hateful words about “how can 2 fags be the saviors of all werewolves”.

The whispering and talking behind his back was something that our fair-haired wolf was use too. What mattered to him the most was what Marcus and Nikolis thought, well maybe the Pe Cele Vechi too. There was something about these wolves the plain and simply scared the living hell out him. It’s not that they were large men as a matter of fact one of them was built similar to him, small with a swimmers lanky build.

They gave him hope. They never once made him feel like he wasn’t anything more than he was and expected only what he were capable of giving. The rarely raised their voices to him. They spoke poked, prodded and comforted him with the same gentleness that he has come to expect from his new pack.

There were many things weighing on Dmitri’s mind one of them being Thanksgiving coming upon them quickly. Since this whole prophecy thing started and the Pe Cele Vechi came he saw so little of Nikolis. By the time they were done doing this or that it was late into the night and they saw each other in passing as each went to their separate rooms.

They were allowed to be together only at breakfast over coffee then they were dragged to their appointed appointments. A tap to Dmitri’s shoulder brought him out of his musings. “You must pay attention there is much to learn young one.

I need you to explain to me again what you remember of being chained down with those silver chains.” Sighing Philip I have told you many times I don’t remember much of that time. Hein for one reason or another always had doctors looking at me for this reason or that.

He always told me that it was because I was so freakishly white and small. On my 16th birthday I was called before my father. Even though something inside me told me that this would not be in my best interest I knew disobeying Hein would be far worse than anything he could do to me so I thought. I was asked to lie on this table, which was nothing new.

Then before I could have a change to respond I was chained around my wrists and ankles with silver. My thrashing around warranted them chaining me about my mid section as well. I was kept this way what I was cut, bleed and examined.

It was noted that I heal faster than any wolf they had seen before and that silver bruised my skin it didn’t burn or tear like it would a normal wolf. I was kept this way for what seemed like weeks but was in reality days.

He made sure I wasn’t fed or given any water in hopes to figure out any weaknesses I might have. When that didn’t seem to work he got creative and called in an old buddy of his named Twiggy. This man was huge and very talented with a bullwhip. My father has used him before to help keep his pack in line.

What I didn’t know was he had this man make a special whip. It had silver razors and wolves bane twined into it. After the first 6 or so hits the bleed stopped and the pain started”. Looking at Philip through wet tear stained eyes he finishes his tale.

“The rest of this is what I was told and what I could piece together. The Wolves bane was thought to cause harm to wolves and it does to most. To me it acts like a stimulant. Enough of the plant got into my blood stream and quickly I because hypersensitive and pulled free from chains and shifted into something to this day no one can explain.

I laid out Twiggy and mutilated the side of his face so that it couldn’t ever heal. Both of which I don’t remember nor can explain how I did it. Now that I have told you every ugly detail that is my life can I go? I need to walk the grounds and get some air”. Without even waiting for an answer Dmitri walked out the French doors across the patio and into the gardens hoping he wasn’t followed nor was there anyone in the maze of flowers and tree’s to disturb him.

He had some serious thinking to do and this was the only place he could get it done. Nikolis was pacing his father’s office yet again. The old ones have been in and out of his life for so long that most of the questions and testing had been done years ago. He had trying to convince his father to help him arrange some alone time with his mate. He sensed that his mate was restless and upset beyond what he normally sensed.

He liked knowing what his mate was feeling he just wished his mind reading skills were as good as his mates. He could sense how Dmitri was feeling or Gage his moods and as of late neither were that great. He had sensed that today was harder than previous days but he couldn’t get into his lover mind to find out why.

For whatever reason his mate was closed up tighter then a virgin on her wedding night and our dark love was fitting to find out what was wrong. At the very moment that Dmitri left the house Nikolis knew it and the restlessness was growing by the minute. Closing his eyes to try and settle himself so he could speak calmly to his father he was assaulted with images.

At first they were of the scenery, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that his mate was trying to tell him where he was. However the next set of scenes where not of were his lover was but of what his lover was doing and what he wanted. Softly the wind whispered across Nikolis’s ear and neck and a soft “please” was heard.

Knowing he couldn’t wait for his father any longer Nikolis bolted out the double doors and into the direction he knew he would find his lover naked and waiting for him. Just as he rounded the corner to enter the maze of shrubs he ran smack into a handsome strangely familiar man knocking him to his ass.

Despite being in a hurry and on being driven to the edge of self control by a mate who keeps flashing titillating pictures into his mind Nikolis offers his hand and pulls the man to his feet. It wasn’t till the fair-haired man looked up at him did he realize who it was he ran into. “Damian” he snarled it’s been a while I thought we had an understanding you were to stay the hell away from me. I no longer want you I haven’t wanted you in a very long time”.

“But Mon amour you know what we had was hot and forever why take this weakling when you know it’s me you want. Come talk to me and tell me what this man has that I do not”. Without realizing it he was ushered to a little spot that conjured up memories of when Damian and he were hot and heavy for each other.

Damian had been Nikolis first everything. For a very long time Nikolis dreamed that they would be one be mated to each other. But that was the naïve Nikolis. Anytime after they split it was for mutual gratification.

He hadn’t wanted anyone like he wanted Dmitri. Trying hard to hold on to the thought of Dmitri as He sat close to Damian and listened to him talks about lost love how he missed him and the need to make things right with him.

A sick laugh escaped his lips as he turned to Damian and said with more hatred then he felt. “Damian you and both know we were never in love. I was in lust with who you were and what you offered me. At one point I thought I was in love with you and you loved me too. Maybe I did love you at some point but it is not now nor was it ever the love you find with your mate. Dmitri is everything I ever want.

Now why are you really here? Who sent you how much are they paying you and how did you get past my father”? Damian just smirked at Nikolis’s ranting, “Nicky darling you know it was good between us. I know you want that connection back” leaning in Damian claims Nikolis’s lips with his own.

Seizing the fact that his sudden move caused his prey to gasp Damian’s claims Nicky’s mouth for his own, thrusting his tongue in the dark wet recesses then sucking on his lower lip, Backing away to catch his breath. “See Nicky you still want me, you need me as much as I need you.” Raising his hand to Damian’s chest to push him away he a very threatening and even more familiar growl reaches his ears as Damian’s weight is lifted from his body.

Standing not more than 2ft from his was his mate partially shifted. A clawed hand was wrapped around Damian’s throat as he was lifted from the ground. “MINE” was all Dmitri said as He met Damian’s eyes. Dropping the frightened man to the ground Dmitri met Nikolis’s startled eyes. Taking his lovers look to mean something other then what it was he shifted fully and ran deep into the maze, leaving a very shame faced and amazed man behind.

Dmitri ran through the maze as if his tail was on fire. He didn’t know what to think about what he saw. That wasn’t what he was worried about. He lost control he wanted to kill that man for touching Nikolis like he had. He could never remember a time where he shifted just parts of his body.

Had he not looked at the horror in his mates eyes he was sure that he would have killed and felt no remorse about it. What he could never forgive himself for was putting that look on his mates face. He should have known he would never find love or true happiness. His father was right he was cursed, a freak and unable to be loved.

Dropping where he fell exhausted he shifts back and curls into a ball and cries for all the things he had, wanted and lost. He can feel Nikolis prodding his mind trying to find him. Throwing up a shield so he couldn’t be found he falls into a fitful sleep hidden under some shrubs. Sometime later Dmitri opened his red swollen eyes feeling more alone then he had ever felt before.

If a heart could break into a million little pieces his would have right there and then. Taking a cleansing breath he scented the area for others. He was still alone. No one was looking for him, they hadn’t found him yet or they just didn’t care. It hurt let to think they just didn’t care. No that’s a lie it hurt no matter what.

Searching his mind he found something that astonished and amazed him. For the very first time Nikolis’s mind was wide open. He saw everything that Nikolis had to keep from him, how Damian and he stopped being lovers long before he came along. What stunned him the most was he saw through his mates’ eyes what he did! How it wasn’t Dmitri’s attack that caused him shame and shock.

It was that he allowed himself to be put into that position. He was ashamed of himself and so very proud of how much his young mate loved him. The tears came hard and fast again. When Dmitri couldn’t cry no more he closed his eyes and focused on where he was and how much he loved Nikolis letting him know where he was and that he was safe.

By he opened his eyes again a very shamed face Nikolis was coming through the maze towards him stopping when he saw with his own eyes that his lover was safe and in one piece. Dmitri just opened his arms. He knew they needed to talk and to work things out. There were many things he needed to explain and tell his beloved, but right here and right now it was just the two of them and their need to get to know each other all over again.

Nikolis was truly heart broken when he realized that Dmitri had run away from him. He franticly searched their connection to find him. What he found scared him more than anything ever did. There was nothing. Not even a flicker. He was fully and completely shut out of his mates’ life.

Not even stopping to see if Damian was Ok he and franticly searched out his father. If anyone could find his lost love it would be his father. He didn’t expect however what he got. Explaining everything in minimal amount of detail to Marcus he became even more ashamed. For the first time ever his father refused to help him.

“Nikolis knowing what you know about Dmitri how could you have hurt him like you have? Son, I have never been as ashamed of you as I am right now. You made this mess you have to fix it. Once Dmitri calms down he will let you know where he is. Till then you will have to stew and explain in detail what it is that He did to Damian.

Following his father into his office he sat down and started explaining what he remembered, “Dmitri was pissed more pissed then I have ever seen him ever. When he found us in the alcove His eyes has shifted and his canines has elongated. It wasn’t until he pulled Damian off of me that I noticed that his hand and only his hand had shifted into a slightly deformed claw.

Father if I didn’t know better I would suspect that he could shift random parts. He might actually have a 3rd form”. “It’s more than that Nikolis”. A new voice spoke. Turning as a small wisp of a man an “older version of Dmitri’s build” Nikolis thought. Philip what have you figured out? It’s not so much what I figured out Marcus it’s what I suspected and knew all along.

He is truly the wolf we have been seeking for many moons but he doesn’t know about what he is truly capable of. He needs understanding and love things he has so little of in his life. He is special! He is stronger physically then he looks and mentally well we are still gauging that. However we do suspect that the link between Nikolis and Dmitri is stronger than most bonded mates.

I can personally understand why Dmitri is scared there is only one other documented person who can do what he does and I can say without a doubt he could teach me a few things on this matter. Philip turns towards Nikolis pleading, “If you love him then you need to keep probing his mind and find him. He is scared alone and the one sure thing in his life is not up in the air.

He needs to know that you love him above all else. You both are going to need each other more than anyone realizes in the coming years. This is not an easy battle to be won and it will have to be fought on many fronts. I foresee a lot of pain, hardships, and losses for you both.

The only people other than your father you can trust are each other. Looking at Marcus then at Nikolis again Philip turns and walks out of the office without another word. Nikolis stands slowly thinking about everything he has been told. Gently he probes his lovers mind and finding only walls still.

Breathing in deeply scenting the air for his mate but finding only traces of other wolves in the air, Sighing as he ponders how an angry wolf could leave just a little trail. Resigned that he will not be able to find his Dmitri till he wanted to be found Nikolis wanders through the maze of shrugs thinking about everything he has learned.

Wandering around for what seemed like hours he suddenly felt the most gut wrenching pain that Nikolis feel to his knees the pain leaving him momentarily breathless. As soon as he realized that it wasn’t him that was in pain that it was Dmitri letting him know he was grieving at what he thought he lost.

Getting back to his feet he ran to where Dmitri was stopping short. His haggard and worn mate looked as bad as he felt. Closing his eyes he let lover see everything that was in his heart and mind. He needed to see for himself that it wasn’t what he did that disgusted him but what he did to his lover. Letting his lover see and feel how truly, madly and deeply he was in love.

When he opened his eyes again to look at his mate he saw that he was welcomed home with open arms. Once they were wrapped around each other a sudden and profound thing hit him. This is where he always wanted and needed to be. So wrapped up in each other neither sensed how vulnerable they were or that they were being watched by two very angry and disgusted wolves, each plotting their own form of malice and revenge on these lovers but for their own different reasons.

Soon holding each other wasn’t enough. They needed to reaffirm that they were truly mates and lovers. Clothing was shredded and hastily removed. Skin-to-Skin was what this moment was screaming for. All their problems issues were put aside for this very moment. They knew that this solved nothing other than pure and base need.

Neither of them cared at this moment. Dmitri quickly falls to his knees worshiping at his pagan alter. Slowly lick at each and every vein in Nikolis’s hard cock before taking it into his mouth savoring the weeping offering before him. Taking his lead from the growling coming from his lover as he stroked him with his tongue and massaged his balls with his hand adding a small bit of pain this he knew his lover like.

As much as he loved tasting his lovers need to feel him pounding his ass hard. Slipping Nikolis’s hard throbbing pole from his swollen pink lips with a small whimper Dmitri did the most submissive thing he could think of kneeling on all fours he presented his ass to his alpha and begged softly.

“Please Nikolis I need you more then I have ever needed anyone. Take my ass and own it! I am yours in every way possible. No matter what happens tomorrow or the next make me feel how much I am apart of you”. The pleading look in his mates’ eyes was his undoing.

How could he deny his pale love what he wanted and needed? Falling to his knee’s parting those pale globes a little more roughly then he normally would “this ass is mine isn’t it? Laving at the puckered hole before his and in sighting a low hiss and a lot of beautiful begging from Dmitri, diving into that ass like a starving man at his first meal.

Soon the need to taste wasn’t enough with a sharp smack to Dmitri’s left cheek Nikolis asks in a growly voice as he circles the puckered hole with his thumb teasing “are you ready for the pounding of your life”?

Dmitri was beyond words. Everything Nikolis was doing to him was putting all his senses into overdrive. All he knew was that he needed to be fucked hard and fast and this wasn’t getting it done. The sudden slap to his ass gave him just enough of a sting to bring himself back to the present instead of being lost in his headspace.

The teasing his hole and the light treat his lover issued was almost enough to push him over the edge. All he could do was whimper his response and push into the thumb teasing him. He couldn’t put two words together all he knew was he needed this man in him as soon as possible if not sooner.

Knowing that he has stretched and teased him enough Nikolis removes his thumb and lines up his weeping cock easing forward with more care then he thought he could muster. He pounded into him knowing that he would feel him for days after. He tried to show his wayward wolf that no matter what they were in this together forever.

Before he could ease half his cock in Dmitri rolls his hips sharply embedding his lover hard and deep into his ass causing them both to moan with pleasure. Letting go of any notion of slow and easy Nikolis did the only thing he felt he could do He owned Dmitri’s ass taking and showing ownership of what he knew was his.

The now familiar tickling as his teeth elongated. The pull of his inner wolf wasn’t going to be denied. He knew that it was time to claim what was his and he wasn’t going to be put off any longer.

Right at the height of their climax Nikolis bites the juncture were neck and shoulder met drawing his mates’ blood into him at that same moment Dmitri bites Nikolis’s wrist taking his blood into him starting the blood ritual that will bind them together as mates and as the chosen ones. However that was the farthest thing from their minds as they laid together cherishing what they found in each other.

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