Night and Day

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Chapter 7

Time seemed to move faster now that Dmitri and Nikolis weren’t being kept apart during the testing and questioning. However the Lunar Eclipse was fast approaching and things needed to be sped along. Philip did what he could to help Dmitri learn to use and control his 3rd form.

But it was hard because he could only call it forth during extreme duress and no one wanted to put the fragile looking Dmitri through that so close to the ritual. To be honest the only people who thought that Dmitri could even go through with the ritual were Marcus, Philip, Nikolis and Dmitri. They were the only people could would look past his looks to his inner strength.

However no one could miss the ominous feeling hanging in the air as if the other shoe had yet to fall. Damian disappeared before Marcus’s men could question him as to how he even got on the property in the first place and there have been whispers about Hein being seen in the woods by the old cottage.

Dmitri’s normally calm demeanor has changed as if he sensed his father being close by. Nikolis tried to keep him busy and distracted by having him help plan were they would spend time after their commitment ceremony. But nothing seemed to keep Dmitri from worrying.

Finally just tired of his mates sully attitude Nikolis did the only thing he could do while walking to yet another meeting with the “Old Ones” and doctors he yanks his lover into a dark corner and ravishes his mouth until the only thing he can think of are the dirty, hungry images he is projecting from his mind.

Whispering softly as he bits at Dmitri’s earlobe “your ass is mine tonight little one. What I am showing you in my mind right now is only the beginning. I am going to tie you to the bed using those scarves you think I don’t know about and tease torment and ravage you till the only thing you can think, feel, smell and sense is my love for you”.

Moaning softly as his lovers plans Dmitri walks stiffly to his meeting with a lot to look forward to afterwards. Chuckling to himself Nikolis turns to prepare their room for their afternoon activities never once sensing the impending danger to his and his loves life.

Hein hated to be kept waiting. He was paying good money to get this information and it had better be worth it. It sickened him to hear that the rumors were true about his son. That was indeed one of the chosen.

That he and his mate will unite and rule all Were’s and creatures alike. How would two queers know anything about leading packs! He grew more and more bitter and angry as he thought about all the time and money he spent trying to prove the pack doctors wrong. He was sure that Dmitri’s being queer was the straw that would prove him wrong.

Figures he goes and finds himself another queer and they convince the Old Ones they should lead. He has been trying all his life to get the counsel of the Elders or better known as Pe Cele Vechi to let him lead or at the very least his only real son Devon. Though after the through beating they gave Jacob before he left to hunt down and kill Dmitri he was beginning to wonder about his other son.

It would be just my luck that bitch Lily gave me to queers in her last litter. Good thing I killed and replaced her. Just as he was about to give up and go storming the house in walks a vision in black. A look of pure lust crosses Hein’s haggard face. “Isabella is about time you showed your whoring ass”.

Practically purring as she racks her long nails over his chest “darling it’s getting harder and harder to get out from under my uncles thumb”. I do however have an invitation to a mating and commitment ceremony plus one guest. You wouldn’t care to cause a little trouble at a certain party now would you?

Grabbing Isabella by her perfectly Coiffed hair he abuses her mouth with his. Taking instead of giving as Isabella melts into it. Allowing Hein to use her like a cheap whore that she is Hein took great pleasure as he beat her with a leather belt. She took the beating that he dished out better than any whore or bitch he had over the years. Too bad she about used up her usefulness.

Despite promises of taking her away from her Marcus her uncle and guardian when the shit hit the fan he planned on leaving her to clean up the mess while he take the power and control that should have been his in the first place. The more he thought about the fag of a son and his mate the harder he beat her.

Finally unconscious Hein jerks off over her face and leaves her there to clean herself up when she comes around. Picking up the invite from her purse and looked over noticing that everything would be happening in less the 48hrs he would finally be finished with one thorn in his side.

He would deal with the other one as soon as he returned to His pack victorious. With one final look back on the beaten and bruised girl to make sure she was still breathing Hein transforms and runs through the woods to hunt.

The closer to the ceremony got the more anxious Dmitri got. The day before he woke in a cold sweat screaming but couldn’t remember specifically why. All he could keep saying was he was sure that his father had figured out how to get his hands on an invitation. He could feel it in his bones something bad was about to happen.

He knew his father was going to be there and he knew that it would have to be him that fights him. Thankfully he was able to block Nikolis from some of his thoughts. He knew if his love knew he would never allow it or he would insist on fighting him himself. Secretly Philip and he had been working on his ability to call up his third form as needed instead under duress. He can shift specific parts of his body but he still hadn’t mastered more than one part at a time.

He knew he could do it if he needed too. He had in the past what he wasn’t so sure about was if he could do it to his own father. Could he overcome his fear and do what needs to be done. For now he was content in the knowledge that no matter what happens to him in the future nothing from his past could harm him any longer. He was loved cherished and special and he wasn’t the freak that his father made him believe him to be.

The day dawned dark and dreary even the clouds as scattered as they are were loomed dark and ominous. There was talk about postponing the commitment part until the weather was better suited. But even though he knew that the weather was just foreshadowing what was to come.

Dmitri was being sequestered from Nikolis for the day. He knew he needed to focus on the pending fight. Again it hurt him to close himself from his mate but it was a necessary evil. He knew that Nikolis didn’t think of him as weak but when it came to Hein it seems everyone thought that he was unable to fight him. Meditating was difficult as his mate thought it was cute to send him images of the things he had planned after the eclipse when they were alone and traveling.

Finally putting all distractions from his mind Dmitri enters a deep meditative state and stays there until he feels a hand on his shoulder. Smiling up at Philip knowing it was now time to prepare his body for the ritual and ceremony. Closing his eyes one last time he offers up a prayer to Luna and pleading for understanding blessings and the safety of all involved.

Following Philip into a candle lit room he strips himself of what few clothes he has been wearing and allows the elders to anoint and bless him. His mind again turned inward and detached from what is being done. After what felt like hours he follows the precession through the halls and out to the gardens were the ritual will take place.

The drums thumped an ancient beat and out of the corner of his eyes he could see Nikolis being lead by his own precession his skin oiled and gleaming in the pale moonlight. The scent of earth and of mates fills their nostrils calling their wolves forward as they stop before the oldest of the elders.

Darius looks from one to the other as he begins to speak “long ago it was said that a pure white wolf with three forms and a Black Wolf of great strength would be given to us at a time when they would be needed the most. Now is that time! We are being hunted by an ancient evil.

The Wolf Hunters are growing in numbers and in weapons. They have learned our greatest weakness and are using it across the world to eliminate us. Not only are they a threat but also we ourselves are threatening each other. We no longer try and help each other. We seek to destroy that which we should protect”.

Looking around to each and every clan member in attendance “we are destroying each other with our greed, misunderstandings, and hate. This is now the time that we all need to band together and fight those who seek to destroy us all. However even now there are those here who seek to undo what has been written in the stars long before many of us were born.

Not many here are old enough to remember when we were chased from our homes our countries and forced to hide who we are. Nikolis and Dmitri stand here now before all of us as our saviors and protectors. Each has overcome or is overcoming insurmountable challenges to stand before us all to bring the Luna prophecy to light.

There is no doubt in the mind of any elder to who these men are and what they are destined to do. However I ask of all of you here is there anyone who doubts what we decree? Who wishes to challenge either of these wolves?

Who doubts that despite they are 2 men that they cannot love each other deeply or work together to overcome the challenges to reunite all wolf packs and put an end to the Wolf Hunters once and for all?

There was a murmur throughout those in attendance. Just as everyone thought that there would be no challenge a cruel hateful voice could be heard. “I challenge the choices being made here tonight.

The others here maybe too scared to go against the elder’s wishes but I am not! I will not now nor will I ever allow two fucking queers to lead my pack. I would rather die than see that happen. I told you Darius just after that queer was born that he was not who you were seeking.

At every turn I made damn sure that he would not and could not live up to the expectations you had for him. Just because he was birthed from your sister Lily doesn’t made him the chosen one. I told you at her funeral when you wanted to take Dmitri that your useless bitch of a sister Lily could never had birthed anything but Queers.

Look at you oh great Elder. When are you and Philip going to let the rest of the council know what I have known for years? Your no better that the two fruits standing there with you. I told you years ago when I took your sister back where she belonged that you didn’t deserve the seat you were offered. I said it then and I will say it again now I should have been given that seat. I couldn’t challenge you then but I sure as hell can challenge your choices now.

I challenge my fag of a son Dmitri right here and now for his place on the council. Looking at his son for the first time since he tirade started “do you have the balls to face me or are you really like your mother and going to hide behind your uncles skirts or your so called mates skirts for that matter.

You got lucky facing your brother. You won because your brother let you win. I won’t make the same mistake he made I will take care of him like I took care of his fruit of a best friend”.

For the very first time in his life he saw his father for what he really was a bitter angry bully. He knew that he had to be the one to face his father alone. He had known since he had met his uncle’s mate.

The dreams were clear his father’s defeat would be the first of many steps to reunite the packs and get things moving in the right direction. He knew Devon was a better choice to lead and if he followed his heart Jacob would be a good second. He also knew that his brother’s work was far from done.

Darius and Philip’s destiny was to help bring together and train their nephews as they fulfill there given destiny. On a more personal note Luna had plans for them as well. Even though they were mated to each other but to have a third... Their Triad would be their strength and help the packs bring down those who are seeking to destroy them. Right now though it was all about going through Nikolis to get to his father he knew his mate would never just step aside and allow him to put himself in harm’s way.

Turning to his mate he was stunned by what he saw. Clearly he under estimated his lover yet again. With just a look he told him that he understood and would allow him to do what he needed to do knowing the risk involved.

With one breathless kiss to Nikolis he steps towards his father and simply states, “let’s do this old man”. Stepping into the clearing that had been marked for such a challenge Dmitri barely turned around before his father had shifted and was lunging at him. Reaching up Dmitri did the impossible he grabbed his father mid air lunge around his neck with a very menacing looking clawed hand.

“You spent most of my life hating me for something I had no control over. You had me beaten, tortured, poke, prodded and many other sick things. You hurt the few people who cared about me and you killed one of the few people who understood me and kept the other away from me why? Just for your inflated sense of entitlement.

You rule by fear and intimidation. You care only for power and money. The Elders knew this and for that reason you were kept out and that reason only”.

Throwing Hein to the group effortlessly and holding him there with a foot to now bleeding throat. You have two choices here Hein. You can leave go back to the pack and turn it over to Devon who is by far a better leader than you have ever been. Or I will kill you right here right now in front of all these people and never think of you again.

The choice you never gave me is now yours what will it be? It seemed like everyone around them was holding their breath. Most know Hein personally or knew of him. He had never walked away from a fight or a battle he would cheat to win if he had too. No one expected this time to be any different.

Swallowing the bile that was rising in his throat Hein knew he only had one chance to get out of this with any sense of pride and that was to take what was being offered. This latest blow to his ego wouldn’t go unpunished but he knew that sometimes it’s just better to walk away and fight this battle on his ground than allow himself to lose any more face with the fag lovers.

So through clenched teeth Hein utters, “I yield, you win this battle boy” raising his foot from his fallen father’s throat he knew better then to assume he won. No his father would be back and next time he knew it would have to be to the death. He saw far enough into the future to know his father’s time was growing show even if he didn’t know it.

Hein got to his feet and if looks could have killed Dmitri would have died a fiery painful death within those eyes. Without as much as another word his father was gone. The murmurs died down and everything seemed to be as if they could move forward. The funny thing about thinking everything is perfect it rarely is.

Just as Philip and Darius turned to take their places to start the Lunar Ceremony again someone from the back of the group called “Stop” of course all eyes now were on the handsome stranger making his way forward.

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