Night and Day

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Chapter 8

Damian had been watching the party from the back. He expected more from Hein than he got and sadly now it was time to take matters into his own hands. Approaching the wolves he still has the scars from the last time he under estimated Dmitri.

Damian knew he needed to do was cause enough of a distraction till Hein’s lackeys showed up then the real party starts. “Nikolis mon amour, tu sais qu’il ne peut te rendre aussi heureux que moi. Pourquoi vous sentez-vous le besoin de briser mon Cœur? Dites-leur la vérité, Que je suis l’homme pour vous. Nous aeons toujours eu une connection vous et moi.

”Nikolis couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Furthermore he was worried that Dmitri did believe what he was saying. He had never had a connection with this man. He was surer of that now than he ever was. Dmitri was his mate. His true love, His whole reason for being was the man standing not more than 5ft from him. Nikolis knew without a doubt that he wanted and needed to spend the rest of his life with Dmitri. Why all of a sudden was Damian suddenly standing there saying that nonsense in French and upsetting everyone needlessly?

What the hell was going on? Damian was up to something and he hoped to figure it out it is before it was too late. Looking first to Dmitri to gauge what his lover was thinking then turned his full attention to Damian. Shaking his head as he speaks

I am not now nor was I ever your one true love we were fuck buddies no more no less. That Was your choice not mine at the time. This connection you think we have was nothing more than sex. When I was young and native I might have thought you were the one but you never were. I like many are just pawns in your little power game. I never broke your heart you broke mine you fucking bastard but Dmitri fixed it and taught me better for it We have been over for a long time Damian However my question to you is why are you here now starting trouble? What is it that you think you will get out of this? Bringing a hand to Nikolis’s cheek he softly strokes a finger across and whispers “Oh, mon amour, mais les feux d’artifices n’ont pas encore commencé. Tu ne veux pas voir la magie que nous pouvons faire ensemble.”

With an Evil glint in his eye’s Damian leans in a kisses Nikolis’s cheek. My amour you have so much to learn and sadly it’s going to be such a painful lesson. Just as if on cue as he finished his statement the screams of terror and pain started.

Everyone was so stunned and wrapped up by what Damian was saying and had done no one noticed or sensed the danger that surrounded them. In the coming confusion and mayhem Damian sneaks away unscaved and away from the danger but close enough to pick up the shattered Nikolis when Dmitri dies or mysteriously disappears.

At least that was the plan that Hein cooked up. Lead the white wolf away from his new family and friends and the cronies would do the rest.

The plan was simple if and when Hein failed to win the fight with his son Darius was distract everyone while the rouge wolves got into place than it was divide and conquer. Get the mates far enough apart so that Hein could drug Nikolis and hide him away until Dmitri could be brought back inline and then killed.

Darius of course liked that plan because he would be right there to pick up the shattered pieces of Nikolis’s life. He really didn’t love or even care about Nikolis but he would inherit his father’s vast pack and as the pack leaders mate he would have access to money and power. Power and money was something that he understood well and sometimes you have to hurt those you care about to get what you want.

As quickly as the fight started it was over. Minimal damage to the elders or the guests however it did leave a lot of people wondering what in the hell just happened.

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