Night and Day

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Chapter 9

When the dust and madness settled from the sudden raid the questions started. Why they were suddenly attacked, what did they want and who were they after. Nikolis noticed first that Dmitri was nowhere to be found. Nikolis turned to his father with a look that said, “Have you seen Dmitri” who shook his head in response.

Systematically working through everyone at the party and everyone said they noticed that Dmitri took off into the woods after what looked like his father but no one saw him return. Closing his eyes in an effort to tune into his mate and all he saw was blackness and smelt a scent he couldn’t place but make him dizzy.

The only two things Nikolis knew for sure was that Dmitri wasn’t blocking him this time and that he was in serious trouble and he didn’t even know where to start looking for his lover. Once everyone was alerted to the fact that Dmitri was missing everyone fanned out and started searching the forest.

Nikolis knew in his gut that too much time had passed and whoever had taken Dmitri was long gone and had to have had him heavily sedated if no one was able to seek him out. The more time that passed the deeper his heart sank. He had promised his white knight that he would protect him always from his father and his cronies and he failed miserably.

The deeper Nikolis sank the more his thoughts turned to how maybe everyone was wrong about them. How was he worthy of such an important mate if he failed to protect him from an obvious set-up? Growling to himself “how could I have failed to see” Without much thought Nikolis shifted and ran.

He ran and ran this his paws bleed and he couldn’t run anymore. He didn’t care where he fell or if even where he was safe. Everything he cared about and loved was now gone. His life and safety had little to no meaning to him now. Sleeping fitfully he dreamed. Dmitri came to him and whispering love and fidelity.

Nikolis woke with tears streaming down his face and noticed for the first time he was at the stream where he first sensed his mate. A little poetic justice that it would end were it all began he thought. Wading into the stream Nikolis attempted to wipe the night’s dirt and grime from his skin. Closing his eyes letting the cold water do its job of cleaning away the dirt and grime when suddenly he saw more than sensed Dmitri. Hope flooded into him. He sensed that he was far.

He could smell other wolves. The scent was similar to his mates but different. He couldn’t hear anything Dmitri was blind folded they didn’t realize he was awake yet. His lover was trying to tell him where he was. A faint whisper was on the wind two words “evil ones” than it was dark again whatever it was they were using to keep Dmitri subdued was administered again.

Taking his knew knowledge Nikolis shifted and ran home to get help. Someone had to know what the cryptic message meant.

The last thing Dmitri remembered was chasing after Damian. There was something about that man that just rubbed him the wrong way and this time he planned on putting the evil little French man in his place. He had him cornered in the woods. Just as he was getting ready to shift and attack he felt a prick and his would went black.

He heard snatches of conversations as he fought off the drugs effect. He heard his father’s vile voice telling Damian that he didn’t care what he did with the other dirty fag but this one he had plans for. The next time he woke he was blind folded and chained down and from the faint burning sensation his father used silver and copper chains this time. He lay as still as he could and kept his breathing slow.

As he was coming to he felt his mates’ heart breaking. He knew that his mate was blaming himself and that he needed reassurance. He sent him a dream but it seemed to do more harm than good so he did the only other thing he could do without drawing attention to himself. He opened himself up to his lover and let him see, smell and hear what he did.

He also sent a clue that he hoped His dear uncle would understand. Evil Ones was the literal meaning of his father’s pack name.

Just about the time he was able to whisper the name they discovered that he has woken up and they pricked him again and he was soon asleep again. The last thing Dmitri remembered before succumbing to the drugs was his father saying, “I will take what should have been mine”

The next time Dmitri awoke from his drug induced sleep he wasn’t blindfolded. The dim lighting made it hard for him to figure out where he was at first but at least it was an over bearing bright which would have triggered a massive headache.

Scenting the air he couldn’t smell any other wolf or human close by. However there was a lingering scent of his father, Damian and a scent he didn’t recognize but knew. It wasn’t wolf but it was something that he remembered smelling once a long time ago. Slowly Dmitri stretched and noticed that he wasn’t bound like before.

Slowly he allowed his hands to skim over his limbs checking for any type of damage and wasn’t surprised when he didn’t find any. His ability to heal had always been quick however since he found his mate and his uncles started his training he healed even faster. It wasn’t till he tried to stand that he realized he was bound.

His father had a copper and silver collar around his neck and from what he could tell the chain was long enough to allow him movement but not enough to allow him to attempt an escape. Slowly he inched his way around the room.

There was a window but it was high above and even if he could shift he would never be able to reach it. He found a door but it was just out of reach. Judging from what he saw he was going to be there a while. Closing his eyes he focused on the only other person who mattered right now. He sensed that Nikolis got his message and his uncles have figured what his cryptic message meant.

His mate stopped placing blame and forgiven himself enough to throw his heart and soul into finding him. Slipping into a deep meditative state he allowed himself to leave his body long enough to try and figure out were in the hell he was and why was he here. He drifted along long stone halls.

As if out of the blue he heard woman’s voice and called to him and drew him towards a room that tickled at the back of his memory. He saw his father and his lackey’s surrounding what looked like marble slab alter. Laid there was the most stunningly beautiful woman he had ever seen.

A woman Dmitri though was long gone and buried. The suddenness of what he saw shocked him straight back into his body with a jolt. Opening his damp eyes he had a lot of think about. How in the hell could his mother be alive after all these years? He held her in his arms as she died on his 16th birthday.

Hein showed him no mercy after she died. She no longer took his beatings for him or protected him from his father’s wrath. For the first time in many years he felt abandoned.

Curling to a ball on the pallet that was his bed Dmitri did the only thing he felt safe doing. Turning into himself and reflect on what little he knew about the situation he was in and seek comfort with is mate in his dreams.

Nikolis woke to find himself standing at the edge of the stream were he first made love to his mate with no knowledge how he got there. The sudden ache in his heart stole his breath. To think that he might never share this place with Dmitri again about near killed him to consider.

Suddenly as if his mind knew something his heart didn’t Dmitri appeared on the other side of the stream looking a little worse for wear but alive and in front of him. As soon as he crosses the stream to be with his lover he found himself standing in the middle of a dank dark room that look as if it was something from a horror film.

Turning to Dmitri and drawing him into his arms he whispers “I will find you and make those pay that did this to you to us”. With a pleading smile on his lips Dmitri leans into his mate and places soft but urgent kisses to his lover’s lips than shakes his head no as he whispers “Right now this is for you... I need you to understand that no matter what happens I love you and I will always be a part of you. I need you to make love to me. Even if this is nothing but a dream we share I need you to posses and own me so I will never forget again”.

Dmitri and Nikolis met almost nightly in their dreams. However as suddenly as they started and without warning or reason they just stopped. The effect on Nikolis was devastating. Instead of sleeping at night he just wandered around lost and confused.

The most painful thing was he could sense his mate was in pain but he couldn’t see who, what, were or why. Whatever they were doing to him Nikolis knew that his mate had cut off the meetings for a very important reason. He could also feel that his lover was beginning to give up hope that he would ever be saved but he knew that deeper down that his lover stopped believing in their love.

Whatever it was that they were doing was working he could feel the complete and total surrender of hope and faith... He had never felt his lover so low. Without much thought Nikolis found himself wandering the woods one night just letting wave after wave of his lost loves despair wash over him.

Coming to a stop at the stream he first sensed his mate Nikolis longingly stared into the water until a scent drew his attention. Scanning the area he sensed no other in the area. But the scent was eerily similar to his mates but different. As he lay down and rest for the first time in what seemed like months the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. Through suddenly hazy eyes he sees a stunningly beautiful woman on the other side of the creek.

She crooks a finger at him beckoning him to follow her and without though he is by her side without knowing how he really got there. One moment they are standing side by side at the creek than they are standing in a room that could only be described as a torture chamber. The scent of sweat blood and tears overwhelmed his senses.

Blocking those from his mind he noticed one scent stood out over all the rest. Turning his head towards his the sight before him very nearly brought him to his knees. Running to towards his very reason for living he tried to free the battered, bruised and bloodied Dmitri from the old hard marbles slab he was chained too.

His fingers just passed through the chains as if he wasn’t even there. Turning and storming back to the woman Nikolis pleaded with her “Please I can’t leave him here like this” turning back to his beloved screaming out in frustration. Walking back towards his barley breathing mate caressing his bloodied cheeks and leaning close as he whispers “baby I need you to wake up for me please I need to see those beautiful black eyes.

I need to know your still with me. You promised me we would be together forever you can’t break that promise I won’t let you”. Tears streaming down his cheeks as he kisses his mates cracked lips softly.

As he turned to walk back to the woman torturing him with his love a faint sound stops him and he turns back to see dull black eyes staring back at him and a whispered “ I love You” Falling to his knees again holding his lover tight. I will get you out of here and back home were you belong and the bastards will pay for doing this to you.

Please don’t lose faith in us again and Do Not ever close me out like this again. I could feel everything but couldn’t do anything to help you endure. Stroking Dmitri’s hair from his eyes “darling your uncles have told you we are stronger together. Even though we are physically separated we can be strong together but you have to let me help you and I can’t do that when you shut yourself off from me. Promise me no more”!

A weak smile crossed our white wolf’s lips as he promises his love that he would never close himself to him again. Turning his head towards the woman “Thank you mother for bringing him here but both of you must go now.

They are coming back they cannot know that what you have done mother please take my mate back were you found him so he can bring help”. With those words and not even a good bye Nikolis stood back at the creek this time with Lily. “I think we need to go find your brother and his partner you have a lot of explaining.

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