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It's the night of their friend's birthday party. But Helen and Julian decide to have their own fun in the upstairs bedroom...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

The tables were set with the finest delicate china. The velvelty sounds of classical music swayed and danced throughout the entire generations-old mansion. The many guests were dressed in clothes worth more than a year's salary and red the wine flowed through the clearest of crystal glasses. The pleasing sounds of laughter and happiness filled the air.

Upstairs on the second floor, a different kind of party was just getting started...


The name was whispered like the coo of a dove.


A pair of ripe strawberry lips kept chanting the passionate sigh...

“Oh, Julian...”

Two piles of clothes were spread haphazardly at the foot of a dark bed carved out of mahogoney wood, a forest green dress trimmed with gold lining and a pair of matching stockings followed by a perfectly-tailored suit. Although they couldn’t speak, anyone who laid eyes on them would know exactly what story they told....

“Julian... the guests will wonder where we are if you don’t stop kissing me...”

A murmur could be heard from a pair of soft caramel lips as they wrapped themselves around the puckered toffee nipple near him.

“Helen... I’d rather spend the whole night tasting you instead...”

Julian sucked harder on her left breast, iliciting soft moans from Helen that were more pleasing to him than the music downstairs. They had been lusting after each other for the longest time and when they could take it no longer, they decided that this night, the night of their own friend’s birthday party, would instead become their night of sexual passion...

After stripping off every inch clothing, their toffee and caramel bodies melted together, one slightly lighter than the other. They had spent an hour straight on just kissing with their jet black hair covering both of their faces until Helen's strawberry lips grew swollen. When Julian moved to kiss her breasts, it was enough to turn her brain into mush.

“Gods, Helen...” he murmured as he nibbled her toffee neck and slipped a finger into her soft core. “Is all of your wetness for me?”

Helen could barely breathe at this point, let alone give her lover a coherant answer. Julian was teasing her clit with his thumb and index finger, making her even wetter and almost driving her to an early climax. So she simply closed her eyes and moaned out loud.

“I would’ve brought a towel if I had known you were going to be dripping like this... but no matter - I have a much better idea, my sweet Helen... one that I think you’ll enjoy...”

Helen opened her eyes long enough to see Julian’s dark head getting awfully comfortable between her legs before his long hot tongue licked its way up her soaking pussy. She was aleady on the verge of unraveling from pleasure and Julian could sense this... but he kept teasing her swollen clit, not quite taking the erotic bud into his mouth until Helen couldn’t take it anymore.

“Julian...!” she hissed out. “I... I love you...!”

With that, Julian finally sucked on her clit as hard as he could and Helen became completely undone. She arched her back and rode out every single wave of her orgasm. Julian drank in her creamy essence as if she were an expensive toffee dessert, making sure to leave no leftovers. Helen had barely come down from her passionate experience before her dark-haired lover was nestling himself in between her legs, his erection hard and ready to invade her tight lips. It didn’t bother him that one slip of the thin blankets could expose his tan backside to the cool bedroom air.

“Julian...” came Helen’s breathless whisper. “Julian...”

She held on tight as Julian slowly penetrated the blushing virgin’s pussy, sliding in all the way up to her g-spot. Everything about him was large and muscular and Helen smiled at having such a man in bed with her. It made her giddy with pride that she could feel just how much he truly loved her with every thrust he made into her love box. Julian couldn't resist teasing her about it.

“I’m gonna take you so hard for driving me insane tonight, Helen...” he murmured, sucking on her neck to leave a hickie.

The young woman simply giggled and said, “Fuck me until I can’t walk, Julian...”

To drive him even crazier, Helen spread her legs apart even wider and lightly raked her nails down the middle of his tattooed spine. Julian suddenly didn’t hold back anymore, ramming himself into her pussy the way a warrior charges into a battleground heading for walls to tear down. The two lovers cried out in a steady rhythm with Julian’s thrusting, desperate to create more and more friction between them and fuel the ever-growing sensual fire in their bed. Having already orgasmed once, Helen could feel another one quickly closing in on her.

“Julian...! I-I’m... I-aaarrrggghhhh...”

She latched onto Julian’s back muscles even tighter as her second orgasm blazed its way through her nervous system and leaving her entire body a wiggling, squirming mess. Only then did Julian allow his own orgasm to do the same, milking every drop he had to offer into her pulsing love box.

When he was fully emptied, neither of them could do anything else except lay there exhausted still wrapped up in each other’s arms. Fighting the urge to go for another round, Julian instead opted to give Helen a few more loving kisses, making her blush harder than she already was. She hummed and giggled against his lips, returning his affections without hesitation.

“By the way...” he mumbled in between kisses. “I love you, too, my sweet beautiful Helen...”
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