The Limelight

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* series of erotic one shots * Welcome to The Limelight! This nightclub will surely entice you to come back weekend after weekend. Filled with sexy, mysterious bartenders, and domineering owners; dancefloors filled with people looking to escape, and dj's who have the ticket for them to use. Everywhere is somewhere to use and abuse in The Limelight.

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The Boss

Charlie tried to run down the busy high street, but the crowds of stupid people seemed intent on getting in her way today. The ad for server girl which she'd ripped out of this mornings paper fluttered in her tight grip. She had already memorized the specifications listed, and the address of the nightclub which was seemingly the only place in the small town she'd moved to that was hiring. So she had dug out her only nice dress and pair of heels, and made sure her legs were clean shaven. A coating of red lipstick which she thought made her look older than her twenty-one years, but actually made her look even more like a teenage Lolita, gave her the false sense of confidence she needed to go marching straight to the club without getting an actual invite to an interview. Charlie hoped it would reflect her go-gettum attitude by taking the initiative and just turning up. She also hoped by doing this she would be the first person they talk to, and by proxy the best person to hire.

The outside of the club was fairly drab looking, all grey bricks and boarded up, painted windows. But the large neon sign above the door was like a beacon to the deviants and party-people who came in their droves every weekend. The Limelight was spelled out in large cursive, lime green letters. At night they illuminated the surrounding buildings and had been compared to an alien ship landing.

Stood underneath the now dim sign, was a tall man with long black hair which was pulled back into a ponytail which hung down to his waist, trying desperately to light a cigarette in the strong autumn wind.

Charlie stops in front of him and adds her cupped hands to his, and the lighter stays still enough for him to inhale. He grins, breathing out tendrils of smoke from his narrow nose and snaps the lid of the silver lighter shut.


"No worries," Charlie flashes a smile back, before lifting the now very crumpled advert up. "I'm hoping you can maybe help me? I saw that you're hiring and was hoping to fill the position."

The guy takes a big lungful of smoke, and looks her up and down as he blows it out, the wind whipping it over their heads. Her yellow flowery tea-dress and patent black heels don't scream the usual kind of cliental that frequents the club, but something about the way her eyes silently plead with him, makes him take pity on the sweet looking blonde girl.

"You'll need to speak to the Boss," he takes another drag before he stubs his cigarette out on the wall. "Follow me."

The fire escape door bangs behind them, and Charlie follows the swaying ponytail through the dimly lit back corridor into the main bar area. She looks round at the open room taking in the long bar and the roped off, curtained VIP area to one side.

"Ethan. I thought I'd told you no more pussy on the bar before opening." A loud voice booms across the empty dancefloor. The deep voice oozes authority, and makes Charlie's thighs clench together with hunger.

"Not what'cha think, boss," Ethan tips his head towards Charlie, "This girl is here for you." He winks at her, and whispers good luck before he picks up a crate of beer bottles and disappears back down the corridor they'd just walked up.

Charlie looks up at the dark stranger who was studying her from over the balcony. He was obviously fond of the gym, his shirt taught over bulging biceps and hard pecks, and she could make out black ink poking out the top of his shirt collar.

"So what can I do with you?" He quirks his brow at her.

"W-with me?" Charlie can feel her panties getting damp just from the heated look the man's piercing blue eyes were giving her.

"Did I say with? I meant for," he smirks, rising to his full height and motioning for her to come closer. When she was stood in front of him, he plucks the scrap of paper from her hand and looks at the quaking young girl. "You want to work here?"

"Y-yes sir."

"Have you ever been to my club before?" He quirks an eyebrow as he scans her small breasts and long legs, focusing on her bright red lips as she nervously runs her tongue over them and shakes her head.

"I just moved to town a week ago. I'm still acclimatizing." Charlie is acutely aware of his eyes following her hand as it sweeps her wavy blonde tresses over her shoulder.

"Hmm," he holds out his hand for her to take, "I have a few questions so we'll take this to my office."

He leads her up a wrought iron spiral staircase, and pushes open a solid oak door to reveal a small office. A large oak desk dominates the room, the warm tones complimenting the deep red walls.

"So what's your name, little one."

"Charlotte. B-but most everyone calls me Charlie." She bites on her lower lip as he steps closer to her and tucks her hair behind her ear.

He leans closer and says lowly into her ear, his breath making her shiver, "You can call me X."

His husky voice gives her goosebumps, and he smirks as he runs a finger down her neck and her bare arm.

"Get up on the desk."

"What?" She looks down at the table top then back at X.

He places both hand round her waist and lifts her easily onto the wooden surface. He moves her legs apart and steps in between them.

"And how old are you Miss Charlie."

"Tw-twenty-one." She gasps as he trails his thumbs up the insides of her thighs, just brushing the crotch of her panties.

"And have you ever worked as a server before." He leans forward and kisses her delicate neck, drinking in her soft vanilla fragrance and nibbling slightly as he moves down towards the top of her dress.

"Yes!" Charlie moans, and feels X's lips curl into a smile against her skin.

He eases her sky blue lacy panties down, slipping them into the pocket of his pants, before gently pushing her back so she is lying on the desk in front of him. He smiles as she squirms under his gaze, and runs his hands slowly up her legs following the path of his eyes. Charlie's panting grows louder as his fingers brush her sex.

X widens her legs and runs his hands all the way up and down her bare slit, gathering her excitement on his fingers. She arches her back as he slowly slides two fingers deep inside of her, using the other hand to massage her engorged clit. Her loud moans fill the air as he speeds up his movements, crooking his fingers inside her to hit against her g-spot.

Her body shakes as her orgasm hits, her pussy pulses around his fingers, squeezing them harder than he'd felt from any other woman.

He smiles down at the red faced beauty as she tries to get her breath back as the waves of euphoria slowly ebb away.

A slow smile graces her face. "So...did I get the job?"

Xavier Bonham smiles down at her, leaning forward and placing a chaste kiss on her cherry red lips.

"Welcome to The Limelight, baby."

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