Lust in the Library

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Nick Bellum is obsessed with reading erotica novels and will do anything to get his hands on more books. But when he breaks into an abandoned library, he finds a surprise waiting for him...

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

“We need to stop this...”

“Or we could keep going, my love...”

“Nick...! I’m a cop... ha... you’re a cat burglar... ha...! And I should be... ha... arresting you for trespassing... HA...!”

A mischevious giggle echoed around the room...

“Yeah... but instead, here you are... writhing underneath me... life just isn’t fair, is it... Josie?”

A muffled squeak was heard before the sensual sounds of lips kissing...


It had just gone midnight when 27-year-old Josie Bellowes finally ended her long work day. She had only been a cop for the better part of a year and it had been already been filled with so many crazy memories from giving people speeding tickets to hunting down dangerous criminals.

Josie was a pretty girl in every sense of the word; shaped like a sexy pear, her male coworkers had to be careful not to stare too long at her large chest and backside. Standing at only 5’1, her skin was the color of coffee with too many creams in it and she always kept her beautiful dark hair tied into a cute ponytail. Her curious dark eyes would catch every movement like a cat.

Despite being fairly new in town, Josie had fit right in with the rest of the Macaroon police force, becoming the one to catch all of the petty thieves and file paperwork on time. She lived only a short distance from her small apartment and loved to take the scenic walk instead of using public transportation.

After changing out of her uniform into more civilian clothes - a cute pink sweater and blue jeans - Josie said goodbye to her police captain and made her way outside.

It was a beautiful spring night, a full moon casting down enough light for Josie to see clearly in front of her. She was about a block from home when she noticed out of the corner of her right eye a source of light coming from across the street. She whipped her head in that direction just in time to see it disappear again.

Josie’s mouth grew dry and her stomach felt funny. The light had come from an abandoned library that closed down years ago and nobody was supposed to be in there because if caught, they would be fined for trespassing. Yanking out her taser and a military flashlight from her duffel bag, Josie quickly made her way over to empty building....

Once there, she slipped inside through the broken front door and shined her flashlight around the rows and rows of dusty bookshelves. Cobwebs seemed to hang from every nook and cranny, casting creepy shadows from the incoming moonlight. The high windows were cracked and deteriorating and she became certain that she could easily find whoever was in here.

Josie had just passed the old history section when her ears alerted her to the soft sound of rapid footsteps nearby. Before she could even turn around to see where the noise was coming from, a dark figure crashed into her from behind and Josie hit her head on a pile of dusty books, effectively knocking her out....

A short while later, Josie awoke to a bright light shining in her face. When the light moved away, she was able to make out a tall figure dressed in black with their face shrouded in darkness... until the figure stepped forward.



Josie snapped out of her brief stupor to see that she had been stripped of her clothing and her arms chained to two decorative dungeon ball and chain pieces from the library’s medieval section. They weighed about a thousand pounds each, so Josie realized there was no way she could escape. To add insult to injury, her bare body was completely exposed to Nick Bellum, a man she knew had a deep obsession with reading erotic novels. Now here he was dressed like a black cat burglar and ready to pounce on Josie again. His black latex mask contrasted perfectly against his butterscotch complexion. Although she would never tell him out loud, Nick was handsome enough to make her lady bits tremble - intense dark eyes, jet black hair, and full kissable lips.

“I would ask why the hell did you break into this library, but since it’s you, I think I already know...” Josie grumbled.

“Looking for more erotica? Yes, and I found a whole stack of them in the adult section! See?”

Nick gestered to a pile of dirty books stacked up neatly only a few feet away from them. Josie had to crane her neck to see them.

“I can’t wait to take them home and read all the filth they contain!” He looked back at Josie. “Wanna come?”

Something about the way he asked the question stirred something between the young cop’s legs. Still a virgin, she had yet to even find herself a steady boyfriend and despite her years-long secret crush on Nick, she found him more annoying than pleasing.

“Actually...” he said, looking mischeviously at the naked cop. “I could just have the real thing instead...”

Before Josie’s brain could comprehend what was happening, Nick had crawled his way between her thick creamy thighs and kissed her fully on the lips. It got her so much off guard that she accidentally opened her mouth, allowing Nick to deepen the kiss. Her resolve only weakened when she felt his clothed erection pressing up against her wet core. She heard the sound of him unzipping his form-fitting bodysuit just enough to free it, releasing the tension between his own legs.

“Nick...” Josie mumbled against his mouth.

Without answering, Nick slipped himself into her pussy, which was soaked in her own arousal. He wrapped the pretty girl around his arms and began thrusting hard. Josie couldn’t help but do the same. The chains around her wrists tinkled lightly from all of the motion going on.

“We need to... ha... stop this...!”

“Or... we could keep going, my love...”

“Nick...! I’m a cop... ha... you’re a cat burglar... ha... and I should be... ha... arresting you for trespassing... HA...!”

“Yeah... but instead, you’re here... spreading your luscious legs... and writhing underneath me... life just isn’t fair, is it... Josie?”

Nick gave a teasing look with half-lidded eyes before devouring her mouth again and thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow. To drive her even further up the wall with sexual madness, he slowed his pace for a minute to let her feel the full length of his love muscle only to speed right back up again, poking against her g-spot. It was enough to turn her into a blushing, squirming mess underneath him.

“Nick!” Josie cried against his mouth. “I-I’m gonna...”

“Do it, baby... go ahead and cum for me...”

Nick latched onto her right nipple and sucked. Crying out in pleasure, Josie orgasmed hard enough to make her entire body shake with sexual tremors. Her lover quickly followed behind, unleashing a tsunami of sperm into her heated core.


He let her tight walls milk him dry until he became limp enough to slide out of her. Lastly, he undid the chains on her wrists and kissed her sweaty forehead.

“I guess this means we’re lovers now, aren’t we?” she asked sweetly.

“If it means I get to keep loving you til the day I die... then yes, Josie, we are lovers!”

Nick held her face between his hands and kissed her one last time before saying, “Come on, baby... let’s get you home now...”

With Josie in one arm and her clothes in the other, Nick carried her out of the abandoned library and into the night, kissing her the whole time.
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