Alpha Johannes

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How can you bring down the big bad alpha, you might ask. Little Annika is trying to ask that question. But will Annika’s attempt succeed. Did Annika bark up the wrong tree and got way more then she was barking for. Let’s see if she can handle alpha Johannes and Alpha Johannes can handle the little seductress.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Soooo .... here’s what happened. I was lying in bed I’ve been hot and bothered all day. The alpha kept being near me, smelling so fucking good. It’s been so hard keeping my hands to myself. Alpha Johannes kept staring at me. I couldn’t take his heating eyes on me. I had to get the fuck out of there. I could feel my core pulse just the thought of him fucking me relentless in and out all night destroying every furniture along the way.

Sitting in class wasn’t possible I had to skip the afternoon classes but who cares about that when all you can see is the heated alphas cock staring you right in the face. I had to get a relief somehow and me walking up to him asking casually “fuck my brains out” was obviously out of the question since all the pack members was near by plus he would never touch a nobody like me. So as a good little she wolf when lunch came around I ran myself home, in my room, on my bed, sucked my fingers raw and stuck them in my aching wet pussy. I forgot to close the blinds but didn’t think twice since who would be out at this hour of the day. Everybody was either working or at school. So I paid no mind and continued. I imagined alpha johannes sitting in that corner in my otherwise unused chair staring at me with those grey-white eyes. Telling me that I should go faster, that I loved faster, harder he wasn’t wrong. That if he could he would suck my wet pussy until it was dry, empty out my sweet nectar as I imagined so delicately. But who was I kidding he wouldn’t touch me I was underage. Well 17 about to hit 18. And at that thought my before hot and bothered body started to calm down and I opened my already closed eyes up.

And that’s when I saw him alpha johannes in the window. I think he followed me to ask if I was okay since I ran so fast out of the school. But since my room is on the ground floor, there were now full access for a free show to my little display. To begin with I didn’t understand why he came in the first place. Theres hundreds of student in my school so why did he follow little old me? He could have spent his already precious time on something far more important. But he just stood there. Didn’t say a thing. Didn’t run for the hills. And unfortunately didn’t come in to join me. So I thought why not have a little fun. What if there to loose? Right? I walked up to the window. Opened it a little bit and looked to his side to make sure nobody was watching now. I learned my lesson. Luckily no one was there for miles and alpha johannes still didn’t say anything. It didn’t look like he was in shock. But intrigued on what would come next. And maybe turned on if I do say so myself. So I think he was on board on what was about to go down. At least when it came down to maybe continue the show. So I gave him a small smirk and a wink and walked back to bed while deliberately swaying my somewhat existing hips, and did I forgot to tell you I was butt naked and I knew it was a risk I had to take when walking up to the window to check if we had a bigger crowd or not. But back to the action. I sat down in my bed and still alpha johannes eyes were on me, watching calculating what I would do next. I opened my legs so very slow hearing him groan only spurred me on. I took old Bobby out my dildo from the dresser right next to my bed and put it in me so hard and quick I screamed from the intrusion.

Alpha johannes looked like he was about to jump in from the scream. But he stopped himself.

I fucked my pussy raw and played with my aching clit whilst. It was heaven for me. Alpha johannes eyes was gleaming with lust and desire and you can bet your sweet ass that, that made me moan even louder. I kept fucking myself in a fast brutal, relentless way and tried my best to keep my eyes open. And that when I saw it alpha johannes crawled in from the small opening from the window. I don’t know by me opening it he took it as a invitation but he came in anyways. He closed the window after him to make sure nobody would hear the next moans, groans and what not.

He pulled his cock out to stroke himself he was rock solid and well packing. And my pussy was screaming at me to ask him to put it in. He started to speak “little Annika what do we have here. Your little display. Are you trying to riled me up. Do you want me to fuck that little pussy of yours. Because if you’re not careful your wish will be granted”. I moaned and he continued while stroking his cock. “That sweet coconut scent have been teasing me while I was at your school. I’ve been hard all day and I know you know. I have been squirming to try and avoid anybody seeing since we were in such a public place”. Oh my god, I was coming undone and reaching higher and higher for each word he spoke. I didn’t say anything only continued my fast pace both on my clit and in my pussy with my trusted dildo. And me not stopping him only lead him on with his dirty naughty words. “So Anni, you like me speaking like this. You like me speaking to you like the filthy little slut that you are. Oh my sweet little coco I can continue for as long as you want. I can fuck that pretty little throat of yours, pounding my hard cock down so far that your throat will hug my cock all the way to the hilt. You want that, I bet you do, because I do”. I was nearly there. “ I have imagined taking you on the school table right there in class for everybody to see, for everybody to know that only I can make you scream and squirm”. Fuck I couldn’t hold on. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck - I’m coming” I moaned so loud that without a doubt the neighbors could hear me. while alpha johannes continued speaking “not yet my little coco not until I’m done. I say when you can come”. I paused. Fuck. I was nearly there but I had to stop or I would have come that very second. He looked at me and said “my good little coco, now I have business to attend to and since I don’t get to finish neither do you. I will see you later and we can pick up from where we left off. He took his massive throbbing cock back in his pants. It looked uncomfortable. And walked out but not before giving me a sharp look that spoke in volumes don’t go and finish before I say so. “Got it alpha johannes” I thought to myself and fell back down on my bed after he left. Great, just great what now.
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