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A compilation of sexy one-shots aimed to grant every sinful desire, tantalise every palate, satisfy every kink, and filthy thought, leaving you shocked, triggered, turned-on at the same time. ⚠ These stories contain cheating, partner-swapping, betrayal, multiple lovers, selfishness, and characters who have no shame. So do not read this if you get triggered by any of those. This book is clearly not for you. Even I got triggered as I wrote the stories, so feel free to hope they rot in hell and get their comeuppance someday.

Erotica / Romance
Kelly Lord
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My Best Friend's Boyfriend

“Is that Grant over there?” I say as I stand on my tiptoes to peer across the club. “Who’s that girl he’s with?”

“Where?” Kirsty, my best friend since high school pushes past to see for herself.

“It’s probably nothing,” I add, checking Kirsty’s reaction from the corner of my eye.

“How would you know?” she snaps, angrily. “You’ve never had a boyfriend, and probably never will. Maybe if a man paid attention to you, you would appreciate how their minds work.”

Her harsh words make me bristle, but I shrug them off like always. “Okay, so say they are flirting… What are you going to do about it?” I keep feeding her temper like I’m loading the barrel of a gun.

“Just watch and learn. Nobody flirts with my man and gets away with it,” she growls, then bullies her way across the crowded dance floor.

I observe through narrowed eyes as she disappears through a cloud of dry ice and a mass of gyrating bodies, knowing there’s going to be hell to pay if I don’t keep up.

Ahh… here we go again. Another Kirsty bomb is about to explode.

The only reason we came out tonight was that Grant was out with his friends from work, and Kirsty didn't trust him. The girl was a colleague. I knew that because I paid close attention when Grant spoke about the people he worked with. But Kirsty forgot this because she was a self-absorbed bitch who loved herself. Sure, Grant was hot. He was the best-looking guy in the club. Mr perfect. A green-eyed god, who ate clean and worked out daily. He was book smart and a vet in training. Grant Saunders was everything I wanted in a husband. He was the kind of guy my father would approve of, and it was hard to appease a man like my dad. Both my parents were doctors. But just because I grew up in a stable middle-class home, it didn’t stop the haters from pointing out I was the only mixed-race kid at school. Dad always told me to stand up to the bullies, and I did to a degree. I picked my battles and saved the best for last. It was a long-term agenda. A vicious vendetta. Payback was a bitch and her name was Jade Williams. So, I joined forces with Kirsty, who was the biggest bully of them all. It was easier to hide behind her blonde, beautiful, callous exterior and turn a blind eye to all of her spite. It kept the others off my back, at least.

“What are you doing here?” Grant splutters with a gasp of surprise as Kirsty drags the girl away by her hair. “Kirsty, stop!” he roars, outraged by her jealous antics. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.

Her behaviour is so predictable, Grant should be used to it by now. I don’t understand what he sees in her. They were not the kind of opposites that attracted, just like mixing oil and water. Kirsty couldn't even hold down a job and was still scrounging off her parents, intent on using Grant as a meal ticket.

“Who is she?” Kirsty growls at Grant, demanding an explanation.

I trail behind several seconds later, wincing with an apologetic grimace. “I’m so sorry,” I mouth to Grant.

His eyes land on me, and they warm for an instant, then flash angrily back at Kirsty.

“She’s a friend from the veterinary college,” he tells her, gesturing at the pretty red-head who was fixing her hairstyle. “This is Stacey; she has a girlfriend; she’s not into guys.”

I remember him mentioning her, but Kirsty must've forgotten. She never listened to him and probably never would. She picked the clumps of torn hair from her fists, checking in case she had chipped a nail.

“Likely story.” Kirsty rolls her eyes as if she thought it was bullshit. “She was gazing into your eyes like you were just about to kiss,” she fumes. “I know you’re cheating on me with her… Just admit it.”

Grant looks at her aghast and staggers back with disbelief. His friends escort Stacey to the bar, buying her a drink to calm her nerves. It gave Grant and Kirsty some much-needed space, but it was obvious from the disdainful glances they were casting, that they all despised Kirsty.

“I can’t do this any more,” Grant expresses, holding his palms out in defeat. “How many times do I have to prove to you I’m not a cheat? That’s it… I’m going home. You’ve ruined another night with my friends. Don’t bother following me because I need some space to think about what I want.”

Kirsty scoffs at his comment, “Yeah... To see other women?”

Grant flinches with a mixture of hurt and sadness but refuses to retaliate. It was a wise decision because the mood Kirsty was in, it would only add more fuel to the fire. I admire Grant’s perfect arse as he stalks towards the exit, lusting after him as he left. All those lonely nights I touched myself in bed, pretending it was him, longing so hard for it to come true. So what? He was my best friend’s boyfriend. She had never been that good of a friend to me, anyway. She only used me as a side-kick, so she didn’t have to walk into the club alone or pay for her drinks. I was sick of all her put-downs, telling me I ought to lose weight or that I would look prettier if I had a nose job. My African roots had graced me with round bosoms that made her chest seem as flat as an ironing board. I had enough junk in my trunk to put J-Lo to shame, but I loved what I saw in the mirror. It wasn’t up to Kirsty Cartwright to decide what was beautiful and what wasn’t.

“I need another drink… Go to the bar and get me a double vodka coke,” Kirsty barks an order at me as if I'm her personal skivvy. “I’m going back up to dance,” she announces before sashaying to the dance floor.

“Cheeky cow,” I hiss under my breath, although the music is so loud, she doesn’t hear me.

I take a millisecond to weigh up my options. Grant would be outside thumbing a taxi and I need to catch him before he leaves.

A cunning smirk spreads across my face as I slip off to seduce the man I had been craving for years. He was angry, upset, and needed to release all of that pent-up frustration. He might as well do it inside me. I had three orifices to offer—mouth, arse, and cunt. Two of the three remained unsullied, all nice and tight for Grant.

“Fuck you, Kirsty… I’m going to shag Grant tonight, and I’ll make him mine.” I flick my waist-long cornrows over my left shoulder and stalk him like a lioness.

He's standing at the roadside with his back to me as I arrive. A black cab pulls up. He hops inside, and I grab the door before it shuts.

“Mind if we share?” I say, startling him.

He’s at eye-level with my tits and gets an ample view of my cleavage. There was plenty to look at. Big, bouncy breasts to rub his cock between. What I wouldn't give to receive a pearl necklace from Grant. I could think of many ways to satisfy that man.

“Not at all,” he responds politely.

I wonder what he is thinking as he exhales a soft groan, shifting across the seat so I can climb inside. Our knees touch, but he doesn’t move away. My dress rides up my thighs, sparsely covering my pussy. He keeps glancing at it and butterflies fill my stomach. I drag in a deep breath of Grant’s spicy cologne and my pussy throbs with impatience. It’s killing me. My clit feels like a football between my legs, pulsing with the urge to fuck.

“Where to?” the cabbie asks.

Grant and I glance at each other. My shy exchange is fooling nobody as I chew on my lip. He looks back at me as if he’s trying to read my expression.

“Where do you want to be dropped off, Jade?” Grant asks, being the perfect gent as always.

I place my hand on his knee and give it a gentle squeeze. He’s bemused at first, but it doesn’t take long for the realization to settle. It’s pretty obvious what I’m offering: a happy ending to his ruined night. His tongue darts between his lips as if he's considering it. Then he stammers his address to the cab driver.

The taxi moves and takes us to through the empty streets, leaving Kirsty dancing away and unaware of what's going to happen.

“Are you sure about this?” Grant whispers in my ear. “I’m still in a relationship with Kirsty. I don’t know what she’s told you about me, but I have never cheated before.”

I knew that, having personally stalked him for years.

Placing my finger against his lips, I silence him by saying, “But you’re about to.”

He doesn’t protest, he just nods as the excitement flashed through his eyes. The taxi stops outside the house that Grant shares with a friend, and he thrusts a twenty-pound note through the gap in the window. The fare is only a fraction of that amount, but he’s eager, and I love it.

“Keep the change,” he insists, desperate to get us inside and out of these clothes.

The rumble of the engine fills the slumbering street as the cab drives away. Grabbing Grant by the lapels of his jacket, I pull him down for a sensuous kiss. He reciprocates, grasping my arse as if he’s fondling ripened fruit. I taste the whiskey on his tongue and feel the swell of his cock as he rubs up against me. He pulls back for a second, his eyes darting between mine for consent.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asks, “I won’t take advantage of you if you’re drunk. You're Kirsty's best friend...”

I lean up and kiss him again, then suck his tongue like I was sucking his cock. His eyes glaze, and I cup his face between my hands and run my thumbs through his short stubble.

“I don’t drink so there’s no chance of that happening,” I reassure him, witnessing the relief in his smile. “As for Kirsty... I'll soon make you forget about her.”

“Kirsty who?” he murmurs with heat in his eyes.

We stumble through his front door, kissing and pawing at each other’s clothes in a lustful frenzy.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” he whispers against my lips, huffing a smile.

“I’ve wanted you for ages,” I tell him, grabbing his erection through his jeans.

“Oh, god…” Grant groans as we crash against the wall. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Jade. I can’t believe this is happening,” he repeats like some tantric mantra.

Kicking the door shut with his foot, he dumps the keys on the floor. My bag plummets alongside them and I clear them away with my foot. I hear someone flushing the toilet upstairs, and then footsteps shuffle back to a bedroom. It doesn’t throw us off our stride. His housemate doesn’t come down to investigate. So what if he did? The thought of getting caught was all part of the thrill. It was my ultimate fantasy.

“Bedroom or living room floor?” Grant offers.

“Let’s go into the living room. We don’t want to keep your roommate awake,” I decide, pulling him by the hand like I knew the way.

My pussy has never been so wet. The moisture seeps through my thong and trickles down my thighs. Grant strips away my clothes like he’s unwrapping a gift. He unclasps my bra, spilling my huge breasts before him, dragging his pink tongue around my brown areolas, then devours my nipples like he’s sucking on chocolate drops.

“I can’t get over the size of these babies,” he compliments, unable to contain them in his shovel-sized hands. “And that arse.” He grabs the meaty globes, then lets a finger slide inside my pussy.

At twenty-five years of age, I have never been fucked before, never so much as shoved a Tampon inside my cunt. The stretch and burn of Grant’s finger causes me to gasp with delight, then he adds another, and I am putty in his hands.

“Oh…” I moan. He invades me like he's conducting an internal examination and I let him touch me however he likes. My pussy is his to use and abuse. Grant seems like the considerate type to kiss it better afterwards.

“You’re so tight,” he murmurs against my lips as we kiss. “Is this too rough?”

“No… I love it,” I reply. “I want you to use my body however you choose. Don’t hold back. Give me everything you've got.”

As he pumps his fingers through my quivering centre, I rip open his shirt to expose his sculpted abs. Buttons bounce all over the floor like a broken string of pearls. The cotton hangs from his shoulders like a tattered rag. It was one that Kirsty had bought with her parent’s money. I intended to use it to wipe Grant's seed from my snatch, then mail it back to her with compliments. Like the greedy girl I was, I unbutton his jeans, wanting my prize. Grant thumbs my clit with a dexterous touch. I quake in his embrace, seeing stars bursting behind my eyelids. I’m glad he has experience with sex. All that practice with Kirsty has made him a pro, but now it’s my turn. She primed him, ready for me to steal, and now it will be my pussy he pounds each night. My name he utters on his lips as he comes.

Despite being a virgin, having saved myself for Grant, it didn’t mean I was a novice at sucking dick. Kirsty’s fraternal twin let me practice on him during our lunch breaks at work. It was handy sharing an office with him. It made the time fly by quickly. Kev taught me everything I know, especially how to deep throat. His cock was enormous. It took me a while to learn to swallow it. When I perfected my technique, he said I was the best he’d ever had—even better than his wife. I loved receiving compliments like that. It really stroked my ego. The trick is to massage the balls, right before they detonate. Then I gulp down the cream like I’m enjoying a protein shake. Occasionally, if we had enough time before lunch was over, Kev would feast upon my pussy. I even had a phone conversation with Kirsty while her brother was eating me out. My knickers were hanging from the heel of my stiletto, skirt around my hips, my legs splayed over his shoulders, spread wide apart, my bare arse resting on his desk, and my fingers stroking his blond hair as he lapped with dedication. Kev was such a giver, always making sure that I came, sometimes twice, even three times in one day. Kirsty didn’t question why I responded with, “Hm-hm,” all the time, and our conversations often ended with a tremulous, “Ooh, yeah,” as I squirted my juices into her married twin’s mouth. If Kirsty ever found out about it, she’d be mortified. But not as crushed as she’d be if she saw me now, flying apart on her boyfriend’s fingers as if he was playing a string instrument.

“Oh, god, Grant… Right there!” I encourage, then came with a squeal. He keeps going, letting me ride out my climax, and I soak his hand with my juices.

I yank Grant’s jeans down with his boxer briefs, rewarded by the giant cock that greets me. My eyes mist up at the sight of it, awed by his meaty weapon like it’s one of the seventh wonders of the world. Bigger than Kev's, and thicker. I’m so happy, I could cry.

His balls are devoid of hair, cleanly shaven with just a short thatch above his groin for friction. It was the perfect amount to rub on my pulsing, swollen coffee bean.

“May I?” I ask, kneeling before him, angling his cock at my mouth. He sucked my juices from his fingers as if savouring an ice-cream, groaning as he did.

“Slide those gorgeous full lips around my dick and suck it like you’re sucking out my soul,” he begs, and I was only happy to oblige. I wanted him to enjoy this, hence the reason for all the practise.

I take my time to savour the sight and scent of him, all musk and masculinity as I lick the bead of pre-cum from the slit and swallow him whole. His length slides down my throat, aided by my slippery tongue. As my nose disappears into the small thatch of curls, my chin nudges the base of his balls. He gasps and I swipe the tip of my tongue across the underside of his taut sac to tease the perinea. His crown swells with blood, forcing me to rely on my nasal passages as my only source of oxygen. My tonsils hug his girth like a welcome home party, applying the right amount of pressure to lock him in. Looking up through my lashes, I get to admire the shadowy view of Grant from this perfect angle. The sound of guttural groaning and wet slurps fill the air all around us as I suck, and he rocks back and forth on the pads of his feet, fucking my mouth. If anyone were to come downstairs and flick on the light, they would catch us outright. It wouldn't put me off in the slightest.

“Ahh, Jade,” he breathes my name in a strangled moan. “Let me eat your pussy at the same time. I’ve fantasized about this for way too long.”

He has?

I stop bobbing on his cock while we get into a sixty-nine position, sprawling out on the short pile rug. He rolls me on top of him and I line us up, ready to start again. Grant’s warm breath gusts against my labia as I resume sucking his dick like a lollipop. The second he gives me his hot, wet tongue, I undulate my hips and mewl like a hungry kitten.

“Mmm… Mmm…” I moan with my mouth full.

Kirsty… if you could see us now, you’d be sick as a dog.

“Fuck… you taste amazing,” Grant murmurs as he feasts. The wriggle of his tongue feels like magic, setting my nerves alight.

The urge to text Kirsty is oh so strong, and I reach for my phone to snap a filthy pic to send to her. I want her to see my lips around Grant’s cock and ask her to guess who’s tonging my clit. My phone is too far away, and I whimper, abandoning the mission. It disappoints a small part of me at the wasted opportunity. Grant’s tongue danced around my cherry like he’s willing it to pop. So, I suck his cock like I’m siphoning his life essence, but he refuses to give up his cream, wanting to prolong our lovemaking for as long as possible.

Light catches my eye from Grant’s mobile phone; it’s within arm’s reach on the floor. If Grant has seen it, he doesn’t take notice. Kirsty’s name appears, and I snatch it up and swipe to cancel the call, relieved that he had the sense to put it on silent. Twice more I have to swipe to cancel her calls, taking power from the fact that I was here, fucking her boyfriend, and she was none the wiser. So what did I do? I text her from his phone, asking her to come here because I have a surprise. Wicked, I know. But how else was she supposed to catch us at it?

Ten minutes are all it takes to get a cab ride up here, and I glance up and notice her peering through the living room window, squinting into the darkness. I shudder through my climax, moaning loud enough to wake the dead.
Confusion floods Kirsty’s face; she can see writhing bodies but can’t tell who they belong to. Now she’s torn between the risk of disturbing a copulating couple and waiting it out until we finish. The dirty bitch keeps watching us from her viewing point, unable to peel her eyes away. Grant flips me over and positions his cock at my drenched entrance. My fingers dance across his back, feeling the contours of his muscles.

“I don’t have a condom,” he pants, desperately. “They’re upstairs in my bedside drawer.”

“It doesn't matter. Just fuck me,” I beg. “I need this,” I say, guiding his arse to the place where I need it, dipping him deeper, deeper until my lower lips press a wet kiss to his cock head.

It’s true… I want this more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. I knew what would happen when I went out with Kirsty tonight. This whole thing was a set-up from the start. I put the idea of Grant cheating into her brain, turning her into a jealous bitch. I also knew this was the perfect night for me to fall pregnant, thanks to an over-the-counter ovulation kit. Grant was going to become my husband someday, and I would go to extreme lengths to ensure that I get him. The wedding was all planned out in my head: the dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids. OK, I would have to choose an alternative maid of honour.

Grant pushes inside me, bursting my virgin walls apart, and starts thrusting. I’m so full, I can’t tell pleasure from pain until it feels amazing. I wrap my legs around his waist and cling onto his arse as it pistons above my groin. Kirsty’s jaw hangs open and my mouth forms a perfect ‘O’ as I wail my exultation. Grant fucks me with abandon, rutting into me like a man crazed with need. It’s so good, I don’t realize that Kirsty has gained entry with a spare key until she flicks on the light—just as we belt out our crescendo in a clash of limbs. I see the horror etch across her face as she catches Grant balls-deep inside me and my orgasmic grimace as I come hard on his cock. Grant roars his release, emptying his balls like he’s hitting a target. I feel him filling me with a warm gush of seed.

Yes! My ovaries were screaming in triumph, flinging eggs at his swimmers like they were throwing confetti.

Grant treated me to another grateful thrust, clenching his arse as if he was wringing out a wet cloth. “Ugh,” he grunted his enjoyment, then panted, “Best sex of my life.”

I bet hearing that felt like a kick in the fanny.

Kirsty’s eyes dance all over his back to where I scored the skin with my nails. Her mouth flops open and closed like a fish out of water, and I flash her an evil grin. I want to thank her for turning my fantasy of being watched into a reality, but I doubt she would appreciate the sentiment.

“Hi, Kirsty…” I purr her name in a sex-drunk haze, my pussy still caressing Grant’s cock as he jerks above me. I can’t help but chuckle, relishing every second of this.

Grant glances over his shoulder, noticing the light is on and that it’s his girlfriend who is standing in the doorway and not his roommate like he thought. With our clothes strewn all over the floor, buck naked and joined at the groin, the essence of sex is so thick I can almost chew it.

“Grant?” Kirsty announces with a heartbroken sob. “You bastard.” Her eyes flick to me. “And you… You nasty slut.”

Grant rolls off me, exposing my gaping hole. Kirsty eyes it with disgust, and I keep my legs spread so she can see his cream seeping out of my chocolate clam.

Yes, love, Grant is responsible for that. Your boyfriend destroyed me and turned my insides into a sticky mess.

“I’m not a virgin any more. Grant took care of that,” I respond with an accomplished chuckle just to rub salt into her wounds.

She saw the love bites all over our bodies and swallowed a gulp that must have hurt. Good. This was payback for all the hateful things she ever said or did to me.

“Kirsty?” Grant says, scrambling to his feet. I follow suit, standing unabashed at his side.

He doesn’t even try to hide his glistening cock as it hangs like a deflated balloon, exhausted and spent.

“You fucked my boyfriend, you bitch,” she wails at me. “How could you do this to me?”

If she was waiting for me to apologize, then she was shit out of luck. “Yes, I fucked him. And it was epic. I forgot how many times he made me come; it was so good. You never told me how big his dick was. If only I knew, I would have fucked him ages ago.” I intended my words to hurt, and I gained the reaction that I wanted, witnessing Kirsty reduced to tears.

This was the part I was dreading. I thought this was it; Grant was going to ask me to leave, and he would try to beg Kirsty’s forgiveness. Maybe console her. But he doesn’t.

Turning to me, he says. “It doesn’t have to end there. We can go for as many rounds as you can manage. I’m not due back at work until Monday.”

My heart does a backflip inside my chest.

He pulls me in for a kiss and I gaze back at him, besotted. “Me neither. What a coincidence.”

“Kirsty… get the fuck out of my house and never come back. We’re done,” Grant mutters without sparing her a second glance. “Cheating on you was the best decision I ever made. I won’t apologize because I’m not sorry.”

“I say when we’re done,” she returns, flapping her arms like an angry seagull. "You can't leave me for her."

Grant raises his voice over her ranting. “No… I’m telling you, it’s over. I always had a thing for Jade. Now that I've had a taste, I want more... Much more.”

“Aww, Grant?” I gush, feeling touched by his words.

“I’m so in love with you, Jade Williams. Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks, gazing deep into my eyes as is he was searching my soul.

“Yes…” I reply, needing no time to think about it because it was everything I ever wished for. “I love you too.”

And the little bean we undoubtedly created loves you too, baby daddy.

Do I feel guilty of the nature in which I claimed Grant? No, I don't. I seized what I wanted. After all, I was an 'all or nothing' sort of girl. Call me ruthless and deceitful, I couldn’t give a toss. I had been called worse names before, but it was like water off a duck’s back.

Kirsty spat more profanities at us as we kissed, then slammed the door as she left. Grant led me to his bed where we fucked all night long, taking my pussy and my arse. It was an exhausting weekend, and I struggled to walk on Monday morning. Grant's roommate moved out, and I moved in. We needed the extra room for the new arrival. I never heard from Kirsty again. Not even when we invited her to our wedding. Or to the twins christening. It’s our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary next week. I don’t expect she’ll show up to that either. Her loss was my gain.
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