Peach Cobbler

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Emalee & Adrian are a secret couple in college who fool everyone around them by preteding to hate each other. But behind the closed doors of Emalee's dorm room, everyone is unaware of the passionate flames that burn so hot between them... **THIS STORY CONTAINS ANAL PLAY. IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, DO NOT READ!**

Erotica / Romance
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Peach Cobbler

“Well, if you feel that way, then why did you bother to come?!”

“Good question! I really don’t know... maybe I just wanted to get drunk and turn up??”

I took a sip of wine from my glass to emphasize my point and tried to keep from making a face. Adrian, the large hunk of a man in front of me, reached over to grab my drink. Several people at the house party had turned their heads to watch us... just like I wanted them to.

“Emalee, stop acting childish!”

“Maybe I could! But there’s just one problem with that - a child is all you'll ever see me as! I’m already 26 and I’m STILL not adult enough for you!”

I finished the bitter wine in my glass and smashed it against the fireplace.

“And I know you don’t want me in this dress because you don’t want any other men looking at me! I know I’m not tall and skinny and beautiful like all of the other bitches who throw themselves at you! But MY body is cute and curvy and I have EVERY right to show it off, whether you like it or not!”

I finished my rant by picking up empty beer bottle and hurling it at Adrian’s head! He barely ducked in time before it, too, smashed into a wall behind him. At that point, the host of the party, my best friend Janice, stepped in to stop me.

“Alright, Emalee, that’s enough!” she shrieked. “Adrian, I think you better take Emalee back home to her dorm room...”

Adrian nodded and the next thing I knew, he was throwing me over his shoulder as if I were sack of potatoes and rushing me out of Janice’s party. The short skirt of my black lace mini dress rose up and exposed my entire butt to the warm summer night air outside. Once we were out of sight, I heard Adrian chuckle as he began to put me down.

“I think you overdid it with pretending to be drunk, Emalee,” he purred in his deep voice, holding me close to him with his muscular arms.

Adrian was a big ol’ tattooed teddy bear of a man who kept his shape by lifting weights in the Ginger University’s workout room. Standing at just over six feet tall and nearly 200 pounds, he towered over my little 5’5 frame by more than a head... and did I mention that he was handsome as hell, too? Raven black hair that fell to his broad shoulders, thick eyelashes, dark olive skin, both of his ears pierced with diamonds, and a pearly white smile underneath a pair of full lips.

We’ve been pretending to hate each other since high school and everyone fell for it... little did they know how fast I would jump that man’s bones on Janice’s front lawn if he told me to! The stunt we pulled tonight was just another way to make things more believable. I’m not even sure when we fell in love for real; all I had was plain dark hair and big brown eyes, but Adrian said that he always found me “cute and fiesty with delicious curves.” I stood on my toes to give him a deep kiss.

“Whatever,” I mumbled. “They fell for it, didn’t they?”

“Mmm... I should spank you with my bare hands for throwing that bottle at me, my love...”

I pulled away from his mouth long enough to say, “Well, you have to get me home first...”

Adrian realized with a dumb horror that we were still near Janice’s dorm and I giggled as he picked me up in his arms again to carry me towards my own.


I decorated my college dorm room with all of my favorite childhood things from growing up in the 90s - a Rugrats bedspread, a Bratz telephone, a pink nightlight that I had left on to brighten my space, and whatever other knickknacks I collected.

We had just barely made it inside my room and locked the door before it all became too much and I started pawing at Adrian’s T-shirt. He took the hint and broke away long enough to tear it away from his body. His grey sweatpants were next followed by my black lace dress. Neither of us had worn any underwear in case our plan worked tonight. So far, no complaints.

“Turn around...” he rasped.

Ignoring the heat between my legs, I did as he said with my ass in the air and peeking behind me to look at him. Adrian was smirking hard enough to show off his dimples and his dick was already standing at attention.

“I know I said I wanted to spank you, Emalee... but I think you deserve something extra tonight...”

I watched him reach into my nighstand drawer and pull out my special peach lubricant that I had been saving! My eyes bulged when it dawned on me what he wanted to do.

“Do you trust me? Just say the word and I’ll stop...”

I craned my neck to give him a kiss. “Of course, Adrian... just... please go slow...”

For a second, Adrian looked like he couldn’t believe that I’d just said yes. Then he snapped out of it and lathered up his genitals with plenty of lube until it was practically dripping. My tight hole was next as he spread more with his finger.

“You ready, Emmie?” he whispered, pulling me close to him in his arms.

I nodded quietly and braced myself for impact. Adrian kissed my cheek before slidding himself inside at a snail’s pace. The lubricant definitely made it easier, but it was still a tight squeeze. He started a steady rhythm of thrusting into me a little bit faster and slapped my left ass cheek, making me cry out. My pussy was soaking wet at this point.

“How’re you feeling, my love? You’re taking me in quite well...”

Adrian pinched the same cheek and slapped it again. Then he seized my swollen clit between his thumb and index finger.

“I want you to cum for me, baby... think you can do that?”

“Mmmm... just kiss me...”

My handsome hunk didn’t hesitate to kiss the life out of me, rolling his sweet tongue over mine with a wet smacking noise. This must’ve turned him even more because his thrusting inside my ass started to become more desperate and he fingered my dripping pussy.

“Emalee... I’m... where do... you want... me...?”

“I-Inside...” I choked out.

One last pinch to my clit was enough to finally make me unravel. I cried out against Adrian’s mouth as he released his load into my backside with a grunt, claiming it as his. When he was fully emptied, he slid out with ease and I turned around to face him. Without a word, he tucked me into my bed, slid underneath my covers, and lovingly kissed me again.

“That was delicious, baby,” I murmured. “But now I need your cock inside my pussy...”

Adrian laughed a little as I spread my legs for him.

“What am I going to do with you...?”

“Mmm... shut up and fuck my pussy...”

Pinning my arms above my head, Adrian pushed himself into my love box with hardly any effort at all and thrusted wildly like an untamed horse. I sure was glad that no one was around to hear us because the moans I released were far from quiet!

“OH! Yes! Adrian! Mmmm... fuck...! Please... ha... don’t stop...!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it...”

By now, my boyfriend had wrapped me up tightly in his arms and was making my bed shake from all of the motion going on. I didn’t want this to end so soon, but I could already feel the itch of another orgasm approaching.

“You like this, Emalee... don’t you, baby? You like it when I make sweet love to your hot body? When I fuck your tight little pussy...?”

Just when my climax was getting stronger, Adrian unexpectedly slowed down on his thrusting, making sure to tease my sweet spot. It was enough to drive me insane with sexual frustration.

“Ha... ha... Adrian... the fuck are you...?”

“I want... to marry you... Emalee... ha... will you... please... ha... be my... wife...?”

I had barely began to comprehend what he was asking me when he started to speed up again, his thick cock pounding my pussy into full submission.

“Yes... ha... I’ll marry you...!” was all I could get out.

After that, I became a woman of very little words, just a wiggling, squirming mess underneath my Adrian. He pinched both of my nipples and that was it... my second orgasm came in waves, one right after the other. Then Adrian met his own climax and emptied his seed into my honey pot. His sweaty body crashed into mine, completely exhausted. But he made sure to cup my face in his hands and look me right in the eyes with so much love.

“So... that’s a yes, then, baby?”

I nodded. “Yes, Adrian... I’ll marry you!”

Adrian beamed and tried to keep from crying as he kissed me softly.

“I can’t wait to see the look on everyone's faces when we tell them...”

“They'’ll be shellshocked,” he snickered. “For now, my love... let’s get some rest!”

I let him kiss me one more time before curling up underneath his warm body and falling fast asleep, dreaming of my wedding day.
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