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Hungry Heart: Book 2 Brianna White is a successful pianist who had a dark past. Plague by her nightmares, she became a shell of a person. After being engaged with his fiancé, her life turned to normal or she thought. Some dark secrets soon revealed, lies that are fabricated by sweet words, Brianna was unsure who to believe or trust—pursued by a brutal and vengeful killer—she was forced to work with the least person she didn't expect.

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Before you read

For those who haven't read Hungry Heart, I suggest you should read it. This is not a standalone book.

Just to avoid confusion, again this is a dark romance there might be trigger scenes that readers might not like. Such as violence, rape, drugs, sex, and swearing.

If you're not uncomfortable with this, then this is not the right book for you. You can also check out my other stories if ya like.

Oh, and I just want to thank you all for reaching book two.

For grammar nazi, sorry to disappoint you because you might find it here 😜😜😉. My phone has this auto-correct dictionary shit. After I submitted the chapter it changes the words. I'm too tired to go back and forth so I leave it that way.

For new readers, I hope you like it.


There might be some alterations and another issues, but I'll try my best to fix everything. The setting will be-

*Drum rolls*

Oh snap. You just need to find out.

Relax, Another issue.


This book is fictional. Any names, places, events, or scenes that you might find are only work of art.

Don't copy my work.
Those who plagiarized, will be dealt accordingly.

All rights reserved®.
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