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Crossfire MC Dark Romance (Book 1)

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*This book is now a published novel! It is book 1 of the series!* Delilah Hopkins, also known as Del, gets caught in the middle of a gun battle between two rival gangs in her city. She tries to come up with a plan to escape unharmed but does her method work? "I know a lot of things about you Delilah, or should I call you Del?" He said, smirking. I started to get annoyed. "Bullshit dude" I yelled. He turned to look at me, bit his lip, then looked out the passenger window. "Delilah Lee Hopkins, 19 years old, just moved here from San Antonio Texas to try and get into college. Your parents are Leeanne Hopkins and Frank Hopkins still currently living in San Antonio. You currently work at Main Street Thrift store, and you're in debt. Also to answer your second question... you're in the backseat of my car because you were asleep, so I laid you in the back to bring you home. And what's happening is you were shot but we've taken care of that so you can send us a thank you card in the mail. Oh and also here's $2,000 to keep your mouth shut. Don't ask any more questions. When you need your stitches out, I'll find you" TRIGGER WARNING This book includes graphic references to topics such as sexual abuse, self-harm, violence, murder, and graphic sexual scenes. This book is recommended for audiences 18 and up.

Erotica / Romance
Dani Sabia
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The Park

*Hiya! Thank you for checking out my book! This book is now a published novel! It's book one of an ongoing series! (I have a few chapters of the next book up at the end of this one!) If you're interested in a copy, click the link on my profile! Thank you for the love <3 Now onto the story...*

“So what are your plans for the weekend Del?” Susie asked while moving the cash out of the register.

“Uh, probably stay home and binge some hulu or Netflix” I chuckle rearranging items on one of the tables

“Darling, you need to get out! Quit being a homebody and go out have fun! Don’t be like me and be boring and always working” She yelled laughing. Susie also known as Suzan owns a thrift store in town, she hired me a week after I had moved here. If it wasn’t for her I would be fucking lost.

“Uh, maybe next weekend” I said winking at her. She rolled her eyes and laughed and started counting the cash she pulled out of the register.

“You know what” She says looking at me with a grin “Take off early tonight”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah! Go catch up on those shows” She says smiling and giving out a chuckle. I laugh and shake my head.

“Okay fine” I say finishing up moving things on the table around. I walk behind the counter and into the back to grab my bag. I’m about to walk out the back door when Susie shouts. “Hey! Do me a favor and go out the front and lock the door”

I sigh, laugh and shake my head. “Yes mom” I sigh, I grab the front door keys out of my bag and walk out of the back room and into the store. “Thank you again for letting me take off early Susie” I smile at her. She nods her head and winks at me.
I walk out the front door locking it behind me. As I walk out I feel the humidity in the air. Great it’s going to rain, I think for a moment then decide to take a short cut home to my apartment. It’s through two alleys, one is very lit up because it’s part of a bar and there are two apartments on both side of it, but the alley after it is very dim, I usually have to use my phones flash light to find my way to the end without tripping over garbage or who knows. That alley leads out into a park where people walk their dogs, run or have picnics.

I start making my way through the first alley and turn into the second one. Before I walk in I take my phone out and turn on the flash light. Halfway through the dimmed alley it begins to rain, great. I pick up the pace a little I’m almost to the end of the alley when I hear voices and people shouting at each other. I started getting this uneasy feeling in my stomach. I slowly walked to the end of the alley and hid next to a dumpster, I peaked around the corner and saw two men in a heated argument. All of the sudden I heard a loud pop and saw one of the men fall to the ground. He was just shot... I fall backwards and cover my mouth trying to wrap my head around what I had just seen. My heart then again sank when I heard footsteps approaching me at a quick pace behind me from the alley. My mind immediately went into fight or flight mode and before I could decide what to do I heard the sounds of gun fire. I immediately started running, I darted into the park trying to make it behind a tree away from the sound of the gun fire. I was almost to the tree when I turned to look to make sure nobody was chasing me, bad idea. When I did I felt an uncomfortable pressure and sting under my left collar bone above my breast. I fell to the ground in excruciating pain. I rolled over and grabbed the area where the pain was. It felt wet and cold. I figured it was because it was raining until I looked at my hand and saw the deep red color. I heard footsteps quickly approaching me, and the gun fire had stopped. I grunted in pain and tried getting up I couldn’t.

“Shit, shit, shit, bro get Issac” I hear a voice say. I felt someone kneel down beside me. My vision was becoming blurring but I could still hear everything.

“What the fuck happened? Where the fuck did she come from?” An aggressive voice approached.

“I... I don’t know Issac... I just saw her fall” another voice answered. I felt another person kneel next to me. I felt a hand on my shoulder, then my shirt was being torn open near my shoulder area. I tried to grab whoever was touching me.

“Hold her down” the man said who was ripping my shirt. “Fuck. She’s hit, lift her slowly so I can see if there’s an exit wound”

I was hit? Hit by what? What the fuck is happening? I think to myself. All the sudden I was being sat up slowly, I couldn’t help but groan loudly in pain.

“Fuck it’s still in there, and she’s bleeding a lot” I heard the man say. They slowly laid me back down. I cry out in pain once again. “Were going to have to move her close to road where the van is without anyone seeing”

“And do what with her? Just leave her here. Someone will find her” someone suggested.

“I’m not fucking leaving her here where The Havocs can come back for her and take her. Who knows that they’ll do to her Markus” someone shouted back. I feel someone’s hand on the area that is hit pushing down.

“Well what do you think we’re gonna do with her? Probably the same shit they would do” the voice shouted back. After that sentence I hear a click and a pop followed by a thud and a scream in pain.

“Say some shit like that again, the next one will be between your eyes” I heard the man next to me say. “Shit, her blood is starting to come out alot faster. Devin get over here now” I hear footsteps quickly approaching. “I need you to stick your finger and this piece of her shirt into the would and don’t fucking move it until I tell you to” I hear the man next to me say as I feel movement beside me.

“The fuck you mean stick my finger in there?!” Someone next to me shouted.

“Exactly what I fucking said numb nuts, are you fucking deaf or something?” The voice becoming familiar to me shot back. I didn’t hear much but heavy breathing and movement around me. Then I felt pressure and what felt like I was being shocked by electricity near my collar bone. I couldn’t help but start screaming in pain. I felt a hand over my mouth and a whisper in my ear “Shhh, we’re helping you, but you need to stay quiet” I was still whimpering in pain, when the noise and pain started to fade away...

Hi!! Thank you so much for reading the first chapter!

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