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Zora is a fiesty, sassy little nurse who's been in a constant rivalry with Tommy, the handsome head doctor of Cardigan Hospital. So when he catches her touching herself in the women's locker room, their rivalry takes a heated turn...

Erotica / Romance
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“What a good boy you’ve been! And look what I’ve got for you...”

I reached behind me into a cabinet and pulled out a stuffed giraffe. It was a pretty small toy, but the boy I gave it to lit right up.

“What do you say, Jason?” his mom said gently.

“Thank you, Nurse Zora!” cried Jason.

I laughed and gave him a hug. “You’re welcome, sweetie! See you next time!”

They both said their goodbyes and I opened the door to let them out. As they left, I felt a ping of sadness - Jason had been struggling with leukemia since he was born and this was his third visit to see me for his monthly shot. So I always made sure to have plenty of little stuffed animals to cheer him up. I think it was the only thing he could look forward to.

Releasing a heavy sigh, I checked my new Apple watch for the time - exactly 4:00 PM. Time for me to clock out and change my clothes! I worked on the second floor of Cardigan Hospital, so I had to take the elevator down one flight and hurry over to the front desk where my best friend Amee worked as the receptionist. She was an apple-cheeked redhead with big brown eyes and a kind smile on her face.

“Clocking out already, Zora?” she remarked.

“Yeah,” I panted, “before you-know-who shows up to bother me!”

I was referring to the head doctor of Cardigan Hospital - Dr. Tommy Stallion. I swear that man’s only goal in life is to piss me off! I’ve only been working here for a year and every day without fail he’s managed to give me some kind of teasing remark about how my scrubs make me look thick or how he wants me to “check his temperature” in his office... alone... after hours when nobody else is there! Other times when he thinks nobody’s watching, he’ll catch me by myself, sneak up from behind, and smack me on the butt, making sure to give it a long squeeze before letting go. To add insult to injury, he made an unofficial bet with me that he can work his way into my bed within a year and if not, he’ll finally leave me alone! I just have to keep my hormones in check... and Amee knew all about it.

“Ohhh, him... wait, isn’t he supposed to be coming over to your place to go over some patient notes with you?” asked Amee.

My heart fell right into my stomach as I remembered. “Damnit! I totally forgot! What am I gonna do, Amee?! There’s no way I can keep him out of my bed now!”

“I don’t know,” she said, giving me a clipboard with a sign-out sheet attached to it. “Just... make sure he doesn’t force you... okay?”

I returned the clipboard back to her and sighed. “Okay... I’ll see you on Tuesday! Goodnight!”

“Goodnight, Zora!”


A few minutes later, I was in the women’s locker room changing out of my scrubs and into my civilian clothes, wondering if Dr. Tommy had forgotten about coming over tonight. Part of me wished he had so that I wouldn’t have to look at him for once... but my lady parts tingled when I thought about how handsome he really was- long obsidian hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and skin like salted caramel. He stayed in shape by working out in the hospital’s private gym and sometimes I would watch him when he wasn’t looking. The way his muscles bulged as he lifted heavy weights was enough to make me wet... but if he took his shirt off, exposing his ripped abs and tattooes, my panties would become soaked! Dr. Tommy was every girl’s wet dream and he didn’t need to force me to anything; some dark part of my 27-year-old mind wondered what it felt like to be underneath him.

Without really thinking about it, I began to pinch and tug at my bare nipples, imagining the handsome doctor’s lips there instead. I threw my head back as I slipped a hand between my legs. My underwear is the first thing to go after a long day at work, so I had nothing in my way. I opened my mouth to let out a moan, accidentally saying his name out loud.

“Ohhh, Tommy...”

“Yes, Zora?”

I jumped a full mile out of my skin and nearly fell over trying to scramble my clothes together, but it was no use. Before I could die of embarrassment at being caught, Tommy scooped me up in arms and held me against his chest with my back facing him. As if reading my mind earlier, his strong hands fondled both of my breasts at the same time, pinching my hard nipples. He, too, had changed out of his scrubs and into a plain black tank top with tight yoga pants, and I didn’t have to see him to know that he was aroused because his erection was poking into my lower back. After playing with my bosom for a minute, Dr. Tommy turned me around to face him so he could plant a soft kiss on my lips. His beefy arms held me close with one hand on my ass and the other around my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around his waist as far as they could go, which wasn’t very far at all.

“Damn, Zora...” he cooed when he released my lips. “If I knew you wanted me that badly, I would’ve never started that bet... but no matter- let’s get you home now!”

Tommy helped me to finish dressing and carried me and my things out to the hospital’s private parking lot. When he reached my car, a sleek black Jaguar, he reluctantly put me down.

“I’ll follow you to your apartment,” he murmured, giving me one last kiss.

I couldn’t find my voice anymore, so I just nodded quietly as I unlocked my door. He waited until I got in before he went off to find his own car. Soon he was driving close behind me out of the lot and into the main road. I didn’t live too far from Cardigan Hospital, only about 20 minutes, in a swanky apartment complex where you can only get into the front building with a special resident key card. It’s called Daisies because the flowers are literally planted everywhere, even in the dead of winter. But for some reason, there are no assigned parking spaces, so I chose a random one that was closest to my apartment window on the second floor. Tommy pulled in right next to me. I shut off my car engine, grabbed my purse, and stepped out. My stomach was tangled into knots when he caught up to me.

“Lead the way,” he said, taking my hand in his larger one.

When we got to the front entrance, I slowly pulled my hand away so that I could fish out my resident key and tried to control my breathing as I pressed it against the black card swipe lock until it beeped. We hurried inside and ran up the two flights of stairs to my apartment door where I fumbled with my keys to unlock it. As soon as it opened up, Tommy scooped me up again, carried me inside, and slammed the door shut with his foot before heatedly kissing me against it. I tried to return the favor as best I could, but my whole body fell limp in his arms. He must’ve grown tired of just kissing me because when he pulled away, I noticed a sensual gleam in his eyes.

“I wanna take you ten times tonight, Zora... in ten different spots of your apartment,” murmured the handsome doctor.

“Where should we start?” I breathed out.

“We should start... my love... by taking off every inch of clothing that we have...”

Tommy put me down on my feet and practically tore away my loose-fitting T-shirt and blue jeans, immediately going for my bare nipple.

“Now that’s not fair... you still have your clothes on...”

Smirking, he pulled off his tank top and slid out of his tight yoga pants, freeing his huge erection. Actually, huge was an understatement- for a second, I thought he was too big to fit inside my tiny space! I didn’t get a chance to think about it for too long because Tommy drew closer to me again.

“Why don’t we start here and work our way around your apartment?”

I didn’t say a word, opting instead to lay down in front of my door. Tommy took the hint and followed me down there.


I shook my head no and spread my legs apart. It was a tight squeeze, but he was soon thrusting in and out of me a rapid pace. I held on tight to his back muscles and cried out as my first orgasm washed over me.

“That’s one...” I murmured.

From there, we moved into my kitchen...


...my living room...


...my broom closet...


...my living room couch...


...my coffee table...


...my bathroom shower... (I could barely walk at this point!)


...on top of my washing machine...


...my bedroom closet...


...and finally, we somehow made it to my actual bed! When I reached my final orgasm of the night, Tommy released himself inside of me and collapsed onto my chest, completely wiped out.

Ten...” I whispered in between giggles. “I’ll have to take my birth control first thing in the morning!”

“Mmm... as a doctor, I wouldn’t mind if you got pregnant...”

“That may be, you horny boy... but I’d rather be safe than sorry!”

Tommy scooted himself up to kiss me a few more times.

“After tonight, Zora... in your arms is the safest place that I know of!”

And with that, I reached over to turn on my nightlight, curled up underneath my soft comforter, and fell asleep with Dr. Tommy cradling me.

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