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Erotica / Romance
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an angel's kiss

machithen: an angel’s kiss

if sexual themes make you uncomfortable, please don’t proceed. this is a not safe for work content.

mentions of: strong language

There’s something so sacred about her small movements. Without difficulty, it spoke of heaven. What a mesmerizing sight.

She’s just sitting... looking so beautiful... but my soul already had left my body. My little angel. My fierce angel. She’s all mine to ponder and I pray this would last even in the afterlife.

Eating her fruits, Gethen sat at ease on the stool of our kitchen. She’s swaying her feet that didn’t reach the floor. There was a beautiful classic painting of the sky behind her back but it was nothing compared to her. She is the view herself, my lover.

I clenched my knuckles as an innate response, like cooling down my temper to the sight of her magnetic presence. I watched how the veins on my milk-white hands become defined as I flex my fingers, I was careful yet eager as if her heat was sinking into the layers of my skin. “Saint Gethen,” I called softly whilst burning inside.

She looked confused as her gaze intimidating in nature looked back at my direction. Seeing the intensity of her stares, I was reminded again that my favorite part of being alive is to be by her side.

There’s nothing pure in those stares, nor in the lush of her lips, it could ruin a man’s life, let alone kill a spirit, but I’ll devote all of myself just to see it everyday. I love looking at her. I want to look at her forever.

“Bakit, Machi?” she asked. Even her sweet voice is a melody to remember.

I don’t want to sound eager but, “Can you come closer?” I almost pleaded. I gave her a gentle smile to hide the ache pulsating in me.

“And? Anong gusto mong gawin ko?” she teased.

“Nothing... I just want you close...”

“Are you having perverted thoughts?” she taunted. My heart dropped at her question. My face turned hot in automatic and I want to hide it away. I want to be intimate with her but it’s nothing like that!

“How did...” I was out of words. Unable to breathe in a normal pace. I let the quivers painted across my face intensify on its own.

“Hoy! Nagbibiro lang! You look constipated.” She laughed.

The loud throbbing of my heart doubled when she jumped from the stool as it created a sound of a soft bump. I watched her get close, and I had nothing left to do but pour out all my admiration for her. It’s hard to ignore her divinity.

“Pero seryoso, Machi, I can’t tell if you need a release or what. That’s why I want to ask.”

My throat went dry and the fume in my cheeks consumed me. I couldn’t deny the shyness that started to bubble but I did my best to show her my best composed self (which is quite impossible now).

“Nahawa na rin ako sa’yo kaya wala akong masabi tungkol sa kung anomang kababalaghan! Anyway, curious lang ako kung kailangan mo ba? You want me to tend your needs?”

“Ha...?” I mumbled, and tried to conceal the tension built inside my faltering system with a light chuckle.

“You never suggested anything sexual. Well, not that I’m expecting you to since I’m aware you’re not into this kind of thing. But still...” She paused for a while to look at me, deep and soul-seeking. “Don’t you think about it sometimes? Especially now. Ang tagal na rin nating nagsasama, there might be some change somewhere?”

My embarrassment was amplified along with the feel of warmth and sweat, almost every part of me had lost its purpose to function well. Plus, her lingering observance wasn’t any of help, it rather worsened my composure.

“Wala pang nangyayari sa’tin na higit pa sa halikan. Tell me, Machi. Do you consider trying anything else?”

I suddenly got worried... and a bit insecure. Does merely kissing bore her? “A-Are you tired with just that?” I tried my best not to sound affected.

Amidst the frenzy inside my mind, I grabbed a clean white handkerchief from my pocket and wiped away my sweating. I’m sure she noticed how shaky my hand was but I still hope she didn’t see how painful this is for me, like a big loser.

She giggled like it’s nothing. Finally, I released a deep exhale amongst the vastness of my worry. Her angelic laughter brought me relief.

But that relief easily vanished. Her angels were nowhere to be found now that she purposely sat on my lap near to my... intimate place. We’re usually close, almost all over each other on a normal occurrence, but it’s different this time when I could smell her intent.

She’s so tiny on top of me. In an atmosphere that’s suffocating and hazy like this, I don’t think I can handle rationality of any kind.

I’m glad she’s facing the other way, because if she isn’t... it’s just too much! Her peach-scented perfume permeated my body. Her fragrant bouncy hair was touching my clothes, even such miniscule contact against the fabric, it brought enough friction to electrify my senses.

And her back in front of my vision was... too defined! I could see the shape of her figure, the lines hidden behind, toned and petite. I looked away and turned more nervous. There’s no doubt my pulses were already excruciating to hear.

Saint Gethen, I will never forgive you for being too beautiful, because now hell is waiting for me.

“Kilala mo naman ako, Machi, I always crave for something more. I’m not forcing you, though! If you don’t want to.” There’s that low voice, that catlike look, and scrutinizing eyes when she looked back to face me, and I’m trying hard to stay calm.

I bit my lower lip as I checked out her flushed expression. My fingers flexed without my control. The blood and heat within my body were also out of control.

“Ask this question to yourself instead. Do you want something more?” She gave me an innocent smile and it’s killing me. “Curious lang talaga ako kung may naiisip kang kakaiba kung minsan.”

I cleared my throat. Flexed my fingers for the nth time. I’m so helpless under her. I only witnessed how my veins go cold.

“I’m always attracted to you... and I always think of you... but I don’t think of anything similar of what you expect...” I answered calmly even in a wavering position. “Besides, I can’t...” I trailed off.

“Can’t what?”

I can’t say it!

“I can’t...” I buried my face against her nape and breathed out my shyness. She smells so good, so peachy. The urge to bite her had strengthened but I ignored my impulse. “I can’t stand the feeling of, uh...” I gulped. I really can’t. Just imagining it makes me shiver.


“It starts with the letter ‘c’,” I weakly drawled.

“You don’t want to cum?” Her voice was soft and sympathetic, but I still could hear the mockery and satisfaction. The way she would speak so gently... a lethal sin.

“Ah... now you said it.” My hands snaked around her stomach, but I was careful enough not to get her closer. She’s just inches away from reaching my intimate place, I couldn’t risk anything...

I was buried beneath all the passion I could never take out.

“And, angel, that’s not the really word I’m really thinking off... it’s climax.” I don’t understand why I have to prove such pointless argument, maybe feed my nervouness or her attention with something else. I want to laugh at myself while still feeling so shy.

My heating face travelled to her smooth shoulder, near to her arm I always love to bite. Now that I’m thinking about it, I want to nibble it now, even just a little. But I didn’t do anything rash like that, only hid myself under her skin, feeling my bones and constraint spiral to clouds.

For a moment, silence began to ferment the space which I only hoped to brew inside me, too. A heavy breathing left my mouth yet I was far from normal. My lover’s peach-scented perfume and the suffocating air that made way through my nostrils were no aid to unclench the uneasiness. There’s a knot in my stomach, a fire in my heart.

I squeezed my eyes shut when I experienced... a twitch. Something that’s growing big. I shook my head at such impure reaction. I adjusted my seat to become more comfortable, until... “Machi,” she finally spoke and I easily collapsed, again, it’s restless.

Gethen scooted dangerously closer and hit a direct spot I’m afraid for her to feel, unfortunately, she did! She pressed herself against mine and I groaned in secret, as lowly as possible.

She didn’t mind my pain. She even tilted her head back and placed it on my shoulder. The strong details of her facial features, the fabric of her clothes, the softness of her fruit-scented hair accompanied by her peach fragrance, the heat of her nape, and the vulnerability between her thighs, it’s all over me; throbbing in a sacred rhythm.

My grip on her stomach automatically got tighter. I sighed heavily when the sensation washed over me. My burning skin was on the loose and I forgot all the prayers I’ve memorized.

Holy shit.

With our position, her cleavage was asking to be seen! I gasped. Quickly, I looked away and hid my face against her hair, and maybe help myself forget by sniffing her intoxicating scent while I’m at it. But it didn’t make any difference... the tightness of my pants began hurting me more, but at the same time... it still felt warm and stimulating with all her heat and delicious vibrations.

Oh, God.

I know nothing could save me now when my angel pulled my hands to guide me towards the way inside her top.

“Machi, I’m sorry, we should be talking about this, but... I’m really horny right now...” Gethen panted. “Can you squeeze it?” My hands claimed her breasts with no difficulty, as per instruction. “Sabihin mo lang kung ayaw mo.”

In an instant, I lost all of my senses, and she took me to a foreign firmament where our appetite will never fade.

I bit my lower lip, My body was ready to open up for her. “N-No... tell me what to do...” I whispered in her ear. She moaned at the hot contact and it aggravated the blush that rumbled all my walls.

“J-Just squeeze it. Your hands are big enough to do basically anything. Sampalin mo pa kung gusto mo.”

“A-Ah I can’t do that—” I squeezed my eyes and got rosier. Angel!

Gethen giggled, I melted more, and she taught my hands to move in a circular motion.

“Like... this...?” I kneaded her soft perky breasts while my fingers brushed off her hardened nipples. I don’t know if I’m doing this right, I just did it according to my instincts... and for my selfish whims. While I’m doing all the work, a bile was stuck in my throat. My eyes were drowsy and my lips were wet and sore from the biting I did.

I want to moan with her... I already feel good by simply giving her pleasure... but I’m still shy and embarrassed.

“Yes... that’s i-it...” she murmured. I could hear her biting her lip. That pushed me to do more. I want her to receive more of me. “Keep going.”

“It’s so soft...” I let out a throaty chuckle. I kept biting my lip as I enjoy watching her convulse. The sweat on her neck looked ravishing, and the fever within her chest along with the loud thumping of her heart made me needy to unzip her skin and eat out all her desires.

“A-Ah... do more...” She arched her back, and it became a trigger. I’ve always flexed my fingers and tighten my knuckles so I put it to good use this time, in ways that would make her cry like a Goddess.

“Anything you want, angel,” I groaned in her ear and give her my all.

Even from the same position, she reached out for my mouth. I was stunned at first when she turned around to put her sweet glossy lips on mine, but eventually melted under her care, and gave out the exact response, the divine intensity she seeks.

As she skillfully pursued for my tongue, I kept my hands busy with her now reddened breasts. Habang tumatagal, hindi na naging maingat ang paghawak ko sa kaniya. I’m afraid she might get hurt from my roughness, but so far she’s liking it so I didn’t mind.

“Ah, you’re so hard. It’s poking me.” She pressed herself against me further, enjoyed every bit as she moaned. I closed my eyes and let her grind on me eventhough it makes me weak. I want to stop her... but... I couldn’t do anything...

I was delighted at the feeling, too...

“Of course...” I cried inside her mouth in the middle of our love-filled kisses. “It’s hard not to...”

Gethen helped herself to be scooped out by my arms. She guided me to pick her small body and put my hands on the right places. I scrunched my face and closed my eyes at the feeling of her soft bottoms out of need and shuddering while breathing coarse.

She lifted up her leg, rotated her frame while sitting on my crotch, and faced me this time while our lips were still connected. We sought for the secrets that haven’t been found in the most intimate parts of each other through the submission of our mouths.

I trembled at the edges of my sanity while my skin was red and supple with sweat and tenderness. I’m messed up in love and she likes it, and I would let her put her sins on me every single time.

“A-Angel—” I couldn’t form any more sentences. She’s moving too much and it’s making me more and more sensitive. My thighs kept twitching along with the panting of my harsh breaths. I also haven’t noticed that the buttons of my shirt were already unfastened. I gulped when I realized I’ve lost my soul in the heat and looked at my lover in desperation.

She smiled at me, an alluring one. I want to bite her. “Do you want to see it?”

“Hmm...?” I sounded so weak and sleepy.

Her warm mouth found my ear and kissed it. I shivered and moaned without fear. “I want you to see my tits...” she whispered while tickling me without the mercy of her lips.

“Okay. Let me see.” I was stunned by the slight darkness of my voice. I’m not thinking anymore.

Gethen pulled her tank top down along with her bra and it stayed on her belly. Her breasts were beautifully round, and her stimulated nipples looked sweet in its peach-colored hue. Just one taste, it would lead me to a torrential hunger, to a thirst that would never be smothered.

I’m already too weak. My head instantly fell on her chest as I breathed in her hot fragrant skin.

“It’s so beautiful,” I whispered and examined her bare soul with an opened mouth. “Everything about you is beautiful, angel.”

She responded with a playful hum. “You like biting, right? Bite it.”

She doesn’t need to command me twice. I immediately flew my tongue to cover her sensitive nipples and gave it a deep needy sucking.

“Fuck!” She grabbed my hair with both of her hands as if she has no restraint with herself. “I-I didn’t expect that you’ll be this eager—ah!”

I feasted on each tip. Graze it and make it more roseate with my wet tongue and lips. I’m certain she can see the act of worship in my eyes while she’s looking down on me, the way I plead, the way I damage the impurity of her bits. I’m sharing my soul through my fervor, and it’s all hers.

“Machi... Machi... you’re doing too much! F-Fuck...” She pulled me closer, harder, her moans were a symphony in my ears.

I was stopped by being held under the chin. Our lips collided. She burned me again with a heavenly kiss while my hands were exploring the details of her back. My touches were everywhere, turning everything I hold into fire.

Her breathing travelled towards my naked chest. She left a kiss there like a love letter while unraveling the rest of my buttons with her confident fingers. “Your torso also turns pinkish-red if you’re turned on.” She let out a grin and I felt it vibrate. Holy. “Maputi ka kaya kitang-kita.”

Ah... you’re so....” I stifled a groan and looked away for my sanity’s sake.

I was patting her head in a gentle manner while she’s giving my blushing chest lovebites. I couldn’t help but praise her on how good she is with what she does. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pushed her mouth against mine for the nth time, ’til eternity I pray. “Kiss me,” I pleaded. “Kiss me always.”

She didn’t only destroy one of my senses with her sacred love and yearning, but many of them, while our bare chests were in sync and numbed by friction.

Our kisses were made as if our lives depend on on it. A kiss that leaves its mark in the deepest part of your body and soul. Every single kiss is cosmically profound, everything I dream of: an angel’s kiss.

I’m addicted to the feeling that I’m barely breathing. All the sanctity in my veins were in love with her, and like a wishing star, ready to burst for her. Something inside me was close to reaching its unholy explosion... warm, vast, overflowing, and from there I realized...

“W-Wait! I’ll just...” My thighs began to shake and some warm liquid came out from me, eventhough I’m still clothed, it was a vivid mess. I stopped for a moment to pant hard, placed my forehead on the nook of her neck. My eyes were teary... and in a trembling voice I mustered to tell, “I... I already... f-finished.”

She paused and gasped when she realized. “You came already?!”

“Orgasm, yes.” My head’s spinning. I’m close to falling asleep on her neck. I’m already tired, it’s embarrassing.

“But we just kissed, Machi...” she purred and caressed my hair. A tender hug enveloped my system. I closed my eyes to process the foreign dream that just happened. “We mainly kissed, by you already came from that?”

I hid my face further, burying myself against her neck deeply to the point of straying away from consciousness. I hugged her tight while I tremble. Stop, angel, please! I know. I know it’s just a kiss. But it’s making me too sensitive! It aches me. It could be the reason of my death.

“I know... please don’t laugh at me.” A muffled whisper escape my lips. I’m so embarrassed. I should’ve not asked her to come closer... Now she finally knows I couldn’t last in bed because I’m so sensitive...

“You’re so cute... cumming so quickly from a kiss,” she cooed in a playful manner. "Look at yourself, sobrang pula mo pa at pawis-pawisan. Kaya pa ba?"

I bit her neck out of embarrassment. She giggled at my childish act.

"Biro lang e." Gethen hugged me harder while divinely laughing still. She gave me a pat on the head. "You did well, lover."

"I love you, angel, I'll do better next time..." I murmured in pain. "And... last longer..."

"Gusto mo turuan pa kita?" she mused. I could make a religion out of the smiles in her voice.

"Please..." I cried. I shyly looked up to her while her smile dawned on me. Passionate bodies still attached too tight.

"I love you, too," she answered cutely. "Don't worry, we all have the time in the world to experience more, I promise."

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