Wicked Trust

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It had been over two months since I started watching Nina, or Dr. Snap as they called her. I liked the nickname or maybe just the connotations behind it. She was a ball-buster, a woman sure of herself that knew how to take command. She would need to be assertive and strong with having such a shitty job. I couldn’t imagine what she dealt with on a regular shift.

Although she didn’t even know I was there I started to enjoy and look forward to my protective outings on her behalf. I tried to guess what color she was wearing when I watched her go to her car. She always wore more of a neutral color that played up her beautiful chestnut hair but I also knew the color would never be green. She must get sick of wearing green at work. I could always tell when she was having a bad day too. She usually opened the window of the car before she left and if there wasn’t any music, she had too much on her mind.

Most of her bad days happened on the night shift and I liked the fact today would hopefully be better since she worked during the day. I hated the pensive look on her face as she walked to her car after a bad time at the hospital.

I started coming in earlier in case she would leave before finishing her paperwork as she had one day making me almost miss her. The change to her routine was unusual but she particularly looked deep in thought and I knew it had been a bad shift. Quincy checked in on me as I usually brought him a coffee or soda, and we would talk for a while before he patrolled the area. I even negotiated a deal with him and his counterparts for them to text me if she picked up a shift for someone. They helped me by taking over watching her get to her car if I couldn’t make it out of the studio in time too.

At least I found someone to get him his tickets. Ryder started renovations at a rundown club in Miami and had the contacts for the tickets. It still cost me a shitload of money but well worth it.

Before she came out, approximately fifty-eight minutes after ending her shift, I sat and thought about her. Mostly if she had someone in her life. Quincy didn’t think so, but he said she didn’t fraternize with the rest of the staff. She kept to herself mostly, and he didn’t seem to think she had friends at work either which only went with the Dr. Snap attitude. I wished I could put my finger on the reason I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I only had the one conversation with her but couldn’t stop thinking about it. About that night and the idea of talking with her again. I doubted it would ever happen and I kept thinking my obsession would grow old, whatever this was, but when my calendar chimed and alerted me it was her night at the hospital, I was usually there like clockwork, carefully watching after my Dr. Snap.

Bullshitting with Quincy, I didn’t notice the person come up from behind us until too late.

“What exactly do you think you are doing?” The voice was familiar and as I turned, I looked into her eyes.

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