Wicked Trust

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It was her day off today, and I was in the studio with a bunch of juvenile fuckwads that couldn’t decide which guitar sound worked with their gravelly mussitations. Mussitations meant mumbling and I chuckled to myself as I found my word of the day app knowledge taking root. It made me think about last night. She wanted to push me away but I worked my charms. How long before it wouldn’t work anymore though?

Why did she keep pushing me away? Was it because of Charlie? I didn’t feel he was much competition but it still didn’t make sense. She seemed comfortable with me. The night before proved a little more ambiguous although she came around. She tried pushing me away then too but finally we... clicked. God, it felt so natural it was scary. Maybe that was why she tried to distance herself from me? Could someone like her really like a guy like me? Did she think I was there just for a good time even though it had been killing me to not crowd her? Maybe I needed to do better.

Earlier in the morning I looked up a florist in the area and sent her two dozen orange roses with my phone number. They promised they would be delivered by noon and when my phone chimed with an unknown number I got as nervous as I was at my first gig, sweaty hands and all, but I put my plan in motion, corresponding only by text:

Nina: Thank you for the flowers. They are beautiful.

JJ: You are welcome. Are you enjoying your day off because I just may have another surprise for you?

Nina: You are not going to play hooky, are you?

JJ: No, but it is tempting.

Nina: What type of surprise? I don’t like surprises.

No real shock there. She had to be in control at all times.

JJ: Down the street, two blocks from your house is Van Melning Spa. You are booked for a two pm full body massage.

Nina: I don’t like massages. Thanks anyway.

JJ: You are too stressed. You need to relax more.

Nina: Strange hands on my body is not conducive to me relaxing.

JJ: You seemed to like my hands on your body.

It was risky but I thought she would laugh.

Nina: You are right. Maybe I should just wait for you...

Holy hell, I think I just got hard. Instead, I groaned and reluctantly brushed off her remark as I wanted her to understand my intentions were only on her and her alone.

JJ: Please.

It took a while for her to text back making my newfound anxiety rise.

Nina: Okay Mr. Harries. You talked me into it. If it isn’t up to my liking, then I expect you to make up for it.

JJ: Oh, you will like it. Let me personally guarantee it.

Nina: Have you gone there? Do you like their happy endings?

I laughed at her banter, knowing she was not at all the stuffy doctor she would like people to believe.

JJ: Happy ending? I don’t even keep condoms in my house. What is a happy ending?

Nina: Touché. I will let you know later?

Let me know later as in see me later or the possibility of sex with her later? The question on the end was what got my heart pounding.

JJ: Maybe I should wait to see just how relaxed you get from the massage. I will text you later.

No more texts were relayed and I watched the clock like a hawk. When the time came I called out to the group that I had an appointment and wouldn’t be back for a while.

Driving to the spa that Duffy, our sound engineer’s sister owned, I started to get nervous again. My plan would push her limits but I needed to stand out against the elusive Charlie. I needed to show her I was interested in her as a person and my desire ran more in the lines of what I could do for her.

Sneaking into her spa room I noticed her lying face up as the masseuse rubbed her glossy legs. I looked at the name tag and motioned to Freya that I needed some time alone with her client. She nodded knowing a plan was discussed ahead of time. Freya told Nina she would be back and left out the door. Once the door shut I quietly walked over to the table as she laid comfortably with the skin not covered by the towels glistening with oil. A strong lavender scent wafted in the room and she had a damp washcloth covering her eyes. She lifted her hand to remove it when she noticed she wasn’t alone.

“No. Leave the washcloth on.”

“JJ?” Her voice displayed her shock.

I smiled, “I thought I was Mr. Harries?”

When she went to sit up I gently urged her back down on the table and started to massage her leg where Freya left off.

“You surprised me. You wanted to get your hands on me that bad you had to spend money on a massage? I thought you were on a budget?” As I spent time kneading her calf muscles, I reveled in the feel of her powerful slender legs and loved the smile that played upon her lips as we talked. I took it as a good sign she liked my little surprise.

“A little splurge won’t break me. How does it feel?”

“A little rough, have you ever done this before?” I dropped her leg and she chuckled.

“No, I guess I really haven’t. Maybe I should get Freya back?” Now anxious more than ever, I thought of how the next part of my plan would play out.

She went to remove the washcloth again but I stopped her, “No. Leave it there. Maybe my skills don’t lie in massage, but I was hoping to relax you in another way.”

My hands slid up her leg and her lips parted as she sucked in her breath. “Mist... Mr. Harries I...”

“The door is locked and no one will bother us.” I swallowed waiting for her permission or rejection. When she didn’t respond either way I slid my hand up further. “You did say you liked my hands on you. Do you trust me?”

I held my breath until she answered, inches away from her heat. When she let out the breathy, “Yes,” I went all the way up under the towel and found her wet and swollen. My fingers found her clit while I lightly grazed it in a circular pattern. She went stiff on the table but now it was not from apprehension.

Looking down at her I couldn’t help thinking how beautiful she was. Skin, soft and glistening, enamored me. A slight redness formed where I had massaged and now a look of pleasure bloomed on her face not covered by the washcloth. Pushing down her towel from the top I exposed her painfully erect nipples on top of perfect mounds. I smiled as I realized she was really getting into this with each light stroke I gave to her clit. The person who could command a bustling emergency room and scare the nurses into a frenzy seemed able to give up control now and then.

Pushing the same towel up now from the bottom, I let it bunch on her waist as I revealed her swollen lower lips. Running my other hand up to touch her nipple she let out a moan and nearly came off the table. God, I loved how responsive her small nubs were. Pulling on them slightly I eased my finger inside her, and she clutched down tightly. Her breathing increased and her hands had a death grip on the sides of the table. When I brought my head down to kiss and suck at her breast I could smell her arousal and my cock grew harder than ever. It was something I planned on suffering through as I wanted this to only be about her.

Her right hand lifted off the side and cupped my head to her breast with earnestness. Taking my time, I worked her body learning every small nuance to her, imprinting it in my memory along with all the rest of the things I loved about her. She was panting with need and I wanted to take it to the next level. “Spread your legs for me, Nina.” No hesitation and I watched her expose her core. She was wet and ready as I shifted around her. Lowering my head, I took a quick lick of her bottom lips testing the waters. God, she tasted like heaven. A mixture of the musk she normally tasted like and something a little sweeter.

Never enjoying going down on a woman before, I tried to push out my nervousness in the ability to please her. Before sex was all about me, my pleasure only, so much so I didn’t know if she would like it or if I would be any good at it. But her deep moans told me differently and the pleasure it gave me more than made up for my inexperience as I would happily live between her legs and learn every lick to have her explode down my throat.

She arched off the table and yelled my first syllable, “Jay!” unable to get out the other and I loved it. Incapable of holding back I started my onslaught of licking and sucking her stiff clit. She writhed underneath me and I hoped the table could withstand the movement and I wouldn’t think of letting up. I wanted to push her over the edge. I wanted to show her new experiences of letting go and I wanted her to come on my tongue in the worst way.

Still gripping my head with her right hand, her left hand went above her to grab the top of the table as she angled her pussy into my face. I pushed up with my finger inside her feeling the space lessen and tugged lightly on her sensitive clit with my teeth. She groaned and brought her legs in close and I felt a tremble shake the table.

“Jay!” Warmth and fluid rushed at my mouth as she clenched down on my finger pushing up and into her slick pussy. Panting and moaning she finished her descent and her skin had those same goosebumps on them from the other night. Amazing, she was truly amazing and I could barely lick and suck her down from her orgasm without coming in my own damn pants.

Quickly I wiped both my finger and my mouth on a towel on the chair next to the bed, as well as cleaned up the evidence of our tryst while she calmed her breathing. I adjusted her back in position and made my way out before she could form a word.

Freya met me in the hallway and gave me a knowing glance. I smiled and headed for the door driving as fast as I could without getting pulled over. It wasn’t until I reached the door of the studio before I felt my phone vibrate.

Nina: Coward! You should have stayed.

It made me laugh.

JJ: No doc. That was for you. I hope you are fully relaxed now.

Nina: A puddle of skin. You never answered me before. Are you coming over tonight or is Thursday night heart attack on a plate night at the local cattle ranch?

Bingo. Dr. Snap had a naughty side and plus she wanted to see me again. My little gamble paid off as I hoped it would.

JJ: Name it and I will be there.

Nina: My house after you are done later. Text me an approximate time and I will cook. No animals though. Something healthy. You will need your stamina.

As I made my way back to see the guys I didn’t even care if the fucktards used a god-damn ukulele on the album. Nothing would wipe the smile off my face. Even the cloud of Charlie that lurked in the background couldn’t erase my elation on how things were turning out. Hopefully, this Charlie person would soon be a thing of the past.

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