Wicked Trust

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Nina had me stay the night and as I left her this morning I kissed her. God, how I loved kissing her. The feel of her lips, the idea she trusted me, even the fact she felt comfortable being intimate with me, made her kiss more than just a kiss.

Going to the studio early to get a jump start on the day proved futile. She clouded my mind until all I could do was take a break and go for a walk. On the streets outside I looked for a reprieve from the constant worries streaming in my head. The cooler end of January weather proved good for sorting through my errant thoughts of her. Did I love her? Did I even know the definition of love? The people I loved in the past suffered from it. My mother, my sisters, all ended up hurting from me taking full advantage of them and disappointing them at every turn. Would I be a letdown to Nina in the end too? Relationship love was too new to me to trust.

The beauty of working with twenty-year-old men was that Friday night for them meant leaving work early to celebrate the upcoming weekend. Not wanting to stay just to stare at the work I needed to get done and knowing my mind wasn’t on it, I left and went back to my house to wait until Nina’s shift ended. Unable to wait any longer I went early, parking by her car. I needed to gauge her mood right away. Fridays weren’t as bad as the rest of the weekend but it was still a weekday shift, and she almost seemed to hate those more than the night shift. Would she even want me to come over? We were seeing each other a lot and I didn’t want to suffocate her. If it was a bad night, did she need time alone or was it bad enough that she needed something that only I could give her?

The notion brought me to Charlie. What was it he did for her? What should I do differently to help her because I sure as hell wanted to be the one and only person for her. She wouldn’t talk about him to me, so I hated to press the issue. She might come around the more time we spent together. I just hated to have someone else lurking in the shadows, but really, I still felt out of her league. He must be a big shot doctor or fuck, maybe the president of a small country. Hell, I didn’t know, I just knew he must be someone who I was not or ever could be.

Walking out the door of the employee entrance to the hospital she talked with a coworker and looked happy. Quickly scanning to where she parked her car she smiled when she saw me and my hands instantly got sweaty. Her whole face lit up and a sparkle shone in her eye. She was happy to see me, and she had a good day at work. I was glad for her. She needed it. How she could work day in and day out in such a way as to get yelled at and harassed much less feel threatened much of the time beats me and I would do whatever I could to make it easier on her. If I knew her just a little better, I would try to talk her out of working there entirely. I saw how it weighed down on her. Why would she do this to herself?

Before the co-worker left her sight, she shocked me by coming over and giving me a quick kiss on the lips. She was always so careful to not have anyone spot us or give away the fact that I was there and now she kissed me in public? Too shocked to take full advantage of the kiss although I wanted to, I handed her the flower as she playfully smacked me lightly on the face. “Follow me home.”

I smirked at her and whispered in her hair, “Try to stop me.”

Once inside her apartment, I asked her if she was hungry. “No, I actually got to eat something at the hospital for once. Cafeteria food is far from nutritious, but they have a pretty good salad bar.” She took off her shoes and hung her coat on the coat rack by the door. I watched her as she started to unbutton her shirt and headed toward her bedroom. I waited for an invitation, trying not to assume she would want sex from me but hoping. Like really hoping.

“You can order something if you like or there is still some left-over lasagna.” Good thing I ate a little before coming over because eating was the last thing on my mind. The lasagna was okay but I knew I would need to be a closet carnivore if I was to survive in this relationship. Relationship? Was that what we had?

No time to dwell on it as she slid her shirt down over her shoulders and looked back at me devouring me with her eyes. Her hazel eyes were lit with a red fire in them and I stumbled to find the words, “Nope... not hungry. Not at all.” Well not for food.

Nina smiled a truly devious smile and nodded down the hall towards her bedroom, “I always take a shower after work. Want to join me?”

That was all it took. The hardening part of my body made a chain reaction with the rest of me and my muscles and nerves started to vibrate with need. Taking off my shoes at the door and following her, I watched as she dropped her shirt on the bed and started to slowly remove her slacks. Once out of them she deposited them on the chair in her room and I thought I needed one of those at my house. I wanted so badly to see her clothes draped on the chair and know they were there because she was naked beside me.

My mind left my housing furniture needs quickly as she took off her bra and worked on her panties when she looked up at me mesmerized in the doorway. “JJ, you can’t really take a shower with all those clothes on.” Breaking the spell, I started throwing off clothes onto a pile on the floor which made her laugh and shake her head. Nude in about two seconds I followed her into the bathroom and both me and my manhood watched as she opened the faucet and tested the water in her shower.

Her body was svelte in a way that health-conscious people were. I needed to be that health-conscious. She was beautiful. Her muscles were kept under a soft exterior of tan and cream colors all without blemish. Her nipples tightened from the air or from the excitement and I really didn’t care which, although I hoped for the latter. The red areolas looked like small berries on her skin and I knew they would taste just as sweet. She kept her hair covering her mound closely cropped and as she moved I saw her moisture and my mouth watered for another taste.

She felt the water for the right temperature acting like I was not even in the room. Bending and twisting to reach towels and toiletries, I felt like a voyeur. It wasn’t until she retrieved all her supplies and went to look back at me before stepping in the shower did I see the need and lust in her eyes. My dick stood painfully hard and my breathing increased to the point I was afraid I might blow at any second and disappoint her. Even if I had to slam my dick in a drawer in her vanity, I would not let it happen.

Do not blow. Do not blow. It kept going through my mind but when she stepped inside and the water wet her body I almost ran to catch up thinking it was inevitable. Climbing in behind her to the large shower with the double shower heads I watched in fascination as she reached over to the shower head closest to me and opened it up. Cold, frigid water doused my body before the heat of the liquid in the current plumbing ran free. It was just enough to stave off my eruption and I calmed slightly. She laughed at me and I drew her in for a kiss thinking I really needed to break out of the spell she put me in. “Fuck Dr. Snap, it seems every time I am around you I can’t think straight. You blow my mind.”

The smile she placed on her lips told me my unrefined words didn’t turn her off but I never had the best way of talking. She was sophisticated and educated where I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Another reason I didn’t feel worthy of her.

Taking the soap in her hands she ran it down my chest and lathered up my dick which was back to pointing up between us angrily. The sensation of her fingers drew me to a pinnacle. That and the way she looked with the water beading up on her flesh and her hair darker than her normal in the most delicious milk chocolate cherry color with it in its dampened state. Her face was flushed with the heat of the water and it made her red lips stand out. She must have seen me staring at them as she licked the water from them and made her way to her knees.

Holy fuck. Knowing I wouldn’t survive this easily I tried to not look at her as I felt those swollen red lips cover the tip of my dick and her tongue lashed out and flick the opening to my engorged cock. The only thing keeping me upright was the sides of the shower. They were low enough for me to grasp as my legs trembled and threatened to collapse. She didn’t relent and soon her hand had a firm grasp at the base of my cock and the rest she had lodged down her throat. She sucked in as she moved her head away giving the pulling sensation all the way to the tip of my shaft, working harder on the head. Christ, she was driving me crazy, and when I heard a pop and nothing for a little while I chanced it and looked down at her. She smirked and waited until I watched her. Slowly taking the tip of her tongue, she circled my mushroom head and then flicked the end again. With my knees knocking, I averted my attention to avoid coming exactly one minute after she started her onslaught. Christ, she knew what she was doing and to my relief, she enjoyed every minute of it even if it were to only last a short time longer.

Back with her throat grasping the top of my dick, I felt her other hand working its way to my sack and tightened my grip on the sides of the shower. Grunting and groaning like a twelve-year-old jacking off for the first time, I tried to calm myself down and knew I would suffer to prevent a quick release. Her hands left my body and I heard the snap top of a shampoo bottle. Not wanting to look down as I was trying to stave off my impending explosion, I had to wonder if she gave up and started to wash her hair. Then I felt her back sucking hard on my cock as her one hand soaped my balls. The sensation was foreign to me and I relaxed slightly until her hand searched between my cheeks. She sucked hard and inserted her finger in my ass, and I was struck paralyzed from pleasure.

Nina’s finger hit an unknown area just inside my ass and with each stroke, I breathed in but was unable to breathe out. One last twitch of her finger inside me and a long suck at my dick and I finally exhaled as my vision clouded over. “FUCK!” My voice and the pressure in my lungs escaped as I damn near choked her with my cock. Semen flooded her mouth as my knees buckled but thankfully I kept from falling to the floor... barely. My balls tingled as well as the base of my spine as it was kept busy shooting fireworks out of my ass now she was done penetrating me. Three long spurts of come were virtually sucked out of me, and she licked and kissed me until I softened and my vision cleared up. Holy hell that was fucking amazing.

Shit, I should have warned her I was coming. Wasn’t that the gentleman thing to do? I needed to remember she wasn’t exactly in my social class and my crudeness let my trailer trash roots show. Sheepishly I looked down at her, but she already snaked her way up my body. Looking so incredibly hot, she left trails of wetness with her tongue soon to be washed away from the drops of the shower that rained from above.

“I... I should have told you I was coming.” It was all I could think of instead of ‘when can we do that again’ which was the only other thought in my head.

She laughed a devious laugh, “I don’t think I was complaining although I wasn’t able to talk much either.” She kissed my neck and then pulled back to look at me, “By the way, your prostate is normal.” A slow smile spread across her lips and I shook my head and buried my face in her wet hair needing her close to me. Brushing against her erect nipples, I knew without a doubt what I wanted to do next. I wanted to make her scream in pleasure. I wanted to make her thrash around in ecstasy and to know I caused it.

Before I had a chance to go any further she turned her back on me and asked, “Would you mind getting me some ice water and bring it to the bedroom? I seem to be awfully thirsty.”

Shut down? She saw my confusion and smiled at me while she patted my cheek, “Condoms in the bedroom. Don’t worry, I want my payback I just want to finish in there.”

“Good. After that, I have a whole new obsession with learning your body.” She laughed but I wasn’t kidding. I got out and used the towel left on the countertop to dry myself off. Walking out of the bathroom I tied it around my waist careful not to leave a water trail in my wake. After finding a glass, filling it with ice and water, and making sure I had a coaster to abide by her type A personality, I made my way back into her bedroom to find her toweling off in the bathroom and I had to sit back and watch. She was so beautiful as she sauntered out over to me with the towel wrapped around her. Her skin was still red and inflamed from the heat of the shower but against her hair and the whiteness of the towel, she looked heavenly.

Coming up close she took the glass from my hand and started to drink deeply. I got jealous of the water and after she finished the whole glass and licked her lips I was growing increasingly hard all over again. “Feel better?”

She laughed, “Not yet but I hoped you would be able to help with that.”

Gathering her to me, I admitted, “I didn’t know I would get a checkup and sex all at once but I appreciate the extra time spent on the evaluation Dr. Snap.”

As I started to lick the drops of water off her neck, she grabbed onto the towel around my waist. “I know a lot about the human body. You might like dating a doctor.”

I startled. Hope sprung from what she said and I stopped what I was doing long enough to look into her gorgeous green-brown crystal eyes. “I like the sound of that.” She softened and then swallowed deeply but I wouldn’t let her take it back. Dating. We were dating and she said it first. Fuck yeah, we were dating. Take that Charlie! You were one step closer to being history.

“So, Dr. Snap, what can you tell me about the female body?” I kept up with her banter enjoying her mood.

“That you don’t already know? Well, women tend to be different from men. We take longer to stimulate.”

I huffed knowing she was just as turned on as I was the other night. “Really?”

She smirked as I started my assault on her body making sure I was hearing her words and imprinting them in my skull. “Yes, well, my sensorium seems to be working overtime, and the transudation doesn’t seem to be taking as long as the norm.” I had no clue what she said, but the words seemed sexy and dirty coming from her lips as I continued to stroke her sensitive nipples over the rough towel to add stimulation as I licked at her throat.

“You don’t say? Tell me more.” I heard her groan with the tickle of my tongue on her collar bone while she leaned into the stimulation of her breasts. Getting breathless, her words came in quicker, shorter sentences. “It takes... it takes the average man six to ten minutes to climax but the average... ah, woman takes...” She swallowed and I went to suck on her throat as I worked my way back up to her lips kissing along the jawline first. “...twenty minutes.” I pushed her down on the bed after removing her towel. Her skin was still red but now from something other than a hot shower.

“During orgasm, the pupils dilate, oxytocin rises, and heart rate and blood pressure can double." She panted in between sentences, "It mimics the same rush of dopamine to the brain that heroin does.” I stopped and looked at her to gauge her reaction.

She smirked at me and I quipped, “Well then, this is my new addiction.” She laughed as I leaned over her and continued to ravish her body now concentrating on the underbelly of her small breasts.

“Of course, the female orgasm is only achieved with more or less constant stimulation of the, ah, clitoris gland to stimulate the eight thousand nerve endings. Hence the reason why the vibrator is so important.”

The way she said it made me stop. Looking up at her flushed body I met her eyes. They sparkled with excitement and a need to play. I leaped up, “You have one, don’t you?” Nina started to giggle like a schoolgirl and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the sound. “I gotta find it.” She was still laughing as I raced from one side of the nightstand to the other finally finding a small purple metallic phallus looking one in the bottom door cabinet. I jumped up, and she shrieked another laugh and pointed at the nightstand on her side unable to get her breath long enough to talk. Looking in there I saw the condoms I overlooked in my haste before. Taking one out I sheathed my growing dick and paused to look down at her. Christ, she was beautiful.

Sex before only stimulated me when I was with a different girl every night. I would have never guessed I could find this much fun and excitement with the same woman. Not just any woman but one so worldly and polished. Still smiling she seemed to realize the change in the mood of the room. It was still lighthearted, but we both felt the weight of our attraction to each other. She motioned to me to come closer, “Get over here before I feel the need to grab your balls and make you cough.” Fuck, I was really going to love dating a doctor.

“Give me that.” She motioned to the vibrator and I handed it over, waiting until she had it turned on. The hum of the small motor was whisper-quiet, and she positioned it on her clit while opening her legs for me on the bed. I walked over and bent slightly to push my cock inside her slowly as she watched. She watched me enter her, always watching, and I couldn’t even tell if she was breathing but her eyes widened and her bottom lip sucked into her mouth, held hostage by her teeth.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I slid in and out of her watching as her juices coated my sheathed cock. She felt glorious on her own but the vibration added to it by stimulating the both of us and I said a silent prayer of thanks to whichever god was listening for the adventurous vixen in front of me. Her breathing hitched, and she started to suck in air in short bursts as she watched her body in amazement. I watched her watch us and I grew harder inside her. Her wet tousled hair glowed in the light of her room and her flushed face took on a sheen and not from the recent shower. If she didn’t come soon I might disappoint her and I would cut off my right arm before I let it happen but holy fuck, this whole night had been one amazing experience for a guy who had done it all. Well, almost all. I never had sex with someone I had feelings for.

Small moans escaped her and she started to shake. She was close. Her core fisted my cock as the swelling worsened. Suckling sounds were surrounding us from the wetness of her and it was better than any music I had ever heard. She met my thrusts and tried not to let the vibrator waiver. I kept up the rhythm the best I could and delighted when I felt the gush of fluid from her pussy. She screamed out and squinted her eyes tight in a half pleasure — half pain expression that did me in. Her orgasm face was my downfall as I pushed in deep and grasped her legs. Touching her skin, I felt the same goose flesh as before but I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than my own fluids fighting to escape my body in three, no four, long bursts.

Exhausted, her elbow collapsed underneath her, and she fell back on the bed. Her chest heaved up and down as she tried to force more oxygen into her lungs. She scrambled to turn off the vibrator, but instead, I took it from her reveling in her relaxed state. I slid out of her now with what I felt was a bloodless dick, and she tried to bring her legs back together but I didn’t let her. Preferring to watch our bodies during sex I wanted her to know I understood, so I focused on keeping her legs open and let her know I enjoyed watching her as well. I let my fingers drift to her opening and lightly stimulated her swollen lips, letting her wetness drip down her cleft until her orgasm ended. I shouldn’t be doing this so brazenly, but she only looked at me and smirked. She had a dirty side and when I let my inner caveman out she only thought of it as interesting. She didn’t hide it from me and I reveled in being comfortable enough with each other to be ourselves.

Taking off the condom I went to dispose of it in the bathroom as she worked her way under the covers. I shut off the bathroom light and made my way over to her on the bed. We cuddled. JJ Harries fucking cuddled and I couldn’t imagine what I would rather want to do. The feel of her body next to mine, the smell of her drying hair, and the heat of our comingled bodies centered me and made me feel like this would work out. God, I hoped and prayed it did. Love was on the horizon. Maybe not for her yet, but Christ it felt good. It felt incredible to love someone and yes, for me, I finally understood what love was.

Cuddling up against her she sighed and it sounded content and wonderful on her. She turned slightly in bed and said, “Thank you.”

I kissed her nose as she turned back around to warm me in my embrace, “Why say thank you? I am pretty sure we both made out.”

I could sense her smile even though I couldn’t see her face. “It is my birthday.”

Stiffening next to her, I mentally kicked myself for not knowing. “Why... why didn’t you tell me?”

She laughed, “Finally something you haven’t figured out about me. I didn’t want you to know so you couldn’t get me anything. I have everything I need.”

“Well, then what can I do for you? There has to be something.”

She nodded a little, “Maybe you could play me the guitar sometime?”

Holding my breath, I couldn't give her an answer right away. I haven’t played since before my rehab and detox. She knew my love/hate relationship with it and what leaving it behind meant for me.

Knowing I couldn’t blow her off with excuses, I concentrated on what it meant for me. Strangely I found myself almost wanting to pick it up again for the first time since forever. Somehow it felt safe to play it up again. Maybe I was just waiting for a reason. “Yes, but I need to get one first.”

“Whenever. I would just like to hear you play sometime.”

We spent another hour talking and laughing. I told her about my day, and she explained some of hers. I loved the fact she found comfort in me and as she lay spread out on my upper body and her breathing shifted to a steady beat, I reached up and shut off the light letting myself drift into the same obscurity feeling more at peace than I ever had in my whole entire life.

Hours later I was awoken by a light at the front of the bed. It came from the hall and a person stood in the doorway casting a shadow onto the two of us. The face was obscured by the lack of light but a foreboding sensation covered my body. The shrill laughter of a woman sounded and I jumped up to reach for the bedside lamp. Nina startled awake then too, and we both waited until our eyes adjusted to the illumination.

“No wonder you haven’t been answering my messages. You have a new boy toy to play with.” The foreign voice grated on my senses.

Concerned, I started to get out of bed, “Who the fuck are you?”

The woman in front of us only smirked and looked at Nina. She was not as tall as Nina and was younger. By the looks of it, I would say mid-twenties and had long blonde hair. She dressed in a black leather coat and leather boots going above her knees. She had deep blue eyes and a haughty look I immediately took an aversion to. Peering over at Nina, I saw recognition on her pale face and wondered who this woman was to barge in here in the middle of the night.

Nina swallowed and explained in a soft voice, “Charlie.”

I must have heard her wrong. I must still be foggy from the recent slumber but as I watched them exchange glances and then notice Nina’s look of apprehension, I knew it was true. So this was Charlie?

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