Wicked Trust

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Although a Saturday night and my weekend to work, I made a deal with Cyrus for me to be here to watch JJ’s - ‘Jan Junior’s’ that is - newest band’s performance. Being sworn to secrecy regardless of how ludicrous I thought it was, I never let on what the initials to his name meant.

Really, Dr. Blackmore already owed me for switching shifts with him for his children’s multiple soccer games, so I shouldn’t have felt guilty for asking and I greatly enjoyed celebrating my boyfriend’s accomplishments.

Now back in Las Vegas staying the weekend with Ryder, we were at his club to watch Kapp Stone in a small, intimate concert as an unofficial kick-off to their first album. JJ helped to produce the record and almost seemed more nervous than the band which appeared funny to Ryder. “Will you just chill the fuck out JJ? You are fidgeting so bad I almost feel like drug testing you myself.” He yelled over the sound of the opening band. Looking over at JJ with his leg pumping up and down while he sat on the barstool and I realized why he said it.

Ryder knew about my past addiction too and proved a good friend to both of us as I didn’t feel the need to be fake around any of JJ’s friends. They accepted him now, and they accepted me just the same. I enjoyed not having to keep up my false persona with them. Finally, people I could be myself around.

I even got to meet Quade. We went out to see their daughter Melody and Quade in their new house. He gave me a hug after our initial introduction, profusely thanking me for helping his fiance by bringing their daughter into this world, and his gratitude was overwhelming. They had an amazing story of what they went through, and they seemed so good together. I was glad it all worked out between them.

Jaeger appeared the proud older brother but kept his distance on the day we met. Quade gently pushed for a relationship but JJ put a stop to it. He and Quade came to the final realization that Jaeger would need to make the first move when he was ready if ever.

“He is right JJ. I might have to drug test you myself.” He saw my smirk when I said it but only turned his head to the side with an exasperated look on his face.

Placing my hand inside of his, I gave it a little squeeze. His anxiousness was starting to rub off on me but I couldn’t let both of us be wound tight. This was a big night for him and I needed to help him calm down somehow. His hand was warm and clammy in mine and I couldn’t believe he could be this nervous. It wasn’t like he would be the one on stage. I realized this band was his brainchild but knowing how well Carissa’s album did with his tutelage I knew Kapp Stone would do just as well.

JJ taught me about music and the industry little by little. He even taught me a little about the guitar. When he plays for me it gets me aroused. Something about his sexy body and deep voice singing and playing just for me makes it almost impossible for him to finish a song around me.

Tonight, he was just as sexy wearing tight jeans with a basic black t-shirt but it hugged him in all the right places. His small ass was framed by the worn pockets and his strong arm muscles made the shirt taut across his biceps. His chest had filled out a little more since joining me in the gym. He said it was because he liked to watch me work out, but it ended up being mutually beneficial for both of us.

Leaning in I tried to diffuse the nervousness transcended upon him with some familiar banter, “Melolagnia.” He looked at me with a startled, confused look. “It means sexual arousal caused by music.”

A twitch formed on the right side of his lips and then a low growl emitted from him that just the two of us could hear. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in close as I laughed. Taking another look at his phone he then said, “Come with me.”

He dragged me across the room as I yelled at the back of his head, “JJ where are we going?” I could barely hear above the crowd and wondered for the hundredth time tonight why I didn’t think to bring hearing protection. Next time I would know better.

JJ didn’t answer, only kept up pulling me behind him almost to the point of running after him in my high-heeled shoes. I hated wearing heels and would probably get bunions, but they made my legs look killer in the short skirt I wore, and I loved the look on JJ’s face when I showed him earlier. Pairing it with the loose halter top to show off a little of my new physique, I thought JJ would trip on his tongue when I walked out of the bedroom not to mention the looks I garnered from him all evening.

We moved in together now several months ago, staying in my apartment until his house renovation finished. He refused to use any of my money for it and waited until he had some more royalties come in after Carissa Travers tour sold out almost every venue, which only guaranteed Kapp Stone would make it big for him too.

He went up to a door guarded by a member of the security crew. They stepped aside without a glance, and we found ourselves in the back of the dance club. Roadies were moving items, but for the most part they stood watching the opening band and waited until their time to move Kapp Stone’s equipment on the stage and the other equipment off.

Finally, I found my footing and put a halt to our progress. “JJ just tell me where you are taking me.”

He turned around with a strange look on his face. “I have something to show you.” I threw my hands up and followed him grateful the noise seemed less daunting the further back we walked.

Ryder’s Las Vegas club was bigger than the club he had in California, and from what I remembered his new club in Miami was just as big. He hoped to get into promoting young bands and worked with JJ in finding new talent.

We wound our way around a corner and behind a door into some sort of small closet. Darkness engulfed us and I smirked at him as he brought me into some sort of little hidden sanctuary wondering what type of nefarious dealings he intended. “Well, at least this will be one way to calm you down.” Sex between the two of us reached a new level. We experimented, and he always seemed to know what made me aroused, sometimes before I even knew.

Looking behind him, I noticed the door still open. When I went to close it, he stopped me. “No, leave it open.”

Bringing me around to face the small crack in the door he brushed up against me. “JJ?”

“Shh. Wait.” With him being suddenly secretive it made me wonder what he was up to.

Snaking his arms around my midsection and holding me close, I waited with him for something to happen. The room in front of us was currently abandoned with crates and gear strung and scattered around the room. The quiet was interrupted by a female voice giggling.

To the left of us walked in Emory Kapp, the lead singer of Kapp Stone. We only met on a couple of occasions and although he was attractive he also had an arrogance about him. When I mentioned it to JJ he just shrugged and said all young rockstars were pompous. I shuddered to think JJ was like him and how far he came knowing how hard I fell in love with this side of him. The JJ of today was so much better than the JJ of his youth when he was just as cocky and arrogant.

Trailing behind Emory was a blond girl about my height. She wore a backless dress that barely covered past the union of her hips below. She had long hair and way too much makeup on but I saw the way she looked at Emory and I almost immediately knew what was about to happen. Not even a second later, Emory pushed her on top of a music crate and started to kiss her.

Quietly I turned my head to look at JJ. “We should leave.” I didn’t think they could hear us with the lingering music around but I kept my voice low.

JJ’s deep look of longing held my eyes as he said, “Emory knows we are here.”

My breath caught not knowing what to think of this. “What? JJ... does she know?” This didn’t seem like JJ. He told Emory we wanted to watch?

“Emory knows, and he informed the chick they were going to have a secret audience but I really don’t think she cares.” I went to shake my head, and he gave me a quick chaise kiss, “Don’t worry. Emory won’t tell anyone, and she can’t see us.” He turned me back to the opening in the door and I noticed Emory already had her dress pushed up all the way and her breasts exposed.

My breathing quickened with the thought of watching them in front of me. It worried me that Emory knew but I trusted JJ and if he said I shouldn’t worry, then maybe I shouldn’t. A new thought came to me as I thought of all the ramifications this would cause. JJ let me experiment, and we had an active sex life but what would this mean for our future? “JJ maybe we shouldn’t. I mean do you...”

Leaning in closer to my ear, his breath rustled my hair as he spoke. “You worry too much.”

“But...” I swallowed as he pressed his pelvis up to mine and I felt him hard against my bottom. “You have fantasies and I always want to help you explore them. I would never do something you don’t want to do but I know how much you like to watch.”

He wasn’t wrong but I never gave in to that particular fantasy before. We talked openly about different positions or places but I never mentioned watching another couple. My curiosity always peaked at the physical manifestations of sex and how the body reacted. Maybe it was the physician in me but I found the science of the body fascinating.

“So, you want to do this?” I asked him wondering where he fit into this. After the incident with Charlie, I didn’t think either of us would ever ask for someone to join us in our bed. Neither of us ever wanted to share.

He started to sway slightly and it made my breathing speed up as it was some erotic dance of our joined bodies and his cock pressed up against me. “No, but I get it. You like to watch. You like to watch the physical effects of what happens to the body. The way the bodies come together and what happens during the act of sex itself.” He was right. I liked the visual stimulation but it unfairly bothered me having another naked woman in his presence.

“And you?” He laughed a low chuckle and moved his hands to my hips keeping our erotic dance going,

“Me? I like to watch... you. The way you look when you are aroused. The way your breathing speeds up and your nipples tighten just from watching me stroke myself made me wonder how I could free my hands to bring you over the edge so I came up with this plan.”

“Oh.” I had watched him masturbate on more than one occasion and I loved how the body functioned when pleasure was given. The way the corpora cavernosa flooded with blood to form the erect penis. The way the vas deferens contracted to squeeze the sperm toward the base of the penis and also how the prostate gland and seminal vesicles released secretions to make semen. Reading it in a text book was one thing but experiencing it first hand always put me on edge of climax and I wasn't surprised he knew of this facination I had developed.

They were kissing and not the least bit concerned about hurrying and I felt Emory may be putting on a little show for me, and I couldn’t say as it didn’t spark my interest further. He bent down to suck on her nipples and I felt JJ’s hand reach inside my shirt and make its ascent up to my own nipple and it started a slow tremble to form. He placed his head in the crook of my neck while kissing and licking my pulse point and I let out a soft moan.

The whole scene in front of me was being mimicked by JJ. When Emory bit down on the blonde’s nipple he tugged at mine and I moaned my pleasure. As Emory moved his hand up the inside of the blonde’s legs, I felt JJ’s hands travel up my skirt to find my panties soaked. I tried to keep my concentration on Emory and his woman but as the heat built between JJ and myself, all I could focus on was a release I knew only JJ could give me. I reached back and palmed his stiff cock, and he groaned. “No Nina. This is all for you.”

I couldn’t let it rest, “Please JJ, I need you.” He heard the plea in my voice and I could feel him giving in, so I groveled. “Please?”

By now Emory had his pants down and his manhood was stiff enough to hit his abdomen, almost what I thought JJ’s would be doing had it not been encased in denim. The glans head had a bead of pre-ejaculatory fluid on it and the veins stood out as the blonde helped him to put a condom on, but I found my interest being pulled more from the penis in front of me to the one poking at my back. My breathing increased and made it hard to be silent anymore. Glad we had little chance of being found out, I tried to relax. If anyone would get caught it would most likely be the two in the room in front of us as we were well hidden.

Their bodies were both glistening with sweat. Her chest rosy and the white of her skin showed a pink tinge where Emory had kissed and rubbed. The rise and fall of her breasts went in cadence with his as their excitement for the task at hand increased as well did the two people hidden in the closet.

“Shit Nina, I didn’t bring a condom.” The disappointment in JJ’s voice was evident.

It did nothing to deter me, “Then go without one. We should be safe.” He went through with a vasectomy six weeks ago. It wasn’t a hard decision. He had wanted one for a while but it was done in a hospital and getting him to go was the hard part although I was there every step of the way and I mean every step. I watched the whole procedure and after they snipped, tied, and cauterized his vas deferens I was convinced we had little chance of conceiving a child.

“But we didn’t do the final test.” We were scheduled to bring in one last sperm sample to get tested, but I was confident the procedure went well and the amount of sex we’ve been having lately all but guaranteed his sperm count had been depleted.

“Then this will be the final test. Please, JJ. I need to feel you inside me.” I knew he would cave and when I heard the zip of his pants I reveled in the fact he couldn’t say no to me at least not now. I would never take advantage of it, but really this should be enjoyed by both of us no matter how he planned it.

As soon as he unmanned his erection from his pants, his hands were back on me. He pulled my skirt up and tugged down my panties just enough for access. In front of me, Emory positioned his cock at her entrance and when he slammed into her I felt JJ thrust inside of me. Crying out I heard his moan of delight. My whole body quivered already so close to coming and I could tell JJ wasn’t far behind.

“Christ Nina, you feel so fucking good.” For the first time without protection, I couldn’t disagree with him. I loved the feel of him sliding in and out of me without even the littlest barrier. We both were tested one last time for STDs and now there would be no keeping us from each other.

Having a hard time standing as he thrust inside me, my knees were already weak and my brain started to go fuzzy from the endorphins. I swallowed hard and looked out to find a similar experience only feet away from us. Emory slammed into the blonde, and she cried out with each upstroke. They clawed at each other almost and I realized that was where we differed. Where Emory thrust hard into her in an animalistic way, JJ always went slow and methodical knowing exactly where and when to touch me. These people in front of us were virtual strangers and still learning each other where JJ and I had a rhythm we perfected over the months. A rhythm he now proved to be an expert at.

The way the blonde cried out I could tell she was close to her pinnacle. I was just as close and JJ knew it. When he slid into me I could feel him fully and I grabbed the door jamb to keep my legs from giving out. Fondling and pulling lightly at the nipple of my breasts he pushed deep inside me and plunged slightly upward at the end positive to give me a quick orgasm. His right hand snaked back under my skirt to find my clitoris and I sucked in my breath. My arousal grew stronger to the surface and my legs tensed up teetering on the heels I wore. I turned my head not even caring anymore about the show outside the door and searched out his face, his mouth, his eyes. He saw me looking for him and captured my mouth with his as my body erupted to stifle my orgasmic cry that he drained from my body. He took my breath and I took his as I felt him spurt deep inside me and the feel of the hot liquid sent another wave of satisfying throbbing to form deep inside.

The goosebumps came. Millions of tiny goosebumps spread over my skin and I felt JJ’s hand search for them as he always did, confirmation of the way he satisfied me although he knew me well enough to know our new sexual experience did just that. His arms finally enclosed my body, and we stood there wrapped together breathing as one. We didn’t even realize Emory and his woman friend finished and were getting dressed.

By the time I looked back at the pair in front of us they had returned to being fully clothed and Emory took the blonde by the hand and pulled her out of the room. Before leaving the vicinity he wavered and looked back nodding in our direction making me gasp. A knowing smirk formed on his lips and I swallowed unable to decide whether it was the most erotic thing I have ever done or the most stupid but no matter what, I wouldn’t regret it. JJ made me feel alive in a way I have never felt before and as long as he was here to experience it with me, I would revel in it.

As soon as we tucked ourselves in and looked for any witnesses we emerged from the closet. The heat of the closet and our sex adventure shown by the way a flush materialized on my skin as well as the fine film of sweat on my flesh. I didn’t care. I would do it again and only hoped he felt the same way. “Was that the reason you were so nervous? Maybe now you will calm down again. I can’t deny I feel better.”

Laughing he took my hand up to his lips for a quick kiss as he quickly led me back to our place by the bar. The opening band finished by the time we returned to Ryder. Although I was sure he suspected some adventure on our part, he kept his comments to himself. Picking up our glasses of JJ’s special non-alcoholic brew, I sipped on my drink as a tall brunette sauntered up to Ryder to gush over his legendary drum playing abilities. Instead of sitting back down on my stool, JJ pulled me between his legs and hugged me to him. The open act of affection was becoming more of a constant and I loved the way he showed me he cared.

Even after bearing all to him, he still made me feel like a saint. He was so open and honest and didn’t hold anything against me. He loved me unconditionally and I had never felt a love like his before. We were good for each other too. We complemented each other and I loved him with all my heart. Even being married before I never felt so appreciated and treasured.

JJ understood me and not just sexually. I still had bad days in the emergency department, I didn’t think I could go without having them, but he anticipated what I needed and provided a reprieve. He still insisted on picking me up after each shift and driving me to work, knowing the moment I locked eyes with him as I left the building what type of day I had. The way he accepted my idiosyncrasies, taking me home with the radio off and the window open as well as letting me shower the minute I got home, was astounding. He would even hold me on the days it got too bad as I cried and I have never felt more complete in my life. His ability to push away the bad thoughts and comfort me made me the happiest person in the world and I only wished I could do something to convince him of just how much I loved him.

After the Kapp Stone’s equipment was brought on stage and the lights went down I felt JJ getting all jittery again. Besides turning around and providing another mind-blowing orgasm right there in front of everyone I didn’t know what else to do to stop his jitters. Why the hell he was so nervous in the first place was beyond me but I pushed myself further into his embrace comforted when I noticed him calm albeit slightly.

Emory came out on stage and owned the room. The band performed to the top of their ability. They provided an act akin to the legends they were to become. The crowd screamed their approval, enthralled with his energy. His bandmates played into it, and they all seemed to be having a good time. Dancing next to JJ I would occasionally rub into him, but he still gave me apprehension to how he was so distracted. It wasn’t until halfway through their part of the night when I finally realized why.

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