Wicked Trust

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The End

Hello followers and new people to my books. I really hope you liked Wicked Trust and I have a couple more in this series that I am working on submitting for you soon.

One of my favorite followers asked me why I submitted a finished book instead of submitting it chapter by chapter. I mentioned how I, myself was so anxious for a new chapter to come out in a good book it drove me a little crazy to wait. I didn't want to do that to my followers, but I do have to admit, it helps with marketing of my book.

The next book in my series, the long awaited Chelsea and Brandt book will be coming out chapter by chapter. If you are like me and like to wait until the full book is out, ignore the constant notifications about a new release and I will inform you of when the full book is submitted. I wanted to try this as a way of building my followers so I hope it works and hope you aren't too dismayed with my chapter by chapter submission.

The next book in the series dives back into the life of Chelsea and Brandt. Fleeting fame and the pressures of life in the spotlight have weighed heavily on the two of them and they have separated. Can they find their way back to each other? You will just have to wait and find out.


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