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"Please!" Her tear striken face glistens under the moody blue rays of moonlight.

Her feeble body thrashes around wildly, hands and feet flailing in a failed attempt to free herself from the burning red shadows encased around her arms.

She screams again, this time sharper, piercing through the cloudy night. "I'll do anything, I promise."

She's desperate now, begging to sell her tainted soul for another chance at life.

"Ain't my call, kid." I drawl the words, my tone one of indifference.

I've seen this long enough to know that she won't get the deal she's looking for.

So I do her a favor, my fingers curl into a tight fist.

And she's sent falling down the pit.


The world around me spins as a dark mist envelopes my frame and shrouds over me.

Name: Joan Miller. Age: 17. Cause of death: Hanging.

My eyes scan the scroll before me, another name being checked off the list just in time. Another day, another screaming soul to be tossed down the never ending cycle.

I sigh, glad to have finished today's task with enough spare time to review the other documents laying idle in my office. Collecting souls can be quite a hassle, especially when having to deal with the humans who prefer to scream their lungs out- choosing flight over fight at the sight of a reaper. A scene that always makes me wonder why they bother to die by their own hands when they cannot accept the aftermath of their actions.

Satan be praised- this one was a lot easier to handle.

The environment is quiet as the mist desipates around me and I find myself in a familiar street along the northwest borders of the city.

The waddling embodiments around me don't meet my gaze, keeping their gazes down as they float to and fro.

The repetitive sound of my heavy boots slapping against the pavement is heard, following a sharp ding of my phone.

New text from M. Fuckface




Long legs wrap around my waist, cinching tightly around me as I thrust deeper into her. Blood red nails dig into my shoulders and leave behind crescent marks on the burning flesh of my shoulder blades.

The pain is welcomed wholeheartedly, every emotion she feels and expresses, I feed off of.

Another sound of pleasure is released, hands tightening around her curvy hips.

Piercing snake like green orbs flicker open when I thrust deeper into her slick wet walls. Lips parting breathlessly, both of us now buried under a dark mist of immense pleasure.

My momentum increases and my hips flex, ramming into her once, twice before she falls apart with a weak cry. I'm taking more than I should, but it's not like she's objecting. Infact she looks like she's enjoying it as much I am.

Her liquid desire drips down the fleshy insides of her thighs, my cock swelling inside her even more as my lips trail down to bite down on her supple breasts. Licking and sucking harshly on the swollen anatomy, all the while hitting her cervix and eliciting a moan from her.

Her arms are weak, yet she clings to my neck as her body jolts with each thrust, the bedpost quivering against the wall. She's sure to be sensitive as hell by the time I'm sated.

I feel the succubus slump beneathe me. No doubt losing more power.

Yet she doesn't relent, choosing to take every inch of me like a good slut, dripping and aching yet eager to take the pleasure being bestowed on her.

Her body no longer writhes beneathe me, only the small rising and falling of her chest indicating that she is infact still conscious.

I groan, her inner walls holding me in her vice. So good.

Something heavy bubbles within me, burning and ready to combust into a million pieces.

Raging, hot, sizzling raw energy.

My eyes squeeze at the feeling, her energy is tainted, not potent enough to fuel my fire but still tasty enough to keep my beast grounded.

My phone rings. And that moment is brought to a still.

At first I want to ignore it, but then the incessant ringing of the device has me groaning in agitation.

Finally, I slide out of her and turn on my side, reaching for the stupid contraption with a deepened scowl.

"What?" I snap into the phone, hearing small noises of commotion in the background before a grave voice speaks up.

"We've a problem."


Small- barely up to a good five feet, curled into a small ball with tendrils of fiery red mane sticking to her freckled face and longer strands sprawled around the dirt like a halo. There's a huge dent in the landmark where she now lays at the bottom.

My gaze shifts to her fleshy thighs, laid bare before me, tightly squeezed and successfully keeping her pussy hidden from my view. I note the fragility she holds; a petite thing with delicate skin and bones that could break at the slightest input of pressure.


Weak, defenceless...

Heavy snores escape her slightly parted lips and causes a frown to tug down on my mouth. The thoughts in my head spinning rapidly the more I regard her through my hooded gaze.

To think I sacrificed my pleasure for a teenage human girl. I really can't see the emergency here.

"So," I smack my lips together and purse them. Whirling around on my feet to meet the dark gazes of the ten elders behind me, a dark red mist hovering over their frail figures as their sullen, onyx dull eyes stare me head on.

"What do you suggest," they don't speak but a small inclination of the head from the youngest of the brothers tells me that they're curious.

So I continue. "Throw her into the snake pit or down the burning embers?"
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