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194 hours earlier.

November 1, 2001

Roo's place, Earth.


"Happy Halloween!" I yell after the grumpy lady as she yanks the doors open and steps out into the night, wavy dark hair swaying behind her with bag in hand. The smile splitting across my lips falters for a brief moment before I catch madame Vic's eyes on my from my peripheral vision and I slip it back on.

"Happy my ass." Is her half-assed reply as a familiar chime echoes at her departure.

Yikes, I wonder what crawled up her ass.

All Hallows Eve.

My eyes follows the trail of the 'happy Halloween' poster running from one end of the lobby to the other, written in blood red paint and adorned with an assortment of spiders and web decorations in an attempt to appear scary.

Tear drops of saline liquid pool at my forehead and trail down the curve of my face, landing on the white collar of the skimpy pale pink t-shirt I'm wearing and forming a puddle.

I'm bouncing on the balls of my feet, my eyes swaying back to the old clock hanging off the wall and directly in my line of vision.

8:28 pm.

Why isn't this damn clock moving?

A scream of frustration lodges in my throat and I have to bit down harshly on my lower lips, resulting to mindlessly watching the few lingering seated men and women draped in expensive fur coats. A couple races past the doors hand in hand and gives me a nod, heading upstairs.

Roo's place is a run down motel on the east side of town, known among the locals around here for its mean services despite the rustic appearance.

As refreshing and tasty as the dishes on the menu are, the owner is by far the sourest.

Reason why I am still here after my shift ended fourty minutes ago. Instead I'm being threatened to be fired and ordered to stay till she states otherwise.

Although I want to grab my purse and sneak out through the back door, there's a look in my boss' usual expressionless eyes that keep my rooted to my spot behind the reception desk.

I whine under my breath.

Tracy had left an hour ago. With the explanation of her 'sick' boyfriend waiting for her at home. I'm sure she'll be catwalking in here with a Cheshire grin tomorrow morning, her cheeks flushed and eyes bright whilst I resemble a brainless zombie.

10:48 pm, most customers have resigned to their rooms. Boss is gone, leaving me to tidy up all the while grumbling in mild anger since it's the only thing I can do in protest. My replacement for the night soon arrives.

The downtown alleyway is my route, sure it's one of the rundown parts of the city but buried somewhere in the middle is my cheap home.

The walk takes longer than usual, the sky now a dark canvas with small smudges of whites which glimmer each time my eyes search the night sky.

A nerve of confusion hits me. Where is everyone? Usually there are children parading the streets in the name of trick or treating and the lights above are bright, unlike how desolate the streets are tonight. Then it hits me...

The auspicious blue moon.

And my steps hasten.

The cobblestoned paths are dirty, the cursed moon's light aiding me to see past the trash filled bins and the dirty rags sprawled at the corners.

I'm oblivious at first— to the way stones suddenly begin to rattle and levitate a few metres off the ground.

—To the significant change in the sky's mood, the darkening of the moon to a light blue color.

—To the weird static energy in the air which I brush off.

My gaze is everywhere yet nowhere all at once. Gliding from the cobblestoned path to the moss streaked walls of the old houses running straight in a lane on each side of me. The citizens of this particular town have always been firm believers of tradition, hence why they refuse to renovate the town hall even though the roof creaks whenever there is a heavy downpour, threatening to give way under the villagers.

Thunder rumbles in the distance, shattering into a thousand tiny bolts in the night sky- once then twice.

Something deep inside my gut coils at the sound and my heart beat quickens. It doesn't help that my outfit does little to provide warmth from the unyielding cold breeze. So I wrap an arm around my shivering frame and pray to the heavens that the rain stills till I get to my apartment.

Another strikes, casting the image of a quivering shadow against the walls and draws a groan from my lips. I still have a long way to go before I reach home.

My body jolts forward at a small cackle in the air, zinging at the spot behind me causing me to almost tumble on my heels from sheer shock.

I stumble to the far edge of the path and practically glue myself to the cold walls in search for shelter.

Then the rain starts.

Curse my damn luck!

The cold, harsh drops pelt down on my back and my highschool themed pastel outfit sticks to me like a second skin. My hair is free from it's loose bun now, darker, wet from the rain.

More rumbles of thunder echo, blinding strikes of lightening following soon after.

I mumble curses, shivers racking through me as wild gusts of wind breeze past me.

Suddenly, something hits me.

Intense pain floods my chest and a cry rips past my mouth in a sickening manner, resounding into the darkness. The pain spreads- paralysis grapples me, my legs stiffen, something pulling me so I'm shaking, body vibrating as the odd sensation flows through my veins.

My eyes flutter shut.

And then I'm falling.

Falling, falling and falling.

Until I embrace and become one with the darkness.

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