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Location: The court of judgement.

"Why exactly are we here again?" My tone is clipped with mild anger as I direct the question to the brown eyed reaper standing beside me. Messy cropped black hair laying atop his head in disarray, lazy chocolate orbs observing the scene playing out before us as he noisily slurps on his milkshake.

My presence in such gatherings, despite being with the higher ops, is highly unlikely of me. Normally, I'm neither demanded nor welcomed at such events, but seeing as the tiny devil was found in my territory, I -against their better judgement- am seemingly involved in the process.

"Magnus." I snap, irritated at the loud sound.

He stops mid-sip and turns to me, wide eyes gleaming with mischief as he cocks his head to the side in mock confusion. "I'm sorry, what?"

"You should be burning in the depths of Tartarus at this ungodly hour." At my comment, he grins.

He shrugs, un-bothered with the fact that he cut me halfway through my feast. "As long as there's an abundance of dick then who's complaining."

My lips curl downwards, his jest not easing the tension in me by any chance. Instead, my beast demands his blood in compensation for our lost dinner, disregarding the bond we have with him. I fully doubt he will taste delicious though, Magnus dismisses me with a roll of his eyes.

He's always been a dramatic bastard.

Jutting the styrofoam cup with a straw hanging over the ledge, he points to the platform where sure enough the higher five are seated, long cloaks draping over their frames. My eyes follow the movement in the dark hall.

"Looks like our tiny guest has managed to put the five at unease." He truly looks intrigued by the scene, "remarkable."

Of course they're restless. The natural course of the universe has been tampered with, surely there will be consequences for what has happened. Ah, I can imagine the dreadful look on their faces when Lucifer finds out what has happened in her absence.

The ten elders are all brothers, rumored to have pledged loyalty to Lucifer long before the angel was cast from heaven. Some demons say that they fought along side our master during the thousand year battle to overthrow the big man up there. Risking the loss of their ranks, powers and becoming eligible for banishment from heaven... All which was gotten in full payment in due time.

After the battle, when Lucifer was cast down to the forsaken earth, they were as well, including many others who had all stood by the beast. As compensation for their defeat and loss, they were offered eldership over the courts of hell. Gaining charge over the various divisions tasked with dealing with the journey of souls, judgement and reincarnation.

Divided into two tiers based on their strengths and weaknesses.

The higher five— highly skilled in combat and war tactics, deadly agents said to possess an outstanding amount of unspeakable powers.

And the lower five— the more diplomatic of the ten, the last breed of offsprings whose mind games put the best psychopaths to shame. Conniving and sly demons whose tongues compensated for their lack in the other departments.

All ten brothers are seated on plush black chairs made to resemble thrones, starting from the first to the last, long cloaked fabric concealing their identity from all. A red mist similar to the one exude whenever I teleport clings to them, creating a dreary look.

The first court; judgement, is fairly large. With it's dark interior, dark curtains draped from the high ceiling down to the shiny tiled floors. Headed by the seventh known as Raj and the centre of judgement for all souls after they have departed the mortal realm. He's been said to be rather cold due to the harsh manner with which he runs the court and places judgement. But then again, each brother is one and the same. The hall is long lengthwise, I can almost envision the souls striding past the open double barrel doors in thousands, chains clanging with every step as they approach his throne. My beast hums, excitement filling me at the wild wonder of whether or not she will be presented in the same manner.

"Is she dead?" I hear one of the brothers further to the side question... One of the lower five I deduce.

A bald, dark skinned reaper who assists Raj in running the affairs of the court steps up, ancient ink inching up the rippling expanse of his shirtless back and over his shoulder blades and arms. In his hands in a scroll, clasped gingerly between both palms as he shakes his head in denial.

"Apparently not, sire. It seems the human was teleported to one of the middle realms. On further examination, the scribes have concluded that her mortal skin is indeed intact."

"Are there any theories pertaining to her unusual appearance here?" The fourth elder of the courts— Ryui demands, his voice low and husky, leaning against the armrest of his chair without a care in a world. He's always been the more nonchalant of the ten, nothing ever catching his attention for more than two minutes before he is back to his usual brooding state.

The silent ones are always the deadliest.

"None." He then bows and presents the scroll. At an affirmative nod from them, he trudges up the two staired platform and hands over the scroll to Ryui, then steps back.

The next elder who speaks however is not as relaxed as Ryui.

"Weren't all humans ordered to stay home." He growls.

The reaper nods, head bobbing as he visibly swallows a lump down his throat, "yes sire. We are yet to ascertain the trigger of the portal and why she was pulled in."

The elder growls. "—but the scribes will get to the root of it." He hurriedly finishes.

That successfully calms him down.

"Good. Bring the human girl in."

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