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I am ruffled awake by a burning sensation in my arms and wrists. There's a dull throb in my head as well, my first instinct is to rub the sore spot in feign relief, however my hands seem to be stuck. Fear grapples me and mid consciousness, my eyes flutter open, suddenly aware of the uncomfortable hardness prickling at my back and neck.

"What the fuck?" My voice echoes around me, giving the illusion that I'm in a cave of sorts. It's dark, so dark that I have to squint my eyes in order to clearly make out the bearings of my environment. The only source of lighting being the soft rays filing through a small hole above me.

Was I kidnapped? Who would kidnap me anyways, I don't have any money... At least not since I went MIA four years ago.

Grunting, I tug at the restraints, the heavy metal cuffs seeming to burn harsher against my skin at the action eliciting a pained whimper from my lips. What is this thing made of? Acid?

I wiggle my wrists, twisting my body in a weird motion. The jiggling of metal resonates as they clash with the other and scrape against the hard concrete floor beneathe me.

Currently, I am chained to a huge boulder, my arms and legs spread wide apart, keeping me from making any subtle movements and burning my skin badly when I create too much friction with said metal. Whoever tied me up definitely has no intentions of letting me escape that's for sure.

A gust of hot wind blows through the encroaching darkness, causing my body to automatically tremble. The action bringing to my notice the absence of clothes on me. My nipples pert and tits flushed an embarrassing hue of rouge, my legs are splayed wide open, exposing my bare lower lips to the night.

"For fucks sake." I manage to mumble despite the colorful haziness in my head.

Movement from in front of me, behind what I assume is a metal door locked in place, causes my breathing to still within my chest. There are a lot of noises soon after; loud clanging of metals, harsh screeching of bolts as they're tugged to the side and... thundering footsteps?

It's been a while since I knocked a bitch out Jackie Chan style.

The cell door slowly creaks open, the person behind revealing himself to me in the light... Only, it isn't a person per say.

The first thing I see are its eyes... Glowing, burning and staring endlessly into my soul. Definitely not human at all.

Towering over me at an impressive height, horse faced, its hoofs clacking against the concrete floor as it steps inside and fixates it's gaze on me.

I can't find it in me to make a single sound, fear coursing through my veins and clogging my throat so I can't make a single noise. I stare wide eyed at it, mouth wide agape and jaws slacked. But of course, my body recognizes the threat this thing is to me and reacts accordingly; trembling.

The creature takes small, unhurried steps towards me with it's nose upturned. It's eyes are a citrus color, burning and trained intently on every movement I make, including the troubled rise and fall of my bare chest. It doesn't look at me like it wants to have its way with me rather with a stoic expression and it's eyes unwavering from mine. It regards me as filth. I see it in its eyes, its body language. I know.

I can't help the defensive thought that first crosses my mind. Is it because I'm Irish? Bitch this red hair could beat yours any day.

It slows to a stop a few meters away from me, scenting heavily of burnt wood as it towers over me. The creature pays no heed to the tremble in my bones neither does it act like it noticed the tears sliding down my flushed face as it pulls out a key that looks way too small in its very large hands and unlocks the cuffs. Bristling when my palm comes in contact with its shoulder as I fall unceremoniously to the floor with a thud.

I begin to think I'm free, rubbing at the red bruised flesh of my tender wrists. But then a hand is clasped around my shoulder blades painfully and I'm jerked to my feet, arms twisted behind me before a cold object is clapsed around both my wrists. Keeping them bound behind my back. He— if it does have a gender— barely gives me a moment of reprieve before he begins to drag me out of the cell by the arm and into a dark hallway lit with flaming torches hung strategically on the walls.

My bare feet scrub against the oddly scalding concrete and I hiss at the contact. Why is everything in this place burning?

And most of all, what's this place?

Whatever it is, it looks shady and I don't do shady.

"Look, if you let me go now I promise not to tell anyone about this." Like hell I wouldn't.

Hot puffs of air escape it's nostrils in a cloudy smoke, keeping it's pace consistent as it urges me forward, huffing. His grip is strong and I wince at the contact.

Everything's dark here, our path luminated by faint orange light from the flickering fire.

I try again."I can assure you that I don't taste as good as I look." No response.

"One taste is like fucking poison," he only nods at something or someone hidden within the shadows of the stoned walls, another one of them I think. "You wouldn't want your precious customers dead, I'm sure business is booming for you around this time of the year."

As usual, no reply. Only a sharp animal like grunt before he tightens his hold on my bicep and pushes me forward, past the big double barrel doors leading to my infinite doom.
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