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||Also, the man who's been speaking all this time isn't Aïdon, remember he is one of the rulers, by name: Raj and is in charge of judgement. This is his scene in particular, we will meet Aïdon in a sec.||




I feel his stare at me narrow, just as the faint sound of snickering echoes somewhere in the hall. "I'm beginning to think you have a slight hearing issue, or maybe it's the weak braincells." He deadpans.

How much I want to smack that hood off his face.

"You just said you can't send me back, dude! What the hell. I have a family out there who will look for me, the villagers will ask questions and eventually find out what happened. What will you do if they all start disobeying and staying out of their houses during the blue moon?" My mouth should've stayed shut, I think dreadfully as I watch all ten elders adjust themselves in their thrones and simultaneously lean forward. All except one that is, he remains the same, gazing at me with those cold dark eyes as he rubs his fingers over the thin material of his cloak.

"Are you threatening us?" One situated three seats to the right bellows, almost standing to his full height and causing me to almost shrink at the raw power he oozes.

"N-" I want to shrink back into my hole, but I remember what the situation is. I am minutes away from getting thrown in everlasting burning fire. So yes, of course I'm threatening the motherfucker! "Yes." I tut my chin higher.


A throat is cleared. My gaze shifts to the one male who hasn't said a word, he lifts his head a bit causing the dark shadows around his cloak to shift so I manage to see the bridge of his upturned nose.

"We don't have time for this brothers. The human will stay here as a guest till we set a date for a proper trial." He stands, as do the others. "Aïdon!"

I hear a scraping sound, then faint footfalls just as a man steps into my line of view, and despite my misty haze of slight anger and frustration, I do a double take when I see him.

Dressed in all black much like the demons around this place, with a coat draped over his broad shoulders and his feet adorned with matching black boots. His hair darker than night is in disarray, flopping over his forehead lazily and poking out like antennas atop his head, giving me the illusion of someone who just had sex mere moments ago. Or perhaps had been in a brawl.

I can't see his face properly because he faces the elders so I only catch a glimpse of a stubble growing on his jawline.

His lips are pulled downwards and his jaw is locked firm in what I presume is annoyance. "What?" Someone doesn't want to be here just as much as I don't.

I blink at the harshness in his tone. But the ten men don't, I think they're used to his grumpy attitude by now so they wave him off and instead gesture to me. "Do treat your guest with hospitable manners, Satan be with you."

Before I can make a noise of protest or blink, they're gone. A puff of dark red smoke left in place of the mysterious men.

The sound of keys being jiggled drifts into my ears and then a faint click, the cuffs on my wrists are gone. Quickly, I cradle my arms to my chest and rub the pad of my fingers on the flesh in order to soothe the faint ache.

The grip on my shoulder suddenly disappears, I turn just in time to see the creature as it trudges with heavy footfalls past the big doors leading to the dungeons where I was held captive. As it becomes one with the darkness, a dark mist which takes the form of several hands slithers forward and curls around the edges of the door.
The door creaks and groans in protest as it is slammed shut.

"Let's go." I'm suddenly reminded of the extra presence with me, I turn to face him, surprised to find his gaze already on me. Just not on my face per say.

A squeak of embarrassment escapes my mouth and my cheeks redden, I glower at him, I move quickly and cup my bare pussy with a palm and conceal my breasts with the other. My legs are crossed and my hair falls forward.

Lazily, his eyes sweep over me before finally settling on my face. His jaw ticks and he repeats himself slowly, "let's go."

Behind him something is forming, I stagger back and squint my eyes at the object. It starts out the size of a small round orange with thick black smoke swirling around at an incredible speed, it grows bigger and bigger until it's about the height of 6 feet.

He turns on his heels and starts to walk toward it, his coat sways with his steps. My eyes are wide as the shadows seem to welcome him with open arms as he walks straight into it.

He expects me to go into that thing with him?

I take a step back, my muscles tensing and my breathes coming out in puffs as I try to calm my violently thudding heart. The moment he has fully disappeared from sight, my body twists and I pump my legs forward. I don't get far though, suddenly something shoots out from the dark smoke and twists itself like vines around my legs, tugging me back.

Not expecting it, my feet stagger and I fall face first to the ground. The metallic taste of blood slowly registers on my tongue, pain spikes around my jaw. The vines begin to pull me back and I dig my nails into the floor, twisting my body as I thrash around violently and scream out my lungs.

Everything else is a blur.



Something wet trails down my forehead, my throat itches for relief from the heat. I squirm in discomfort, feeling something hard underneath my back.

I'm so hot.

My mouth falls open and my tongue darts out momentarily to swipe at my dry lips, my throat is so dry. I need water.

My eyes slowly blink open with much effort, my vision blurs as colors mix and perform a choreographed dance before me. I try to lift my hand, but stop when I realize that I can't. I'm chained... again.

Everywhere burns. My arms are bruised from my fall, the spot where the vines had curled around is red and swollen. And worse of all, I'm still naked.

"You wouldn't be in this position if you had just obeyed me." His voice is gruff when he speaks. My bleary eyes flicker across the room, bouncing from the high ceilings to the paintings hung on the walls before finally settling on the figure sprawled over a couch the shade of ash. His feet are flung over the table, still adorned with a pair of heavy boots and his head is thrown back.

Defiant, I want to object to his bold assumption, I want to scream, however I cannot. I'm too tired. My muscles beg for rest and my insides feel like noodles being stirred in a pan; the nauseous feeling intensifies as bile rise up my throat but I force it down and inhale deeply. I try not to think, instead my eyes flutter shut and I focus on gaining my strength back.

I'm naked. My bare skin on full display for his viewing pleasure but he pays me no heed. I expect him to look at me, perhaps spare me a flitting glance or acknowledge the fact that there is a slab of fresh meat laid out before him quite literally. He does neither.

I hear him make a noise at the back of throat and then shuffling as he stands, the sound of footfalls echo soon after signalling his exit.


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