The Alpha King's Hunt

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On every blood moon, twelve princesses from all over the world, belonging to different packs, gather at the Harmon’s Palace, the home to the King of Alpha’s and where the hunt takes place. For thousands of years, the hunt had been marked as the game of Queen’s, where only one of the females get selected to become the next Alpha Queen, only after a long trial. Valarie arrived at the Harmon’s Palace as Princess Sophia’s lady but instead, she captured the attention of the King Gabriel himself and vowed to have the prize all for herself only after a one accidental night, where she got the pleasure of her life.

Erotica / Romance
Mia Kerr
4.7 66 reviews
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The Alpha King's Hunt

Who’s ready for a new book?! This was one of my old books that had been edited and redrafted and while they aren’t as steamy as the other one’s, there is still a lot of smut in here!

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