Desire and Lust

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Mia live in a small town in New York City and she had a family that made her smile every single day until the devil came in her life

Erotica / Other
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Chapter One

"Please she is my only daughter" George said trying to hold his tears back "Well I gave you 5 month to return my money and you didn't" Christian said with a dark voice "Mr.Voy please just give me another month and I will have your money" Christian chuckle a bit after hearing what George said "You had your time know your daughter will pay the concision" Christian said with a dark smile in his face "No please just please do this" George said as Christian got out his phone and called one of his trusted bodyguards "Hello sir" Austin said "Go get the girl and bring her to my location" Christian said and with that he hung up the phone and kept smiling at George teary and scared face
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