A shivering passion

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A collection of short erotic stories, focusing on Aribelle, a kinky university student, and Samira, with her passionate, lustful relationship. Each chapter is written to awake something in the reader. To let them fantasise about a scenario they’ve always liked, or discover something new about themselves.

Erotica / Romance
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Miss Martìn's spell

I cracked my knuckles in the quiet classroom. No one noticed as the professor was explaining… something, surely. I crossed my legs under the desk and squeezed my thighs together: that heat just wouldn’t go away. As much as I liked Miss Martìn’s lessons, I could not wait to go home and have a little privacy. I put the pen down and adjusted my thigh highs back over the knee, then gave a quick glance around: everyone seemed to be following the lecture or using their phones. I grabbed the sides of my black panties and shifted them around a bit: my pussy cooled down for exactly one second, then resumed her tantrum. The clock on my phone just wouldn’t display that 11:30. Just another half hour, and another lecture, and the bus ride home.
“For fuck’s sake.” I sighed softly and bit my lips. I couldn’t wait for that long! My panties were probably already soaked. Fourteen minutes to the end of the lesson.
“Miss, in the back.” I raised my head, finding the professor’s gaze right on mine. “Was that message really that important, Miss Boyle?” Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw people carefully lowering their phones: why the hell was she angry at me!
“I was just checking the time, Miss, sorry.”
“Are there any problems? You seem a little… uncomfortable.” For fuck’s sake, way to show everyone I was horny. I had the passing thought of getting up to drop kick her, as everyone’s eyes were now on me. I squeezed my thighs again.
“I think I just didn’t eat enough today. Sorry to disturb.” She paraded herself to her handbag, the heels of her pumps echoing on the floorboards.
I didn’t know why, but she had started picking on me, calling me out for every minor inconvenience and always putting me in the spotlight. What’s worse is that she always did it with a smirk. She knew she was annoying me. And what was *even* worse is that I liked her. And how could I not? She was my complete opposite and everything I wanted to be: tall, tanned, elegantly dressed and built like a succubus, with a perfect hourglass figure and softness in the right spots.
I was just a pale twig with some e-girl shirt and a skirt on.
Like a model in the middle of the catwalk, she came right up to me. I didn’t know what she was doing teaching in the chemistry department of a university.
“Here. You should always have a filling breakfast” She dropped a bunch of honey sweets on my doodled notebook.
“I- yeah. Sorry.” She shook her head and resumed her lesson. I ate one of the sweets, fantasizing about eating her out, one day. My pussy started to throb.
“For fuck’s sake.”

I ran towards the bathroom, clutching a highlighter marker and looking at the clock. If I was quick, I still had enough time to get on the bus and go home. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.
When I arrived, all the doors were closed. Fortunately they were real doors that covered up the entire stall. I washed my hands, holding the highlighter with my teeth. My cheeks were blushing and my bun undone, letting ginger locks frame my face. I shook the water off my hands, then wiped them on my shirt and tied my hair in two low pigtails. The door behind me opened and a girl about my height came out, sporting long pink nails. I nodded towards her and went into that stall. I sighted and rested on the door, but to be extra sure I locked it.
This was going to be the most pathetic thing I had ever done, but I needed it. Everything was burning up inside me.
Someone from the stall on my right flushed, and I had some second thoughts about what I was doing, but then a bigger, curvier thought filled my brain up: my hands holding on fistfulls of dark hair and my legs wrapped around someone’s face. They looked up, pressing their tongue on my aching clit, and their dark, seductive eyes made me fall into an abyss of pleasure. My professor, Miss Martín, giggled as I came on her face.
“For fuck’s sake.” I lifted my skirt up and pulled my panties down, letting the breeze hit my dripping cunt. Chilling. My right hand moved instinctively between my lips and parted them, exposing the big, swollen clit behind. Everything was slimy and slick.
I didn’t want to stick a dirty thing in my vagina, so I put the highlighter in my mouth, being sure to lick it well and coat it with saliva. It wasn’t too big, so I put the whole thing in, letting it hit the throat. I gagged a bit, which only made me hornier: I was blowing a shitty marker just to fuck myself in a public bathroom.
I bit my lip not to moan as the marker brushed against my clit. I circled around it, moving always a little closer to that soggy, hungry hole of mine. As the highlighter went in, my right hand began stroking my throbbing clit. I breathed out of my nose, moving my left hand slowly. In and out. In and out. I couldn’t make noises. But my cunt was too wet, and everytime the marker moved in, I could hear the noise of flip flops on water. I just hoped no one else could, as the doors of the other stalls opened and closed.
My vagina walls began to clamp around that marker, asking for more. Something thicker and longer to fill me up and fuck me until I was stupid, only able to process dildos and cocks using me as a fleshlight and filling me up with cum. Miss Martín was behind me, pushing the biggest strap on inside my little pussy. I couldn’t move as every limb was tied and my mouth forced open by a ball gag. I had something stuck up my asshole, some kind of floating hook, keeping my hips up in the air, so that I could be used by anyone passing by.
I moaned softly as those fantasies filled my mind and the fire between my soft thighs grew bigger.
Now I could see myself standing in front of Miss Martín: she was laying on a leather bench with all her holes filled up by fuck machines. Her legs were up in the air, kept open by a spreading bar, and her big ass and thick thighs were all red, but I wouldn’t stop whipping her, and she wouldn’t stop asking for more. At least that was what I could hear through her gags.
I bit my lips again and made my hands move faster as I got closer to my orgasm.
“Sorry, is this occupied?” Someone knocked on my door. I stopped and inhaled.
“Eh-ehm. Yes. Give me a moment, please.”
“Can you please be quick, I need to catch the bus.”
“Uh-uh. Yeah.” I stood up. Where was I supposed to put that marker now? It was too wet to go back in my backpack. None of my clothes had pockets and I sure as hell wasn’t going to put it in my mouth.
“For fuck’s sake.” I cried, stuck the highlighter back in my vagina and lifted my panties up. I opened the door and threw the rucksack over my shoulder.
“Sorry, bit of a period problem.” I tried to smile, hoping not to look too red and sweaty.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t know. Are you sure you don’t still need some time?” She looked genuinely concerned.
“Uhhm, yeah. I’m done.”
“Alright. See you.”
I took a step towards the exit, but as I moved my leg, I felt that damned object touching my insides, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I almost moaned, but noticed something.
“Is that why you looked sick today doing our lecture, Miss Boyle?” My vision zoomed on Miss Martín’s face, letting everything else blur like white noise.
“Oh. Oh, Miss- Martín. Yes. I think I should have just stayed home. But, why are you here in the students bathrooms?” My voice was a little higher than normal.
“I just needed to adjust my make up and this one was closer.” She closed one of her eyes to put some more eyeliner on. “I’ve been here for a while, but I didn’t know it was you in there.”
“Oh. Well, I-”
“Say, Aribelle, what do you think of my lectures? I know chemistry can be hard, especially for first years students like you.”
I walked to the sink, trying to dismiss any sensation coming from my pussy. The girl in the stall left without washing her hands. Only now, I noticed, the entire room was empty and that that girl could have gone in any other stall. She probably didn’t use the bathroom at all and just waited there for a while.
“They are very fascinating. Sometimes it’s hard to hear though, especially when you’re writing at the board. I guess the mic can’t pick voices from that far.” I looked at the clock: the bus was already at the station in front of the building. I would have had to run to catch it.
“Do you understand what I explain or do you need to, ehm, teach things to yourself, so to say?”
“Well, sometimes I think I understand something in class, but then I have trouble studying. Maybe I’m not that good at taking notes.” She pouted and defined her lips with some red lipstick. I kept my cool as she bent closer to the mirror, exposing her massive ass, barely covered by a pair of tight jeans.
“Would you say you prefer your physics professor’s or my lectures?” I thought about that old bastard talking about electrons all the time.
“Yours. I think they’re less passive.” I checked my clock again.
“Do you have to go somewhere? I see you’re always checking your clock.”
“Well, yes. My bus will leave soon.” I stuttered.
“Oh right. Are you already studying to get a driving licence, or will it be for later?
“I’ll wait until I get my degree; I want to concentrate on that first.” I checked the time. “Miss, I’m sorry, but I really must go now. Good bye.” I waited there motionless for a few seconds.
“Do I have to order you to go away? Go, Isabelle, you’re dismissed.” She waved her hands.
I fumbled something between “Yes, Miss” And “bye”, and ran outside.
Soon I found my legs weak, as the marker woke my pussy up again. My underwear was completely soaked now, but I had to get to the bus. Out of a window, I saw other students pilgriming to the gates and jumping on the bus.
“For fuck’s saah-ke ahh!” I moaned as I climbed down the stairs, the highlighter jumping up and down in sync with my legs. I should have taken the lift, but it was too late now. I rested at the end of the second flight of stairs, adjusted my clothes and wiped the sweat off my brow. Just one more flight, then a little downhill jog.
“Come on, I’ve fantasised about this very situation tons of times. It’s easy.” Thinking this, I went down. The main hall was mostly empty, apart for a few students sitting on the couches. They didn’t notice me, as always. As I went out, I heard the bus starting the engines; a cold chill ran down my spine as I realised that I would have needed to either walk home or wait there for an hour. Looking at the road, I also realised I should have bought those Heelys to roll my way down.
As another, warmer, chill trickled down my thigh, I resumed my race. I cut through the grass field and stepped on a flower as the bus door closed. I cursed all those years spent playing videogames instead of working out and tried to go faster.
As I stepped out the gate, the bus departed.
“Oh, for fuck’s sake!” I stomped my foot down and my thigh high fell under my knee. I rested on the gate and slowly sank to the ground. The sky looked grey and I could already taste the rain. This was the worst day ever.
And I was still fucking horny, now more than ever. I just wanted to go home, lock myself in the bathroom and spend a good hour with my rabbit vibrator. My roommate had found this guy to fuck her and my God they went at it. She wasn’t home anymore, ever, always spending the night at his house. I also wanted that, but the most I had ever gotten was simps in my twitch chat calling me a “real life loli”

“Aribelle?” I moved my eyes towards the voice. Not her. Not again. “What’s wrong?”
“I lost my bus, Miss.” She picked her car keys from her hand bag.
“Follow me I can drive you home.” She walked away, swinging her hips side to side. “I think it’s my fault you lost the bus, because of our chat, so it would be just fair for me to help you. Wouldn’t it?” She smiled again. I got up and followed her. She was indeed the cause of my lateness and I felt like she knew. I didn’t really want to be with her, but I wanted to get home fast. I sat beside her, on the passenger seat and gave her my address when she asked. She said she couldn’t bring me right there, as it was farther than her house, but she could leave me close. We didn’t talk more; she was driving and I was looking through my twitter, squeezing my thighs ever so often to control the heat.
We hit a bump on the road: I whimpered and bit my lips, feeling the marker moving again. We had just arrived at a long bridge, built parallel above the river. This was going to be bad for me. We hit another bump. I turned to show my back to her and cover myself a little. I let my face relax and look unfazed.
And then another one. I sniffed. Maybe if the highlighter moved less, I wouldn’t feel it as much. As I clenched my pussy muscles, we hit another bump. It was too much this time, and as a small wave of pleasure hit me, I couldn’t hold my moan. I faked a cough and glanced at her. She was silent, focusing on the road. Until she smirked.
“You know, I could have taken another way to bring you home, but I wanted to make it really difficult for you.” She looked at the rear view mirror and from there, directly at my blushing face.
“S-sorry?” Suddenly I felt naked and adjusted my skirt. My cunt throbbed, excited of having been caught red handed.
“Do you think I didn’t notice how you look at me? How you cross your legs and every time you’re in class? How red your cheeks are, even now?” She did a turn and we left the bridge behind us.
“I- I’m sorry. I-”
“Don’t worry. It’s completely in your nature. I know your kind: small, shy, cute and complete degenerates.” The car stopped. We were in a nice zone of the city, full of well kept flat blocks.
“And?” I was getting a little weirded out now.
“Well, this is where I live: we could have a cup of tea and discuss a possible... friendship with benefits. I don’t want to force you into anything you’re not comfortable with, so if you don’t want, just go and we’ll forget about it. I’ll stop picking on you in class and we’ll be just student and professor.” I stared at my feet.
“I don’t know you. Miss Martín.” My shyness was now eating me up from the inside, yet I had to force myself not to rub my legs together.
“And I don’t know you. I don’t know if you’re actually what I’m looking for or anything. But we can talk and learn more. If it doesn’t work, my contract with the university ends in a few months and I’ll be gone.”
“I guess we could have a chat… after I go to the bathroom.” She smiled and left the car.

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