A shivering passion

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How I met my daddy: Sleepover

We got in the lift to my floor. I was about to call my flatmate, then remembered she wasn’t there.
“You can leave your shoes by the door.” I said, doing so. “The bathroom is that way. The towels are in the bottom left cupboard, the shampoo in the shower rack, if you need it.”
“Cheers.” “If you need clean clothes, I think I’ve got something old that could sort of fit you. I’ll leave it on the credenza in the corridor.”
“I might just have a proper shower at my house. Thanks, ayway.”
“Oh, alright.” he closed the door behind him and, soon after, I heard the sink running.
I went in my room and turned on the pc. He was going home for the evening and I had to work now. I had stared at the white screen for some time when I heard Maxwell shout.
“Can you get me those clothes, if you don’t mind?”
“Sure, give me a second.” I picked a pair of basketball shorts and a large white t-shirt that I used as a pyjama and left them on the credenza.
A quarter of an hour passed before I heard a knock on my door frame. Maxwell was standing there, his hair wet, but not dripping. His cheeks were slightly red from the shower.
“May I come in?” I nodded, standing up. I was still in my dirty dress. “What are you working on?”
“A nice empty room.” I showed him the white canvas. “And this.” I opened the Alps landscape.
“Wow, it’s magnificent? Is it done yet? Is it the project?” He sat on the bed.
“It’s just a sketch and no, the other one is.”
“Can’t you use this? What’s this thing about?”
“It’s too realistic; the rule of the competition is not to use a realistic drawing style. Think cubism, futurism and such.”
“May I watch you draw?” he smiled, seeming genuinely impressed.
I scrolled my shoulders and sat back on my chair, reaching for the pen. It wasn’t in the pen holder. I opened the desk cabinet, but it wasn’t there either. I looked around, then remembered it falling under the bed.
“What are you looking for?” Maxwell followed me with his gaze.
“The- thing.” I groaned, bending down on my knees to get it.
It had rolled straight in the middle of my queen sized bed. I heard Maxwell shift and the mattress with him. I touched the pen with my fingertips, but it just giggled a little farther away. I would have had to stretch more. I pushed my arm forward. The mattress moved again. I felt a hand squeezing my butt. I yelped, grabbing the pen.
“Hey!” I yelled, glaring at him, who was breathing a little harder now. His eyes were open wide; he looked shocked yet remorseful.“Were you not… I’m sorry, I thought…” he took a deep breath.
“I mean, I certainly wasn’t expecting it. I thought you were going home.”
“Do you want me to? I really enjoyed being with you. Can we see each other another time, maybe once you’re done?” he pushed his hair backwards.
“Fuck that thing, honestly.” I mumbled. He looked confused for a split second. I took a deep breath, moving closer to him. Those basket ball shorts were really too fucking tight for him, same with the T-shirt: every muscle in his body was stretching the fabric; I could picture every inch of his naked body in my mind.
I sat on his lap and he held my thighs from above the skirt. He smelled like strawberries and mint; fresh and clean. We kissed with our lips closed for a few seconds too many. I grew impatient and bit his lower lip.
“Right, I see I don’t need to be slow.” he slipped his hands under my skirt, squeezing my buttocks; his tongue was twisting around mine. I could feel his cock getting harder. Fuck those tight shorts. We stopped to breathe, holding each other’s gaze. His chest was visibly going up and down, against mine. He kissed me again, slowly moving away from my lips, to my jaw, leaving a trail of kisses which led to my neck. He nibbled on the skin, sucking gently.
I moved my head out of his way and lifted his t-shirt to caress his toned abdomen with my thumbs. He giggled and grabbed my wrist.
“Sensitive, eh?” I breathed out. I could feel my cheeks becoming redder and warmer as my arousal grew. I had the need to rub my thighs together, but my knees were parted, one at each side of his legs. I shifted on his lap, humping against his bulge. A moan escaped my lips. He stopped biting my neck to study my face.
“Horny, eh?” his voice had gotten lower and calmer. He pulled my dress zip down and I took it off, throwing it behind me. He picked me up, just to lay me down on the bed, my back against the blankets and him on top of me; his legs were between mine, making me unable to close them. He got his hand behind my back again, unclasping my bra and tossing it away.
Our lips returned together, but now he was caressing my abdomen, from the navel, trailing the ribs and up to my breasts. He cupped one and pinched the nipple, hard enough to make me moan in his mouth, but not to hurt me. He moved down, kissing my collar bone on his way to the other tit. I brushed his wet hair, biting my bottom lip. He looked at me again as he licked my nipple. He twisted it around with his tongue and I moaned again. He sucked and bit on it until he left a bruise, then moved on to the other. I clenched his waist with my legs, tugging at his shirt.
He got up on his knees and took it off. I had never thought a computer nerd could look like that: his muscles were toned, but not to the level of a bodybuilder. The only exception were the shoulders, which were broader in comparison; there was even a splash of orange freckles. He had little body hair concentrated on his chest and the lower part of the belly, but they were light, not unlike his hair.I took the opportunity to jump on him, crossing my arms behind his head, tying our tongues together yet again. He let himself lay down between the pillows, still keeping my legs well open over his groin, making me dream of what was going to happen. I sat up and looked straight into his eyes, tracing doodles on his skin.
“What do you want me to do?” I whispered, wiggling my hips. He let his hands go up and down my thighs, his fingers caressing the edge of my panties.
“Maybe you can kiss my cock a little?” he made me suck on his thumb.
“Gladly.” I placed a kiss on his chest, above the heart, then one over his navel. I sat at his side and grabbed the edge of both his boxers and shorts, pulling them down to his knees. He kicked them away by himself.
I gulped looking at his erect dick: it stood there like an oak in a forest clearing, thrice as thick as one of my fingers and as long as my hand, around twenty centimetres. It was impossible for me to put that whole thing in my mouth, let alone my pussy. I looked in his eyes as he held my hand, guiding it towards his manhood. I grabbed it at the base and slid my hand up then down again. He took a deep breath and let it out, squeezing my ass. I kneeled down and licked the head, running a finger down to his balls. I licked along the vein, up and down, making sure to cover it with saliva. He scratched my thigh with his nails; I glanced at his eyes one last time, before wrapping my lips on his cock and sucking my cheeks in.
Maxwell squeezed my soft skin as I bobbed my head up and down, trying to take in as much of his boner as I could. Even though I was focusing on my motion, I could feel him trying to control his breath, admiring my body and caressing as much as he could. He brushed my hair, keeping it away from my mouth and, as he got closer and closer to his climax, jerked his hips to meet my movements. One of his hands returned in between my thighs. He followed the edge of my panties, barely touching the labia from outside the cotton fabric; I moaned quietly, feeling my arousal grow yet again.
He caught my gaze as he slid a hand under the elastic, pulling the underwear away. It fell down to my knees. I steadied my grip on dick and tightened my lips around it, bracing for what was to come.
He touched my skin just above the clit and ran a finger along my lips slowly, parting them away. He stuck his index finger inside me, took it back, then inside a little deeper, then out and in again, taking a step back for every two forwards. I was about to melt like butter under his touch. I shut my eyes close and moaned, the vibration in my throat getting stronger as he went deeper and faster.
“Oh fuck!” He whispered, as his chest started moving visibly up and down. He grabbed a fistful of my hair to lift my head up and grasped his shaft just above my hand; I opened my mouth wider as he clenched his jaw, groaning. He came in the back of my tongue and I gagged as it hit my uvula, but ultimately swallowed, receiving a satisfied smile from him.
His cock didn’t give out any sign of going soft.
He stretched his hand forward and I took hold of it, letting myself fall to his side. As he got again on top of me, I caught our reflection on the black computer screens in front of the bed. He looked back, following my gaze.
“I’ve got quite a fat ass, do I?” he stated proudly. I chuckled and pinched it. He wasn’t expecting it and yelped, at which point I couldn’t help but laugh.
“Oh my God.” I giggled. “I didn’t foresee such an acute voice from you.” he glared at me, then raised an eyebrow and grinned.
“We’ll see who will laugh and who will scream.” he squeezed both my already bruised nipples and twisted, making me bite my lips not to squeal. He shifted his weight on his left elbow and stared at my body, moving the right hand down, scratching me with his nails and making me shiver. His cock was pressing against my pussy, both begging to get together, but the bastard wasn’t done teasing me.
He spread my legs open quite roughly and kneeled down in between, pressing his thumb on my clit and drawing circles on it. I tried to catch a glimpse of his green pupils, but he was focused on my womanhood. I could picture the gears turning in his brain, planning a way to make me regret my comment on his voice; I was starting to get afraid of what was to come and my heartbeat increased from the excitation, as did the redness of my cheeks and the warmth in the middle of my thighs. He laid down and parted my labia away to blow on it.
“God damn you’re wet. How horny can you fucking be?” this time he looked at me and without notice stuck two fingers in my vagina, to the knuckle. I whimpered in pleasure, probably getting even more wet. He studied his fingers against the light then brought them in front of my face.
“Lick them clean, or this is how you’re going to stay this whole night.” He commanded. I opened my mouth and he wiped his fingers on my tongue, making me taste my own juices.
“Now beg for me to make you cum.” he touched the edge of my hole.
I had just met this guy; was I going to do it? No! I was not going to beg him to make my cum. I could have gotten up and shouted him to fucking leave my house and never come back. He frowned again.“Please, make me cum.” I whispered, humping against his cock.
“Mh? Who should make you cum?” he moved away from my hungry crotch and caressed my inner thighs.
“Please, I can’t take this anymore. Make me cum , daddy.” I attempted to raise my voice, but only managed to pant the words out.
“You’re one fucking horny slut, are you?” he grinned, pinning my legs down, as far apart as they could. I felt the warmth of his mouth as he got closer to me, then the tip of his tongue against my inner labia, licking the skin around the clit, getting closer to the nerves, yet not enough, never enough. I cried, clenched my fists around the pillows, and shifted around, trying to get him where I wanted. I saw the muscles of his shoulders and arms contract to block me completely.
He went down, trailing his tongue around the hole a while, then up. I bit my lip as he finally touched the nerves, twisting everything around. I let out a moan, then another one, melting under that warmth and humidity, feeling more juices escape me and drip down my buttocks. He bit down ever so softly, before placing a never ending kiss, sucking the clit and twisting it at the same time. My moans got more intense as I struggled to breath; I closed my eyes, falling down on a soft could that was flying faster and faster towards the heavens.
His grip on my legs got weaker and I thought he was getting tired, but then his fingers brushed against the thighs, going up and reaching my vagina. He pushed his middle finger in and I yelped, almost shutting my legs on him. We made eye contact and I could see his lips encasing my pussy and his right arm moving, in and out of me. I brushed his hair backwards and whimpered when he inserted another finger in, moving it like a scissor.
Heavy steel chains were locking something in me and with every motion of his tongue, with every flick of his fingers, more and more were added. But the lock was getting undone.
He pushed a third finger in me and my muscles stretched to fit them; not one millimetre of my walls was left untouched, all my nerves screaming in pleasure with me. His tongue got faster and faster, still drawing circles around the clit. I rolled my eyes backwards, lifting my waist against his face as my legs began to shake.
“Oh bloody- nghh!” I breathed out. “Oh, God.” I was so close, just another second and then I would have screamed his name, being finally free.
But it all stopped.
I opened my eyes again, my pussy spasming and protesting the abrupt non-ending. Maxwell was there, grinning like naughty child.
“I’m sorry, my mouth got so so tired. You wouldn’t believe it” he theatrically massaged his jaw.
“Max , please. You can’t do this.” I reached my pussy, but before I could touch it, he blocked my hand. He blew on my clitoris and said “ I like my women horny and wet and begging. Now beg.”
“Please, Max.” I cried, trying to escape his grasp.
“Not enough.” he slid a finger in my pussy and left it there, motionless. My walls started to clamp around it, getting it soaked.
I looked at the scumbag, all smiles and spices, knowing perfectly what he wanted. What we, probably, both wanted.
I bit my lip and whimpered “Daddy please, make me cum. Make me cum and scream your name. I want you to fuck me until midnight and then to both our hearths content. I’m just a horny fucking slut that can’t live without a thick cock pounding her. Please make me cum, daddy.”
He gulped, wordless and wide-eyed.
“I think my dick just fell in love.” he whispered, but gave me no time to process, as he was crawling back up, letting his skin get closer to mine, until nothing stood between us. He breathed on my neck as his hands touched my body. I hugged him tightly, pushing my lips against his and slipping my fingers through his hair.
“God, I want to fuck you now.” he said softly to my ears, before our tongues got together once more. His hands got on my hips, digging deep into the skin and keeping me steady, his boner just about to be pushed in.
“Wait.” I pushed him back and caught my breath. “Have you got any condoms?”
“Yeah, right. Give me a second.” He sprinted off the bed and I could hear him stomping to the bathroom. I undid my braid, which was now just a mess, and let the hair free to fall on my shoulders and around my face.
Maxwell returned shortly after, tearing the wrapping away and letting it fall on the parquet. He sat on the edge of the mattress, thinking he could have quickly put the condom on and gotten back to me, but I snatched the latex away from him.
“Let me do it.” I purred and kneeled on the floor. I kissed the tip of his dick, then followed along the vein with my nail. I felt him getting scared and impatient, but I continued teasing him for a few more seconds.
“This is for earlier.” I slowly jerked him, but I couldn’t hold the façade any longer: I still hadn’t cum and my pussy was twitching in protest of the lack of attention. I rolled the condom on his shaft and ended with a kiss near the base.
I got up and back on the bed, but he lifted me up, making me yelp, and pushed me under his weight, holding my wrists over my head. He placed one leg on his shoulder and a pillow under my butt.
“Did you like your revenge?” he stroked my clit with his penis, getting the condom wet. “You fucked up: I was going to be gentle, and caring and let you be able to walk tomorrow… You’re not a virgin, are you?” I looked at his massive shaft and my heart got faster. I squirmed around, trying to escape and was almost to the point of begging, but then collected myself.
“Are you still making me wait? Are you the virgin who doesn’t know what to do?” I taunted.
“Oh, lovely.” he looked down and, in one swift motion, I felt my insides stretch around him. He had shoved his cock in me fast, going as deep as he could, just shy of slamming my cervix. I arched my back and moaned: the pleasure of being filled up to the brim and the slight pain caused by his thickness, formed a most sublime cocktail.
He pulled out smoothly, my juices shining on the condom, then rammed back in, a little deeper. He let my wrists go, to hold the leg on his shoulder and press my clit with his thumb, rubbing it in circles.
He began to pound me, taking his cock back carefully and thrusting himself in fast, making sure to get a few more centimetres in each time. I held myself to his forearm and bit my lip, as more and more of his manhood disappeared, touching my most sensitive zones. I gasped when he was just a few moments away from my cervix, feeling my walls clamp around him.
“Pain?” he caressed my leg.
I shook my head and braced myself as he pushed himself for the last time, balls deep in me. He let go of my leg and leaned forward to kiss me. He pressed his hips on mine, making me moan and open my lips for him; I hugged him closer and stroked his hair.
Without breaking the kiss, he began to move, pounding me faster. Our heavy breaths were fused as one and I could not help but moan, my voice getting higher, as my crotch started to tingle.
But I still needed more: I moved my hips, matching up with his tempo, and tried to slide a hand over my clit, but he again blocked it and pinned it behind my head. He stopped to catch his breath.
“Aw, come on.” I protested, feeling frustrated. He rammed in, making me whimper.
“What is that you want me to do?” he brushed my lips with his thumb and grabbed my chin.
“I want you to make me cum, daddy. I can’t take this anymore. I swear I’ve never been this horny my whole life.” I cried out, wiggling. He chuckled and kneeled up, bringing both my legs on his broad shoulders.
“As requested.” He shoved himself as deep as he could and returned to perstintely hammer my cunt, fiddling with my clit.
I arched my back and squeezed the pillows and blankets.
By his look, I knew he wasn’t going to stop this time: his cheeks had begun to redden and a layer of sweat covered him. Some of the droplets were sliding down from his chest to his abs, getting trapped among the sculpted muscles. Halting that much must had taken a toll even on him, as he was groaning quite often. He catched me studying him and responded with a half smile; I blushed and closed my eyes, concentrating on the sensation.
Everything under my navel was feeling heavy again and wanted to be free; my body was covered in sweat and my pussy could do nothing, but get wetter, creating a nice space for Maxwell’s cock to tear apart.
My eyes rolled back and the tingling got stronger, as he was casting his magic on me. I shook my hips against him, eager to have more.
“Max-” I said. “I’m so so close. Please let me cum!” I yelped, as a single tear of pleasure slid down from my eyes.
“Fuck- Christ.” He moaned and leaned on me, marking my neck with kisses and rolling my nipples between his fingers, squeezing the whole tit in his hand. I crossed my legs over him, bringing him closer.
The chains and the heavens and Earth itself fell down on me again, heavier than before, and then, roughly pushing his cock in for the thousandth time, flicking my nipples for the last one, I felt free.My nails dug into his back and I badly registered him whimpering. I bit my lip, but could not contain myself from screaming his name, as the best orgasm of my time rushed over me. It felt as if, for every time he had edged me, the orgasm had only gotten stronger. His thrusting got slower, but nonetheless rough; he clenched his jaw and shut down his eyelids, squeezing my skin, moaning as his climax finally reached his peak.
He fell on me, as I was still painting and giggling, revelling in pleasure. I caressed his back while he caught his breath, then he kneeled up, sliding his finger over my labia, as a little souvenir of what I had just felt.
He got up to throw the condom in the bin and quickly returned to me, laying down by my side.
“I like your hair untied” he said, curling a lock on his finger.
“I’m sorry for your back.” I scooted closer.
“Well, I’ll wear it proudly.” he brushed my neck with his lips, leaving a soft kiss.
“What do you say we have a shower in a while, then we order a pizza and you can watch me draw, if you’d like.”
“Fantastic idea.” he agreed.

Seven months later

“You know I was about not to come.” I added.
“You were not coming a lot that evening.” he chuckled and I kicked his shins.
“Funny. I meant not to come at the date, because of the project.”
“You never told me how it ended.” He catched my gaze, waiting for an answer.
“Oh well, I managed to scramble something together. I arrived seventh out of about thirty people.”
“Not bad at all. And now look at you, that starts to work with me on Monday. I’ll slap your ass every time I see you. You know there’s this little room near the-” he started to describe a small quiet room, detailing all the things he was going to do to me there, in as many details as he could. I pictured those moments in my mind, as my pussy got wet in anticipation.

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